‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert Splits With Fiance, is Accused of Sleeping with Show Producer

Brooke accused Jeremy of sleeping with Mandi, a producer on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr have split (again)– and this time, things between them are getting downright nasty!

The couple had been posting mushy love posts on social media just days before but on Friday night, Jeremy gleefully announced on social media that he was single and ready to mingle. From there, he and his former fiance Brooke attempted to one-up each other via Instagram posts, with Jeremy posting that Brooke was crazy and Brooke posting that Jeremy had cheated on her…and soon things got very interesting…

Brooke posted a photo to Instagram and in the caption accused Jeremy of sleeping with two women specifically– as well as ‘Teen Mom 2’ Producer Mandi and “about 1,000 other people.” (Click here to see the now-deleted post. The Ashley has blurred out some info for privacy.)

“Guess Leah was wrote,” Brooke commented on one photo. “I should have listened lol.”

In yet another photo comment, Jeremy denied Brooke’s claims of his sexual conquests.

“Bahaha funny thing is I haven’t hooked up with either of them so funny…Some people were so right,” he wrote about Brooke. “Peace crazy bitch.”

After the post, Producer Mandi was inundated with hate comments on social media by fans who had watched the social media brawl play out, but she was unable to comment about the incident, except to tweet out something about “alternative facts” and “fake news.” (She is technically forbidden by MTV to comment about things like this, just as the girls on the show used to be.)

Anyway, The Ashley is going on record and saying that this rumor is 100 percent NOT TRUE! Now, she has no clue if Jeremy was boinking the other girls Brooke mentioned, but The Ashley can tell you that there has never been anything between Jeremy and Mandi (although that would be incredibly juicy!)

One of The Ashley’s crew sources tell her that Mandi and Jeremy were only in the same place twice while Jeremy was working in South Dakota, and both times there was a full show crew, other producers and various people there with them.

“No idea where [Brooke] got that one from, honestly,” the crew member tells The Ashley. “They barely interact at all, except when they would text to set up filming for when Jeremy was in South Dakota. There have been some incidences when people from the crew have gotten (hahaha) personal with friends of the cast or whatever, but the Mandy/Jeremy hookup never happened, plain and simple.

This is, of course, not the first time Jeremy and Brooke have split. Last month, the couple had a brief breakup, but they got back together.

The couple had been (unsuccessfully) attempting to launch a joint clothing line, CalvertWehr, for months, and right before their split, they had thrown a few pieces up on the clothing line’s website. Since the split, though, all of that has been yanked, and the site now only has a photo of Jeremy along with the phrase, “Stay tuned…”

During a live Instagram video today, Jeremy answered fans’ questions, revealing if there is a possibility now that he’s single that he will reunite with his ex-wife, Leah Messer.

“I’m never getting back with Leah!” Jeremy said. “We are strictly friends now and have been since we split.”





  1. If you are constantly at the center of controversy, it might be you, not everyone else, that is causing it. This really goes for all the teen Mom “stars”

  2. There is no way Mandi would lower herself to sleep with Jeremy. She’s fucking Adam. Anyone who can’t see through her distain for him to her real lust is fooling themselves. Jeremy can be a jerk but he is nowhere near attaining the level of douchiness that Adam has achieved which is what makes him such a turn on.

  3. I don’t understand why the guys and girls from Teen Mom keep getting engaged, married, pregnant, divorced… Why don’t they just buy a jumbo pack of condoms and sleep around? Why do they have to make their lives more complicated? Why do they have to make their kids lives even more unstable? And why do they have to post all their dirty laundry on social media?

    1. lol! I somehow misread your first sentence and thought it said “engaged, enraged

      When I realized my mistake, I thought to myself, “hmm..maybe that’s not too far off from how it really is with these fools!” 🙂

  4. That was very entertaining lol…Somewhere Leah is happier than Addie guzzling sugar packets…the Mandi accusation seemed to outta left field though….Brooke and Jeremy need to get a grip, and move on….the relationship seems toxic

  5. 😉 The truth will come out ya’ll ;-).
    Leah and sis will have another sparkling and spontaneous chat about this one when the camera’s are rolling. Maybe Oreo can start practising her lines.

    I wanna know who(s friend) hooked up with producer Heather!

      1. The Oreo reference I know of with those 2 was when they split Germ tweeted about her boyfriend (the trainer guy she never introduced us to in case we stole him away from her) and made reference to her next child may be an oreo then said he wasn’t racist.

      2. But this reference seems more like the other reference used…Cheetoh in reference to other stories about home, food….nicknaming the kids Cheetoh, Oreo, Sugar

  6. Since the split, though, all of that has been yanked, and the site now only has a photo of Jeremy along with the phrase, “Stay tuned…”

    Well shit! My dreams to become a fashion diva by wearing something from the CalvertWehr line this spring are fucking roont! Dear lord, please, please, please, please, PLEASE tell me those yellow zebra striped Hammer pants will be available for purchase sometime soon!

    Shit, I should be more careful criticizing this douche. He might grab his ridiculously clad man-bulge, stick out his tongue and be mean on the Twitter. That’d show me! lawls.

  7. I personally think it was messed up of Brooke to drag Mandi’s name through the dirt without giving proof. If you’re going to do something that dirty, at least tell people what it was the led to that conclusion. Or better yet, show some dignity and keep it away from the public. Like LEAH did by never revealing how Jeremy cheated on her even after she was roasted by the public for her own transgressions. I’m sure people will down-vote me for saying that, but I have always whole-heartedly believed that there was more to that story and that people were harder on Leah than she deserved. Funny how Brooke was more than happy to look down on Leah until Jeremy started doing the same things to her that he did to his ex. Now you see Brooke liking every pro-Leah comment on her Instagram and feigning empathy, despite the fact that she was more than happy to date a man who left his wife during the hardest time in her life. If you asked me, I would bet anything that Jeremy still sends Leah inappropriate texts and the reason why he would “never” date her is because he knows she would never have him. He’s a sleezeball. I’ve called it in the past and I’m calling it now. I’ll bet you anything there’s more to come ??

  8. THANK YOU THE ASHLEY, SOMEONE FINALLY ON MANDIS SIDE. Just because a fiancé of a teen mom star says this happened doesn’t mean it did. It’s so pathetic that people are so obsessed about this. How would you feel if someone harassed you morning, noon, and night about something you didn’t do. Mandi is a human being, and there are way more things we need to worry about in this world than stupid teen mom gossip.

    1. I think Mandi is smart enough not to get involved with someone she is filming with. Especially with one of the case members of Teen Mom2.

  9. No offense to you, The Ashley, and I don’t know your crew source obviously but he/she could very much be lying or just doesn’t know. Maybe they are just trying to protect Mandi or maybe Jeremy went to see Mandi after filming ended but I don’t think they could say for sure that it didn’t happen.

    1. I could see Jeremy actually seeing a Mandy. Then when Brooke questions him about texts, calls, etc, Jeremy could have said something like, “OH it’s one if the producers, I have to talk to her”. Leading Brooke to believe it was Producer Mandy. Not saying Jeremy isn’t a dirty dog, but maybe there is some benefits of doubts here

      1. Ooh now this I can see. I have no doubt that this guy is a sleaze and lies to the women he’s with. My theory was that he was texting with Mandy about filming but was being flirty with her, as these guys always do, then something happened and Brooke saw the texts and accused him of getting with her, which he would then deny fruitlessly. Sound specific but this kind of shit happens all the time with toxic relationships.

    2. I agree, but that’s why it was so awful of Brooke to make the accusation in the first place. She provided no proof or basis for making a potentially career and marriage ending accusation. It’s not enough to suspect, if you’re going to do something like that you better KNOW that it happened and be prepared to prove it. If you can’t, or don’t, then leave your man because there is obviously no trust there…but do NOT ruin other people’s lives in the process. If Brooke has even a shred of decency, she should publicly recant and apologize UNLESS she can and does prove that this happened. That’s just my opinion, but I feel for Mandi because you can’t prove a negative and until Brooke steps up she will continue to be dragged in the media.

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