Jill & Derick Dillard Back in Central America– And Back to Asking ‘Counting On’ Fans for Money

“We’ll wait while you get out your wallets…”

Last week, The Ashley told you that Counting On stars Jill and Derick Dillard, would be heading back to Central America to continue doing mission work, despite the fact that Derick is having health issues and Jill is currently pregnant. Although it was assumed that the Dillards would be shipping back to El Salvador in March, the family just couldn’t wait.

A few days ago, Jill and Derick announced via their family blog that they, along with their toddler son Israel, have already hopped a plane back to the jungles of Central America. They also announced that they need more money pronto, and asked ‘Counting On’ fans to help pay for their personal expenses for the trip.

“We hope you’ll consider partnering with us in this mission,” the Dillards wrote. “In addition to the ministry outreach expenses, there are always monthly expenses for groceries, utilities, fuel, healthcare, etc. We have always purposed to live a frugal lifestyle and continue to do so in the mission field,. When you give a donation to our ministry, you are helping our family cover living expenses to be able to remain on the field and helping reach so many precious lives.”

The Dillards explained that they need about $24,000 to cover the expenses of this leg of their mission trip. All of the donations are flowed through Dillard Family Ministries, the  501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that Jill and Derick set in 2015.

Jill and Derick have taken a lot of flack for returning to Central America even though Jill is currently pregnant and at risk to develop various illnesses plaguing the area, including the Zika virus. The couple has said that they will return to the United States before Jill is ready to give birth in July.

Even some of the Duggar family’s most supportive fans did not react well to the blog post. Many commented that Jill and Derick (and the Duggar family) are pulling in big money from their TV show,and should not be asking their fans for donations.

“I am in no way trying to start something, be critical, and am not a ‘hater,’ but why do the Dillards need donations for the next couple of months (they will be back for Jill to deliver) when they have been living free for the last 6 months?” one fan wrote on the Duggar family fan blog. “They also receive very nice paychecks from their TLC appearances and magazine articles.”

“Sorry Dillards, but I don’t want to hear your moaning about having to take donations, when TLC is sending your wife checks for being on camera, and her parents are those famous debt-free millionaires,” another wrote. “Plus you have the physical ability to work! Not everyone does.”

This is not the first time that Derek and Jill have been called out for asking fans for money. In September 2015, the couple came under fire when some fans who had donated to the Dillard’s charity accused the couple of misusing donations to travel back and forth to the United States so that they could attend various family functions. The Dillards responded by offering to give donations back to anyone who felt swindled.

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  1. Why don’t these losers get real jobs and stop the begging? They all feel entitled to be “preachers”, rather than break a sweat doing anything considered labor. They are parasites and nothing more.

  2. Maybe they could use some of that money to get their boys some GOD DAMN matching clothes. That gender reveal was a travesty.

  3. If you want to go and help teach people to read, volunteer to nurse and give vaccinations, dig wells, grow food, and otherwise actually contribute to the bettering of lives, feel free to ask for money. If you’re making millions of dollars on a TV show and want to go tell starving, poor people who are struggling to survive day to day that they’re worshipping the “wrong” God, feel free to fuck off.

  4. Derick, who has never done one day of honest work, wants they who have to work to fund his extended holiday of do-nothingness. His belief in a flat earth that never moves and his hatred of NASA and the Jesuits doesn’t grant him a permanent free lunch card like he claims. He wants free and easy money and will proclaim anything to fill his pockets with the money of others.

  5. @VRAIE

    Your comment wins!(I’m a Witch who had to put up with people trying to ‘convert’ me as recently as last night)WHY?

  6. Wtf…why go back why not help people here in America first ..and they should have money from the show ..there making themself look bad .and they care about the unborn baby they stay in America. I can’t watch them any more on the show I fwd it when i see them ..

  7. I know that there are a lot of super-Christians around, but in my opinion, doing ‘missionary work’ in general is immoral. Just because someone is different to you, doesn’t mean they’re wrong or need ‘saving’. And certainly no one should be funded to do this, surely that money could be spent genuinely helping those in need- like those who are suffering in war-torn countries… they need real help, not help to pray away their problems. A girl I know is currently on a fully funded ‘mission trip’ to Thailand, being paid to go on a beach holiday and try to convince some vulnerable people to become religious. Sickens me.

  8. If they are running a charity, hey need to be completely transparent about where the money goes. Release an accounting of all donations and how all donations are spent.

  9. He looks like a skeleton and should be home under a doctors care…she needs to get out of a 3rd world country and minister to people in need closer to home. Putting their family at risk is not what God would want.

  10. Most people in El Salvador will have far less than $24.000 saved up for their retirement.
    The rent index is 9 there, the US rent index is 40, groceries; almost half of the US costs, etc. Frugal lifestyle, I don’t think so.
    I get that they desperately need time and miles away from their dysfunctional family but many people do.

  11. Most people in El Salvador will have far less than $24.000 saved up for their retirement.
    The rent index is 9 there, the US rent index is 40, groceries; almost half of the US costs, etc. Frugal lifestyle, I don’t think so.
    But I would like a sponsored holiday as well thank you.

  12. I know families who work and don’t make 24k, fly no where because they can’t afford it and do not ask for donations. If you want to be missionaries, that is fine, and donation are a tax deduction, but really…you are not donating your time TO TLC. I’m shocked that you feel this is the right thing to do

    1. Right?! I bust my ass (and yes, I went to a vocational school because I couldn’t afford “real” college) and I clear less than that annually at my main full time job.

      So them asking for that ON TOP of those TLC checks (which I’m sure are more than my side jobs, combined) is a joke. It’s easy to be “debt free” when you grift.

  13. Full time missionaries can’t work because of the time involved in what they do. My husband and I support full time missionaries in England and we’ve been on short term mission trips to Africa working with full time missionaries. Asking for financial support is just part of the process of missions. Some people are called to go and others are called to send into the mission field. It is a wonderful blessing to be able to support missionaries, especially for those who are unable to go themselves. As far as the money they get from their show and interviews I’m not at liberty to say how much or what they should or shouldn’t do with it….. Neither is anyone else…..but I am confident that they have put out plenty of their own money. Ultimately, whether you like the family or not, what they are doing is a humble and loving sacrifice with a purpose. Too bad the writer wasn’t wise enough to focus on that aspect of this story. Instead she fosters hate and judgement…..but that’s modern journalism and our current culture unfortunately .

    1. But the difference between them and other missionaries is they are not really showing any proof of actual mission work and their consistent flying back home. Them living in a pretty decent apartment for CA standards. I doubt that when you did mission work you had any of those privileges. Isn’t CA already a very Christian area anyways? So it would be one thing if they were actually doing mission work and proving it for people wanting to donate. But asking for $24,000 for living expenses for doing 5 months of so-called mission work is just insane.

    2. Yikes. Sounds like someone’s been brainwashed into stupidity….

      People are allowed to choose their own religion and don’t need scam artist “missionaries” trying to convert them. It’s creepy as hell

    3. The only support real missionaries ask for, is prayer..prayer that they will succeed in the mission which they feel called to complete. They do absolutely NOT ask for funding..ever, from anyone. If you asked for funding too, as a missionary…you’re as blasphemous as these morons are, and are NOT(nor were you ever) an actual missionary.

  14. We hope you’ll consider partnering with us in this mission,” the Dillards wrote. “In addition to the ministry outreach expenses, there are always monthly expenses for groceries, utilities, fuel, healthcare, etc. We have always purposed to live a frugal lifestyle and continue to do so in the mission field..

    You’ve got be fucking kidding with this.

    These bible thumping dim-wits actually have the audacity and brass balls to beg for money to cover their traveling expenses, breeding costs and healthcare expenses when they’ve chosen to have another child in a Zika virus ridden country, putting their unborn at risk for serious physical and neurological defects? Really? Clearly they’re trippin’.

    Derick already looks like he’s not right physically- what with all the weight loss, the gaunt face..I can’t imagine how this living situation is helping him. However, that’s on him. I personally feel that until they’re able to do without begging, perhaps they should re-evaluate their life plans and stop trying to put their noses and judgement into the lifestyle and religion of those they “minister” because obviously, being the hot mess they are, they’re in need of some damned ministering themselves. Try birth control, it’s fucking cheaper than having a baby any day, especially in a third world country with devastating diseases- that so far, have no cure. Dip shits.

    1. Oh, and for anyone seriously thinking about helping these sentient enemas, allow me to point you to a post from good ole Derick on their blog last month:

      Recent Decision of the Boy Scouts:


      Here are few excerpts:
      “I also feel it is important for people (especially some of my followers on Twitter) to recognize that some discrimination is good and it’s a vital part of a healthy society. To “discriminate” simply means to make a distinction. That is why it is important to discriminate, or make a distinction, between that which falls under the umbrella of “discrimination” and that discrimination which needs to be further clarified with certain conditions.


      “If you are truly a Christian, then you cannot accept homosexuality, adultery, covetousness, lust, hate, stealing, or anything else the Bible calls sin in your life.”

      Oh? I wonder what scamming the public falls under, Derick? I hope you like hot weather, I hear it’s quite toasty in Hell.

  15. That’s why they’re so anxious to go back, so they can swindle people out of their money under the guise of mission work. (And I think I read it here that the Duggar brand of mission work is just trying to convert Catholics to their sect of Christianity).

    1. As a Catholic this is so insulting and disgusting that they’re doing this. Catholics literally STARTED Christianity, we don’t need freaks like the Duggar clan trying to convert us, god damn…

  16. Ew seriously….begging for money when your parents made a fortune doing their creepy ass TV show? Pathetic. This family continues to be the grossest thing to ever happen national television since Oral Roberts

    1. He sure doesn’t.

      He looks like the guy that played the minister (Henry Kane.) in “Poltergeist II“, an actor by the name of Julian Beck.

      The messed up part of that is Mr. Beck was long ill and took the role knowing he was dying of terminal stomach cancer. He passed at the age of 60 before the film even finished production.

  17. Most missionaries have a church that sponsors them as opposed to asking the public for money. Why isn’t their church sponsoring them?

    1. From what I’ve read, they don’t qualify to be missionaries:


    2. They can act as independent missionaries which would require them to raise their own support. They will not get support from a mission board or a church organization. My dad is an independent missionary in Nicaragua who raises support for his mission organisation but they also have huge accountability to their benefactors. They are building wells, teaching English, feeding children, and helping to train pastors in country. Not all missionaries are swindlers. These two are shady as shady can be though.

  18. Let them use their own money to fund this trip. Money from TLC and all the magazine article should be more than enough to cover expenses. Heck I’d like to go to Hawaii but you don’t see me asking for an all expense paid trip. They have balls

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