EXCLUSIVE! MTV Planning to Do ‘Teen Mom’ Special on Amber Portwood’s Fiance Matt Baier

“Come to Papa, MTV!”

From the people who brought the Teen Mom specials “Being Debra,” “Being Butch” and “Being The Edwards,” here comes… “Being Matt!”

No. Seriously.

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that MTV is planning to do a one-hour special on Matt Baier, the controversial fiance of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood.

Although The Ashley does not know when (or if!) the “Being Matt” special will air, several sources have confirmed to The Ashley that the special was filmed last month.

From what one source tells The Ashley, Matt is getting the special in hopes that viewers will “see a different side of Matt, and they want to show that he’s ‘misunderstood’ or something.”

The Ashley hears that the two children that Matt has always acknowledged— the college-aged daughter and the teenage son who live in Massachusetts– were flown out to Indiana so that they could be filmed interacting with Matt for the “Being Matt” special. Matt has a good relationship with these two children, but it will be the first time they appear on ‘Teen Mom OG.’ (Matt’s oldest son, Chris Baier, appeared on ‘Teen Mom OG’ last season but will not be part of this special, from what The Ashley hears.)

Matt’s cousin Micheal and friend Jeff were also flown in to film for the special, as well as a redhead female friend of Matt’s family. MTV wined and dined Matt’s friends and family, and even paid for a hairdresser to come to Amber and Matt’s home to do Matt’s daughter’s hair!

Viewers will watch as Matt & Co. go snowboarding, go out to dinner and talk about how Matt has been unfairly shown in a negative light by the public over the past few years.

Some of the other ‘Teen Mom’ cast members are unhappy that the show’s producers have chosen to do a special on Matt, instead of a “positive” supporting cast member, or a positive event related to the cast. (For instance, several members of the main cast have recently opened businesses, had personal accomplishments, etc. that some cast members feel would be good to focus air-time on, rather than Matt.)

The Ashley believes that there are other “Being” specials coming, in addition to “Being Matt.” She will update this when more info is available!

UPDATE! The “Being Matt” special airs Monday, April 10 on MTV! Watch a sneak peek of the show below:

(Photo: MTV)


  1. I’m so sick of these people whining how MTV painted them in a negative light. MTV can’t make you say the words that we’ve heard come out of your mouths. They can’t make you do the things you’ve done that we’ve seen with our own eyes. Who are the ones who always cry “bad edit”? Adam, Matt, Jenelle, Leah….notice a pattern here? Hmmm. Matt, I literally watched Amber say she thought you had 2 kids. You were LIVING with (OFF) the poor girl, it’s not like you were casually dating and hadn’t set her straight yet. You have 7, 8, 9, who knows how many kids and you told her you had 2. The end. That’s all I need to know about you. No need for a “special episode”. Grow up.

  2. MTV must be really hurting for ratings. Who wants to watch an hour long episode of Matt and Amber laying on the couch with their menagerie, eating, complaining about Gary, and telling lies to cover up more lies?

  3. He doesn’t seem to be competent at curating his image, so I doubt this will achieve what he hopes it will. But I suppose there’s no way of looking good when you lie or withhold that you have fathered and abandoned an unknown but unusually large number of children. This might be hilarious. Or it might be depressing. Speaking badly about Farrah might win him one point, because she is still somehow worse than this loser.

  4. This sounds absolutely repulsive but there could be worse. Consider – Being David or Being Simon. Ugh. Creeps me out just thinking about it.

    I wouldn’t mind a Being Vee. I’ve grown to like her, and even Jo. I heard she just got a certificate in makeup and from what I’ve seen on social media, she looks pretty decent at it (as much as I like Chelsea, she REALLY overdoes it). Plus, baby Vivi is just adorable. It might be semi-interesting to see a little bit more in to their family (only if they were open to it of course) and to see her role as a step-mom. I wouldn’t mind Being Randy either.

    1. Vee will never do it. She is too smart to open herself up to that. Plus, I think she is comfortable enough with who she is without needing publicity.

  5. Matt: nobody wants to see your brave little toaster face and grey pubes. You are mentally and physically repulsive. Clearly have done nothing with your life but prey on a vulnerable, young woman.

    1. Matt knew exactly what he was doing. He preyed on the most vulnerable cast members, Chinelle, Farrah, Amber. Amber was the one dumb enough to take the bait. Wtf would you let some bum 20 years older than you move across the country and move in with you. Matt was most likely evicted and he packed up whatever junk he had and booked it to Indiana. It makes me sick how he makes kids and abandons them and their moms and now he’s living to high life off someone else’s dime.

      1. I know, it’s so awkward to watch them together. He totally is using her for the money. One minute she’s crying saying how great he is that her “bought” her a Corvette, then it shows them arguing because he says it’s “their” car even though he supposedly gave it to her for a gift. I thought she was going to start crying. Idiots!

  6. All these comments haves suspicious amount of downvotes but no actual pro Matt messages. How suspicious…Matt? Are you there?

    1. Oh yes absolutely Matt is here…just like he has 20 different aliases he has that many @theAshley accounts. You see when you don’t have a job and aren’t a productive member of society you can spend umpteen hours creating accounts to down vote the comments on this thread…Awe come on Matt do you seriously have NOTHING else better to do? Lol NOPE I answered my own question…

      1. At first I wondered if Matt’s eleventeen other children would be behind the down voting.. then I filled myself with uppercut because I realized that they probably hate him too.

    2. I was just going to write the same thing lol I got a ton of dislikes when I said something about how much he sits on his couch. It’s not a lie. They can check the butt prints that are probably there forever

  7. Uhhummm, All these negative votes (similar in count ) to viewers wondering why this irrelevant character is getting a special, are from camp Matt & co.! It’s really sad when Matt has to go above and beyond to prove himself when he’s the one that had teen mom attractions to ALOT of the these young girls before luring Amber in. Matt if you supposedly don’t give a shxx, why go to all these lengths??

  8. No way in hell I’d watch this shit.

    Matt is disgusting, vile, repulsive… Nothing about this “special” is going to change anyone’s mind. Amber is probably the dumbest of all the girls (and TM2 Leahs IQ hovers around Idiot), so that’s saying a lot.

    MTV stop with this, let these franchises die.

    If MTV does a Being David, they’ll be dead to me.

  9. I have clearly gone about life the wrong way. Had I known either 1.) being a narcissistic disaster, or 2.) being knocked up by/playing house with one (and I’ve dated many, trust) would have led to a lucrative career as a well paid “celebrity”… I might actually be able to afford rent AND groceries! ?

  10. Jesus God (Leah)!
    Is this special really necessary? Will it show the moment when Matt and Amber relocated from the coach to those lawn chairs out in the garage?

    MTV are morons for throwing more money at this loser.

    And that’s what it’s like Being Mooch.. I mean Matt..

    1. Lost it at “being mooch”
      Like laughing out loud all alone in my room past midnight. I’m still giggling.

  11. Really the cast wants to know why they want to do a show about him instead of some positive happy event or Farrah screaming at everyone while wearing crazy glasses and selling overpriced frozen yogurt?!?! It’s the same reason I fastforward over some of the Chelsea scenes… no drama. People can say whatever they want but we love a good teen mom train wreck story. Being keiffer should be next. Then either Susie or Tori

    1. They didn’t even need a camera man. Just left the camera stationary and directed at the couch. Although I’m sure the money they saved on a camera man all the Matt free loaders made up for in free MTV meals.

  12. Remember when you had to be someone important, interesting or at least good looking to be on TV? Now it seems that every loser can get on a reality show and become a “celebrity”.

  13. They’re upset that Matt has been “unfairly shown in a negative light by the public.” Sorry if its negative dude but it’s your effing life and it’s the truth. Don’t blame everybody else for the negative life you created. Boo freakin hoo. It’s every body’s fault but Matts. So MYV wined and dined and did someone’s hair so they say nice things about Matt and try to make him look like a good guy?? Like I said earlier you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. Saying nice things about someone isn’t going to change a crappy past. This dude just stepped up his shadiness a notch by getting MTV to do this. It’s disgusting.

  14. Id have loved a Being April special in like 2011-2012 when she was at her loopiest and still married to Butch (even though Butchy was in the clink more than he was at home with her)

  15. I’m judging the sh*t out of anybody who watches this special. Don’t enable the gross, attention seeking manipulator.

  16. Who cares about Matt, don’t give him the attention, that’s what he wants. And being a fad for the cameras and a tv special won’t fool me! I think he is shady!

  17. I mean, now he can leave Amber. I’m sure a special about him is something he always wanted and MTV stupidly took the bait. I don’t think they realize his biggest dream is coming true now, he is a “celebrity!”

  18. Oh Jesus fuck, WHY? I can sorta see doing the grandparents but I’ve never seen anyone express an interest in his personal life. Well, aside from Amber.

  19. Why are the franchises doing all these weird things teen mom two got a new cast member and Matt of all people gets the special Why did they get a new couch they want to show off? no one’s going to watch it he comes off as sleazy he just reminds me of the kind a guy where you feel like you have to shower after merely being in his presence I would however like a being joe and vee special

  20. Who are the teen mom cast members upset about Matt getting a special? Let me guess…Farrah Abraham and no one else. All of the other original teen moms have had a special related to their story, so it makes sense that someone in Amber’s camp would get one. Matt is the only logical choice, like him or not he’s a supporting cast member who would give the most interesting scenes. In fact he’s really the only supporting cast member in Amber’s camp they could give one to. Seems ridiculous that anyone would be “upset”, although my guess would be (if it’s not just Farrah) it would be Maci since maybe she thinks Taylor should get one?

    1. I would be much more interested in a special from Gary or Christina. Honestly they should be filmed instead of Amber seeing that they are the ones who raise Leah. Same with Barb. Boot Janelle and film Barb instead.

      1. Defending the idea that the deadbeatest “dad” on TM, proven to be vile Internet troll/stalker, oh, and allegedly a rapist, should have his own special? Is this really a hill you want to die on? Do you dislike Farrah that much that you just have to disagree with her no matter what, or do you really think that Matt is not a gross manipulative person?

        All the other teen moms should protest this if they have half a brain cell left. They shouldn’t want to be associated with this vile turd. But seeing how they were frolicking together on vacations I guess they don’t care. Depressing.

    2. No it still doesn’t make any sense. Like NoNameHere said, Being Gary or Being Kristina would be better. No one cares about Matt or hardly even Amber at this point. Matt isn’t entertaining or interesting, he’s just weird and creepy.

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