EXCLUSIVE! Inside the Split of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Javi Marroquin & ‘Real World’ Star Madison Walls

“Fame? No way! I’m just in it for your collection of Drake CDs, duh!”

The relationship between Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin and The Real World: Skeleton star Madison Walls ended almost as fast as it began. Fans started to get suspicious that the couple had broken up after both Madison and Javi deleted their “prom pose” couple photos off of their social media over the weekend.

On Monday, Javi confirmed to Radar Online that he and Madison “decided being friends is better off,” but The Ashley hears that there was a little bit more to the story than that!

From what The Ashley hears, the breakup was not a mutual decision. Javi is the one that called things off, after realizing that Madison had less-than-honest intentions for their relationship.

Javi started to suspect that Madison had other things in mind for their relationship, aside from “true love.” He was turned off by the fact that she instantly went to the media to confirm their relationship, just days after they first met in person. He also became suspicious when Madison kept trying to make everything about their relationship very public via Instagram photos, etc.

The last straw, reportedly, was when Javi found out Madison had introduced her daughter, Harper, to at least two other guys before him. (Javi was due to fly to Austin, Texas, to meet Madison’s one-year-old daughter and family sometime this month.)

“This will be the third guy that Madison has introduced to Harper within a year,” Madison’s baby daddy, Tony Raines, told E! Online after the news of Madison and Javi dating broke.

Javi wasn’t planning to introduce Madison to his son, Lincoln, any time soon, so he found Tony’s quote particularly off-putting.

Another MTV source tells The Ashley that the network may possibly be considering doing some sort of Are You The One? season that features couples who have broken up. (The Ashley has not been able to totally confirm this part, though.) It’s possible that Madison had her sights on doing this (or another ‘exes’ show) with Javi. (This last part is purely speculation, though.)

Farewell to Javison (or Mavi?). We hardly knew ye…..

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  1. Madison wasn’t on “Are You The One?” So she couldn’t be on the spin off “Are You The One?: Second Chances”. However it would be possible for her to be using him to the challenge ex’s 3 if they did that season. And as fit as javi is I would actually love to see how he did in the challenge lol

  2. Meh I wouldn’t trust Tony’s word either. Although Madison does seem naive (she had a child with that cheating prick, for crying out loud!) and that’s why she could introduce Harper to other guys. I mean, I think this whole “relationship” was based on infatuation and psychical attraction, nothing deeper. It was bound to crash.

  3. Javi is offended that other men met her daughter and yet he was flying out to meet her after only dating her mom a few weeks? Makes sense..

  4. they had a dinner, she lives in Texas and he lives in Delaware,so stories of dating were probably not quite true. He’s way too immature to be involved with anyone, and she is very troubled. She’s a current or ex drug addict, she has a criminal record, and seems very mentally unstable. They were trying to get a show, that is all this was, they knew they weren’t getting anything so they “broke up”.

  5. Madison dodged a bullet there, she is much too, too good looking and classy for the likes of inadequate (in every way) Javi the hut. Hopefully she will find a man up to her high standards. Luv, luv, luv the great Madison!

  6. I really like Madison. I watched her on Real World and she is a sweetheart. She doesn’t come off as someone that does things for attention or fame. Javi just got over a nasty divorce and probably just wasn’t ready for something serious where Madison was.

  7. I honestly hope he finds true happiness because he totally deserves it… Maybe next time his newest relationship won’t be so public so quickly let it play out naturally

    1. I think he’s doing what a lot of people do when they are hurt and want to get over someone, get under someone new lol. But seriously, he isn’t someone Id date based on the fact he feels the need to post every little detail about his private life/relationships like some 16 yr old girl.

  8. Madison has a different view, said on Twitter:
    “Our generation has lost the value of romance, the value of trust and the value of conversation. ” “Sadly, small talk is the new deep.”
    Two weeks to realize what took Kail two years, that was quick.

    I was already speculating they were both hoping for some kind of “ex on the beach” kind of MTV gig with this “relationship”.

    1. I’m actually surprised she would even make mention of kail and then act like she even knew anything about their two year marriage that’s just ridiculous

        1. Oh got ya! My bad LOL I was like wow they must’ve gotten really deep Given that they were only in a two week relationship

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