‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You Missed Over the Weekend

“I’m just so behind of my ‘Teen Mom’ gossip! I’ll never catch up!”

From the red carpet of the MTV Movie & TV Awards, to the Kentucky Derby to a hotel bed, the cast of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 was all over this weekend!

In an effort to bring you up-to-date on all of the weekend’s ‘Teen Mom’ happenings, The Ashley brings you the “Monday Teen Mom News Pile!”

Here are all the major (and minor but interesting) Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2-related things that happened over the last weekend…

The Teen Moms wowed on the red carpet of the MTV Music & TV Awards.

Farrah Abraham, Kail Lowry and Amber Portwood all attended the MTV Awards on Sunday. Kail and Amber, who attended the show together, both looked great in their fancy threads!

As The Ashley has previously reported, MTV invites the original cast members to the events but does not allow them to bring dates. Their ticket is only for them to use and they can’t get an extra one for their boyfriend/girlfriend, which is why Jenelle Evans did not attend the festivities. Only original moms and dads are invited to attend, although MTV has allowed the ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls to bring dates for the red carpet part of the event in the past. (Wanna see the email invite that the cast received this year? Click here!)

Anyway, Farrah flew solo at the event, being careful to avoid running into her arch nemesis, Amber.

Matt Baier made sure to get a piece of Amber Portwood’s spotlight.

“Don’t tell anyone but my pockets are full of free cookies!”

While Kail brought a friend (see below), and Amber brought her fiance Matt Baier to Los Angeles, the men did not attend the show. Matt did attend a pre-show gifting suite event with Amber, though. (In case you’re not familiar with those, it’s basically a bunch of companies paying big bucks to showcase their products to celebrity attendees. The celebs leave with a big haul of free stuff.)

Wanna watch an awkward video of Matt trying to make sure he stays in Amber’s spotlight by interrupting her video commercial for a product? Of course you do!

Farrah Abraham offended members of the Indian community.

The face the guy behind her is making basically says it all…

Farrah was quite the busy bee this weekend. The Backdoor ‘Teen Mom’ spent Friday night in Buffalo, New York, celebrating Cinco de Mayo at ‘da club.’ She then flew to Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday to attend the Kentucky Derby. On Sunday, she was in Los Angeles to attend the MTV Music & TV Awards. Despite her busy schedule, though, Farrah still found time to piss off a large number of people.

Members of the Indian community were not happy that Farrah decided to an Indian-inspired outfit to the awards ceremony. Farrah’s outfit– complete with a lehenga, bindi, headpiece and henna. She was accused of appropriating Indian culture and got dragged on Twitter for being insensitive.

“Imagine wearing something that’s apart of someone else’s culture just for attention. She looks so bad and desperate,” one person on Twitter wrote.

“Not only did Farrah Abraham wear this to the MTV awards when she isn’t Indian, she also picked an ugly lehenga. gurl come on #tasteless,” another wrote.

In true Farrah fashion, however, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star seemed to have no clue why anyone was offended by her look, and expressed that using her trademark “Farrah-speak.”

“I think this will inspire others to embrace other cultures and have good experiences,” she said on the red carpet.

Later though, Farrah did apologize to anyone she offended, which is not something she usually does. She posted this message to her Snapchat account.


Kail Lowry upset at least two of her baby-daddies.

The photo that started the drama…

Kail’s trip to Los Angeles to attend the MTV Awards was not without scandal, of course. Over the weekend, Kail posted a photo to Snapchat showing her lying in bed with an unknown man. While Kail didn’t share who the man was, he was not her baby-daddy, Chris Lopez, or her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. However, both men seemed perturbed by the photo. (In case you care, the man in the photo is actually Kail’s friend DJ.)

Anyway, Kail’s baby daddies (sans her first one, Jo Rivera) took to Twitter to express their feelings about Kail’s actions.

Chris tweeted to let people know that the man in the photo was not him, as some fans had suggested. He later tweeted, “I wanna vent but i know it ain’t safe…

“I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn’t need a reaction. Sometimes you just gotta leave people to do the lame s**t they do,” Chris posted.

Javi also tweeted about Kail’s photo.

“I’m disgusted,” he wrote on Sunday before telling Radar Online, “It’s just sad. It makes me sad for the boys. I have nothing else to say about her.”


Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra introduced their unfortunately named clothing line.

Their store will be selling…baby lingerie, apparently?

What do the stars of ‘Teen Mom’ do in between having kids and filming their TV shows? Start clothing lines, of course! Over the weekend the married ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars introduced the first logo for their upcoming children’s clothing line and revealed the name they have officially chosen for their company: Tierra Reign. (The “Reign” part is obviously stems from their daughter Nova’s middle name.)

In their promotional posts for the new line, Cate and Ty tell their fans to “Reign Over Your Dreams”…whatever the hell that means. Unlike Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney’s party lifestyle line of T-shirts, or Amber Portwood’s haute apparel line, Cate and Ty’s online store will carry only kids’ clothing and no adult pieces.

To read The Ashley’s “Teen Mom News Pile” from last week, click here!

(Photos: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter)

50 Responses

  1. I’m probably in the minority here but, I actually like the name Tierra Reign. At least they can pronounce it. Or I hope the can pronounce part of their last name and their daughter’s middle name. That’s up for debate. Between TTM, Forever Haute, Froco and whatever other titular endeavor Farrah launches, it isn’t horrible.

  2. Farrah probably thought because her fake fiancé/boyfriend/fame whore/leech is Indian that she could pull off that outfit….um no girl, it doesn’t work like that.

    And is anybody really surprised about Kail? She has honestly turned into the biggest white hoe chasing any and all BBC to come her way….it’s sad really. Have some fucking self respect and think of your children for crying out loud. There will come a time when they start to see and read all the shit she’s out online.

  3. Just when you think Kail can’t go any lower, she proves you wrong….she needs to see a therapist.

  4. Dayuuummm…Farrah you look old AF and like your mother!! Its the same exact face despite all the procedures. Or do they go to the same plastic surgeon? She looks about 40 here

  5. Kail is a perfect example of someone who became a mother way too young (multiple times even) and that’s why she’s wild now cuz she lost her partying years with being a teen mom. And she’s making the same mistake with another child she’s carrying. GROW UP FIRST AND THEN HAVE ANOTHER! I bet this will not be her last one even if this one is a girl. I can easily see her with 5 children and equal amount of baby daddies.

    Amber and her mooch of a boyfriend-I can’t even, I already made it clear I hate the guy but that’s not what will change her mind. I hope it won’t be too late when she decides to leave him.

    Farrah, I have no words. WOW. Does anyone know Simon’s ethnicity? Because if he is Indian, that’s maybe where she got the idea. But still, WOW.

    Tyler and Cate-another thing destined to fail just like other ones. Like their ‘Reunited’ show which was a copy. Do they really think if they copy an idea, people will watch/ want to buy just cuz it’s theirs?! I don’t think so! Your 5 min were over when your 16&pregnant episode stopped airing.

    1. Simon is Persian something totally different. But knowing as dumb as she is I bet she thought it was all in the same.

      1. From what I can tell, his actual name is Simondeep Singh Saran, which would be consistent with Indian Sikh heritage.

      2. No he’s Indian. He’s also a Sikh.

        He’s been on twitter defending what Farrah wore and calling people who are bashing her racists, which I’m not even surprised about since he’s white washed as hell.

  6. My husband is Indian so I have worn lengas and henna several times. It’s not that they are offended about her wearing it. It’s about how she wore it and the type of person she represents. Lengas and saris are known to be modest and cover things up. Henna is Muslim Mehendi is Hindi and they both represent purity. She is anything but. So her whoreing it up is what’s offensive.

  7. Farrah looks like she’s about to drop another Platinum album. Suggested title, Farrah Abraham: The Face Of Desperation. I can’t with this delusional hag. Grab yourself a drink homegirl, cause your thirsty AF for attention. ?

  8. Good grief so now I can yell at Indian people when they wear a cross or wear a baseball hat or celebrate Christmas for appropriating white culture??? What a bunch of racists. There are so many other reasons to hate Farrah, that one seems like an easy one. Try harder.
    Oh Kail, you only had one sleeve. It looked stupid as always. Thanks for staying crapgoblin for us though 🙂

    1. If an Indian person is wearing a cross or celebrating Chrismas, it’s because they are Christian. I feel like that should be obvious? Lol at you claiming that Christianity is “white culture” and then claiming that others are racist.

      1. Explain to me how wearing clothes and jewelry in this case is somehow offensive (besides being worn by Farrah)?

        1. I didn’t say that what Farrah did was offensive, so there is nothing to explain. I only addressed the absurd claim that wearing a cross and celebrating Christmas i.e. being Christian is “white culture.” Christianity is a religion and not specific to any one race, let alone the Caucasian race. There also is no one single “white culture.” Waiting to hear a justification on that ridiculous claim.

    2. Hm.. maybe you have ever heard how outraged Christians were when Madonna was wearing a cross while she did not really sing Christian songs or dance and act like they thought was Christian?
      The videoclip ‘Like a prayer’ was a big middle finger to those people.

    3. If you are genuinely interested in educating yourself and learning about why people find cultural appropriation offensive, and the fine line between appreciation and fetish, I highly recommend reading two articles from the Atlantic titled ‘what does cultural appropriation mean?’ and ‘the dos and don’ts of cultural appropriation.’ Reading is power! Enjoy.

  9. How does someone like Kailyn get some many guys? Seriously shes ugly with an attitude to match…..

    1. I mean look at the guys she’s throwing herself at these days….not exactly lookers lmao

      It’s easy as hell to get ugly fuckers like them, like ridiculously easy

  10. I didn’t think farrah looked too bad?
    Kail is dirty. I don’t know why any of these men will go there?
    Matt is just a creepy fame whore. Go introduce yourself to your kids mate.

  11. Ohh I hope that Catelynn and Tyler’s “clothing line” will release wee sized Zebra hoodies!

    Here’s to hoping!

    1. I want baby skin friendly stick on slicked over bangs. For the bald baby who doesn’t have time to style.

      1. Dead ???

        They could sell the baby zebra hoodie and the adhesive slicked over bangs as a bundle! Get more bang for your buck!

  12. I guess I’m out voted here because I did not see a big problem with Kail hanging out in bed with that dude. If they were dating that would be gross but my friends and I always hang out in bed so maybe that’s why it’s not a big deal to me.

  13. Isn’t Kail bipolar but went off her medication? Wasn’t there one teen mom who said she was able to control it and didn’t need the meds? I wonder if Kail went off her meds and now is dealing with the outcome of hyper sexuality in the manic phase of bipolar disorder.

    1. I’ve thought that for awhile about Kail. I’m thinking she may have gone off her meds around the time of her plastic surgery. I’m not sure if bi-polar meds are safe for pregnancy, so she may not have a choice at this point. But if she is manic, eventually she’ll come down. Hard.

      1. It’s a very “discuss risks and benefits with your doctor situation”, but broadly speaking lithium is not (though not accutane or anything) and lamotrigine (the other FDA approved medication is considered safe, and women taking lithium are often switched from the former to the latter id pregnant or planning a pregnancy.
        If she were on depakote that would be a hard “fuck no”, but it’s uncommon in general and would not have been prescribed to a women potentially having another kid ever. And again, lamotrigine.

        1. I am diagnosed bipolar and borderline, and was on lamotrigine before, during and after my pregnancy. I discussed it with my psychiatrist, OB and pediatrician and the overwhelming consensus from them was that while there’s been some evidence to suggest risk in pregnancy, it hasn’t been tested enough to say for sure either way. Basically, I personally felt there would be more risk if I went off it, and chose to stay on it through pregnancy and postpartum (including breastfeeding), and all doctors involved in my situation gave the green light.

          TL;DR, lamotrigine is generally acceptable in pregnancy on a case by case basis. It is possible to still manage and medicate mental illness during pregnancy.

    2. I honestly wish an she would talk to somebody I think she has some issues she really needs to work out but I think she struggles with admitting it At this point it just comes across like she has no respect for herself

    1. Right because Im so tired of seeing this pretty little thing with her legs out in a onesie all day long. I can see late at night getting ready for bed but to just have her walking around like it’s 7 am all day is weird and lazy. Put some fucking clothes on your kid.

  14. Kailyn and Amber look exactly the same as before plastic surgery! #surgeryfail Farrah I don’t care about and Tyler and Catelynn have got to be kidding with a children’s clothing line when their child is running around with messy hair and only a diaper 99% of the time!

    1. It can be 4pm and Nova looks looks a wreck like it’s 6:30 am and she just woke up from sleeping all night. We see Nova messy more times than we see her well groomed.

  15. Javi’s sentiments are pretty spot on. It’s just sad for the boys, especially poor sweet Isaac. That little boy is so sensitive and he was heartbroken over losing Javi. Bringing new men and a baby into his life so soon after losing Javi is just cruel.

    Also, Farrah really did pick an ugly lehngha.

  16. Welp Amber, have fun wiping Matt’s old man soiled underpants. Between being drunk and old you bet he will crap uncontrollably. They should team up with Cait and Ty and become white trash of the century together.

  17. Kail is really an attention seeking gnat. She’ll post all this stuff and then get upset when people comment on it like what else do you expect? Control yourself for your 23970234 kids

    1. Also side note: why are Matt and Amber promoting Vodka when they are supposed to be sober people… *eye roll*

    2. Back in the 1980s, “Three Men and a Baby” was a movie. Now it’s a list of short-term goals.

  18. I really feel bad for kail’s kids doesn’t you want them to have any morals or know how to carry themselves appropriately in situations this could be a completely innocent photo but it doesn’t look like it and her kids are going to see that someday and keep in mind she’s pregnant with another man’s child and that man is not the one lying In that bad she always says she puts her kids first I wish she would start actively doing that

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