TLC Captures Footage of Joy Duggar & Austin Forsyth’s Joint Bachelor Party: Watch the Video

“Don’t worry– we slept in separate tents, of course!”

Although a Duggar bachelorette party sounds about as fun as watching paint dry, TLC will still be airing footage from the most-recent one anyway!

This weekend Joy Anna Duggar and her fiancé Austin Forsyth celebrated their upcoming marriage with a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. Of course, because this is the Duggars we’re talking about, the festivities were quite different than the penis-straw-filled, wild party night that many brides-to-be have for their bachelorette party.

The couple decided to head to the great outdoors for their parties. The fun included camping, kayaking and marshmallow roasting, which was much more up the Duggars’ alley than partying and drinking into the wee hours of the night. What better way to celebrate your last period of singlehood than a hot dog roast with all of your siblings?

And, naturally, because this is the Duggars, a TLC film crew was on-hand to capture the “parties” for the family’s reality show, Counting On.

“I think I like doing outdoor activities because I grew up doing that,” Austin told TLC, while staring straight into the camera with dead eyes. (He really needs to work on his Jim Bob-style charisma if he’s going to make it in this family.)

Throughout the entire interview, Joy and Austin side-hug each other and sway back and forth in one fluid motion. (Is there some kind of contractual obligation with TLC that all engaged and married Duggar couples must be tethered together during all their on-camera interviews? They never separate from the side hug position.)

Joy Anna says wedding planning is going great so far.

“I think Austin has been helping out more than I ever thought he would be,” she says.

Joy recently went with her mother, grandmother and several sisters to purchase her wedding dress for the upcoming wedding, which will reportedly take place on in late October in Arkansas. (Wanna see their registry? Of course you do!)

Austin calls Joy Anna a “beautiful young lady” and says he’s “so excited to marry the woman of my dreams.”

In the bachelorette party video, Joy reveals that she’s never really been one for outdoor activities, but, judging by the couple’s wedding registry, that will soon change. Joy and Austin have registered for plenty of camping and wilderness gear, including sleeping bags, tents and camp cookware.

We’ll get to see the footage of Joy and Austin’s wild weekend in the wilderness, as well as more of their wedding prep when ‘Counting On’ returns to TLC this summer.

Watch the video below:

(Photo: TLC)

21 Responses

  1. I never noticed the swaying now I won’t be able to forget it. Funny when talking about what to look forward to neither said to be with each other. Has anyone seen her engagement ring yet?

  2. Seriously…I’d enjoy this. Camping is so much fun…and it beats having a bunch of drunk people throwing up and strippers any day. That said…I’m also 40 haha.

  3. Corrections need to be made: Joy actually said, “(Austin was helping out)…more than HE thought he would be,” and Joy did NOT say she didn’t like outdoor activities (she’s a tomboy, after all 😉 ), she said that she hadn’t really ever been a big camper – this is her first time to ever really camp outdoors. Sheesh. LISTEN, instead of projecting what you want them to have said, so they can be mocked because of things Josh that did.

  4. Everyone’s idea of fun is different. I love that they are having a respectful kind of party. My husband didn’t have a bachelor party – he didn’t even WANT one – and I love him for that. Rubbing some random woman’s chest in your face is hardly a way to say you love the lady you are about to marry. Congratulations, Austin and Joy!

    1. I don’t think anyone is trashing their bachelor/bachelorette party. To each their own. Drinking doesn’t always equate to a good time. My hubby and I didn’t even have parties. That being said I question how in live they truly are and how well they know each other. It almost seems like a “forced” marriage just because for them it’s the thing to do. Especially if you want to get away from papa duggars rule. There is no feeling when they talk. Everything is robotic and rehearsed. I don’t think they know what love is. This has nothing to do with religion either.

  5. If either of my children were this enthusiastic about their pending nuptials I would force them to call it off! Seriously. They really don’t seem to know each other all that well. From what I have seen from other courtships their “getting to know” each other consists in scripture quotes and any discussion Biblical related. They don’t really get to know their intended. And I’m not just referring to the sexual aspect. I really don’t think any of them were truly in love when they got married or if they are even in love at all now. Clearly we know Josh isn’t. They need more independent freedom and the chance to know who they really are before being wed off.

    1. It just makes me wonder how a couple can really talk about their life goals, wants, and expectations, if there is always a “chaperone” there?

      I have fundie relatives, and it makes me sad that they marry someone they really don’t know. No wonder this couple can’t even feign enthusiasm for what is a lifelong decision.

      You DO speak the truth!

  6. Why do all of the girls give their husbands to be that look…you know that look I am talking about! Almost like, “am I saying the right words?”

    1. I was just thinking the same thing. The way they stare at each other when they talk is just so creepy

      1. Because all the Duggar girls and girls involved with a Duggar male have been brainwashed from the get go that they are not worthy of any man and to worship him. The girls needs come last. Anna is a perfect example.

  7. Nobody else creeped out how this guy was just waiting for her to be legal because he had his eye on her for years?! He’s four years older and with her being barely 19, it sounds kinda creepy. Maybe it’s just me.

    And OMG ofc she has to say she’s surprised he is helping with the wedding because with her male siblings and dad she knows men are useless, right?!

    1. I don’t know how old he is, but that’s how my boyfriend was with me. He wasn’t gonna mess with me underage because it wasn’t worth the risk. I was 19 when we started dating. We’ve known each other since I was 14 (or barely 15) though.
      It may not have been to be anything creepy, just that he was waiting for it to be “publicly acceptable”.

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