Why Isn’t Producer Heather on This Season of ‘Teen Mom OG?’ (Exclusive Details)

“I knew I shouldn’t have used the indoor bathroom!”

The current season of Teen Mom OG is in full swing, but one person has been noticeably absent from our screens during the new episodes. Producer Heather Walsh, who had been featured prominently on the show ever since the fourth wall was broken, has been mysteriously missing lately….and The Ashley knows why.

Heather, who was a field producer for the segments of Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham, is no longer working on the show. Although a rumor was floating around the ‘Teen Mom’ Twitter World stating that Amber got Heather fired from the show, that is definitely not true. (Amber even denied this rumor herself on her Twitter, stating, “Hell no lol I had nothing to do with it nor would I ever do that to her. She knows that.”)

The Ashley can confirm, though, that Heather was fired from ‘Teen Mom,’ but Amber had nothing to do with the firing. From what The Ashley’s production and crew sources tell her, Heather was let go by the show’s higher-ups because she had broken several rules set for the production crew.

“They found out that she was frequently staying at Farrah’s house and that is not allowed,” one source tells The Ashley. “They want producers to have a great relationship with the cast, but there are certain rules in place that lay out things they can and can not do with the cast. The producers tend to get really close to the cast, since they spend so much time together, but there has to be a cut-off to maintain professionalism.”

(Just to clarify because The Ashley knows that a lot of our minds go straight to the gutter, this wasn’t due to anything weird or sexual going on between Heather and Farrah. It was simply just crossing the line between producer and friend.)

Let’s hope that Heather was allowed to use Farrah’s actual bathroom during those overnights, although it’s completely feasible that Farrah would make Heather trek outside (in her shoe covers, of course) and use the crew Porta-Potties.

Although Heather is no longer working on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ it appears that she and Farrah have something new in the works. In April, Farrah posted a photo of herself with Heather to her social media accounts, and hinted in the photo’s caption that a joint project was coming.

“Guess whose back ! #Family New Project #bestproducer #nyc,” Farrah wrote.

(Photo: MTV)


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  1. Wow, this is MTV saying to their staff ‘you will fake you like the cast members, understand them, agree with them, make them believe you are friends, anything to get them to talk and get a good story but don’t cross the line to actually care about them’.
    Or did others envy Heather and reported her when she did not piss on the ppotty like them?
    Anyway, you must love money to work for Farrah Heather, good luck with that. What kind of porn are you making for Farrah?
    OMG, it just hit me, Farrah is making a ‘Keeping up with the Abrahams’ and will try to sell it to the big channels.

    1. I’d wager to say that most documentarians, if not almost all, do NOT stay with their subjects. I’m puzzled by your comment. You can develop a real rapport with a subject and build up a trust without staying over-night in their home. That’s not, “fake” liking them. The world isn’t so black and white. There are merely certain lines you just do not cross. Heather was made aware of the rules and still crossed the line. One needn’t stay over night in order to care about them.
      I actually liked Heather, I was impressed with her patience with Farrah. I honestly could not understand how she truly cared for such a selfish, self-centered nit wit who doesn’t have a nice word to say about anyone and abuses everyone around her.

    1. Well, as long as there are mirrors and replica’s of her own parts, how could she possibly need someone else?

  2. Hmmm if she and Farrah are doing some tv project together, I wonder if THAT’s actually what broke the rules. Seems weird that her just staying at Farrah’s house would be the reason. I can see there being a lot of rules about outside projects with the cast.

  3. Heather seemed to want to be famous. She always tried to act like the girls were her best buddies. It came across as desperate and phony.

  4. Speaking of Farrah and the shoe covers – does anyone think it is weird that Farrah makes the crew wear shoe covers but let’s a frickin’ HORSE run all over her house?

    I don’t know how hard it is to get a job in the TV business, but I would seriously consider quitting if a horse was being treated better than I was.

    1. OMG I was thinking the exact same thing! Finally had time to watch last night’s episode and was literally DYING watching that horse galloping through Farrah’s living room. ???

    2. It just points to her need to control, dominate and demean all those around her. Making them wear booties and pee outside is how she shows her power. It’s part of her mental illness.
      Most workman who come to my home wear booties (they bring) but I thank them and treat them with respect. Something Farrah will never understand.

  5. So let me just ask…how is Heather “staying over at Farrah’s house” considered being too close of a friend, when TM producer KiKi is Nova’s Godmother?! NOT buying this story, unless there are more details that The Ashley is leaving out. Rumor has it that Amber had a contributing role towards Heather’s termination, and that I do believe. I don’t believe Amber tried to get her fired, but Heather was the producer for both Amber AND Farrah and forged a strong friendship with Farrah. After the reunion taping aired, I can totally see Amber attributing what she alleged to be an inaccurate portrayal of events to Heather’s favoritism of Farrah. In her anger, I’m sure she contacted MTV and relayed that she felt uncomfortable with Heather as her producer. And TBH, I can’t say I wouldn’t feel the same way in that situation. It would be hard to trust a producer who was besties with my enemy…just saying. So while I’m sure the PR friendly version is “she was too close to Farrah”, I think my guess is probably closer to the truth. But who knows?

    1. The ashley did say that heather and farrah have a new project in the works so maybe that was the real line that was crossed.

      1. Simon tweeted and then deleted that Amber threatened to quit the show and part of her negotiation to stay was that Heather had to go. Which is why I tend to think the Amber/Farrah feud played a role. I don’t believe it happened the way he phrased it though. That couple is phenomenal at twisting the truth jussst enough in their favor to make it a lie.

  6. OMG so no more fanny pack and “homeless person” chopped sweatshirts??? It actually speaks volumes about her character to snuggle up to Farrah. And the 4th wall broken BS has always bothered me since they started doing that. It really makes the show look pathetic in the sense that there is sooooooooo little the moms want to share anymore they have to be guided by the producers.
    Oh well…

    1. Thank you!!!! I was hoping someone else would notice that!! Lol. Ugh! She is just the worst…..at everything!

  7. I thought it was because she hadn’t been brushing her hair. I mean if she has been staying with Farrah you would think Farrah would help her with that. Heather put up with a lot of buulshit abuse from Farrah and she is still licking Farrah’s Backdoor. I think these producers get so brainwashed from the Tern Mom girls’ abusive ways that they actually can’t function without them.

    1. Holy shit. I’m typing almost as bad as Farrah! I meant bullshit not buulshit. And teen mom not tern mom garsh dern it!

    2. I mean honestly why does that surprise you? Farrah does not even comb Sophia’s hair I mean honestly it looks all Rady all the time they never have it up they never do anything with it it’s so strange to me that Farrah Is no problem inserting herself in everyone else’s business but she doesn’t always seem to take care of her own

    3. Don’t blame Heather for looking natural and being happy with herself. Not all girls wanna look like blowupdolls and be totally fake.

  8. Farrah actually let her stay? I’m shocked! If they can’t use her bathroom or wear shoes I’m so surprised she let her stay.

      1. C’mon, seriously? Who in their right mind wouldn’t make Deb go to a hotel?? I see nothing wrong there.

  9. That’s really weird that Heather cross the line between friend and producer because from what it look like to me Farah treated her like complete sh!t as well. so I doubt getting fired was worth it for Heather. Bad choice

  10. I had noticed she wasn’t there, but I just figured she must have gone to suck off goats for a nickel a herd, to rebuild her self- respect.

  11. She prob had a tit full of the abuse off the moron moms and their partners, inlaws
    Maybe the smell of dog piss palace has put her off???

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