Farrah Abraham Makes Racist Comments to Ochocinco’s Mother on ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition’

A simple “Whatever…Paula!” would have sufficed…

Farrah Abraham’s latest comment may be her most-shocking yet!

The Teen Mom OG star exploded during a fight on Friday night’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition, making racist comments toward Paula Johnson, the mother of Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.

Farrah appeared to shock everyone in the ‘Boot Camp’ Mansion (as well as viewers) when she screamed that Paula (who is African-American) is a “disgusting, black piece of s**t!”

Paula and Farrah had gotten in several spats while filming in the Mansion, with the topics of their fights ranging from how Paula treats Chad, to Paula’s alleged alcoholism, to the way Farrah treats her parents. But, it all came to a head on this week’s episode when Farrah started insinuating that Paula is a drunk. Paula advised Farrah to stay out of her business but Farrah ignored the request.

“Trash like [Paula] needs to go to jail and needs to get the s**t beat out of her,” Farrah tells her co-stars, right in front of Paula.

“This little b**ch again, I would f**k you up. I dare you to rise, rise to the occasion, puffy faced bitch!” Paula replied, before calling Farrah “trailer park trash.”

Farrah then morphed into her “Backdoor Teen Mom” adult film star alter ego, telling Paula, “When I f**k your son, I’ll take you a picture.”

That’s when things took the racist turn, with Farrah screaming her racist comment at Paula several times. Farrah’s racist remark even appeared to shock her father, Michael Abraham, who immediately tried to calm his daughter down and prevent her from throwing a plate she was ready to launch at Paula.

Several of the cast members were enraged by Farrah’s blatant racism, especially Kendra Wilkinson, who is married to an African-American man and has biracial kids.

“That racist b**ch,” Kendra exclaimed. “She didn’t just offend Paula. She offended my husband and children and me.”

Kendra told the show’s producers that she wouldn’t stay on the show if Farrah stayed.

“I will not be in the same room as a person who discriminates and judges people on their skin color,” Kendra said. “I do not accept it and that is what is wrong with the world and this is what is wrong with our country.”

Fans on Twitter were also enraged by Farrah’s remarks.

“As if we couldn’t hate Farrah any MORE, she had to go & make racist statements! It’s offensive to everyone!” one person tweeted.

“Lemme at her!”

Some fans directed their anger at one of the show’s therapists, Dr. Ish Major, who is African-American. Some fans felt that he should have stepped in.

“As a black therapist myself, I find it disgusting that you didn’t address Farrah’s racist comment right away!” one person on Twitter wrote to Dr. Major.

Dr. Major later tweeted that Farrah’s racial remarks were dealt with, although it wasn’t shown on-camera this episode.

“We got on [Farrah] strong about the race issue. The ENTIRE group did, wish we would have shown you all that tonight too,” he tweeted. “Guys, we spent the rest of the night after Paula left talking to the group about race, the fight and how unacceptable it is.”

However, some folks on Twitter felt that Paula was also being racist toward Farrah when she called her “trailer park trash.” (To be fair, Paula never mentioned Farrah’s race in her tirade.)

On Saturday, Kendra took to Twitter to express her thoughts on what happened.

“It’s simple really,” Kendra wrote. “My fam and friends are black. Camera men n producers were black around. Not going to stand around picking my nose. Felt highly uncomfortable with the things were said and spoke my mind. Both sides were wrong by throwing out racist s**t. But there was one person in that situation that could’ve had self control but didn’t.

“Do I like Farrah or even know her? NO but do I honestly believe Farrah is a racist? NO. She f**ked up. I freaked out seeing there were 100 people n cameras on us and nobody was addressing the race card that was thrown,” Kendra added.

Of course, this is not the first time that Farrah has been caught making racist remarks toward African-Americans.

In April 2016, Farrah used a racial slur against Blac Chyna, calling the model a “f**king monkey” in an Instagram comment. In September of that year, she stated during a podcast interview that she is not really into dating black men because “that’s more of a Kardashian thing…God bless them.”

Farrah has not really spoken out about her ‘Boot Camp’ comments, except to point the blame at Paula.

“Paula realize your not going to treat people badly, attack people, provoke, be racist & be an alcoholic WRONG is WRONG,” she tweeted. “See ya Bye Felicia.”

Watch the ugly scene play out below, and stay tuned for our full recap of this week’s episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition!’

(Photos: WEtv)


  1. I cannot stand Farrah…but, Ocho’s mother said and pushed racial slurs First!

    Big deal Farrah said the Word “Black”! The other Racist witch started it first!

    So sick of this BS!

    And Kendra, Shut it! Gawd…she over reacts! But doesn’t care that the Black lady started the Racist carp first!!

  2. The number of people here justifying and excusing Farrah’s comment is disturbing. Especially since she and Debra have records of saying “slick” and demeaning things about blacks before. What is wrong with you all?

  3. Watched the whole thing and as much as I absolutely despise Farrah, there was not any racism in her comment. If we are all going to be cupcakes and get upset at any perceived offense, then Paula should be taken to task as well for calling Farrah trailer trash (which is about the only crap people of color can sling these days other than white devil). Not to mention the physical threats that Paula rains down upon everybody else all the freakin time. Sheesh she makes Farrah look mature. Bitch needs to be locked up with others that enjoy physical violence and not giving a turd about anyone but themselves. Feel bad for Chad at this point.

    There was a great bit on Conan several years ago where a guy just stood in NYC and yelled “Black, White, Jew, Mexican, Chinese” etc of the various races, not even connecting them with negative stereotypes or anything else, and guess what, people got all mad. But that was the joke 7 years ago and is still today. People are just waiting to be offended to win some sort of lottery. The sad fact is that folks are so ready to cash in on any perceived “bias event” as they are now called, that more often than not (90+%) they are hoaxes.

  4. There are two things that I don’t understand.
    1: How anyone could justify her bringing race into an argument as an insult and claiming it wasn’t a racist comment. I mean really f***ing piece of s***, would have sufficed, but she HAD to slide in a dig about her race.
    2: How does Farrah even still have a career?
    She’s belligerent, rude, spiteful, and not a decent roll-model in the slightest. She picks fights with random celebrities over social media, makes multiple racial slurs, and can’t even get along with her own cast mates, not just in the TM franchise, but in every series she has appeared in. She even puts her desire for fame above parenting her 8 year old daughter because we all know how 8 year olds are all “doing their own thing”, and don’t need the only parent they have left around ever. Farrah adds nothing positive or of importance to the Teen Mom OG series, let alone a good role model to the young impressionable girls her TV demographic is aimed towards.

  5. Farrahs back on the reality tv self help circuit, Ambers trying to do porn, Maci’s dropping bombs about Ryan to give her a storyline and boost rating. All this tells me that Teen Mom Og is about to be cancelled and these girls are planning for the plug to be pulled any day now.

  6. Racism is disgusting
    Spitting on someone is also disgusting ?
    Both of them should have had to leave for the night. ??‍♀️

  7. Black is a color, so is white. They are not racist words they are descriptive.
    Paula is black.
    Farrah is white.
    The above sentences are not racist, they are facts.
    Both women were hurling insults, and being immature idiots.

    1. Where did you learn that black and white are colors? Black is the result of mixing the three primary colors and white is the absence of color.

    2. Crusty, please!!!!!!! Yes they are color words at best, it depends on how you use those words, and YES they were racist!!!!!!

  8. The best part of the episode was after the fight when Deb, Michael and Farrah were sitting outside and Deb said “we are the anointed ones.”

  9. Ok, look. I despise Farrduh just as much as anyone else. However, I don’t think what she said is racist. She said black! My God, people!! I suppose if Paula called her white trash it would be ok? I don’t get it. Either way, I just wish once they’d let Paula or anyone hit the sh!t out of Farrah. Farrahs all talk & acts like she’ll fight & needs to be held back. ?? PLEASE!!!! Someone just let her try to fight!!

    1. That’s right! This is really reaching to call it racist. It’s amazing to me that this article doesn’t criticize Paula more. Farrah doesn’t ever seem to back down, she’s oblivious. However, Paula ACTS all bad ass and runs away when she’s not feared.

    2. I stopped this several times 20 seconds into the video , it certainly sounds like Paula says “aw white bitch”

    3. Look how the sissy girl bawled her eye’s out falling down playing football.
      Her dad has seen it billions of times, that’s why he didn’t go running to comfort a adult woman.

    1. Yes! He was a college student at the time, and his name was Shaq. She stalked that poor guy at his frat house and football practice with Sophia in a baby stroller — until the guy told her that things weren’t working between the two of them.

      Thanks, Magan. Thought I was the only viewer left on earth who remembered that.

  10. Not directly related to this story but just wondered if/when theashley will post a recap of the Vegas episode? As soon as I saw it I knew I needed your spin on it!

    1. @Starburst– Love your name, btw! The Ashley took a break from TMOG recaps, since there are so many others shows to recap. She is currently recapping Marriage Boot Camp, Counting On and The Bachelorette. However, if there is time, I may do “flashback” TMOG recaps that I have missed this season. Let me know if you guys are interested by liking this comment. The Vegas and Puerto Rico episodes are my first two orders of business! -The Ashley

  11. Hold on! Sounds like Paula started all this ( as usual) and called her a white bitch. By no means am I protecting Farrah but, come on now… Paula calling Farrah trash ??? Paula is a full of shit bully that isn’t used of being put back in her place and noes she’s meet her match

    1. Noes? That’s an interesting spelling, lol.

      Whether Paula started it or not(she didn’t, Farrah did, long before this incident took place, she’s been instigating since the day they got there) you’re describing Farrah to a T. Farrah is, without a DOUBT an absolute bully, and so full of shit. She is not only physical with people, but psychologically and emotionally a bully, as well as a known racist. She has been her entire life, and her “status” she seems to believe she has, only perpetuates her “I can do no wrong” attitude.
      Someone needs to put that bitch in her place, *while* her daughter is watching, so she realizes just how terrible this wretched woman she calls mom, actually is. Maybe then the poor little girl will have a chance at becoming a semi-sane human being…because at this rate, that little girl is doomed.
      I wouldn’t stick up for Paula either, she has her own faults too, and can be just as trashy, at times, as Farrah. The only difference here, is that Farrah is *always* trashy, always rude, always a bully, and couldn’t be nice if her life depended upon it…at least, not without being paid to do so.

  12. I really don’t understand how Farrah still has a career. Paula Deen said some racist things and we haven’t heard from her in forever. Mel Gibson is anti-Semitic and where has he been? The owner of the Clippers got fined and banned from the NBA for life for making a racist statement. Jesse James and the whole Nazi thing ruined his career. The monkey comment should have doomed Farrah to a life of obscurity, but here she still is.

    1. Because she didn’t apologize and grovel, that’s why. Doing that is a career killer.
      Don’t be sorry, and your fine.

  13. Wait…….she says she is not into black men but she would still sleep with her son just to spite her? She does realize he is African-American too, right?!

  14. Michael first got involved by defending Farrah and getting in Paula’s face. When Paula was yelling back at Farrah, Michael jumped up, got in Paula’s face and was defending Farrah and yelling at her (Paula). Then he tried to prevent Farrah from throwing something at Paula. It is disgusting how Michael coddles Farrah, which is one reason she runs over both of them. He has never made her accountable for her actioms.

  15. That’s the exact thought that crossed my mind when I read the article. She is a hypocrite. She also brings to mind the saying “when someone shows you who they are, believe them”. And Farrah has continually demonstrated she has very little goodness in her heart.

    Also, for someone who claims superiority over the Kardashians, why is she trying so hard to look/be like them? I see through the bull shit, Farrah. You should try it some time.

  16. Farrah’s gonna say the wrong thing to the wrong person on the wrong day and get the shit beaten out of her…

    1. Yep. She’s always been protected by running her mouth in a room full of cameras and producers, but someday she’s gonna pull that crap out in the real world and get herself hospitalized or killed.

      1. Amber would’ve been the one to take her out had she had better aim at that reunion. Farrah got lucky that time….but her comeuppance is a long time coming….and when it gets here, its gonna be a baaaaaaad day for Farrah.

  17. I was gonna say she would lose her incoherent mind if someone something even the slightest bit racist towards her, but she’s had so much work done to her face it’s hard to tell what fkn race she is to be racist towards. Can you be racist towards ambiguously alien faced hateful btches?

  18. Farrah, and her entire family are horrible excuses for human beings sharing the air we breathe. This is a family that should DISCONTINUE to pro-create; this would benefit society. To conclude, the fact that she, in the heat of the moment, used race as a degradation only solidifies this.
    Let us do what is necessary to rid this earth of any future Abraham’s.

  19. I’ve said this before, but Farrah has fat shamed in public and made numerous racist comments in public. As a business owner, she will one day get slapped with a discrimination lawsuit and there will be a trail of evidence against her. She’s a prejudiced entitled idiot and I can’t wait to see her lose all her money.

  20. She called Black Chyna monkey Farrah did. She picked up a plate trying to throw it then she threw a coat in Paula’s face and they made Paula go to a hotel because Farrah always gets away with her bs…. I don’t understand how people think the way she acts is okay she’s going to talk smart to the wrong person one day and her teeth are going to be down her throat!

      1. How come she hasn’t just gone away??? As much as everyone says they hate her, they watch her on whatever she’s on, and that keeps money in her pocket. It doesn’t matter what people say about you as long as they are talking she will make bank!

  21. Holy crap I never heard about her monkey comment until this article. Whoa. HOW does this girl still have any supporters after that? I’m so sick of people commending her for her “hustle” and saying she’s better than the other Teen Moms because of it. Whatever, so she doesn’t sit around being lazy. But she’s also hateful, rude, fake, disrespectful, mean, racist, a liar, a terrible mother, and can’t string 3 words together that make sense. Sorry, her hustle doesn’t impress me an ounce. I’d rather be lazy than be a terrible person.

  22. Trail park trash is a racist comment against white, just bc she didn’t say the word doesn’t mean it isn’t. Describing a black person as black isn’t racist. Farrah is a wack job, but this isn’t what everyone is making it out to be.

    1. How is trailer trash a racist comment? Every race has a group of people that others consider to be trash and a portion of those trashy people probably live in trailer parks – that’s where trailer trash comes from.

        1. Just so you know, you can change your down vote to an up vote by just pressing on the up vote. Cheers!

    2. You recognize that trailer park trash is an Socio-economic dig, right? People of all ethnicities live in trailers.

      1. No, it’s racist when an actual RACE is mentioned. Without that, it’s entirely a socio-economic dig, plain and simple…not racist. That doesn’t make it right, but it sure as hell doesn’t make it racist. People of all races live in trailer parks and *can* be trashy…race has nothing to do with that.

    3. Describing a black person as black IS a racist comment if you put it in the type of context Farrah did. There’s a big difference between “The black woman crossed the street” and “Shut up you black #%^**%#”. BIG difference.

  23. Farrah is disgusting and uneducated trash that thinks it’s everyone else with the problem and she’s perfect. Farrah is a complete moron and I wish shows would stop casting her and the media wouldn’t give her attention. I just wish she and her family would slink back under whatever rock they crawled out from.

  24. Wow let’s pick up plate then throw a coat in another womens face! She should have been the one to leave not Paula she physically had to be pulled away but whatever! Paula was right when she was telling them they let Farrah get away with it everytime because they do! Farrah is not a likeable person at all.

  25. When she made that Blac Chyna comment last year it officially confirmed to me that Farrah is racist. As a black woman, someone calling you a monkey is just as bad as being called a coon or a n*gger. Also, I think people are confusing trailer park trash with white trash.

  26. Farrah Farrah Farrah, you are pathetic.
    No we don’t know her mind but it wouldn’t surprise me if she IS a racist. I don’t know why anyone would say otherwise. It’s not like this was the first time she’s said something racist.
    I’ve NEVER done it once in my life. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck……

  27. Really, Farrah? Paula has more issues than Vogue you could legitimately (if impolitely) point out, but you’re going to go with the one thing that doesn’t matter in the slightest?

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