DeMario Jackson’s Ex-Girlfriend & ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Co-Star Defend Him Amid Scandal

“Thanks, ladies!”

DeMario Jackson says he’s been painted as the bad guy amid the recent scandal involving Bachelor in Paradise, but people close to him are sticking up for him.

As The Ashley previously reported, DeMario and fellow ‘Paradise’ cast member Corinne Olympios allegedly had on-camera hookup in the pool that was so steamy that it made several producers uncomfortable enough to file a misconduct allegation, mostly due to the fact that both DeMario and Corinne were reportedly highly intoxicated during the incident and possibly not able to give consent to participate in the sexual acts.

Corinne has since spoken out about the incident, calling herself a victim in a statement released earlier this week. In a statement of his own, DeMario claimed that he has been unfairly criminalized by the media.

“It’s unfortunate that my character and family name has been assassinated this past week with false claims and malicious allegations,” he said in his statement.

Jasmine Goode, who was part of the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 4 cast with Corinne and DeMario, told a different story than the one Corinne has told, stating that Corinne was not a victim, but rather just the “crazy fun” Corinne we are used to seeing.

“Everyone saw them kissing and having fun together,” Jasmine told People. “It was known the next day, just two people who hooked up, nothing out of the ordinary…To me and everyone else, it just seemed like crazy fun Corinne that we’re used to because for the next two days we kept filming.”

Jasmine added that, in the two days after the alleged pool incident occurred, the cast noticed nothing out of the ordinary between DeMario and Corinne, and continued to film.

Jasmine, a (former?) friend of Corinne’s was happy to give her version of what happened…

“There was never any moment that we felt unsafe or that I thought that she felt unsafe,” she said, adding that, at one point, though, another cast member expressed concern over the amount of alcohol Corinne was drinking. That cast member was allegedly told that Corinne “was fine,” according to Jasmine.

“I personally didn’t [ask if she had too much to drink] because I thought she was just being the normal girl she usually is,” Jasmine said. “And Corinne’s one of my friends too, and that’s what bothers me because I’m getting a lot of heat now, a bunch of us are, for not taking her side but the thing is, there really wasn’t a side.”

She insisted she would have helped Corinne had it looked like she needed help.

“If someone’s getting hurt and you’re my friend, I’m going to step in but what I saw, I didn’t see any different than what I normally deal with,” Jasmine said. “I just thought [Corinne] was showing up for TV, honestly.”

Jasmine also claims that Corinne was the aggressor in her interactions with other male cast members.

“Corinne forced herself on three male cast members, when they were unable to consent, in addition to engaging with DeMario,” Jasmine told E! News. “After the incident [with DeMario] everything seemed fine. There was no mention about being hurt. However, when producers tried to cut her off from drinking, she got upset…”

Jasmine also talked to Daily Mail about the situation.

‘I don’t believe she was a victim or traumatized. The statement she released doesn’t even sound like her. It sounds like someone wrote it for her.

“Not once did [Corinne] complain or say she was upset with what happened in the pool with DeMario. She was laughing, having a good time,” Jasmine said. “‘I feel bad for DeMario. He’s a good guy. He’s sweet and not aggressive one bit. I am sad and disappointed this has happened. We are all shocked.”

DeMario’s ex-girlfriend Lexi Thexton (who surprised him by showing up on a date he had with Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelorette) also stuck up for DeMario. Although Lexi doesn’t seem to be too fond of DeMario, she still insists that he is not the type of person to knowingly take advantage of a drunk girl.

“He loves to drink,” Lexi told TMZ. “He’s like a 30-year-old man-child…He is literally always partying, so I was not at all shocked that he got wasted and caught up in some drama [in ‘Paradise.’] It doesn’t sound to me like he was predatory or an aggressor. It sounds like the situation got messy and [Corinne] kind of wanted to cover up for herself.”

She insists that even when DeMario gets drunk, he’s a fun drunk.

“I never saw him be aggressive or domineering,” Lexi said. “It sounds like everyone was drunk…I really don’t think he would take advantage of someone who was almost, like, unconscious and unable to consent.”

Both DeMario and Corinne have lawyered up, and the investigation into what happened that day is ongoing.

DeMario has not had it easy since the news of the scandal broke on Sunday. His lawyer told Variety that “this [publicity] has caused a lot of trauma — both physical and emotional injury. It’s been difficult for DeMario and his family. He’s a celebrity for all the wrong reasons.”

DeMario and Corinne (and their reps) have reportedly not yet seen the tape of the ‘Paradise’ pool encounter.

“I have requested the tapes and I’m hoping to see the tapes next week,” DeMario’s lawyer Walter Mosley stated. “The tapes are the real facts needed to vindicate DeMario’s name.”

For the latest news on the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ scandal, click here.

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4 Responses

  1. This incident cost ABC millions and a lot of people jobs. Let’s hope something was learned regardless.

  2. The tapes will tell the truth. I’m trying not to form an opinion yet, but with all these reports coming out, it is hard to sympathize or even believe Corrine. The 2 producers who filed the complaint where not there, and still have not even seen the tapes. They are both friends with Corrine. Now the report about Corrine being mad when they tried to cut her off the alcohol, the fact she has a boyfriend she’s trying to save face with back home, the fact she made out with 3/4 other men, it’s getting hard to believe her.

    1. Even Raven has come out and said she witnessed the incident. She said Corrine was very coherent and after the incident, went and made out with 3 other guys. Then said her boyfriend was going to be mad. If this is the case, I hope the media apologizes for dragging DeMario through the mud. And if it’s true, I hope that Corrine is banned from any other bachelor franchise events. It’s pathetic to lie about sexual assault because you have a boyfriend.

  3. I said it on the last BIP post I’ll say it again!I do not believe her. I think she just wants attention. If he did really sexually assault her why didn’t any of the cast or crew step in. Her story does not add up sexual assault is not to be taken lightly. People like her are the reason when real victims speak up no one believes them.

    Yeah she passed out yet got out of the pool and rode someones face. But of course the black person is guilty even when the white lady instigated it for attention. People who were there quit following her on social media and numerous reports came for his defense. Didn’t you see her on the Bachelor she’s thirsty for attention regardless of what she has to do! The only thing he is guilty of is being black! Your gonna tell me there was numerous crew around saw her pass out and no one did shit… Yeah right she’s and attention whore who is a fucking slut with out boundaries who gives real sexual assault victims a bad name!

    Trust me the day after I got assaulted I didn’t speak out to the world my closest friends do not even know. I’m anonymous on her and I still feel uncomfortable taking about it. She speaks out what two days later she did the same shit she did on the bachelor that she did on bachelor in paradise except she’ll call it rape, because the man is black this time. She a fame whore who has made nothing of her life before bachelor she was a fucking nanny! she’s milking this for what it is worth! Once her 15 minutes is up she be what she was before the bachelor a nobody slut! I hope he presses charges this dumb skank is fucking over real assault victims. No one forced her to sit on his lap or get out the pool and ride face. Fuck this dirty bitch coming from a REAL SURVIVOR OF SEXUAL ASSAULT!

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