Amber Portwood Already Regrets Doing ‘Marriage Boot Camp’: “I’m Doing a Show That I Should Have Never Agreed to Do”

“Being locked in a house with my ex-fiance and a bunch of crazy reality stars…how could that end badly?”

Amber Portwood is already regretting her decision to appear on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars!

The Teen Mom OG star, who is currently locked away in an LA-area mansion while filming with her cheating ex-fiance Matt Baier and a cornucopia of other relationship-challenged reality stars, hit Twitter on Friday and Saturday to let her fans know how miserable she is.

“I’m doing a show that I should have never agreed to do,” Amber told a fan of ‘MBC’. “I’ve been taken out of my element too many times however I’ve learned a”

‘Marriage Boot Camp’ is notorious for putting its participants through a variety of ridiculous activities. (For instance, every season, they wheel out a fake coffin or hospital room setting and the cast has to pretend that their “loved one” died…as you do.) Perhaps Amber wasn’t briefed on how things worked in the ‘MBC’ Mansion?

In addition to having to deal with her ex-fiance, Amber is also being forced to spend a lot of time with the other “Campers,” which, judging by her tweets, is not going well.

“I need to get out of this house!” Amber posted on Friday night. “Drunk bimbo with too many opinions!! This isn’t going to end well when I’m done!!! Fake.”

Some fans assumed that Amber may have been talking about her rival, Farrah Abraham, taking yet another turn in the ‘MBC’ house (even though she just completed a season on the show). However, Amber stated that her tweets were not about Farrah. In fact, she even said she wished Farrah was at the house (so you know it’s bad in there!)

“I wish Farrah was here lol..I would be much happier!!” Amber tweeted.

A few days ago, Amber tweeted that she had taken “a few steps back in the progress” she has made, and, judging from her latest tweets, she may be referring to her ability to keep her anger in check.

“I’m fine but I cannot control my anger with ignorant people,” she wrote. “I’ve literally let this house consume me and set my anger off more than I could ever imagine! I know my limits and I’m at the end!”

It sounds like it will be quite the explosive season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp!’

However, Amber is getting some family support while at the ‘MBC’ Mansion. Her mother, Tonya, recently visited. The Ashley can confirm, though, that Amber’s daughter Leah has not visited her mother in California and will not be going there. By the time she is done filming the show and doing post-production stuff, Amber will have been in California for just under three weeks.

UPDATE! It appears that the “drunk bimbo” that Amber was talking about may be former Real Housewives star Brandi Glanville! Click here for all the details!

(Photo: MTV)



  1. Whats up with ambers face in that pic? Looks like she’s recovering from a stroke.

  2. Awww. Poor Am[<bien] getting scammed by the big, mean, walking, talking colostomy bag known as Dadd…..err.. Matt. If only there had been a glimmer of information, nay, just a tidbit really, a trifle presented to you that may have saved you all this grief and drama.

    Oh, wait. Run a Google search using “Matt scamming Amber“.

    Boo hiss, Buttercup. Boo hiss.

    Sending love!

    1. Exactly. How can she even expect sympathy at this stage, when there was literally THOUSANDS of people warning her about him?

      In the immortal words of Amby; I’m done.

  3. Let’s not forget, we’re watching a mentally ill women,that’s on psychiatric drugs. You’re all expecting her to make sound decisions & do things that we, as “sane” individuals would consider good choices. It’s kind of cruel to put these mentally ill people on TV without disclaimers. Entertaining as it is to watch, let’s not forget she’s, not right in the head.

  4. The worst part of this is that she might see Matt as a partner in the house and get closer to him. I just can’t wait until she gets home and we get to listen to her complain about how Gary won’t change Leah’s entire life to accommodate her.

    1. Right and when they do that stupid exercise where they put Matt in a casket and force Amber to think about how she’d feel if he died……she’s going to take him back because of how that makes her feel. She’ll feel so bad for him. Those quack therapists are terrible for relationships. Sometimes it’s just entertaining but with Amber and Matt it could be downright dangerous. She was so close to dumping him and saving what’s left of her money, but after MBC I bet he’ll be getting another chance. She needs a REAL, intelligent, pulls-no-punches therapist.

      1. Those “doctors” shouldn’t be allowed near anyone who has legitimate mental health issues. They should stick with People like Farrah and Kendra that cry rivers of fake tears and who will go on any show for the exposure.

      2. Nah, she’s tweeting something about him getting dumped… I guess she saw it different. And the coffin scene sounds so manipulating it’s disgraceful. Ofc you will still care about someone you just broke up with and will be hurt when he dies……….doesn’t mean you should be together no matter what!

  5. Aw she learned “love”? Precious. *puke*

    Also, anger being triggered by ignorant fools? Same, bitch. Now get the fuck outta my hometown. We have enough of you looney famewhores in LA!

    1. I don’t think she means that she’s learned love, I think that was her normal “sending love” signoff thaf she does everywhere; she just shortened it.

      Amber’s relationship with Matt proves she knows nothing about love.

      1. Her “sending love” is so freaking condescending. It’s like “I said this shit but because I’m sending love it was meant in a good way!” Oh really, Ambie?! You cursing out on your fans but are still ‘sending love’ to them is not love, it’s hate. You are despicable!

  6. Farrah & Larry’s physical fight was in part over her trying to do the mother-daughter experiment (or a similar show), right? And Larry said it’s the same because TM focuses on your relationship with your Mom, blah blah. I wonder if the contracts changed? Amber only ever films with Matt-he’s her whole storyline on TM.

  7. Amber breaks my heart. You can clearly see she struggles and lacks a support system to help guide her. Matt is disgusting and drags her down but she is too “in love” aka someone who shows her a lot of attention to see if for herself. I feel like she is going to be one of those people who does motivational speaking as an adult about what you shouldn’t do as a young adult… praying amber reads this post.

    1. Amber truly needs to come to grips with the reality that she has an impaired judgement issue. She needs to listen more to the people around her who legitimately care about her (such as her family). there is WAY too much evidence to show that she sucks at making good decisions for herself (let alone her daughter) so keeping her embarrassment and anger in check when she is confronted with the consequences of her poor decision-making skills (Matt, drugs, going to jail) would be a HUGE mature step in the right direction for her.

      She complained in the last episode that she’s 27 and her life shouldn’t be like this – well then, Amber, make better decisions and your life will become better. When teenagers make easy money by being on tv, they think that life just “happens” to you. In order to be a mature adult, Amber needs to understand that SHE creates the destiny to her own life. MTV isn’t gonna just hand her a loving and committed man – she’s got to become a mature woman who is attractive to a man like that. Otherwise her life will be filled with more “Matts.”

    1. honestly though I think you’re giving her too much credit I don’t think she has any idea how much you make on a real job and how long that takes you to earn that kind of money I think it’s really sad because after the scene with Ryan I could see the teen mom franchise coming to an end soon

  8. This will be another one of those bad car accidents that you can’t look away from!

    She wishes she hadn’t agreed to the show.. but she will take the $$$ for it.

  9. Did anyone listen the YouTube phonecall tapes of Matt with this girl Tiffany? Theyre under the account of entlawyer90210.
    He admits having sex with her? He is so disturbingly crazy in these vids..

  10. Yeah, cause she was totally forced to do the show and had no say whatsoever. I know she’s trying to hype things up for ratings, but I’m about sick of hearing from her. She’s not a changed person. She needs intensive long term treatment for her psychological/anger issues. She makes awful decisions and is hurting her daughter by doing so. Speaking from experience, kids can and do build resentment and when they’re adults, they have a lot of trauma and pain that they have to deal with themselves. It’s awful.

  11. Fake, drunk bimbo with too many opinions . . . Was she looking in a mirror? Always the victim. ?

  12. She needs to be away from cameras (hopefully she’s saved a nice chunk of her teen mom money, doubtful though). She should focus on her mental health, making a stable home and being with Leah. The spotlight is not good for her, I think it’s too much pressure and one day she’ll break down because of it.

    1. She said that Matt took over $90,000 of her money. He’s on every account, the house, the cars. Everything. You’d think she’d learn. SMH…

      1. This is just me but I’d know if 90,000 had been taken from my account(s). Bitch didn’t sign up for alert or check her balance daily? Stupid, stupid bitch. Unreal.

    2. I totally agree with what you’re saying Amber should take some time away from the cameras and figure out who the heck she is and where she wants to go in life but the sad thing is I don’t think she knows how to not be on camera

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