Ryan Edwards’ Wife Mackenzie Standifer Getting Threats After Controversial ‘Teen Mom OG’ Finale

Seriously guys…it’s just ‘Teen Mom.’

Last week’s season finale of Teen Mom OG was so explosive, some of the show’s stars are still feeling the effects, in particular Mackenize Standifer.

Mackenzie, who made some controversial decisions during the finale episode– such as allowing her now-husband Ryan to drive while under the influence— recently posted some of the hate messages she’s been receiving online since the finale. 

Mackenzie used her Instagram to repost one of the messages that had recently been sent to her. (Of course, the airing of the reunion special on Monday night probably did little to help Mackenzie win any fans. As The Ashley previously reported, Mackenzie accused Maci Bookout of humiliating Ryan by discussing his drug use on the show.)

“Stupid a** bitch,” one person wrote to Mackenzie via Instagram private message. “U should kill urself.”

Mackenzie’s caption of the photo hinted that this is not the only horrific message she’s received from the show’s “fans.”

“This is an example of what is being sent into my box,” she wrote before posting the website stopbullying.com.

Unfortunately, Mackenzie’s anti-bullying message was somewhat spoiled by her husband Ryan, who left a very anti-anti-bullying comment under her post.

“Hey at lest I could go get help for my problem,” he wrote. “There is no help for dumb a** I’m just say half the bitches on the are dumb sluts.” (The Ashley left Ryan’s post intact.)

On Thursday, Mackenzie deleted her Twitter account, and now no longer allows comments on her Instagram posts.

Earlier this season, Mackenzie stated that she regrets ever agreeing to appear on ‘Teen Mom OG.’

UPDATE: It seems that the person who sent the specific message above was none other than Tracey Barbie, who was featured on an episode of CatfishClick here. She is known for saying horrible, offensive things. to read more about her.

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  1. This is going to land in the wrong place, but re ranking the mothers, would anyone here want any of them as a friend?

    1. Android nothing like replying to yourself, but my vote for saddest breakup goes to Jo’s parents. They really pushed him to step up, then offered Kail the ever-ungrateful a home after she and Jo broke up.

    2. Chelsea is the only one I would want as a friend. She’s funny and silly and great with a grill!

      1. At the beginning I really thought kail would be cool to hang out with now not so much and I wouldn’t want to be friends with Chelsea because I feel like all her friends are just trying to be like her so that creeps me out so nope I don’t think it would I would want to be friends with any of them

        1. I guess if it had to be one of them, I’d go with Chelsea as well, but would bail out when the baby talk kicked in. Guess the down votes mean I’m they one who liked Jo’s folks? Along with Corey’s dad, they struck me as the best parents.

  2. People who defend Mac, why? B/c she is blonde, sorta cute & dresses nice? I don’t condone death threats. There is no reason to support Mac & her “husband”. She is a Mom who is purposely brought her son into a situation with a man who is an addict is disgusting & something people in her life have a right to question. What does she expect ppl to say when you see how high Ryan was driving on the road where he could have killed innocent people? I hope viewers are outraged. I don’t respect a woman who does this to her child, married a man under the influence, OK with him driving so high & actually falling asleep on the road & then demanding privacy after she put herself on TV.

  3. Not that it’s right, but I’d guess that most reality “stars” get trolled on social media. Mac chose to date and marry someone who gets paid to air his life on a fairly popular reality show, time to develop a thicker skin and learn to ignore it.

  4. I’m sorry but to me this is a very sick and horrible opinion that should never have been shared but it is not a (death) threat.
    Fearing for your life and safety is something different from being told you should kill yourself. Don’t get me wrong, that is horrible, I’ve been there in high school and I understand the effects it can have but it’s not a threat. It is absolutely sick for sure.

  5. Ok Mackenzie, we get it. You’re the victim. You did nothing wrong to provoke the onslaught of negativity you’re receiving. Poor little victim girl that was oblivious to her live-in boyfriend’s addiction and has never done anything wrong in her life.

    I just am past the point with this girl. You made a CHOICE to make a fool out of yourself on national TV. You made a CHOICE to let Ryan drive blitzed out of his mind. You made a CHOICE to turn those cameras off. You made a CHOICE to call Maci out like a true b i t c h on the reunion show. No one forced you to read/write that letter. She thought she was so tough to call Maci out – now she can’t handle negative comments from strangers on the Internet. But she can throw around jabs at Maci like she’s responsible for Ryan’s addiction.

    You know how much sympathy I have? None. That said people shouldn’t tell anyone to kill themselves online or anywhere else. She probably IS getting a lot of hate..hopefully she shows remorse for her stupidity and grows up/asks forgiveness from Maci and becomes a better person.

    Also, Ryan, aside from barely making sense, you should probably still be in rehab not commenting on social media drama your poor life decisions have caused.

  6. This is a little off subject but I’ve always wanted to know which moms are your guys’ favorites and least favorites from TMOG & TM2. Can you guys post yours?

    These are mine from #1 being my favorite and #8 being my least favorite.

    1) Maci (I’ve always loved Maci because she is a great mom and has always put Bentley first. Yes, she has made mistakes like everyone else but she usually always does the right thing.)
    2) Catelynn (She’s very sweet and an overall good person.)
    3) Chelsea (A great mom. She pissed me off a lot in the first few seasons because she always went back to Adam but she has grown a lot in the last few years and has her shit together)
    4) Amber (Obviously Amber has had quite the journey from going to prison and having anger issues but respect her for getting her life together and I like her “don’t take any shit” attitude)
    5) Leah (Leah & Kailyn are kinda tied for me because I don’t really care for either one. Leah has done a lot of things I don’t agree with but she seems to have gotten better in the last year and I’m glad she’s going back to school.)
    6) Kailyn (I’ve never liked Kailyn. She can be very cold and mean. I also hate how she handled her break ups with Jo, Jordan and Javi.)
    7) Farrah (She is obviously crazy a lot of the time and is very mean but I didn’t put her last because she works hard and has always taken care of Sophia.)
    8) Jenelle (Can’t stand her. She has always put her boyfriends ahead of being a mother. She’s incredibly selfish with how she is trying to take Jace away from Barb after she is the one that has raised him. Makes me sick)

    1. 1) Chelsea
      2) Catelynn
      3) Maci
      4) Amber
      5) Kailyn
      6) Leah
      7) Jenelle
      8) Farrah

      I really only honestly like the first 3 though. I don’t really like the rest of them that much, especially Leah, Farrah and Jenelle.

    2. 1. Maci- Wins because Bentley is a fantastic kid so she’s definitely doing something right as a mother.

      2. Chelsea- Tied for 1st for me. She has come SOOOO far post Adam. She went from one of my least favorites to my favorites.

      3. Catelynn- Seems really sweet and gave her kid up for adoption to save her from the storm that is Butch and April. Very selfless and courageous thing for Catelynn to do.

      4. Amber- Just when you think she’s doing well she disappoints you. But at least she owns being an addict

      5. Leah- Is a hot mess….and truly believes we all fell for “anxiety and depression” when she looked just as high as Ryan NUMEROUS times….but at least she didn’t drive and she seems to be doing better.

      6. Kail- She’s 3rd to last by default. Nobody’s worse than the last 2

      7. Jenelle- Too much to write.

      8. Farrah- I’m not for the racist comments. at all. She just sucks all around….pun intended.

      1. 1. Chelsea cause I feel like she gave us the all-around story where it started off badly and kind of came full circle Plus you can always tell that Aubree was always her number one priority 2. Maci I don’t always agree with what she does or the way she goes about it but she does care 3. Kail i used so really really like her and think like regardless of the BS she was a good mother but the way she treated javi and the fact that she just seems just seem so cold to anybody that dares to disagree with I actually used tofollow her on Twitter but even on her timeline amd the retweets that she would retweet were so negative that it just wasn’t worth it she seems to almost not want fans or comes off like she feels like she has to put up with them with her 3. Leah I feel like she’s the person I want to say bless your heart because she does try so hard just not the best follow through 4 cate I just feel like at one point she had so much drive and it’s sad to see the downfall of it 5. Jenelle I just hate to see someone at that can have so much disrespect for everybody in their life Farrah because I honestly believe there’s some type of mental issue there and her being on TV it’s just making it worse actually if you think about it I feel like that applies to her whole family 6. Amber just because I feel like she says all the right things but doesn’t do anything about it in regards to Leah

    3. 1. Chelsea
      2. Maci
      3. Catelynn
      (Big gap)
      4. Kail (I used to really like her, but I think fame went to her head)
      5. Leah
      (Huge gap)
      6. Amber
      Tied for last: Farrah and Jenelle

      The first three are self explanatory. They have their faults, but they’re generally okay people and seem to generally love their children. Kail and Leah love their children, but I generally think they are selfish and make selfish decisions. I don’t care what her fans proclaim on the internet, Amber has not changed. She’s mean, selfish, and lazy. Thank god Gary loves his daughter so much to compensate for the fact that Amber is only a mom when she feels like it. And Farrah and Jennelle shouldn’t even be allowed around other humans let alone children.

    4. I think Chelsea is the only one who has shown consistent improvement. She doesn’t appear to have a drug or alcohol problem, she has the class to make some things private (her wedding, Watson’s birth), and she is realistic enough to know that autobiographies, “motivational” speaking arrangements, and/or coloring books are ridiculous coming from someone who’s famous for getting knocked up. This is a vast improvement over a girl who was – for the first few seasons – willingly putting herself and her child in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship over and over. I genuinely hope she keeps sticking it to MTV execs and continues to be “boring TV” for the sake of her family.

      Maci started out great, and I think for the most part she’s a good mom, but the TTM shirts, coloring books, and two autobiographies? Give me a break. And the drinking while pregnant thing is not okay. I still like her, but she has shown some negative habits.

      The next four are not really in any particular order:

      Catelynn started out as my favorite. Her choice for Carly was so brave and beautiful. But, she and Tyler have gone nowhere with their educations, and are trying to pretend clothing lines, failed TV shows, and terrible books are good substitutes for real jobs. The fact that she left Nova with her mom for multiple nights per week is embarrassing. I suffered from PPD as well, and I know it’s awful, but 2-3 nights per week?! And they were getting high while Nova was in their care.

      Amber started out terrible, seemed to make some progress, and then started dating The Moron, which has now (I believe) become a huge publicity stunt, and she seems money-hungry. Good for her for quitting drugs, though.

      Kailyn I appreciate in some ways for completing her education, but I HATE this “I didn’t know I could get pregnant!” BS, plus she’s a grade-A b**** to her many men. She seems like she truly loves and cares for her children (although I know that can be arguable considering the positions she puts them in with multiple stepdads and whatnot).

      Leah I liked okay in the beginning (except for her cheating problem), but trying to hide her drug problem made me dislike her, and caused her mothering to take a nosedive. Now, she is trying too hard to act like everything’s back to normal and she’s such a great, positive person. I do think she’s resolved her drug issues, though, so I commend her for that.

      And then there are these two.

      Nothing needs to be said for Jenelle, except that I think she’s slightly better than Farrah simply because she’s at least human to some people. I know she has a drug problem, which (from what we know) Farrah doesn’t, and three kids with three different dads (when Lord knows I appreciate Farrah for not bringing more kids into the world), but I can’t stomach Farrah. She is nasty to everyone, whether family, friends, employees, or even her slimy boyfriend. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her have a conversation that doesn’t result in an explosion of self-righteousness and condescending insults. They’re both insufferable, but Farrah takes the cake for worst cast member.

    5. 1. Chelsea 2. Maci 3. Kailyn 4. Catelynn 5. Amber (huge space) then 6. Leah (another big space) then 7. Farrah 8. Jenelle

  7. Wait so Mackenzie can tell Maci that Ryan could’ve died and it would’ve been her fault but when people come at her saying awful things it’s just women being dumb asses/bitches/sluts? How is it any different? The messages she got were harsh but her letter to Maci was written for Maci to feel guilt/shame/responsibility for Ryan’s years long drug problem, which is way worse than an anonymous online message. Grow up Mack.

    1. Good point. I still think someone telling Mackenzie to go kill herself is way worse but I agree that what she said to Maci was disgusting. She basically said if Ryan had died in the 6 months Maci had known about it, it would’ve been her fault which is completely untrue and not right.

  8. She doesn’t deserve threats, but I dunno what she thought was gonna happen?….Did she really think people were going to agree with her logic that it’s Maci’s fault Ryan is an addict and that it was smart for her to MARRY Ryan while he was completely blown out of his mind? This girl is nutz and I kinda think she loves the attention…all she has to do is get off social media entirely for a little while till everything cools down and she won’t get harassed.

  9. I’m another poster here going on record as saying that I do not feel that Mack (or anyone else) deserves to be threatened or harassed in any way, shape, or form. But with that being said, let’s just see what we’ve got here regarding her trash talking husband, Mr. Ryan Edwards:

    1. Ryan has seemingly been in denial on TMOG for YEARS regarding his escalating drug addiction.

    2. Then he finally enters into rehab (for the second time according to ex-girlfriend Dalis Connell), after recently being stoned off his natural ass behind the wheel of a car with his eyes half closed, a TMOG scene that’s STILL keeping viewers up at night worldwide — as well as giving them hellified nightmares.

    3. Then only staying in rehab for no longer than it takes to pop a pimple, before allowing himself to be seen on vacation afterward with a BEER in his hand, and a smile on his face that reads: “Hallaleiujah, I’m clean and I’ve been redeemed!”

    And to all this, I have only one thing to say about his recent comment above about there being “no help for a dumb ass”:

    Ryan, you are 100% spot on CORRECT.

    1. Not that I don’t agree with you, because I do, but I reads the emoji was covering his wedding band because the picture was posted before the episode where they got married aired

      1. Not saying you’re right or wrong, but doesn’t that just seem like an AWFULLY convenient excuse? Especially since it looks like it was taken during the weekend of the music festival Ryan attended with Fakenzie, right after he supposedly got out of rehab.

  10. Eh. I’ll be concerned about her “death threats” when I see an actual death threat. We’ve already seen how this girl spins the truth, and how she likes to play the victim.

  11. Just want to point out that these aren’t threats or death threats. A death threat is someone saying “I’m going to kill you” or something like that. This is just some troll posting stupid shit. Just ignore it like everyone else does Mack and stop trying to seem like a martyr.

  12. Nobody deserves those kinds of comments. I don’t condone that at all. But at the same time, her putting Maci on blast for something that wasn’t her fault was flat out wrong and she deserves to be called out on it.

  13. Ooooooh she posted something a 12 year old probably sent her. She is so wrong and so is her husband. Gtfoh

  14. There is no excuse for such hateful comments online. It gives people anonymity and offers a false sense of detachment. We fail to see people as human beings some time. MacKenzie made mistakes and she embarrassed herself, but there is no call for people to talk to her that way. There is also no call for her or Ryan to fire back with equally hateful comments.
    That’s one of the reasons I like this site. There is still a modicum of civility left.

  15. It is absolutely off the charts crazy to have these trolls posting harmful and ridiculous messages so Mackenzie has every right to be angry about it. But ultimately it’s just sad because this should all have been handled differently. I get she wanted to protect her man, but come on, don’t try to cover up to such an extent you let him drive – or get married – off his face! When he’s sought help for a problem and you feel like you have to go on TV about it admit he had a problem, is sick, needs help, is taking a break to focus on sobriety – don’t go on TV and blame it all on his ex and pretend like you didn’t know. The continual “protecting” and blame shifting is not helping Ryan get better. And good grief, keep him away from social media while you remind him why it is not ok to call women sluts.

    1. How is Ryan supposed to own up to his own sh*t when his own wife and parents are blaming others and making Maci the enemy? Days after leaving rehab he posted a meme about wanting his psycho baby mama to shut up. He doesn’t take any of this seriously because no one around him does!

  16. I don’t agree with Mackenzie but I don’t think people should send her death threats. That’s not solving anything. Ryan isn’t helping his cause either. Perhaps he should learn to spell and type before insulting people? I truly hope Ryan is getting the help he needs for his addiction. I just don’t believe rehab was enough, especially if he left early.

  17. Don’t read aloud an embarrassing bulls**t letter on TV if you don’t want people to bully you.

        1. You’ve missed the point. It shouldn’t be socially acceptable at all regardless of someone’s behavior.

  18. People are really getting out of line with death threats. Can you imagine how a depressed person feels when he/she seems this?! No wonder there are so many suicides among teenagers just cuz they are gay/transsexual/obese etc. Bullying messes you up completely, I’m still recovering even years later and internet didn’t even exist back then! I can’t imagine how they must feel now. It’s horrible to see that on Facebook posted for a lifetime.

    That being said, Mackenzie was way out of line with her actions. Ryan could have killed them and she was to blame. I just hope she won’t enable him cuz it looks like he is not sober yet. BENTLEY DESERVES HIS FATHER TO BE ALIVE AND WELL!

  19. Why do these kids want each other to kill themselves?! It’s a disgusting thing to say to another human being. Having lived through the aftermath of a devastating suicide of my uncle, my tolerance for that particular comment is exceptionally low.

    I would suggest to Mackenzie (and Ryan) the best course of action at this point would be to delete all social media accounts and spend the rest of the summer living their life instead of reading the hurtful things said about them. Unfortunately in choosing to out your life out for public consumption you give up the rights to some seemingly normal activities (like posting, tweeting, and snap chatting). It would majorly suck having strangers chime in with their judgements of your life when they only see 5% of your life. That’s a big reason why I would never sign on to become a public figure. Also, my life as a reality show would bore everyone to tears.

    Anyway, this was more rambling than I initially intended. I’m sorry Mackenzie is receiving horrible threats. But girl, do yourself (and your mental health) a favor and stop making this situation worse by responding to the haters. I think it might make your life easier. And please, for the love, NEVER allow a strung out Ryan behind the wheel of a car.

  20. Death threats?? SRSLY?! I never understood what kinda person would ACTUALLY send a death threat, to anyone.

    Mackenzie, girl, you were ridic on the reunion/yer response to Maci
    BUT who tf sends death threats to you/anyone. That is fffffffffuuuuuuucccckkkkkeeedd-–

    AND. Ryan. WTF w that response. Quit calling people (females) bitches and sluts. Own up to your own shit…WITHOUT dragging down others.

  21. It’s that catfish girl..she says this stuff to everyone..hardly call anything from her a real threat..she is mentally disturbed.

  22. This ridiculous, I think Mackenzie made a jerk out of herself, but for people to be saying such things to her shows just how disgusting people can be when they are safely behind their computer screens. She’s young and it seems like she really does love Ryan, perhaps it was a misstep for her to appear on the reunion (it seems like Ryan’s parents were okay letting her be the sacrificial lamb). I do feel for her and the whole family, addiction not only affects the afflicted, but those that love them as well. I wish them the best and hope Ryan can get through this.

  23. Oh wah wah wah here come the tears and playing the victim. How about get off Twitter and help your husband stop shooting heroin FFS.

  24. No sympathy from me. Maybe don’t do obviously fucked up things on tv and then try to blame a completely innocent third party observer……

    Mackenzie and Ryan deserve all the criticism they’re getting (minus the suicide baiting).

  25. So it’s ok for Ryan to bully people, but not for them to bully her?! Make up your mind Mackenzie.

    1. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Ryan can be immature sometimes and him calling women sluts and bitches is a complete contradiction to Mackenzie speaking up against bullies.

  26. The girl who left those messages, Tracie Barbie, was on season 4 of Catfish and an episode of Dr. Phil. She is severely mentally ill.

      1. I agree. They all need help. It is time for Teen Mom to end so that these families, especially the children, have a fighting chance at a normal life.

  27. This is just ridiculous I don’t agree with what McKenzie said but to take it this far is uncalled for and honestly I would get please involved if it’s something that continues yes we all watch a reality TV show But 99.9% of us don’t act like this at all affects our lives whatsoever to take it this far just sad

  28. While people shouldn’t be threatening her, she was way out of line. She knew that Ryan was an addict. She shouldn’t have tried to blame Maci especially since Maci was the one person Ryan reached out to. It has been obvious for a very long time that he was on something. She needs to apologize to Maci and take responsibility for marrying this man and sweeping his addiction under the rug. Maci tried to help him. He is the father of Maci’s child. Maci has been nothing but good to Ryan and his family. Ryan needs to step up and be a decent father and stop the drugs!

    1. Totally agree! I also think that, when you are a parent handling a situation like this with your child’s other parent, things get really messy. You sometimes have to push boundaries or get involved when you’d rather not. Whether you like it or not, you are still affected (emotionally, mentally, etc.) by that person.
      Personally, I think Maci would have preferred to just keep Bentley with her and let Ryan’s family handle his addiction – but Jen, Larry and Mackenzie clearly had no interest anything but enabling Ryan. Therefore, for the sake of Bentley, Maci had to get involved.
      Considering Mackenzie has a son, I figured she, of all people, would understand where Maci was coming from.

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