Brandi Glanville Responds to Reports She’s Feuding with Her ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Co-Star Amber Portwood

“I see what you did there, Brandi…and I don’t like it!”

Score one point for Brandi Glanville

The former Real Housewives star, who is set to star on an upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition, must have read the recent reports that she is feuding with her co-star Amber Portwood because she just responded…and quite brilliantly, actually!

Brandi basically confirmed that she is the person that Amber was calling names on Twitter last week. (As The Ashley previously reported, Amber was complaining about a “drunk bimbo” and a “blonde jackass” getting on her nerves while filming ‘MBC.’)

Brandi’s tweet on Friday told fans all they needed to know about where Brandi’s relationship with Amber stands.

“I’m not feuding with ANYONE especially unstable overmedicated narcissistic people that pretend like they’re sober U can’t fight with crazy,” Brandi wrote.

Although Brandi never specifically mentions Amber’s name, any Teen Mom fan can tell that she was referring to Amber in the tweet. After all, fans have been accusing Amber for years of “pretending to be sober,” given that she is frequently seen drinking on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ and her sobriety was recently called into question after she posted some very unsettling late-night Instagram rants.

Amber has yet to respond to Brandi’s thinly veiled insults.

There has been no air date announced for the ‘MBC’ season starring Amber (who is partnered with her ex-fiance Matt Baier) and Brandi (who went on the show with her father, Glen Glanville). From what The Ashley has heard, the network will air the season of regular ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ (that stars Teen Mom 2‘s Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin) first, and then follow it up with the ‘Family Edition’ season with Amber and Brandi.

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  1. Amber hasn’t been sober for a while. Watching the reunion show last night, I think that’s why she was crying over the discussion with Ryan. I think she’s actually reflecting on herself. There is not way she appears to be sober. Also, she said she is one of those rare addicts who can drink and remain sober…yeah ok sure you are. Also, someone asked her if she would adopt and she went into how she wants to have a child and carry it on her own. Does anyone remember how she said she could never have a child because of all of her psych drugs. Which is it?????

  2. Yep with Brandy on this one and everyone feeling bad for Amber and trashing maci for drinking when she has clearly been doing drugs and drinking

  3. Let’s be honest, Amber loves chaos so much, she’ll pick a fight with herself if need be. I rooted for Ambie for a long time, but she’s a fuckin’ rollercoaster. I, for one, am exhausted by watching the garbage fire that is her life. Someone tell these morons to stop doing reality shows if they’re going to whine the whole time.

  4. Why are they airing it so late? None of the storylines will even be relevant anymore and everyone know the outcome. However, it cracks my shit up that Amber is going to drag this “are they broken up or back together,” nonsense for at least 6 months. At this point, she’s become the Danielle (married at first sight 2nd chances) of Teen Mom.

  5. “I’m not feuding with ANYONE especially unstable overmedicated narcissistic people that pretend like they’re sober U can’t fight with crazy,”

    Well, thanks for confirming it Brandi. That’s like Trump saying “NO ONE is calling em an unhinged incompetent idiot FAKE NEWS!”

    1. Savanna I think amber’s mom is also going to be on the program I’m not sure how Matt greased himself in there… On another note who hasn’t known that Amber Has not been sober?

  6. Brandi should be very careful…she’s feuding with a big girl, tough girl, don’t care what anyone thinks girl, conquered sobriety and prison girl…but always sending love girl. Amber doesn’t know which girl she really is or wants to be. But you can’t have it both ways. I don’t think she is either. I think she is sad inside and needs some REAL help.

  7. Um, would we REALLY be surprised if Amber feuds with anyone?! It’s basically her hobby LOL

    But yeah, this show saved SO MANY marriages, it will OBV save this relationship as well! /sarcasm off

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