Former Reality TV Star & Singer Aaron Carter Has Died At the Age of 34

Aaron Carter— a former child singer who appeared on reality TV shows such as Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and his family’s show House of Carters— has died. He was only 34.

TMZ broke the news on Saturday that Aaron was found dead in a bathtub inside his home in Lancaster, California. The site reports that a 911 call was placed at 11 a.m. PST, in which the caller stated that a man had drowned. Photos from outside Aaron’s house posted on TMZ show police, paramedics and yellow “caution” tape roping off the singer/rapper’s home.

Aaron’s career began in 1997 at the age of nine when his self-titled debut album sold a million copies worldwide. His second album, Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) sold 3 million copies after it was released in 2000. He continued to release new music and rap songs, with his last full-length album was released in 2018.


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In addition, Aaron appeared on numerous reality TV shows over the years, including House of Carters, a reality TV star about Aaron, his boy band star brother, Nick Carter, and their family. Some of Aaron’s other reality TV show gigs included Cribs in 2003, Dancing With The Stars in 2009 and I (Heart) Nick Carter in 2014.

In more-recent years, though, Aaron has lived a very troubled life that included multiple arrests, several extremely toxic relationships and a history of addiction and huffing. A few months back, Aaron– who spent a ton of time broadcasting his chaotic life on Instagram Live– had a welfare check done on him after fans were concerned he was huffing something off-camera and had “overdosed.” The welfare check showed no evidence of drugs and Aaron later claimed it had all been a joke.

Aaron leaves behind a son, Prince Lyric, who will turn one this month. He publicly stated in September that he and the baby’s mother— Aaron’s on-and-off-again fiancé Melanie Martin— had lost custody of Prince due to domestic violence and drug concerns, and that he was heading to rehab for the fifth time in hopes of getting custody of his son back. (Prince has been living with Melanie’s mother.)


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According to the LA Times, Aaron claimed to have suffered more than 100 seizures due to his addiction to huffing inhalants. 

Melanie posted a brief video to TikTok on Saturday showing herself crying while driving.

@missmelaniexx♬ original sound – Melanie

UPDATE! On Monday, TMZ posted more information about what was reportedly found in Aaron’s bathroom after his death. as well as what his last few days were like. The site stated that, according to law enforcement, several cans of compressed air, as well as some prescription pills, were found in the bathroom and in Aaron’s bedroom. 

Aaron was last seen alive at 2 a.m. Friday, when cops came to Aaron’s home to do a welfare check after someone called them. Aaron’s housekeeper answered the door and Aaron reportedly told them to leave. Aaron also reportedly told his housekeeper— who lived at the house— to leave him alone. Because of that, the housekeeper said she did not see Aaron at all on Friday. On Saturday morning, she went to Aaron’s room to check on him and heard his dog inside the bedroom.

When she opened the door, the housekeeper claimed to have found Aaron’s body in the bathtub, and it was not a pleasant sight.

“Law enforcement believes Aaron’s body was in the tub for a long time as there was a smell of decomposition and the water had turned an unnatural color,” TMZ reported. “We’re told the tub’s jets were still running when Aaron’s body was found.”

The housekeeper then called 911.

According to TMZ, no suicide note was present at the scene. Aaron’s cause of death can not be determined until the toxicology reports come back. `

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  1. Pearl, while you are berating people, saying they don’t know because they weren’t there, please remember that you weren’t there either. And your reasoning that the cans were there because he had to “pump up a bicycle tire” or an “air mattress”, you really need to check yourself and your exaggerated examples. He was found in the bathroom, for goodness sakes. No bicycles, tires, or air mattresses around. Or keyboards that need cleaning.

    As for ODing on prescription drugs means it was a suicide, you are wrong. You can accidentally OD on your regular prescription drugs. You forget you took your dose, and get another. That’s one of the reasons behind those clear daily pill boxes. You put your doses for the week in the daily slots. You take your dose, and the slot is emptied. If you forget, when you go back to get it, there isn’t a pill to take.

    1. The cans were EMPTY, thus old cans no matter the use. And yes, I know some was found in the bathroom but people store the oddest things where you wouldn’t suspect. Not just bathroom related stuff is in the bathroom. I have bathroom items stored in my pantry and my deck room, same with kitchen items.

      And yeah, I may be berating and name calling but the same is happening to me, turnabout is fair play…if people can’t take it they shouldn’t dish out.

      1. Pearl, the guy has a huge house AND a housekeeper – the housekeeper was the one that found him. People who have housekeepers don’t store empty cans of air. Think about it. This guy isn’t like 99% of us.he has people who clean up after him. I know you are trying to support him, but him storing empty cans in his bathroom? Unless he has some weird thing about empty cans of air, the housekeeper would have thrown them out.

        I can tell you are a very immature 30 something. You can’t ride above grade school name calling, and be the better person. IRL, people who want to get ahead in things like their job don’t name call, well except for Trump.

        1. Read TMZ, the cans thst were removed were EMPTY.

          Perhaps he was keeping them as as a reminder of what not to do…some addicts do that as a sign of showing their own strength. Alcoholics as well as drug addicts.

          And the Trump comment was a low blow, he may have opened his mouth when he shouldn’t have but he got things done.

          People kept saying that Trump would put us in a fate that was as close to Armageddon as we’ve ever been. He didn’t do that! But look at things now, we ARE headed to Armageddon and Trump is nowhere in the picture but guess who is…precious Joe Biden!!! We are as close to Armageddon now as we were in 1962 with the Cuban Missile Crisis thanks to him.

          GOD I HATE THAT MAN!!!

          1. Your issues are too numerous to list here. My suggestion is to go to some Nar-Anon meetings and learn the ins and outs of the addicted mind and how it functions. No, Aaron did NOT keep empty cans of duster laying around to remind him what not to do. You obviously never watched any of his Lives or the videos of him huffing on camera. Making excuses for the addict doesn’t do anything but make it worse. You will never be able to help anyone who has a substance abuse problem as long as you keep those rose-colored glasses on your face. I am beginning to think that it is you, and not your sister, who has the addiction problem. You seem to have a ready-made excuse for everything and my guess is that you regularly use those lame excuses on your family & friends. As for your political views, well — it must be hard to see the light of day through your own rectum.

          2. Thank you, Guess who?. Pearl claims to be 30 something years old, but she’s full of teenage drama.

          3. The Tox Report will tell all. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be the one laughing at all yall haters.

            And my political beliefs at NOYB (that stands for None Of Your Business just in case your a Buden fan who isn’t smart enough to know that) and I see the light of day quite fine although it is rather dim now that that a**hole is in the picture.

            Have a nice day, I won’t have too many until 2024 when we FINALLY get rid of that POS!!!

          4. Miss Pearl – all I meant with the Trump comment is he loves to give people degrading names. I’m not going to stop to that level. If you want to go down there, have at it. I’m not responding to your drama.

            If the cans were empty, they had been used. We can revisit this when the tox screen results are in, if you stop all the drama and can text without name calling.

        2. It’s the people who bring up politics, for no reason, that are immature. Only deranged, immature democrats do that- Who can’t name one good thing Biden has done. And believe me, Biden name calls too. You obviously don’t listen to his speeches.

          1. I’m not saying other politicians don’t name call,but Trump name calls more than anyone. He is known for it. He coined a new one the past couple days – sanctimonious de Santis. I consider name calling childish, no matter who does it. Name calling just tries to divert your attention, and is often used when the person has nothing to back it up.

        3. It’s the people who bring up politics, for no reason, that are immature. Only deranged, immature democrats do that- Who can’t name one good thing Biden has done. And believe me, Biden name calls too. You obviously don’t listen to his speeches.

        4. But it’s okay for you to name call when telling them not to?
          Had you not added “except for trump”- then you might’ve been taken more seriously but don’t preach then do it as well… esp in the same sentence. No one takes someone with double standards seriously.

  2. Is the delusional enabling super fan still on the premises? The guy was a druggie. End of story. We all saw it coming. He was high as balls every live he went on. The super fan sounds like she’s 12 and horny lol. Chill out killer, he’s gone by his own demise. Unfortunate but you can’t baby an addict their whole life. People get tired.

    1. Yeah the enabler’s responses and reasoning were rather far fetched and non believable. Death was knocking at his door for a long time by his own doing and free will. No matter what kind of upbringing a person has- he was a grown man.
      His sister died from a prescription overdose- flexiril, Xanax, and some bipolar medication.

      1. Funny thing is that she appeared on Twitter as Pearl and claimed that both Aaron and Melanie are garbage and she doesn’t care about either of them. When I asked “are you the same Pearl from The Ashley’s comment section?” she disappeared. I think she’s just being a troll who gets off on the attention she’s getting from her outrageous and childish defense comments. #DontFeedTheTroll

        1. I’ve never been on Twitter a day in my life. Do you think maybe that girl disappeared because she thinks you’re a weirdo?

          Im not claiming Aaron is garbage, why would I defend someone I think is garbage? Melanie, I don’t know much about her other than what I see on the internet, but yeah she seemed like garbage to me.

      1. 12 and horny? Really?
        Enabler? Yes.
        In denial? Yes.
        Delusional? Maybe.
        Not 12 and horny.. that’s a weird thing to say.
        12 year olds shouldn’t be and aren’t usually horny.

      2. I’m 35 and have more sense than you regarding this issue. You’re clearly lying about your age or ARE delusional and unaware of what a drug addict even looks like or even means! Girl get a life. I stand by my insults ??? 35 and going this hard over a celebrity who was a DRUG ADDICT you have a ton of growing up to do sweetheart. Go find something else to do besides bombarding the comment section on his defense, you look dumb as hell.

        1. Im defending someone who is no longer here to defend himself, how does that make me not have any sense? What, just because my opinion doesn’t match yours, that means that I have no sense? It just means I’m a decent human being who chooses to give the benefit of the doubt instead of jumping to conclusions of the “once an addict always an addict” bs.

          And if I’m wrong I’ll admit it but I’m pretty sure you’re the one that’s gonna look dumb when the tox screen comes back saying that he had a seizure or some other medical emergency and WASN’T high.

          1. I dont care what the results are. He was a drug addict. But go on girl ?? go defend something worth defending. It’s over with, sorry to say it but the guy did it himself. You remind me of that commenter who used to get so riled up and defend teen mom posts. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was you lol. AC dug his own grave, no one is accusing him of anything, he for high on lives and if you don’t want to see that, that’s on you. But the fact you are on every single comment screaming your head off and giving your forensic opinions AS IF you were there is wild. We are not allowed to express our opinions because here you come like a train. Let people say what they want that’s what the comment section is for, it’s not your job to defend someone who didn’t even know you! That’s one heck of a duty girl. Give it up. It’s not going to change a thing. There are far other things to immerse yourself in and to give your energy to. Not this. Feel bad for his passing but we all know he was higher than a kite. He looked far warn down from all his drug use. Don’t be delusional to that. Have a good day. The defensiveness is concerning girl, the reality is what it is. I would never defend someone like AC. A grown adult with a problem. I get addiction is a problem but we aren’t born addicts. You get there by your own choices. We all know it can happen and he chose that path. The end.

          2. FRONTDOORMOM, my defensiveness for people I don’t know is called compassion but someone needs to be. Lord knows he had enough haters and his family is SHIT.

            And like I said before, I know he wasn’t perfect and had demons to defeat. But i choose to give him the benefit of the doubt instead of jumping to the “once an addict always an addict” conclusion. And, if I’m wrong I’ll admit to it whole-heartedly, but I honestly don’t think I am wrong this time.

            He had a history of seizures from his PAST drug use. TMZ reported that along with the smell of decomp and the swelling of his body that the water in the tub had turned an odd color. People who have seizures foam at the mouth. They also make you lose consciousness. I should know, I’ve had two of them.

            And I don’t rant or yell, I emphasize certain words by capitalizing them but that not yelling. And yes sometimes I use far too many ! but that’s not yelling either.

            I may keep repeating my opinion, but it’s because I’m being compassionate and I REFUSE to throw someone under the bus especially if the evidence shows it was from his past and not his present.

            You can’t tell me you don’t see a difference in how he looks. He literally used to be skin and bones with a face so sunk in that he looked like a skeleton. But I saw a live feed from last week I believe where he was answering questions and replying to comments and he no longer had sunk in cheeks and he was nowhere near as skinny. I mean, yeah he was still skinny but he always had been. You can’t perform from 10 until your mid 30s and be fat.

    2. Horny? Really? The fan never came across as 12 and horny. That’s weird to even say.
      Delusional? Yes. In denial? Yes.
      But horny. No.

  3. Latest leaked dispatch tapes have one of the law enforcement staff asking for Narcan to revive the victim. Hmm. Between that and the numerous empty duster cans lying around, I guess Aaron wasn’t really clean and sober after all? And for the groupie who keeps trying to make excuses for him having multiple OPIOID prescription bottles scatter through the house — you can still get addicted to and OD on prescription meds. And not all prescription meds are legally prescribed to the person taking them. But I’m sure the enabler will have an answer for that, too.

    1. Yep, and That’s where it usually starts.. prescription meds. And I’ve known people to OD off of prescription meds, esp when mixing them with others.

      But I don’t believe they were old cans.. not sure who Melanie is or anything about her. I know she was his on and off again girlfriend but I’ve never heard of her before this.

      In my opinion, just from the latest news, I believe It was from overdosing, and not on purpose, or the pills and the effects of huffing combined. What a terrible combination. It was only a matter of time.

      The toxicology report will tell all.

      1. I don’t think he OD’d on purpose either. The addiction just took over so bad that he had no control. Melanie Martin is the mother of Aaron’s son, but she was NOT engaged to Aaron when he died. They broke up a few weeks ago. She enabled him so much and a lot of it played out on social media. She would pay for opioids that he was getting from other people. Whenever someone expressed concern for Aaron’s well-being, she would cover for him & say he’s fine, he’s just tired, he’s stressed, he’s clean & sober, etc. even though we could see a dramatic decline in him. The last few days were awful. He nodded off during Lives. You could see him huffing. He lost a ton of weight & his face looked skeletal with dark circles under his eyes. The toxicology report will tell it all — what was in his system and how much. His autopsy report will also reveal how much of his brain was eaten away by the duster. It’s so damned sad and such a waste. His family must be in total agony.

        1. Oh I see. She definitely sounds toxic and they were def in a very co dependent relationship. I saw the Tik Tok in this article that shows her crying for 2 seconds. I thought that was bizarre. And her mom having custody of their son, instead of her. That alone speaks volumes. Also, her blowing people off when expressing concern for him..sounds like she didn’t want him clean.
          Anyway, I did read that fans called the police for a welfare check when he made the screen go black and was spraying something in the background and then came back on and claimed that it was air freshener. Which I doubt. I don’t have social media so it won’t let me see the videos he’s posted in the last month or so. But like I said in a previous post- his actions in the last couple months, alone, show he was active in his addiction. You can always tell when an addict is active in their addiction, esp when they’re deep in it like that. It’s a sad, sad story. You could tell in all his pics.. he looked so lost. I always felt sorry for him. No amount of money or drugs can give you peace or happiness.. anyway, thanks for explaining who she was

    2. Odd that they’d request Narcan if “Law enforcement believes Aaron’s body was in the tub for a long time as there was a smell of decomposition and the water had turned an unnatural color”. Sounds like he was clearly DOA.

    3. All I can think of with the request for Narcan is CYA. They wanted to make sure no one can say they didn’t do everything possible to bring him back.

      1. TMZ says that he had already started smelling and was swelled from decomp. He was already dead (and obviously had been for quite some time), so why waste it on someone who has already expired when they could use it on people that have signs of life and can be revived?

  4. Not surprised by his passing (just one look at him and you could tell he was not healthy), but it’s still sad that he died so young. He’s another child star who worked his ass off his entire adolescence, only to be taken advantage of by his greedy parents.

  5. This honestly broke my heart. It was CLEAR he was struggling. I saw on Lina Valentina’s story, her reaction and I thought it was beautiful that she tried to show us WHO he was when he was sober. Sometimes there is just too much pain. Too much Trauma. Not enough support. Enablers. And even though *I DO NOT know for sure*, I suspect this will come out to be related to his addiction(s) and/or mental health. I was not a fan, but no because I didn’t like the kid- I just didn’t have any interest in his music. I am a recovering addict/alcoholic and it breaks me that this was the ending for him. We DO recover and I know he likely could have ad a beautiful life. His baby mama is atrocious though- how she treated him. And then crying for attention after he passed. Like, c’mon. This isn’t about YOU. My condolences to his family, those who truly loved and cared for him and most importantly his son- who will never know his father.

  6. It got another one. Very sad. He had that fresh faced kid look about him… And who’s potential we will never know.

    I used ta do a little but a little wouldn’t do
    So the little got more and more
    I just keep tryin’ ta get a little better
    Said a little better than before

  7. He may have spiraled out of control but life was not kind to him, and it’s not a coincidence how many child stars, even those that survived or haven’t die, end up going down similar routes. Also not a coincidence how many of those also don’t have a stable, supportive home environment or other adults looking out for them.

    I never saw the Carters’ reality shows, but I remember Nick talking on Dancing with the Stars about his family being so dysfunctional growing up and wishing he had that “movie family” and the Backstreet Boys being a family and his wife Lauren being an influential icon in his life. At the time the latter was, “oh naturally he loves his wife and can now have the family he wished he had growing up”, but given his and Aaron’s similar fame upbringings and seeing what was happening with Aaron, Nick really wasn’t kidding about his wife being an important part of his life.

    1. The same way Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown did, accidents happen. People slip and fall or fall asleep once in the tub (he did have an infant son that im sure kept him on his toes!)

      1. He didn’t have custody of the baby. In fact, the baby has been in the custody of Melanie’s mother since he was just a few months old. The cold, hard truth is that Aaron’s addiction was out of control and getting worse the past month or so. My guess is that he was so high that he nodded out while in the tub and slipped under the surface of the water. It’s tragic, but it wasn’t unexpected. A lot of us have been holding our breath watching him sink lower into addiction with each passing day, and hoping that someone would convince him to actually go to and participate in rehab & not just lie and tell people he was beating his demons.

        1. There is a video up above of him and Prince, so he obviously had visitation, and a child (especially a toddler) can wear a person out even if it’s just a visit (fyi: they don’t have to custody).

          All welfare checks showed no signs of drugs or an unsafe environment. So I honestly don’t how they lost custody of the baby (probably a crooked ass judge or her mom butting in where she had no business).

          But back to the topic at hand which was Crusty and their “How the fuck does a grown ass man drown in a bath tub?” That was totally uncalled for, accidents happen, and that prick Crusty knows it.

          1. STOP. That picture was taken during one of his supervised visitations with his son. He was not permitted to have unsupervised visitation and didn’t chase after or tend to that baby on any level. He was an addict, period. He was a junkie who lied to himself and the world. He repeatedly said he was 5 years clean, but anyone who followed him watched him huff keyboard duster & show off Xanax bars on his tongue before he washed them down with heaven knows what. You are 200% wrong about CPS not finding anything wrong. They did and that’s why they immediately removed the baby from that home on the spot. It was not a nosy mother, a crooked judge or an unscrupulous CPS worker’s fault that they lost custody and you know it. Stop trying to rewrite history. You are a classic enabler.

          2. Supervised visitation is still visitation DUMBASS!!!

            And how do you know he never played and chased after his son? Were you there? NO!!

            The Xanax was prescribed for the depression he developed due to his shitty upbringing.

            It says in the article above about welfare checks not uncovering any drugs or an unsafe environment and that Prince was removed from the home due to “SUSPECTED” danger.

            SUSPECTED danger my ass, his mom or her mom more than likely paid off the presiding judge to have he or she rule in their favor…or produced doctored photos to shed a bad light on the parents.


            Watch this video, it literally made me cry, but then again I have a heart so that happens to people like me!!

          3. People like you — those who make excuses for drug abusers — are the reason why so few of them get the help they need and so many of them end up like Aaron. You obviously are a celebrity worshipper who can’t or refuses to see the danger signs. He was huffing keyboard cleaner. Please explain to me what disease a doctor would prescribe that treatment for? I hope no one close to you ever develops a drug problem because, if they do, they’re doomed with an enabler like you. I’m done with you now. Go build your altar to Aaron or something.

          4. Oh yeah, I’m the reason donymt get the help they need…bitch STFU!!

            That’s why my sister whom I BEGGED to get help has been sober for 10 years!!! And two of my best friends have been sober for 5 years and 3 years respectively.

            And I’m not a worshipper of anything but the man upstairs (that’s GOD for all you non believers). I was however a FAN and I’ll be dammed if I’m gonna drag this young man through the mud because of his PAST. The man has been clean and sober since 2018. The keyboard cleaner can was empty and he posted that as a joke to see how fast worthless haters such as yourself would jump on it!!!

          5. Yes Valentina broke up with him in 2007 due to his addiction, he got sober in 2018 (do the math, that’s 11 years)

            And what do you know LOGICAL, we’re you there? DId you see what happened? No

            But you are partially right about one thing, it could have been a seizure but it would be based on his PAST drug use.

            I am going to laugh my ass off when the toxicology report comes back saying “no drugs found” except for possibly the afore mentioned PRESCRIBED Xanax (for depression).

            And BS, well your not so clever name says it all…that is what you’re full of, nothing but pure plain and simple BS!!

        2. No PEARL, you’re right. I wasn’t there. But I have been sober 8 years and I know the signs of active addiction. And he was active in his addiction and tried hiding it (obviously not very well). I did the same thing when I was active in my addiction. But the Lord brought me out of it.

          Anyway, the toxicology will be interesting to see.

          Regardless, there’s no need for name calling and getting defensive. People are entitled to have their own opinion.

          It’s just a another sad story of what addiction does. Most of us have all been effected by addiction whether it was us or someone we know.

          Congratulations to your sister and friends regarding their sobriety. Sobriety is huge accomplishment.

          Thoughts and prayers for anyone still struggling.

          1. Im glad you were able to escape the grips of addiction. You are an example that shows how people can learn from their mistakes.

            And people are name calling me because of my OPINION so how is it any different than what I’m doing? I’m a firm believer in “if you can’t take it don’t shell it out”. Aren’t I entitled to my opinion?

            And honestly, he looks healthier in the last 4 years than you ever did before, I remember how he used to be nothing but skin and bones prior to 2018. He honestly looked happy and healthy to me. But because of his past, people will forever bring it up like it’s the present when it’s only in THEIR heads.

            And it’s probably was a seizure, but I firmly believe it will be from his past. Damage was already done.

            His brother Nick plays a good game, yeah he’s recovering from his addictions as well but he as well as Aaron’s upbringing were the reason Aaron got where he got to begin with. His dad even said on House of Carters that his mom referred to him as Cash Cow.

            If that isn’t enough to get you delving a bad habit I don’t know what is, but in my (obviously not so popular opinion) believe he continued his bad habits because he saw his big brother using and drinking (and it played off as sort of an endorsement). Like “hey my big brother’s doing it so it must be okay”. Plus Nick has NO RIGHT to even be upset or make comments because he hasn’t even seen him in 10 years. Some brother!!

          2. Well, if the way you speak is the way you think, your sister has YOU to blame for her addiction. You’re something else.

          3. You’re definitely entitled to your opinion.

            I never watched that show nor did I follow Aaron carter except for what I would see on my google news feed once in a while.

            It was a life that was publicly spiraling out of control.

            Childhoods and upbringings definitely have effects on people in different ways, good and bad.

            However, we all have to take responsibility for our own actions and can’t put the blame on things we’ve been through or how others have treated us.

            when people are active in their addiction, they are not accountable and think they are always the “victim” of their circumstances or past.

            But because he had that kind of money he had more of an opportunity, financially, to get help than most do since rehabs, etc can be very expensive.

            He also had the money to continue to feed his addiction, and in the end it killed him.

            I don’t believe people judged him either and “assumed” he was still using for no reason. His actions, via social media, etc., up until he died proved to be one of an active user.

            Btw- Good for you for not giving up on your sister.

          4. Fuck off Radical, if it weren’t for the YEARS I literally BEGGED her to get help she’d still be an addict, literally everyone in our family had washed their hands of her but I still knew there was hope for her so I kept trying and BAM… 10 years sober this past July 29th.

            And it’s actually thanks to her former addiction that I myself didn’t become an addict. I saw the pain she was causing, not only to herself but everyone around her and decided right then and there that i didnt want to subject myselfor the people i loved to that sort of pain.

            You know what I think, I think you’re an ignorant ass sob that doesn’t know what they’re talking about because they’ve NEVER been there.

          5. Interesting development. TMZ is reporting that police found and removed multiple empty cans of compressed air from Aaron Carter’s bedroom and bathroom, as well as multiple bottles of various medications. But Aaron had been clean and sober since 2018?????????

          6. Well Aaron said himself that compressed air dusters is what he used to huff. So with cans all around the scene. It’s unfortunately pretty obvious.

            “Inhalants are everyday household products that are abused to produce mind-altering effects. Canned air contains compressed gas in an aerosol-type can that is sprayed onto keyboards and into electronic devices to clear out debris and dust. Dust-Off, a popular brand name of canned air, is a gaseous refrigerant-based propellant cleaner used to remove dust and dirt from computers and electronics. The main ingredient in Dust-Off is difluoroethane.”

            “Abusing inhalants can lead to “sudden sniffing death” by causing fatal heart failure even the first time it is tried. Dust-Off disrupts normal heart rhythm, which leads to heart rate irregularities that can be life-threatening. NIDA warns that between 100 and 200 people die every year from a cause related to inhalant abuse. The journal Case Reports in Emergency Medicine reports on several instances where Dust-Off abuse has lead to cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias, and increased myocardial sensitization.”

          7. Were the medication prescription? You can still be sober of ILLEGAL drugs and require PRESCRIPTION medications (ie for depression, bipolar, etc) he was suffering from mental illness as well as prior addiction. And the air compressor cans could very well have been for air mattresses, bicycle tires, a basketball, etc. You can’t huff an air compressor (it ain’t aerosol you actually have to hand pump a compressor or plug it into an outlet and attach the valve to whatever you are putting the air into).

            Look, I’m not saying he was perfect, he had his issues but I’m not gonna drag him through the mud based on what he did in the past and what is presently being “speculated”. The fact is, he was a young, talented person who lost his life unnecessarily.

            You are truly gonna look like a fool when the tox report comes back saying “no illegal drugs found in his system”.

            If it wasn’t an accident maybe it was probably suicide?

          8. Logical, perhaps they were old and he’d forgotten they were there? Or perhaps they were Melanie’s and he didn’t even know they were there.

            Im 100% sure it was one of 3 things that killed him:

            1) An accident
            2) A medical emergency (seizure, heart attack, stroke, etc)
            3) An overdose of PRESCRIPTION drugs (aka suicide)

            For real people stop, you’re not gonna change my OPINION

    2. Crusty – people can die/drown in 3 inches of water. All you have to do is make sure both the nose and mouth are completely covered in water. K?

  8. In times of grief, best to surround yourself with close family and friends to be there for you…not fucking video yourself crying while driving. That is an attention grab, and I just feel so sorry for the baby.

    1. No sweety, they where fucked up on coke/Meth. I’m sure that will be the rest of the story here too. He didn’t freaking fall, he passed out.

      1. And how do you know, we’re you there…no you weren’t. You are NOTHING but a speculatory no account sob that needs to mind their own business.

        Accidents happen even to FORMER drug addicts!!

        1. Former addict? Oh boy. The ignorance with this one. I’m betting the toxicology report will prove you wrong, enabler. Anyone with half their eyesight could see the guy was high off his nut 95% of the time and getting worse. He was not a former addict. He was very, VERY active in his addiction and had been since way before he even met Melanie Martin. Lina Valentina broke up with him in 2007 because of his addiction. We all saw Aaron on his lives showing off the Xanax on his tongue & huffing duster — just a few days ago. That’s not “former” addict. That’s full blown user.

          1. Well said radicalred, well said.

            He clearly didnt fall or hit his head. He was so high that he nodded off and drowned and/or had another seizure and unfortunately drowned.
            Regardless of how it happened, it happened bc of drugs because he was an active addict.
            It’s very sad. Addiction is such a terrible thing for addicts and those around.
            And thank God the baby wasn’t in his custody.. or he might have had a tragic accident as well. Since addicts don’t think logically when active in their addiction and they don’t put their children or family before the drug/alcohol.

          2. Exactly. It was very obvious he was active in his addiction, and that he died nodding off or having a seizure due to drugs.

            Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

        2. He often claimed to be clean, however he never once passed an actual drug test. He always tested positive for non-prescribed opiates and willingly admitted that he spent much of his time completely high either on illegal substances, or from huffing.

          He was diagnosed with schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, manic depression, and anxiety-all at a young age. He was prescribed medication for these things, but admitted that he much preferred the high he got off “the good stuff”. The vast majority of things he did say when he was in a spiral were completely made up, just like the claims he made against his brother and sister abusing him. Neither claim was true, but he was lashing out at them because they both took a restraining order out against him after he threatened to kill them all “even the effing babies” (my word, he said the real one), repeatedly got violent and was in a spiral they couldn’t help him out of.

          He had mental health issues almost his entire life, starting as a young child and never got past any of them (not his fault). He intentionally did not take his prescribed medication most of the time, because they made the voices go away and he liked them, he said so countless times. He even claimed that Michael Jackson (after his death mind you) had come to his house and had a heart to heart with him and that’s why he “told on them” (his siblings). It was proven to be just another episode during a very manic phase.

          His family tried to get him help most of his life, but you cannot force adults to get help. His family worked when he was younger to get him help and treatment which is how they found most of his mental health problems as a CHILD. He chose, as an adult, to stop treating them, despite having numerous resources at his disposal, all the medication he needed and countless people willing to help.

          You keep defending him as if he was no longer an addict, when he had been one since his teenage years, and openly admitted that. When he claimed to be “clean” multiple times and then popped positive every single one he laughed and said “oh, I meant I took a shower today, see, I can take care of myself”. Yes his mental health issues are the foundation for some of his other problems, but some were simply a product of the choices he made. If you ever actually had an family member who was an addict like you claim, you’d understand better, so I don’t believe you ever have (not that you should care what anyone believes).

          All addicts will tell you there is no such thing as a former addict. If you are an addict, you are an addict for life-it’s a realization they all have to come to in order to get better, it’s literally part of the process of healing, in EVERY SINGLE CASE, NO EXCEPTIONS!! Those that won’t admit it, will absolutely falter and fall off the wagon, on repeat, until they do. You cannot make repairs on something if you won’t admit it’s broken. Addicts have to work at staying clean, finding replacements for their addictions that are not harmful and be willing to accept that there is always a chance they will go back if they aren’t careful

          Why are you always so ridiculous in your posts on here? I think you’d have a lot more to add to convos if you didn’t. You probably have a lot of good to add, but most of your replies on here are outlandish and more than a little out there. It makes it hard to take anything you say seriously.

  9. It isn’t surprising, he was in a downward spiral for years. It is sad, though, especially for his kid that will grow up without his father.

  10. While not surprising. It is sad that he never was able to turn it around, especially for his child’s sake.

  11. What a filthy thing to say!!

    He had his issues with addiction but he was still a person!!! My heart aches for his family (especially his child).

    Go to church and find Jesus you obviously need him!!!

        1. He won’t be thinking sky fairy’s when he is standing in front our Maker and Savior, Jesus Christ, on judgment day.. hopefully he believes one day before he dies and it’s too late.

          Sad story about Aaron. Addiction is a hard demon to get rid of. Only by the Grace and mercy of the Lord is someone truly able to be free of it, esp one of this magnitude.

    1. This idiot is trolling. You can tell by their oh so clever (not) screenname. Don’t worry about them. They are just pissy no one’s gonna give a damn when they die in their momma’s basement and are eaten by their twelve cats. No offense to cats. They already have to deal with eating something this bitter and pathetic.

    2. Hey Pearl – the tox screen came out, and guess what? He was full of drugs and inhalants. Those “old cans” you thought he was saving weren’t that old, and he wasn’t saving them. You predicted you would be laughing at us. Hmm, how did that turn out for you? Do you hear everyone laughing but you? He died from the drugs he took – Xanax and inhalers. He was an active drug addict when he died from … wait for it … drug and inhalent abuse. Hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. Have a great life!

  12. RIP

    Not surprising. He was a long time heavy drug addict.

    Feel sorry for the child. Babies deserve 2 responsible parents.

  13. This is tragic but why post that clip of yourself crying? I hate it when people do that. They know they can write something meaningful right?

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