Engaged! “1000 Lb. Sisters” Star Tammy Slaton Accepts Proposal From Boyfriend Caleb While At Rehab Facility; Plans To Get Married This Month

“I’m gettin’ myself hitched!”

Tammy Slatton is getting rehabbed— and engaged!

The 1000 Lb. Sisters star— who has been in a Ohio treatment center for nearly a year– reportedly accepted a proposal from her boyfriend, Caleb, last month. The pair met while in the weight loss treatment center and, according to The Sun, got engaged in the parking lot of the facility in late October.

In a video of the proposal, Tammy can be seen standing up out of her wheelchair, while Caleb uses a walker. He places a ring on Tammy’s finger and tells her that he loves her. They then share a hug and a kiss.

“She’s began dating Caleb in rehab, and I’m so happy they met in-person and were not dating online,” a source close to Tammy told The Sun. “They have a lot of the same struggles that they can share. They’ve been a huge support for each other [in rehab], which is awesome.”

“Cheers to me!”

It is unknown how long Tammy and Caleb have been dating, but back in May, Tammy was dating a man named Mikey Mooneyso her relationship with Caleb likely started some time after that.

According to The Sun‘s source, Tammy and Caleb are wasting no time in getting hitched.

“The couple plan to have a small, private ceremony in Ohio sometime this month,” the site reported, adding that its source stated that Tammy and Caleb have already submitted the application to get their marriage license. Caleb will reportedly be moving to Kentucky to be with Tammy.

It is unknown if TLC’s cameras will be invited to Tammy and Caleb’s wedding to film for “1000 Lb. Sisters.” It is also unknown if Tammy’s sister, Amy, will attend. (As The Ashley previously reported, Amy gave birth to her second child with husband Michael Halterman in July. They are now parents to two sons, Gage and Glenn.)

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(Photos: TLC)


  1. I wish you both luck. Tammy isn’t it suddenly to hitch? Maybe need more time to know Caleb. I knew my boyfriend several years. He asked me to marry him and didn’t work out (he lied to me about something). Glad I didn’t or I would been hurt badly.

  2. Reminds me of the part in that movie 28 days with Sandra Bullock. “How did he propose?” ” Well he came to visit me in rehab.” Sorry but I can’t 😂

  3. I was surprised to read this. I thought she had passed away by now. She is the reason I stopped occasionally checking into “1,000 lb. Sisters.
    Tammy is of limited mentality and extremely self-focused. Her sister is now living her own happy life, so, obviously, Tammy needs a new slave to do her bidding.
    My sympathies to the Gullible Groom…

    1. Agreed. It’s just depressing now. It’s like watching someone die.

      I think it’s a big reason why they pivoted to Chris last season, it’s just depressing watching Tammy self-destruct, and then seeing her put in a coma. Like wow.

  4. I really struggle to believe it will happen. Or it will last. Tammy requires a lot of assistance. There is nothing she can do without help.

    Like a normally day:
    1. needs help getting out of bed and cleaning her sleep apnea mask
    2. needs help getting to the bathroom
    3. needs help wiping
    4. needs help washing/ sponge bathing
    5. needs help getting to the kitchen
    6. needs help making breakfast
    7. needs help cleaning dishes
    8. needs help getting to the couch

    And that’s just by 10 am… like all day.

    That’s if she’s not screaming that she doesn’t want oatmeal she wants McDonalds. And what does she bring to the table, she doesn’t work, she’s mean, she’s lazy. She would just be like having adult child, but also is 600 lbs.

    She also talked about how she doesn’t brush her teeth. She doesn’t shower because she can’t fit in a shower stall. And she doesn’t clean. So I just can’t imagine how gross it would be being around her all the time.

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