It’s a Boy! “1000 Lb. Sisters” Stars Amy Slaton & Michael Halterman Welcome Their Second Child

“We done made another youngin’!”

It’s a boy for 1000 Lb. Sisters stars Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman!

The couple welcomed their second son on July 5, via C-section. Amy and Michael gave their baby boy– -who weighed in at 5 lbs., 11 oz. and measuring 17.5 inches— the name Glenn Allen.

“The wait is finally over … Michael and I are happy to announce the birth of our son, Glenn Allen Halterman,” Amy told People. “The delivery was a huge success and now I have both of my miracle boys; our family is complete!”


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The couple announced the pregnancy in January, stating that they planned to name their son John Allen, but they obviously made a name change since then and went with Glenn instead of John.

This is the second child for Amy and Michael. They welcomed son Gage in November 2020. Amy’s pregnancy occurred after she underwent bariatric surgery for weight loss, as seen during Season 1 of “1000-Lb Sisters.”

Amy’s gender reveal party was held earlier this year in Kentucky. Unfortunately, Amy’s sister and co-star, Tammy Slaton, was not present for the celebration, as she is currently in an Ohio rehab facility for weight loss. She is preparing to have bariatric surgery at the end of the month in Kentucky. The surgery was originally supposed to happen in June, but was rescheduled for the end of July, according to The Sun.

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  1. Everyone downvoting those who are simply stating the facts need to pull their head out of their butts. It’s fine if she or anyone is fine with being overweight or even morbidly obese- but let’s not pretend it’s healthy- because it isn’t. She SPECIFICALLY had a surgery to lose weight, and against doctors orders, got pregnant right away- not only putting her at risk for her to re-gain the weight, but not for the best for her or the baby’s health. Them she got pregnant GAIN not too long after the first baby. Do you not see how counter productive that is or are you all just concerned with hurting feelings? The only one that loses from ignoring the facts or “being nice” is Amy. I hope the best for her and congrats to her on her baby but I don’t think she did this too smartly.

  2. She looks huge again.It seems like she underwent the surgery just to make having kids possible, which is a great motivator, but completely abandoned the concept of eating healthy or addressing her food addiction.
    Unfortunately I think she will be back up to 400 pounds +pretty soon.

    1. I don’t know why anyone is down voting you. Seriously- this woman not only ignored her doctor when she had her surgery and got pregnant right away, but got pregnant AGAIN shortly after… Clearly the ones down voting you don’t know how pregnancy and weight correlate especially when you are morbidly obese. I understand being body positive and not necessarily being ashamed of your weight- if you’re proud to be on the larger end, then that’s fine. But it’s not healthy so let’s get that completely clear. I’m not being mean, I’m being realistic.

  3. K cool. Now is she actually going to get healthy? What was the point of surgery? It’s all ruined now.

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