Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Says She’s Considering Getting Her Tubes Tied

“…might be my limit!”

Kail Lowry may be closing up her baby-maker for good.

The fertile former Teen Mom 2 star– who already has four children– recently revealed on her Barely Famous podcast that she is considering getting her “tubes tied” (aka getting a tubal ligation) to prevent herself from having any more children.

When answering a fan’s question asking if she wants to have more kids, Kail stated that she is not sure, but is leaning toward not having any more children, and may even want to undergo the medical procedure to ensure she doesn’t get knocked up again. However, Kail— who has been dating Elijah Scott for several months—said if she happens to get pregnant before having the surgery, then she’ll have a fifth child.

“Just FYI– Lijie doesn’t count as my fifth kid, even if he’s way younger than me!”

“I want to get my tubes tied,” Kail told her podcast listeners. “I guess whatever happens first…I would like to get my tubes tied this year, actually.”

Kail has stated that having four sons of all different ages by three different dads has been stressful. (Kail shares 12-year-old Isaac with Jo Rivera; eight-year-old Lincoln with ex-husband Javi Marroquin; and Lux, 4, and Creed (who will turn two this month) with Chris Lopez.) 

“I think the more time that goes on, the more I just don’t want more children because I feel like I’m spreading myself so thin, and all my kids are such different ages that they all need me for different parts of their lives right now. I just don’t know,” she said, adding that she is going to consult with her gynecologist soon to see if he will tie her tubes.

Kail to her fertility…

Kail— who has been open about struggling with depression over the last few months— confessed that having another child is probably not a healthy decision for her at this point.

“This depression has truly humbled me and has really taught me that I need to put myself first sometimes, and I can’t stay busy 100% of the time,” Kail— who left ‘Teen Mom 2’ earlier this year— stated. “I think once my life slowed down, and I left the show…my life slowed down so much so I was forced to kind of deal with the things that I hadn’t been dealing with, so I just don’t think that now is a good time in my life to have more children.

“I don’t want my feet in those birthing stirrups any time soon, thanks!”

“I really just want to be there for the ones that I have,” she added.

During the podcast, Kail stated that she feels bad that she hasn’t been the mom she used to be, due to her battle with depression.

“In the past I didn’t struggle this much to get out of bed and do things with my kids,” she said. “Depression has made it harder. I want to want to do things with my kids. I always have. That’s always the mother that I’ve been…it’s like a fight to do every-day things. 

Still, Kail believes it’s possible that she may get pregnant by Elijah in the meantime. (The couple is currently living together in Kail’s home. Elijah owns the house next door but stays with Kail.) 

“Maybe once I get through this depression, it will be a little different, so don’t hold me to that if I end up pregnant next year and you guys are like ‘I thought you weren’t having any more kids’ and it’s like, ‘Well I said that during depression!’

“Nothing is absolute but right now I would say, no, I’m not going to try [to get pregnant with] a girl, but maybe next year that could change.” 

“Don’t get ANY ideas Javi!”

While appearing on an episode of the Love & Order podcast last month, Kail talked about how hard it would be to have another child.

“Ah, I don’t know,” Kail said of adding another kid to her litter. “Like the idea of starting over. My youngest [Creed] is about to be two.”

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33 Responses

  1. LOL Kailyn- please do us ALL a favor- and all your future boyfriends a favor- and please tie those tubes. We know you won’t- as you have to have any reason to stay relevant, which typically involves having a child with a man that doesn’t want you. We all know you’ll likely try to trap another dude by having another and another potential reason to get you back on Teen mom.

  2. I know depression is very real and post partly depression sucks too. However she’s depressed because the result of her choices.
    No one likes her, only uses her. She’s a fool to be in “love ” get pregnant then be dipped on again. She has enough money to care for it. Idk probably they’re (potential BD) thought idk.
    Until she does her Shadoe Eork. It will always be the same.

    Shadow work is your inner work to learn to heal, generational karma. Nothing will get better UNTIL DECIDES SHES SICK OF HER OEN CRAP!

    as an alcoholic in recovery for last few years, I realized the only people holding you back is you. Kailua just talks about everything she needs yo do without any real therapy work.

      1. I’m sorry but I’m also in recovery and I am curious- how are we supposed to talk? You have to want to help yourself when it comes to mental health. And in recovery we are responsible for our own choices… The only reason we make it to recovery is because… WE ARE SICK OF OUR OWN CRAP AND WE OWN IT! The original poster didn’t say anything that wasn’t true, anything that someone in recovery wouldn’t say and was honestly speaking the truth of the matter. SMH

  3. Why do she feel like she has to get preggo with every new guy? The guys she dates are so ugly! What am I missing? With all that MTV $$$ drying up I’d say get those tubes tied. Unfortunately I do think she will have 1 more kid. I’d just say think about what these kids will go through with getting made fun of and bullying etc.

  4. Probably already knocked up , again. She is just prepping us for the announcement. Then we will be told it could be Javis. POS. Low class trash. Quit pumping out kids with every guy you screw. God knows there are enough of them!

  5. What the fuck is wrong with people like this? WHY. WHY DO YOU NEED ANOTHER CHILD? She literally SAID she is spread thin and unable to be there for her existing children that need so many different things from her right now. I don’t get it. I never will. Just work on YOURSELF and the existing humans in your life. Wtf.

  6. I would say Issac & Lincoln stand a pretty good chance of growing up to be productive tax payers, the other two will probably follow in their daddy’s footsteps.

  7. Isn’t it crazy how the rest of us don’t get pregnant without getting out tubes tied?

    Yeah, they actually make birth control you don’t have to think about for years now!

    Unless you kind of WANT to kind of like….get pregnant by mistake.

    1. I have no idea what she does or doesn’t do for birth control but birth control doesn’t work well for everyone. If I didn’t have an irrational fear of anesthesia I would get my tubes tied. I have tried 4 different types of birth control and all of them had negative side effects. I am forever grateful for condoms and vasectomies.

  8. I won’t believe it until she actually has the surgery. And her implying if she “happens” to have a fifth child before, tells me she is planning on getting knocked up by this guy. (RUN!) We know she desperately wants to have a girl. (As much as Ty and Cait want a boy)

  9. Definitely depression is hard to deal with it is draining and everything she is going through I have nap with my bipolar disorder, I just want to say your pain is relatable to most parents including myself I had twin girls 5 weeks ago but had to go off nearly everything during my pregnancy with them I would never take anything anyway I asked them to take me off everything that they could safety with no problem or would cause them harm even so I felt guilty about taking the meds so I’m of the opinion that no matter what the circumstances are we will always feel a little bit of that mom guilt. A feeling that is really okay for us to have for it really reminds us we are not supposed to be super human although to our kids come first so we think we need to be.

  10. Good on her for contemplating on making a mature decision for once but it does bring up the question- why not just use condoms? Does she enjoy that much being a literal sperm dumpster for all these guys? Quite disgusting. Inb4 condoms don’t always work. Yes, they do when you use them properly.

  11. Kail needs to get a diary instead of a podcast for all her musings. She sounds like a 16 yrar old mentally.

    She might not have more kids, but then she might change her mind. She might get her tunbes tied but she might not. She might just be saying this all because she’s depressed. She got all the kittens to make herself happy but they are all cats now. Her new boyfriends face is swollen but the Benadryl has been helping. She had babies by many different men and didn’t think that through either.

    1. She does this bc she wants her legions of fans to either beg her not to or she’s testing the waters for the inevitable pregnancy announcement.

      Also, lol on the diary. Absolutely.

  12. It’s like she’s always trying to drop a cliffhanger to keep her reality TV dreams secure. I might be done, but I’m not sure, maybe one more, no, I’m done! Ick. In all sincerity, if any mother is struggling with getting out of bed to be there for her kids: 1) I am sorry, and hope things get better. 2) Do not add more kids to your life. It’s pretty obvi why.

    (Especially when you keep popping out kids to keep them MTV checks coming. That’s putting your narcissism first, nothing or nobody else).

  13. It is not necessary to have a child with every guy you get with. She makes no sense at all. She doesn’t *think* that she wants to have any more kids but if she *happens to get pregnant* in the meantime…oh well.?‍♀️It is like she completely forgets that birth control and/or condoms are a thing that can be used especially if you don’t know if you want any more children.

  14. Oh bullshit.

    Kail lives for the drama and for attachment to guys. She’s not gonna let him go that easily.

    Sure she had time to realize that she’s a shitty person and the easiest way to fix that is with another baby with another guy.

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