EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Javi Marroquin & Other MTV Stars Are Being Considered for Next Season of ‘The Challenge’

“Hey MTV! Call me!”

The 30th season of The Challenge premiered earlier this week, but preparations for the next season of the show have already started. From what The Ashley hears, MTV is looking to branch out for Season 31, and may be dipping into the cast lists of some of its other reality shows, including Teen Mom 2!

The Ashley’s sources tell her the show’s higher-ups have their eye on ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Javi Marroquin for Season 31.

Javi even joked about wanting to be on the show earlier this week, but from what The Ashley hears, the talks about him joining the Season 31 cast are very serious.

Javi and several other MTV reality TV stars reportedly got calls from the show’s casting department to see if they would be available to film for Season 31. The cast has not been finalized yet, though, so anything can happen. (File this under “Report” until further notice.)

As far as The Ashley has heard, Javi is the only person from the ‘Teen Mom’ casts being considered…as of right now, anyway.

‘Challenge’ competitors can be gone up to seven weeks if they are able to make it to the final. From what The Ashley hears, Season 31 would begin filming around September. (There will be another ‘Challenge vs. Pros’-like mini season filming in August.)

This would not be the first time MTV looked to its other shows to fill a ‘Challenge’ cast. In 2014, former cast members from Are You The One? were added to the cast, and have continued to appear on the show since then. Although fans and veteran ‘Challenge’ cast members initially seemed unhappy about the addition, the ‘AYTO’ folks have since been accepted into the ‘Challenge’ family, and MTV is hoping that will happen with the additions from the other shows.

The Ashley will have more info on this soon so stay tuned!

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  1. If they do it, I hope they only cast SINGLE “teen” mom/dads. It’s bad enough when you see people cheating on the show, but I think it would feel so much worse since if feels like we know their kids.

  2. I’m all for this idea. I hate adding new people to the Challenge, but the reality is that all of our old favorites are aging out so if the show is going to continue they need new people. It sounds like the Real World is cancelled so where else will they find their new people. At least we are familiar with Javi already so watching him will be more interesting than new people we know nothing about.

    1. I don’t understand why they don’t make Fresh Meat 3 instead. Those are competitors shown on the Challenge for the FIRST TIME and they are usually athletic cuz they need to do series of tests before.

    2. Yeah but there are still TONS of Real World alums in their 20s and 30s that could do it. Even if it’s cancelled, what about all the most recent seasons? Keeping The Challenge to Real World people doesn’t mean it has to be the “usuals” like Bananas, Nany, etc. There are lots more they could use.

      1. Unless for Tony tho, none of the responsible Challengers who have children now (Jenny and Brian from Ex-plosion come to mind) don’t want to risk it and being seen as a bad parent. I’m sure the couple I mentioned would kill it because he is fitness model and she is obv working out too.
        And not everyone is as fame whorish as Bananas so there are plenty of Real Worlders who just say ‘no’ to the call when they get it. They just wanted to share their story and that was enough media exposure for them and I respect that. Are You The One was a show with good story but in reality it only brought thirsty competitors. I mean, only one Perfect Match is actually still together (Amber and Evan from S1) so you know how the concept failed. No one actually gave themselves a chance to see if they would really work out, they were just there to drink/screw/party/all of the above and get the cash. And that’s EXACTLY what Challenge has turned into. So Teen Mom cast fits the mold perfectly sadly. (I can just imagine Jenelle (and prob David) “LEAVE ME ALOOOOOOOOONE, DUUUUUUUUDE!”))

  3. NO. They screwed it up with putting Are You The Ones in it and now Teen Mom cast?! This show is over for me.

  4. If MTV wants drama on The Challenge, which clearly they do, Nathan and Adumb would be perfect!
    I find it funny all these commenters are freaking out over Javi joining the cast. Like adding other MTV reality stars will ruin the integrity of the show. Give me a break. The cast is full of jokers pushing 40.

  5. Please please please put Jenelle on there. That s***would be epically hilarious

  6. PLEASE NO!!! I swear the people responsible for casting the challenge are trying to ruin the show I don’t understand what they are trying to do at all. Get it together!

  7. I think Nathan would be a good choice. He’s physically fit and could probably handle himself well.

    1. Nathan is a psychopath. He’d probably get kicked off for punching someone before he could even unpack.

  8. The Challenge is literally one of the lamest shows ever, and this season airing is both sad and pathetic. In the episode preview trailers some of them look like 50 year olds acting like 15 year olds. Just gross. It is all just so gross. Don’t do it Javi, nothing but muff cabbage on that show.

  9. NO. HELL NO. And also, nobody likes the AYTO kids. They literally are hated every single show. MTV needs to quit trying to mix their shit. Although I will admit I’d rather see just about anyone other than Johnny Bananas on another season.

  10. I can just imagine Matt is frantically calling MTV to try and get on the show. He has to pay for gambling, guys.

    I’m all for fresh meat. I’d like to see this happen.

  11. Isn’t he active duty? Unless he’s about to separate from the military, I doubt they’ll give him 7 weeks off to do a tv show.

    1. As there is so much money involved gor him, I bet he can use this to get another guy to take the next assignment instead of him. I don’t know how that works, I don’t know how much the military cares about other opportunities to make money but the other guy will be afraid to be seen as a dick when he doesn’t step forward and let Javi have his moment.
      The military might like this opportunity for some PR, maybe?

  12. I just hope they don’t put Adam or Nathan on the show. Those two would completely ruin The Challenge for me if they were on it.

    1. Somehow I don’t think MTV will want to work with Adam again. Cause he doesn’t.
      I think Adam is trying to make as little money possible, just enough to buy his drugs and put petrol in his car, buy the food on his diet but nothing left for child support preferably.
      The government has to empty his bank accounts every once in a while so his children get child support. What they find is not enough to cover what he is behind. But he was able to buy a nice car and drugs so I bet he is hiding money somewhere.

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