‘Counting On’ Star Derick Dillard Blasts ‘I Am Jazz’ Star Jazz Jennings: “Transgender is a Myth”

Derick came out swinging at Jazz and her show…

Counting On star Derick Dillard took to his Twitter account on Wednesday night to denounce the transgender star of I Am Jazz. Derick retweeted a tweet posted by TLC (the network that runs the show Derick stars on, mind you), and seemed to be blasting the network for promoting a show that features a transgender person.

The show follows the life of 16-year-old Jazz Jennings, who was assigned male at birth but has lived for the majority of her life as a female.

“What an oxymoron… a ‘reality’ show which follows a non-reality,” Derick, who is married to Jill Duggar, wrote on top of TLC’s promo tweet, which featured a photo of Jazz. “‘Transgender’ is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God.”

The tweet garnered Derick a lot of backlash, and 30 minutes later he attempted to explain his tweet (but actually seemed to make things worse.)

“I want to be clear,” Derick tweeted. “I have nothing against him. I only have issue with the words and definitions being propagated here.”

Many Twitter users were especially upset that Derick used the pronoun ‘he’ to describe Jazz, even though Jazz has used ‘she’ for most of her life and continues to do so.

“*her. You wouldn’t like someone using the wrong pronoun with you,” one person wrote in response. “Please at least try and be respectful if you have nothing against her.”

“I love the way you put ‘him’ just to put some extra disrespect and hate in your statement,” another person tweeted. “Very godly.”

Meanwhile…back at the Duggar compound…

Although Derick did find a few allies in the responses to his tweets, nearly all of the responses his words received were negative. Some even blasted Derick for making his living off starring on a TLC show, considering the network airs many shows featuring people with values that are very different from those of Derick and the Duggar family.

“Very hypocritical of your family to profit from a network which airs content against your beliefs. Don’t like it? Don’t associate with it,” one person told Derick.

“Attacking a child. Grow up, Derick. You’re not in high school anymore,” another wrote.

This is not the first time someone associated with the Duggar family has spoken out about their disdain for transgender people. Back in 2015, Derick’s mother-in-law Michelle Duggar made robocalls encouraging residents in her local area of Arkansas to vote against an anti-discrimination ordinance that would have aimed to protect the rights of transgender men and women.

Michelle’s robocall sparked outrage at the time, and Derick’s tweets on Wednesday night have had the same effect. Some people got downright savage on the Duggar son-in-law.

No one from the Duggar clan has “liked” or retweeted Derick’s tweets as of press time.

UPDATE: TLC has released a statement in response to Derick’s tweets. Click here for the latest info!

(Photos: TLC, Twitter)

55 Responses

  1. Omg of all the people to attack about something like transgender it would be a Duggar husband. The most hypocritical bunch of weirdos on TV. I mean let this child grow into an adult. It’s her life. You arent a part of it. Go back to the baby making machines called the Duggar clan. That’s all they know how to do is criticize another family and have another kid. Do you realize what a crude nasty world you guys are bringing all these kids into? Are you trying to populate your own world? It’s just sick.

  2. So many confused people in the world. Is it the chemicals & hormones in our food & water causing this confusion?

    I’m mot trying to be offensive but, somethings not right here. If another species of animal started showing confusion as to their sexual orientation, such as fish. Let’s say fish suddenly became gay or female fish thought they should be male fish & male fish thought they should be female fish,soon there would be no more fish. Government studies would ensue, experts would be looking for solutions, no one would consider it normal or ok that all the fish were so confused that they never make more fish.

    I used fish because a new study has been released linking hormone (birth contol biggest offender) into our water supplies. Water treatment plants dont filter out all the chemicals we exspell when we urinate. The fish live in this filth, and the study said fish were turning gay.(Not my words theirs) So the fish were manipulated by hormones to be attracted to the same sex.

    I believe it’s the pharmaceutical contamination (GMOs included) in our food & water supplies that have caused a rise in sexual confusion.

    Google the research. Because I know you are all going to go into a major melt down.

  3. LOL at all the triggered snowflakes on Twitter and in this comments section. Y’all feeling virtuous? #PrayforJazz lmao

  4. Well, god is a myth to me. So, I guess whatever this cult member wants to say doesn’t matter to me. What a loser. Diddler dugaar and the sick fundies. Religion is fine, but don’t use it to hurt others

  5. I think someone is jealous of Jazzy’s freedom. Derick should seriously get a job if he is going to have he is going to support a truck load of kids. He is just mad that Jazzy can do what she wants when she wants don’t need a pastor’s approval for anything. And doesn’t feel the need to get married just to have fun.

  6. Can we please please please be done with the Duggars now?? Great-they’re bigots who reproduce and molest each other. No real talent there. Nothing would please me more than seeing these man-children have to get a real job.

  7. Is it wrong to hope for more Kid Farm videos? I even have a title for the new ones…

    Counting On…the Ignoramuses of Bigotry Continue​

  8. This Derrick Dillard is a ass. He makes his money from the most stupid reality show about how much you screw your wife to pop out kids. You are so ugly btw. God did not make you or anybody.You are made by having intercourse you should know. Hey is Jill pregnant again. Who the hell are you to judge you sicko. Get a real job. Taking money from ppl from a phoney missionary work you did. You did nothing but take other ppls money. You two faced moron.

  9. That was the bloody limit there. I’ve send a formal complaint to TLC about Dillard and the reports they are planning to let Josh back in. Told them I boycot them until they take action and that I will boycot advertisers later. Copied complaint in an e-mail to the TLC advertisement bookers in my country.

    1. Would you mind commenting with where you sent this to (email address or website)? I’d like to do the same. This was beyond despicable.

  10. Derrick should check himself. He shouldn’t be biting the hand that feeds his family because if it weren’t for TLC they would all have nothing. Also he should not be attacking a child but what else do you expect from a family that did nothing to protect their own children. Just because you have different beliefs doesn’t mean you can disrespect and attack other people. How about you worry about your wife as she almost dies in child birth, get a fucking job and straighten out that crooked face.

  11. I don’t watch the Dugger shows so I don’t really know who this guy is, but everyone acting like he’s a monster for having an opinion (the wrong opinion apparently) is a little over the top.

    Like what? We’re all supposed to agree that someone pumping their kid full of hormones and sterilizing them in the process and possible genital mutilation in the future is the New Normal?

    I’ve read enough about the trans issue to understand that these people need help accepting themselves as they are. NOT having a “Doctor” preforming surgeries that will never allow them to have a properly functioning genitals ever again.

    It is truly sad that so many sheep jump on this “Yay Trans” bandwagon because that’s the way we’re all supposed think now, without realizing how damaging it ends up being in the long run.

    I don’t have anything against trans people. I just don’t think encouraging people (especially kids) to irreversibly change their (already perfectly functioning) body or body parts in a way that will never be properly functioning again.

    I know this will get a bunch of downvotes because THAT IS WHAT YOU’RE ALL SUPPOSED TO DO.
    Don’t be sheep and do a little research before you defend this current trend.

    1. Meant to say I don’t think it’s Healthy to encourage people to go through with all the hormones/surgeries.

    2. How come the way you feel is your opinion, but if I feel differently, it’s because I’m a “sheep jumping on the “yay trans” bandwagon because it’s the way we’re all supposed to think now”? Your entire argument is hypocritical.

      You’re saying anyone who disagrees with you are just sheep who aren’t thinking for themselves, while simultaneously stating that everyone has the right to their own opinion.

      People who have an opinion on the side that is “PC” doesn’t mean they have the opinion BECAUSE it is PC.

      Also, saying that anyone that disagrees with you hasn’t done any research is AGAIN hypocritical and ridiculous.

      1. You are entitled to your opinion. If you take the time to research something and end up with a different opinion then that’s fine.
        What I have a problem with is everyone feels the need to gang up on someone who has “the wrong opinion” without even knowing what they are talking about. It’s very evident in the media that if you say something as basic as “you shouldn’t pump kids full of hormones” people from all over come out with the name calling and the boycotts. Calling people phobics, bigots, ignorant ect. when they have no idea what they’re even upset about.

        Those are the sheep.

        I think everyone should do research. Don’t just got on tumblr and reddit but do actual research. If after you read all you can, you still feel it’s ok to encourage genital mutilation that can never be undone or fixed then that’s on you.
        Personally I think it’s a cruel thing to encourage.

    3. Try the recovering grace website, and learn what the Duggars/in-laws stand for, before posting YOUR opinions. No one has the excuse of ignorance… including you.

      1. Those down voting me…So you think someone who’s admitted they don’t have the foggiest idea of what they’re commenting on is boasting chalk full of “opinions” is reasonable?

        The stupidity is real…

      2. I think you are being a bit too aggressive in your response, “Daddy Issue” isn’t agreeing/likes the Duggars.

        I don’t agree with that Duggar but I also have reservations about children having irreversible procedures. They simply don’t have the maturity levels to make this choice. Also projecting this all on tv is all kinds of messed up grey areas.

        Having a tv show could pressure her to move forward in that direction seems a bit much to put on a teenager, like an expectation. And TV producers are as soulless as AD people, just look at Teen Mom. All they care about is good tv and viewer numbers.

        While she may give courage to those who dealing with transitioning, I think they should have chosen someone at least 18, not so young.

        Also I think Daddy Issues had a valid point in researching/get as much information you can about a subject to develop an informed opinion.

    4. Perhaps jumping off the “yay let’s bash things I don’t understand” train would be a great start for you.

      If you did actual research yourself, you know, that thing you’re telling others to do, you would understand that for many(if not most) who are transgender, their bodies are *not* “perfectly functioning”. I know it’s difficult to understand that a mind and body need to work together in order to properly function, but that is how it works.

      When said body and mind don’t work cohesively, one will, often, need to seek help in some manner in order for that to happen. You don’t get to dictate for people what that help, or methodology actually is. You see that’s the beauty of NOT being transgender….you don’t have to deal with it. It in no way, shape, or form, affects you.

      I don’t want to accept that bashing anything and everything we don’t understand is the new normal, but you seem to be promoting just that right here. You clearly lack an understanding, and I don’t necessarily blame you for not understanding. You don’t have to understand it, because you don’t live with it.

      The same could be said about a number of different things that people don’t understand, but feel compelled to judge(for, or against). It’s rather ignorant to say “I don’t have anything against….I just…” Clearly, you *do “have something against”, you just don’t want to admit it. It’s not a whole hell of a lot different than what the idiot Dillard said. It’s super easy to mock, make fun of, even down play, things you don’t understand. It’s a hell of a lot less easy to be ACCEPTING of things you don’t understand, or even agree with. You have done neither here. So, yes, you do “have something against trans people”, you’re just too much of a chicken to actually put it into words.

      1. How did I bash anything?

        ” I know it’s difficult to understand that a mind and body need to work together in order to properly function, but that is how it works.”

        I agree but the mind needs to accept the body, not the body needs to be mutilated to fit the mind. Would you encourage and anorexic to keep starving themselves because in their mind they are fat? Or would you rather see that they get help to work on the issues they have that are troubling them?

        “I don’t want to accept that bashing anything and everything we don’t understand is the new normal, but you seem to be promoting just that right here. You clearly lack an understanding”

        That word Bashing again. You think anyone who doesn’t agree with you is bashing something. I asked a few questions that are honestly pretty fair questions but I haven’t gotten any real answers. The best you can come up with is “you don’t understand” but that isn’t an answer.

        “It’s rather ignorant to say “I don’t have anything against….I just…” Clearly, you *do “have something against”, you just don’t want to admit it.”

        I don’t have a problem with people that chose to live life in which ever way makes them happy. I have no problems with masculine women or feminine men. Without diversity we would all live a very boring existence. I don’t have a problem with people being different.
        I have a problem with people making life altering decisions for children who don’t even know what kind of career they want to have yet. Kids get into things and grow out of things and change as they grow. This whole Trans Kids Trend is disturbing when you really think about the life long outcomes of hormone therapy and how they won’t even have a chance to change their mind once they are old enough to really know who they are and who they want to be.

        And I really can’t get behind the whole lower half surgery. Accept yourself for who you are, being femme looking while having a penis is better than being a eunuch. Encouraging people to castrate themselves is barbaric and cruel. Presenting it to children as a positive is sick. Let kids be kids. Let people love whoever they want or look however they want but please don’t act like removing perfectly healthy body parts is anything other than insane.

        1. Ahh I was with you til the last paragraph, that paragraph is actually pretty offensive and aggravating. That is their body and they can damn well choose what to do with it to be happy and comfortable.

          The only reserve I have is that jazz is so young and exposed.

        2. This is an honest question, but have you ever actually spoke to someone that has to take hormones? I’m not just talking about people that are transgender, but, anyone that has to take hormones?
          It’s really not as clear cut as people think.

          Letting that part go a bit here though…I’ve actually talked to people, even worked with them in a medical capacity, and those that I know don’t simply jump into hormone treatments and body modifications at the drop of a hat. I get that you may not understand it, or may not agree with it..I really do. But you’re assuming that people who have no problem with it are sheep(those aren’t my words, they’re yours). I have done extensive research myself, though I know that may not be typical. So my opinions come from a place that isn’t “trendy” “a fad” “following the crowd” or anything else even remotely. I like to understand things..and people. Everyone that I know who has dealt with a mind and body that seem to disagree has gone through extensive counseling, various different treatments, therapies, even group involvement when necessary. It really isn’t just a matter of one day they decide “welp, I may look like a dude..but I’m a girl”. There was a time when I might have felt the same way as many others. Then I did actual research, I learned more, I talked to actual people affected by these issues(and they are)…and I learned to get out of my own head to see not only the bigger picture, but more importantly *their bigger picture.

          You’re right, I wouldn’t encourage someone to simply give in to everything their mind might say(lack of better terminology on my part here, it is after all 4am, lol). I’d encourage them to explore, to learn, to try and seek help when/where needed. But at the end of the day…I’m not them.

          There is far more to this than most of us could, or would, ever likely understand. I don’t simply assume that anyone who has no issue with those who are transgender is a “sheep” or can’t think for themselves, the way you have, though. In fact, I would much rather, if I were going to make an assumption, assume that people HAVE done more research, talked to people..something that helped them develop their opinions/thoughts. You’ve done nothing but assume anyone “okay with others being trangender” are seemingly idiots-or at least that’s how it comes across.

          What you didn’t seem to address is the part about “perfectly functioning body”, when in fact, some people do not have a perfectly functioning body. Don’t you agree that a mind and body, which must work cohesively to survive, not doing so falls under the umbrella of “imperfect” long before it falls under the umbrella of “perfectly functioning”?

          I could say the same thing I said elsewhere here. I have a child that needs hormones..HGH to be specific..and that although is very similar to what many who are transgender use, isn’t in her case used for that, but rather her body and mind lacking the ability to work cohesively. People hear that about her-even some of her doctors over the years-and immediately jump to A-she’s transgender(she’s not) and B-I’m forcing hormones on a child. Neither is true..but people don’t want to hear that. They assume her body works just fine the way it is, and hormones aren’t necessary..mostly because people don’t understand how hormones actually work(or how the body and brain use them for that matter). As often as I want to tell people to shut the hell up with the assumptions..I often don’t. I try to explain..but if they continue with the arrogance, they do get a plate of shut the hell up instead. It’s not nearly as easy to educate people on the topic as it should be. It’s rough. In fact, this entire path, leading up to her needing HGH, was rough, will always be rough..and we did not go into it lightly. It’s a very difficult decision, and an even more difficult practice. I don’t think most parents just start pumping their kids full of hormones. I don’t know a single physician that would ok it. Most transgender people can’t even HAVE any type of actual surgery until they are adults(those that do before then, are rare), and that’s assuming they can have one at all-most aren’t candidates due to the nature of the surgeries required (except for breast implants which don’t often come with nearly as many risks). Hell we didn’t even need HGH for that same reason(transgender) and we had to go through YEARS of medical visits, psychiatric visits(hormones have an affect on our brains, after all, regardless of why one needs/receives them),research…seriously, it’s not as light of a subject as it might seem.

          I get you don’t support it, you don’t like it. And I would never tell you that your opinion on the matter is “wrong”. I just don’t like being called a sheep, when you have no idea the information and knowledge others have, such assumptions are usually a really bad idea. Not everyone jumps on bandwagons, especially in the day and age we have now, where all the information one might need can be found within minutes 🙂

    5. What are your thoughts on those that are transgender without getting the surgery? I think almost the majority of those identifying as trans either haven’t gotten the surgery yet, can’t afford it, don’t want to get it, or don’t feel it’s necessary to their identifying as trans. Your comment seems to be mostly worried about the surgically altering ones genitals to a new, non functioning form.

  12. Fundies are the worst. “Christians are always being persecuted and attacked!!” But what they won’t admit is that it’S because THEY attacked FIRST.

    You threw the first punch Derick. And you threw it at a CHILD.

  13. I think people should just get along with everyone, and keep their opinion to their self,Jazz is a beautiful person,,,I love the show

    1. Agreed! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, what people seem to have forgotten is, not everyone cares to hear what it is. Keep your opinions to yourself, live and let live and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

  14. Smooth move Poisonwood Derrick. I don’t understand why anybody is surprised that a person who voluntarily chose to marry into this clan of patriarchal, homophobic hillbillies turned out to be homophobic and insensitive.

    For a man that relies on TLC to fund his “missionary” lifestyle instead of getting a real job and begs for money to live overseas and convert Catholics to the “right” Christianity (their feelings, not mine) this was a terrible foolish decision.

  15. I can’t believe this ugly ass motherfucker had the nerve to try to call out someone as beautiful and brave as Jazz.

    Seriously, Derrick looks like he got hit by the fucking ugly bus. Fix your face before you try to come for anyone….fucking fake Christian piece of shit.

  16. One thing that’s not a myth is the fact that if the photo above is any indication, Derick needs some serious dental work and teeth cleaning.

    So maybe he should focus on fixing his “yuck mouth” first — before shooting it off with his ass-backwards opinions.

    Dunno. Just saying.

    1. Didn’t he have braces a couple years ago?
      That jaw alignment is going to require a really good oral sugeon and soon before it gets worse.

  17. He’s an ass. I’m not surprised thought. He obviously shares the same disgusting “values” with his in-laws. Maybe he will finally accomplish what Josh couldn’t…get the Duggars off the air!

  18. Not understanding something does not make it a myth. I guarantee you he uses the same logic in bed. Derick: does not understand the female orgasm, therefore it does not exit. Sorry Jill!

  19. Again, this guy went to college and lived a normal life until he met Jill. (I’m sorry, met JB and HE told him to meet Jill, yup, nothing creepy or an arranged marriage look on that!) It just tells you an education and living the real life can’t give you brains. (Btw, Jeremy preached against gays too already so yeah, both guys are just as hateful towards different people even tho they lived the life we all live before).

  20. A big bully and a hypocrite! He needs to worry about keeping his children away from Josh. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you….TLC. Imagine picking on a child/teen.

  21. Coming from a guy who couldn’t even accept the teeth God gave him and went and changed it..

  22. I don’t understand why he’s more worried about Jazz than having a pedophile brother in-law. He has allowed his children to be around the person who molested his wife and he has the nerve to go in on Jazz when hes’s bringing his children around a pedophile. Derick is a fucking hypocrite and so is the entire family. Maybe instead of worrying about the LGBTQ community they need to worry about keeping their children away from Josh!

    1. I support the LGBTQ community. I hate everything the Duggars stand for! and Derick is looking even worse than he used to and I didn’t think that was possible!

  23. So let me get this straight, being transgender is wrong and awful and whatever he thinks, yet it’s ok for his wife’s brother to molest her?!?! I can’t with that logic…. I can guarantee you Jazz is a better person than Josh Duggar.

    1. IKR?! Like wasn’t he the one who said when it came out Josh was cheating and shared some sermon that women need to make SURE their husbands don’t stray so that they fulfill their every need?! So he attacked his sister-in-law already too. I can’t imagine what he will do if one of the Duggar kids comes out as gay one day (or more realistically, bisexual but it will still be a scandal).

      Also note to this asshole: IT IS 2017, NOT 1957!!

  24. Aww, what a big man you are Derick to pick on a teen girl online, then try to absolve yourself by stating it wasn’t against “him”. You slow, Derick? Been hit upside the head with the Bible one too many times as a young’un? Not enough times apparently if you can still run that wrecked hole in your face you call a mouth.

    You phucking ridiculous POS. How about throwing some of that good ole hate upon the enema that molested your wife and her parents for allowing it? Twat.

    1. Bruja, I love your comment, but tossing in my favorite condescending insult (it’s “twat”, btw) fucking made my night!

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