Farrah Abraham Undergoes Multiple Procedures (On Camera!) to Tighten Her Lady Parts

“Oh Siiiiiiimon….”

Farrah Abraham has, once again, provided us our “WTF News” of the day!

The Teen Mom OG star recently underwent cosmetic procedures to tighten her vagina (inside and out!) and the skin around her infamous “backdoor.” Naturally, because it’s Farrah, she allowed a camera crew and paparazzi photographer to capture the whole thing!

Radar Online posted the video of Farrah sprawled out on a table, smiling for the cameras while getting an internal vaginal rejuvenation procedure.

In case you’re wondering, an internal vaginal rejuvenation procedure” is performed with a wand that is inserted and moved back and forth for four minutes to tighten the walls of the uterus,” according to Radar. “It tightens everything inside your uterus and the walls of the uterus. It also makes the skin thick.”

(Radar may have it a bit confused; it appears that the procedure rejuvenates a woman’s vagina and labia, not their uterus, which is inside the body but anyway…)

The site’s source claimed that the procedure is “beneficial for sex so you’re not wide.”

Farrah also did an external version of the procedure on the exterior parts of her baby shooter. That procedure is designed to make the exterior “look more youthful.”

Farrah is only 26 years old, but apparently she felt that her gentleman greeter was looking decrepit. She’s put it through the ringer over the years– what with her 2013 “backdoor” sex tape and giving birth to her daughter Sophia in 2009.

While she was there, Farrah also had her butt tightened using the Exilis procedure, which aims to get rid of cellulite and tighten up the skin.

Of course, this is hardly the first cosmetic procedure the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star has subjected herself to. Over the past seven years, Farrah has undergone at least three breast augmentation surgeries, a nose job, a chin implant surgery and another surgery later to remove the implant, lip injections (who could forget this horrorfest of a mishap from 2015?), facial fillers, and is rumored to have undergone some sort of cosmetic surgery to enhance the size of her butt.

You can watch the video of Farrah undergoing the procedure by clicking here. (It’s semi-SFW.)

UPDATE: Farrah’s sometimes-boyfriend, Simon Saran, has responded to the news that Farrah had her lady parts tightened.

“I don’t blame her, I’m very big,” he told Hollywood Life. “Wouldn’t be fair to the next guy,”

(Photo: MTV)

30 Responses

  1. This procedure sounds like some kinky hocus-pocus. There’s no way that’s legit. It sounds like some high priced masturbation, which is maybe what she wanted it to sound like. She seems to always want to make herself out to be evil and nasty. I call success on that effort! Farrah seems to have some serious self-hatred, masked as delusional, grandiose self-love. That’s what her actions always seem to portray.

  2. Why stop there? Cut all the useless skin around the vagina away! Whether she makes it thru or not is of little consequence at this point.

  3. The description of the procedure sounds horrific – I don’t understand!
    I am all for surgery if you need it and to talk about it to shed light on the issue (I myself have had surgery to remove two flaps of skin on the exterior and interior of the vagina and TRUST me I would never have done it had it not literally gotten in the way of sex and been painful and necessary to remove) – I cannot imagine choosing to do this. Mind you, I haven’t seen and never wish to see, Farrah’s vajayjay so maybe it’s also a little flaptastic but… this seems extreme and very unhealthy and freaky. How does this wand tighten the vagina???? Yurk.

  4. Farrah seems like a person I would not want to meet or be around. That being said, I don’t see the big deal about her having her vag done. She had a kid so I’m sure she felt she needed to have it fixed a bit. I’ve never had children and I’d have it done. And it’s no big deal that she had her butt cellulite moved. And the skin tightened. I wish I could have that done. Now again, I don’t like Farrah or her mother. They are both awful. But I can set that aside to have my own opinion about this. And I want to throw in that I hate Kailyn the worst of all.lol.

  5. ‘She felt that her gentleman greeter was looking decrepit’
    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I needed that, thank you The Ashley.

  6. Oh my god! “Baby shooter” you made me spit out my drink I was laughing so hard. Then once I’m ok I see “gentleman greeter lmao love it!

  7. Sophia will be so proud. She can catalogue this vid next to her mummy’s ass reaming video. Mom of the year!

  8. Farrah??? Uh huh, she needs that vag rejuvenated in her mid-20s… ’cause she’s always banging SO many guys, right?

    Aside from one child-birth and that brief assay into porn, she comes off like the most asexual member of the Teen Mom team. Chick has always been hotter for $$$ than sex.

    Though to be fair, there really is something unusually sad and desperate about her. Jenelle may be a naturally horrible human being, but Farrah acts like someone who has all kinds of twisted, secret issues going on. And that sucks a lot of the fun out of judging her :\.

  9. What in the actual hell is wrong with this lunatic? Is she that starved for attention that she feels the need to film all of these procedures for the world to see? Maybe if she stopped shoving things up there, like hers or James Deens fist, maybe she wouldn’t need procedures like this.

    The smartest thing Ryan Edwards said on Teen Mom was that Farrah had no morals.

  10. Sticking something in there to make it tighter? Makes the skin thicker? Isn’t thicker skin called “scar tissue”?

  11. When ‘living a better life’ means you have to take your private parts to the garage for maintenance and a tune up because of the high milage at 26, I rather keep living on the other side of the fence thank you.
    This is just free PR for the business she never speaks about.

    1. “you have to take your private parts to the garage for maintenance and a tune up because of the high milage at 26,”

      ?????? You win the internet.

  12. I’m sure she could have done the Exilis butt tightening thing for free by sticking an M 80 firecracker up her a*s.

    No doubt, many folks would have been BEYOND happy to light the fuse.


  13. Sorry, tightening her uterus? Her actual womb? I hope to Jesus’s Christ they mean vagina, and that Farrah knows where to draw the line (literally) on where a Penis goes.

    1. Well it is Radar. Where a female editor doesn’t know how her own female parts are called and where they are.

      1. In Radar’s defense, it seems the “uterus” remarks were quotes from “an insider”. Hopefully, that’s an insider on Farrah’s entourage and not clinic staff, who certainly ought to know the difference between the uterus and the vagina.

  14. Seriously not many have been there since you give birth you freak.

    I wish she would fook off and disappear

  15. Just when you think Farrah can’t get any crazier she does this…I’m guessing her long term goal is to be totally plastic by the time she’s 30? Also why is she getting things tightened? She won’t even allow people to use her bathroom, I seriously doubt anyone has touch those parts since her sex tape. That junk must have cobwebs.

    1. 😉 I think the crew was not allowed to use her toilet cause they could have found lip prints on her toilet seat and film it ;-).

      Hey Farrah, how’s it hanging girl?

      1. I’m guessing it was south and to the west…hence the lift and tighten?

        I’m really not sure Farrah understands how the vagina works, or any body part, in the first place. I feel terribly sorry for Sophia that she’s stuck with this creature, and will be forced to learn all about puberty from someone that can’t even spell vagina.

        Oh who am I kidding we all know she isn’t going to teach her jack.

  16. Wow. I will never understand why women actuallly have procedures like this. Leave that shit alone. The vagina and uterus naturally expand and contract given different circumstances, so there’s really no medical need to have any of this shit done.

    1. The oddest part is that they want it artificially tightened…when a woman is aroused her vagina is supposed to loosen. So technically if it stays tight she’s probably not having much fun lol.
      Didn’t think I’d be making that comment today haha 🙂

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