‘Big Brother 19’ Episode 17 Recap: Paul Wants Jessica to Sacrifice Cody & Josh Wants to Play with Cookware

“What does everyone have to pick on me?!”

It seemed like everyone was fighting on Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 19!

When Paul nominated Cody and Jessica this week it seemed inevitable that the Halting Hex would be used, the eviction would be cancelled and nothing that happens this week would matter. But that doesn’t mean nothing happened. This episode was jam-packed with fights and a whole lot of relationship drama!

There’s also a new plan from Paul to try and convince Jessica not to use the Hex. Good luck with that.

Fight #1: Paul vs. Jody

“Don’t make me unleash my dogs on you!”

After the nomination ceremony, Jessica and Cody know that everyone knew they were going to be nominated and don’t want to deal with them pretending they didn’t. Paul is confident that they don’t have any power, and is still convinced the couple is lying about having the special privileges.

Jessica and Cody are invited up to the HoH room to talk with Paul. Jessica explains that he’s going to regret this, and says that she thought he was smarter than this. Cody mocks Paul for thinking that he knows the game better than anyone else. Paul tries to deny ever saying that.

(FYI, Paul says that ALL.THE.DAMN.TIME.)

Cody gets very heated, saying that all of these people follow Paul like dogs and Paul is just playing a character on a TV show. Cody gets extra angry when Paul tells Jessica to lower her voice. Paul tells him to leave the room and it gets intense.

Fight #2: Jessica vs. Cody

After the fight with Paul, Jessica is angry that Cody is taking it so personally and blowing up. She’s very pissed off that he’s a hothead who gets into fights over nothing. Cody explains that this is just who he is and she doesn’t like it.

Fight #3: Mark vs. Josh

Paul decides to gather all of his dogs to tell them about how Cody is a big stupid baby. Mark tries to defend Cody and Josh snaps, yelling at Mark for being a joke and a bully, bringing up how he abandoned Dominique. Mark tries to laugh it off, but Josh keeps prodding him, eventually banging pots and pans at him.

I could go for a cookware fight right about now…

That sets Mark off and he charges at Josh to rip the pans out of his hands. A voice comes over the loudspeaker telling them to back off.

(We didn’t get to see anyone chuck cookware at anyone else, unfortunately.)

Cody talks to Mark to calm him down. Mark was bullied as a kid, so this hurts him and he’s also upset that everyone just sits back and lets Josh do all of this stuff. Cody confides in Mark that Jessica thinks he’s the villain and probably doesn’t like him anymore.

Jessica talks to Paul and says her Hex will take everyone off the block. Paul goes to work on Jessica to try and get her not to use the Hex so he can take out Cody. He lays it on thick that Cody is the only reason she’s a target.

Paul rallies all of his dogs to tell them about his plan to convince Jessica that she should let Cody get evicted because he’s bad for her game. Christmas is the first dog to jump through Paul’s hoops, talking to Jessica about how, if Cody never returned, she would be way under the radar.

Jessica says she has to use it because Cody is the only person she trusts and she’s not going to beg others to trust her. Christmas keeps the pressure up, saying that Jessica will be seen as a bigger threat than Cody if she uses it. Christmas is a very good little doggy and will definitely get a treat from Paul for this conversation.

Cody and Jessica chat and Cody apologizes for not being the guy she needs him to be. He’s trying to give her space and he wants to make her happy, but he doesn’t know how. She doesn’t want him to act like a hothead and be a quitter.

Next, it’s Elena’s turn to talk to Jessica. She genuinely believes that keeping Cody is bad for Jessica’s game. We get dual conversations as Elena and Jessica complain about their men while Mark and Cody have some bro time. Jessica doesn’t want to have a hand in Cody’s eviction while Elena wants to abandon her man to save her game.

Later Cody and Jessica make up with a scene straight out of a romantic film. He says that he’s not close to anyone in his family, doesn’t have many friends and he’s single. He wants to make her happy, but he can’t change who he is. He just wants to sacrifice his game to help her because he can’t win and she can.

Soon, it’s time for the Power of Veto competition. Kevin and Raven are picked to play and the HGs are shown BB Storm Watch updates the night before to study. Paul summons all of his dogs upstairs to study. We don’t see much, but Cody and Jessica basically just slept through the whole thing.

The HGs must read a script during a storm and fill in the blanks with the names of the evicted HGs based on the information they heard. Cody is hilariously stoic the whole time and doesn’t emote at all. Jessica claims that she wants to win the Power of Veto, which is definitely a lie because she didn’t study at all.

“Maybe that nap wasn’t such a good idea…”

In the end, Jessica and Cody earn a pitiful 12 and 15 points, respectfully. Jason ties Cody’s sad score, and Raven and Kevin each score 16 points. Paul dominates his competition, coming in with 22 points to win the POV.

Paul celebrates, still thinking he can save this week and entice Jessica into not using her Hex. Afterward, Paul tells Jessica that, back in Week 1, Cody told Matt that he only wanted to keep Alex and Jason around to take out Jessica and Raven later.

Jessica says that if she doesn’t use the Hex, she wants two weeks of safety and for Alex to be the target next week. Paul says that he will make the deal, but he reveals in the diary room that he doesn’t intend to honor it at all.

And…that’s where the episode ends. This may be the first time that we didn’t get to see the Power of Veto ceremony in the episode. It’s certainly a weird place to end. We’ll have to wait until to tonight to see how it wraps up!

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  1. I will never like Jessica and Cody. They are the most self-entitled, emotionless assholes. Josh is just…well weird. I want all three of them to leave.

  2. The entertainment value Josh provides is some next level shit. Seriously, I LOVE JOSH. He’s awful and immature and pathetic, but I die every time his scenes come on. Just saying. Jessica and Cody annoy the crap out of me. Like seriously Jessica, stop throwing a tantrum because you’re upset you have to use your power. It was very, very clear that she was hoping to strong-arm the others into not nominating her, and her plan backfired because she chose to lie about it. She should have kept her mouth shut, or just told Paul the truth and at least earn herself a better chance of not being nominated. She thought she was being clever, but in actuality she ended up guaranteeing her nomination. Now wants to pretend like Paul will be the one upset when no one goes home, when really, the whole house wants Cody out and now next weeks they can do it.

  3. I HATE that Josh spends 50% of his screen time crying about being bullied, 30% of it whining about how he deserves to still be there and 20% being a bully himself.
    I wanted to rip those pans from him and smack him with them as he pranced around singing his circus music. Seriously, fuck Josh. He doesn’t still deserve to to be there and should have been booted weeks ago.

    1. I don’t really look at Josh as a bully. He’s more like a 12 year old kid in a grown man’s body lol. He’s just a weird dude.

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