TLC Responds to Derick Dillard’s Hateful Statements About Transgender ‘I Am Jazz’ Star Jazz Jennings

“Is it something I said?”

Counting On star Derick Dillard took to his Twitter on Wednesday night to blast transgender teen Jazz Jennings and her reality show I Am Jazz, and now the network that airs both shows has issued a statement regarding Derick’s statements.

On Thursday afternoon, TLC posted a message on its Facebook and Twitter accounts, letting its viewers know that, while Derick may think a show about a transgender person is wrong, he doesn’t speak for everyone associated with the network.

“It is important for us to let our viewers know that Derick Dillard’s personal statement does not represent the views of TLC,” the network posted.

TLC viewers called for the network to cancel ‘Counting On,’ the show that Derick, his wife, Jill Dillard, and Jill’s family the Duggars appear on, after Derick stated that “transgender is a myth,” among other things.

He then further insulted Jazz (who is 16 years old), by referring to her using the “him” pronoun.

“I want to be clear. I have nothing against him,” Derick tweeted. “I only have issue with the words and definitions being propagated here.”

As of Thursday afternoon, Derick’s tweets are still visible. No member of the Duggar family has spoken out about what Derick said, but members of the family have previously spoken out regarding the topic of transgender individuals.

Jazz has responded to Derick’s comments by retweeting words of encouragement she’s received from fans since Derick’s tweets were posted. She also retweeted some of the responses people had to Derick’s tweets. On Thursday afternoon, she finally made a statement about the situation.

“Every day I experience cyber-bullying, but I keep sharing my story,” Jazz tweeted. “Today was no different.”

(Photo: TLC, Facebook)


  1. So many confused people in the world. Is it the chemicals & hormones in our food & water causing this confusion?

    I’m mot trying to be offensive but, somethings not right here. If another species of animal started showing confusion as to their sexual orientation, such as fish. Let’s say fish suddenly became gay or female fish thought they should be male fish & male fish thought they should be female fish,soon there would be no more fish. Government studies would ensue, experts would be looking for solutions, no one would consider it normal or ok that all the fish were so confused that they never make more fish.

    I used fish because a new study has been released linking hormone (birth contol biggest offender) into our water supplies. Water treatment plants dont filter out all the chemicals we exspell when we urinate. The fish live in this filth, and the study said fish were turning gay.(Not my words theirs) So the fish were manipulated by hormones to be attracted to the same sex.

    I believe it’s the pharmaceutical contamination (GMOs included) in our food & water supplies that have caused a rise in sexual confusion.

    Google the study. Don’t come at me. I really dont care who you sleep with, or if you think you’re a unicorn. I just think thought this study was interesting & frightening all at the same time.

    1. Some fish literally change from male to female (probably the opposite too) in order to breed. Lots of creatures do. We also know tons of other animals display homosexual tendencies. So I don’t think they’re going to turn gay…some of them have always been gay.

  2. Usually when people get so mad at you not having their same beliefs or opinions it’s because they don’t understand how to explain it to you. They get angry and mean instead of trying to explain their thoughts. And when that occurs most people just stop listening and form a negative opinion towards the subject. They want to represent a certain crown of beliefs but las out if you don’t agree and that’s how the subject is remembered.

  3. Unless they’re pulling his and his ugly wife’s show off the air, I don’t give a fuck what bullshit ass-covering statement TLC makes. They’ve let this disgusting family get away with so much over the years it’s ridiculous.

    1. Wow. And people complain about Derick saying ‘hateful’ things. Calling someone’s victim “ugly” also qualifies. Personally, I think Jill is pretty, but it’s subject to opinion, I suppose.

      As is transgenderism.

  4. Derick needs to STFU. What he said was despicable and not appropriate. TLC had the show for years and NOW it is a problem for him? Maybe it’s their ratings, maybe it’s the fact that both him and his wife are annoying and boring so he had to get attention somehow.

    And TLC, what was said cannot be unsaid. Even if you don’t agree with his statements, he is on YOUR channel and you should cut him off the show if you don’t want to cancel it. (He isn’t doing anything improtant with his “missionary” work and impregnating his wife every 2 years, Jessa and others seem more interesting anyway)

  5. Also let it be known, not everyone agrees. TLC doesn’t speak for everyone either. People are allowed to disagree with someone else. We live in a confusing time, people are being extremely hateful these days and it’s so easily accessible with the tap of a thumb. What you fail to realize is, both sides are wrong. I live this life for myself, however that may be, and that’s fine for me. Same goes for Derek. Same goes for Jazz. Guess what applies to all three of us? NONE OF YOUR OPINIONS. Like water off a ducks ass, there your opinions go. Relax already. Live and let live, and YES that includes the Duggars.

    1. I agree with you. People jump at the chance to be hateful to any one over the internet. This incident isn’t the most terrible thing in the world. People have opinions and jazz needs to get used to it. He has put herself out there for all to see and judge. And if she was old enough to change genders then she should be old enough to know that not all people agree with her. She’s just jumping on the ‘hate the duggar’ band wagon that seems to be going around. Rules about genders are changing daily for some reason and you can’t expect people to know them and understand them as they change so quickly. You are not allowed to say anything anymore. This guy Derek isn’t the only one thinking and saying these things to her and I don’t think he needs to get the brunt of hate for it. The things people are saying about Derek on this website are way worse then what he said about jazz. Way worse.

  6. I just couldn’t imagine being that bothered about someone else’s life that doesn’t affect me in any way to randomly post that stuff online. Completely unprovoked. Does he have nothing better to do… get a job or look after his kids for example? Even just count his cash cent by cent, so long as he doesn’t bother anyone else!

    1. I thought someone asked him about how could his convictions allow him to be on the same network? Maybe I just dreamed it. I really don’t care though, he’s proving to be just as ignorant despite his more ‘liberal’ upbringing.

    2. The irony of everything you said in your comment is cracking me up. It could be applied to everyone who comes to this celebrity gossip site to randomly post stuff about people who have nothing to do with their lives. Hilarious. Thank you.

      Yes, I’m familiar with the argument that these people sign up for these shows so get what they deserve. That can also be applied to Jazz.

        1. Apparently that is not the rule, since everyone all over the Internet talks cruel smack about all of the Duggars (even victims) – and many of them are also under the age of 18. Double standard, there.

  7. So what are you going to tell God? . go against the Word of God. Holy Bible. To make a stand for transgender. This is normality to support mixed up people. God have Mercy on all of you who don’t Stand for what the Holy Bible stands for. I applaud Derrick for standing for the Hoky Bible.

    1. Umm he’s putting down a transgender but he allowing his children to be around a guy who molested his wife…So your applauding a man allowing his children to be around a child molester….real biblical *sarcasm*

    2. Since when is supporting pedophilia. incest, molesting and/or raping one’s siblings, not to mention adultery, been supported by the bible? (all of these things are things Dillard and the Duggars, all support, btw) Are you trying to tell me those are things the bible and God supports (feel free to cite some references, I know the bible, and many versions of it, inside and out…)?

      He’s not standing up for the Holy bible at all..maybe the Hokey Bible, but certainly not the Holy one…or God for that matter.

      1. The Duggars are supporting pedophilia, incest, molesting, rape, and adultery? That’s quite the accusation. Please show proof of your statement. I won’t hold my breath.

        1. They admittedly covered up for their son when he molested FOUR of their daughters, including a 5 year old. They kept him in the house with his victims and forced them to forgive their brother. Then they went on with their merry lives without getting actual treatment for any of their kids. How is that not supporting pedophilia, molestation, and incest? It is, at the very least, complicity.

          Of course then they scaremonger about trans people when the real monster was living in their home.

          1. Correct, then Michelle blamed Anna for Josh’s actions saying wives should always be ready and gladly available to satisfy their husband’s sexual needs or the husband would become unhealthy.
            Then they talked her family out of a divorce.
            The prostitute Josh allegedly raped and abusef is pictured as a lying ho.

        2. Josh has ADMITTED that he molested at least 5 people – his sisters and a family friend – and that’s also backed up by police reports. He ADMITTED he went on a dating website and cheated on his wife.

          But that’s ok if goes to a “rehab” to pray it away? There’s receipts and you’re defending these people? You’d be ok with an admitted child molester being around your children so long as he asked forgiveness for his “sins” and prayed really hard?

          You’re a sick human being. The type of woman that would allow her child to live in a home with a child molester.

          1. You’re repulsive and a complete idiot to boot. You could not answer my question of SUPPORTING this behavior as it is obviously over your head.

        3. Umm, do you live under a rock?
          Those are ALL things Josh Duggar did-and admitted to, perhaps still does. How about you do a super quick search and find all the proof you need.

          The Duggars *support Josh, stand by him, always have, always will. So, yep, they support these things.

          You shouldn’t hold your breath anyway, that’s bad for brain function 😉

          1. Once more, I’m looking for PROOF that this family SUPPORTS molestation, rape, pedophilia . . . .

            If his parents sent him away for 4 months and off to a bible rehab , not that these are the best choices, how is that SUPPORTING these behaviors?

          2. Clearly, you are an idiot..and no one wants to promote idiocy, lol.

            Find me proof that they DIDN’T and DON’T support him…

            By their own belief system, they have to support him, it is precisely what their cult and their belief system dictates. They shamed the victims and supported the pedophile…that’s how things work in this cult. They have *always stood by him, always, and they have said nothing *but the fact that they support him, and why. They have said the girls MUST forgive him and forget what he did, or they would burn in hell for all eternity-again, something their cult teaches from birth. You can find all that “proof” on your own…do yourself a favor and actually look for it, lol. Pretending it doesn’t exist just because you don’t want to look is rather stupid.

            How do I know? I have firsthand *experience* with this specific cult. I don’t need to relive those days, that experience, just to satiate your desire to be lazy. I know their belief system, their cult, inside and out, and I’m grateful I am far, far away from it now.

    3. I’m going to tell God that I loved my neighbor, as He commanded. Especially the ones who needed my love the most. If that’s not acceptable, I’d rather not be where people like you are anyway. That would not be heaven for me.

      1. Since the reply feature can be wonky, I would like to point out that my response was to the person above asking how I’m going to explain to God sticking up for a transgendered person. I’m not 100% convinced of the existence either, but that’s what I would say.

    4. I don’t really believe in god; we’re agnostic (you can’t prove the negative). Our kids are raised as atheists for all intents and purposes. But they’re also raised to treat everyone with respect, and that includes friends and relatives whose family has different beliefs.

      I am being genuine when I say that I don’t understand why you care how someone else chooses to live their life? It’s Jazz’s and her parents choice. They don’t dictate your morals any more than you can dictate theirs’. Can you please explain WHY you care? So long as someone isn’t hurting another or taking something that doesn’t belong to them, why do you feel the need to police their private lives?

    5. I’ll stand for God, Eve. Every time. I’m proud Derrick didn’t cave to pressure on go back on what he said. He spoke the truth.

  8. I think his comment was unnecessary but also not really bullying either. I live my life under the assumption that what anyone else does is not my business. no one has to “agree with” transgender (or any sort of LBGT lifestyle) unless they’re living it. live and let iive.

    BUT what I find annoying is all the people calling out Josh for being a pedo. maybe he’s a creep, but touching a fellow teens boon (even if they are your sister) doesn’t make you a child molester. it also has 0 to do with dereks opinions.

    1. During some of the instances he had the little girls climb in his lap for story time, and decided playing with them would be far more fun…and no, it wasn’t just their boobs(which is what you were going for). Yes, that DOES make one a child molester, regardless of the age of the offender…the whole “child” what makes him a child molester. They were NOT only teens when he molested them, not that age really matters here(it doesn’t, it was never once a welcomed action by any of them..the very definition of molestation)

      Do you know what the definition of pedophile is? It is *anyone*(including an older adolescent) that is sexually attracted to children. Yes, Josh Duggar is indeed a pedophile-and will always be one, there is no cure for this psychiatric disorder. If his family had not covered it up for years, had help covering it up for years..and had actually put him through the legal system like normal people, he would have been placed on the sexual offender registry *as a teen* when it first started. Perhaps they could have stopped some of it too.

      How sick can you be to not see that what he did was molest his siblings, and a cousin, hell it’s even in the damn police reports?
      I mean, really, how do you justify that in your own head as NOT being a child molester, do you assume they wanted it or something? That whole mindset makes me want to vomit.

      As far as what it has to do with idiot’s’re wrong there too. Anyone that can be as misguided as this twat must be to SUPPORT an adulterous pedophile, doesn’t exactly have the best judgment in the world. He was bullying, he directly called one person out, used her photo and her name, to bully her specifically. Whether it was as bad as some comments she has gotten before, is irrelevant, it’s still bullying her, not just the lifestyle…but her.

    2. He is a damn child molester, you are blind and ignorant shame on you for sticking by a pedo

    3. The youngest girl (that we know of) was FIVE. FIVE.

      That isn’t “fellow teens”. In fact, exactly NONE of them were teens. He was fourteen and he is the oldest. Every single sister and friend he touched was under thirteen.

      Frankly, it doesn’t matter what label you use (in your words “pedo” and “child molester”). What matters is that it’s SICK. It’s disgusting that anyone would hide behind the bible to excuse that type of behavior. And it’s abuse to leave those children in the home with their abuser and force them to “forgive” him. They were children – again NOT teenagers as you claim.

      It’s people like you that allow pedophiles to pray on children. Since he “repented” and prayed it away, he is “forgiven” and allowed access to children again. Has it ever occurred to you that sick individuals hide behind religion to gain access to children? They claim they’ve found salvation so naive women like you will allow them to be with your children.

  9. No one seems disturbed this 16-year-old (?) kid was discussing what kind of “vagina” HE wants on national TV along with his fame hungry parents. Why are they even allowing him to be so public with these things, as he is not even a legal adult?
    Derek was not bullying this kid, but stating his opinion. No matter how you look at it, Jazz will always be a male if he (and YOU) like it or not. The only bullying I see if from people viciously attacking the way people look.
    Arrow me down all you want, I couldn’t care less.

    1. This isn’t your problem and mayabe this kid thought that other teens are going trough this procedure and wanted to be a voice for them. There is no age to be great. This Derrick should mind is business (take a shower) and be more careful of his pedo in law

    2. We’re supposed to act like this is a new normal. We’re not supposed to question it or state anything about how we may not agree with what is essentially child abuse for fame. Everyone else will point out the Duggers for child abuse or exploiting their children but not view the Jazz situation under the same lens.

      You have more downvotes than upvotes but just the fact that there are upvotes means that not everyone agrees with the Trans Trend and we don’t all have to pretend to either.

      1. There is nothing wrong with disapproving of people that are transgender. There is nothing wrong with saying that. What IS wrong is naming a specific individual and making direct statements to that individual (that is also a minor). Had Derek simply made a statement that he didn’t morally agree with transgender individuals, I would likely defend him as it’s his right to his religious beliefs. He’s allowed to believe whatever he wants, and he should be able to express that opinion.

        There is no reason for an adult (and a married one with his own children, at that) to direct derogatory, smug insults to a teenager.

        FWIW, I don’t watch “I Am Jazz”. The parents are famewhores exploiting their child’s deeply personal experience. From what I’ve seen, they feed off of people like Derek throwing vitriol at them because they WANT to be victims. I also have huge reservations about a child taking hormones to permanently affect their health and growth, especially as they make the children infertile. There’s a great Frontline about it, and it got me reading more about the issue. I personally don’t agree with the hormones and surgeries for minors and young adults. I also don’t agree with pushing it on people that are uncomfortable; for example, I absolutely buy the argument that someone with a penis shouldn’t be in a locker room changing with young teen girls. The rights of one individual that feels and believes they were born a gender different than their anatomy don’t trump the thousands of others at a school. I am especially disturbed by the very young elementary school age children that I read about. It is not a conversation a parent should be forced to have with a 6 or 7 year old.

        In short, I would have no problem with him making general statements. I do have a problem with him publicly attacking an individual, especially considering that individual is a minor.

    3. Well said, Ellachi. This was in no way bullying. It was stating his opinion (which he’s correct about, in my own opinion, but that’s neither here nor there)…His right to free speech in the United States, just as we all have (thankfully).

      Also, in answer to someone else, Derrick never said the word “Jazz.” Even if that was who he was speaking of, he did not say it.

      1. UPDATE: I’d like to add that I hadn’t realized Derrick had used a photo of Jazz with his statement, but it hardly matters. He did NOT say the name. (Yes, though, people would have known who he meant.) Not that I care. Derrick had a right to his belief – and frankly, he’s correct.

  10. Quit paying the Duggers for doing nothing but judging. I’d rather see anything other than Counting On again. We know how they believe, but to say hurtful things for something you don’t even know about or just keep those opinions to yourself, FREELOADER

  11. To quote the Gospel, Derek: “judge not, lest ye be judged,” a-hole.

    Can you imagine Him publicly shaming a 16-year-old who is merely finding her own identity, and offers acceptance and comfort to others in the same painful situation? Of course, Jesus had to withstand a lot of harassment for his loving acceptance of people whom Duggar-adjacents prefer to shun and abuse. Seems weird, but apparently a lot of so-called Christians never bother reading beyond the Old Testament.

    1. Yes! I live in a very southern baptist kind of area…lots of judgy Christians around. I always wonder if they completely forget the whole Jesus section or if they just pretend to forget it so they can be a-holes…? You can’t claim to love everyone like Jesus when you also use the bible to bash everyone that isn’t like you.

  12. I think the Duggar girls shouldn’t have a show based upon getting sexually molested, alledgely, by a close family member. Put that in your pipe Derrick Dillard and smoke that!

  13. Love the response Jazz gave. She is a class act. Derick is ignorant and a big hypocrite. So much for being a Christian and showing compassion towards others. He verbally attacked a child. I wonder how he would feel of someone did that to his child. Plus being in the public eye, you would think he would know better before he posted something like that.

    1. Not using social media until you are a married adult definitely stunts the development of online etiquette. Combine that with being fake hungry and you have a Duggar.

  14. I don’t understand his argument. Gender is a social construct that varies from culture to culture. It doesn’t have anything to do with God. Also, I don’t think God would approve of him being mean to a child.

    1. If gender is a social construct, which it’s not, then wouldn’t the gender wage gap be a myth?? Lefties love science, except when it comes to science’s definition of gender. Biology doesn’t lie. People that watch Teen Mom religiously, probably know FUCK ALL about politics, religion, and science because you don’t care. You fail to educate yourselves and this is the world we are left with to leave to our children. Goodness. Dumb. All of you.

      1. “If gender is a social construct, which it’s not, then wouldn’t the gender wage gap be a myth??”

        Lol at you calling people dumb when this is your argument against gender being a social construct.

        1. DUHNELLE, you’ve ventured into the perilous depths of THEASHLEYS comment section to do true missionary work. I can see that. I appreciate it.

          We are all shameful, drooling, teen mom obsessed, borderline retarded, crash test dummies in dire need of someone with the intelligence and the guts to keyboard yell the truth right at our idiot faces. You, DUHNELLE, you… You’re our savior. Until now…JUST.THIS.MOMENT. I had never even realized that it was my ridiculous ass that was nearly single-handedly destroying this entire planet. FOR THE CHILDREN.

          DUHNELLE, I don’t know science! SCIENCE! What even are politics? Obviously, YOU’RE my religion now. Praise.

          I would like to point out that while the word GENDER may have been used interchangeably with the word SEX in the past, this is no longer the case. Words, like anything else, can evolve. (SCIENCE WORD!) You see, SEX refers to the biological differences between males and females (you know, genitalia…chromosomes and whatnot). Of course, even within the scientific and medical communities there’s debate on whether those two sexes are even mutually exclusive.

          GENDER, DUHNELLE, absolutely refers to social and cultural roles that are formed both by society as a whole and on a deeply personal level.

          Also, the gender wage gap is a real thing BECAUSE gender is a social construct.

          DUHNELLE, you rule, goddess.

      2. This is a good post for you to read, Duhnelle. This woman is a science teacher and she can explain biology for you since it appears you are having a hard time.
        I just commented this on a transphobic post that was all like, “In a sexual species, females have two X chromosomes and males have an X and a Y, I’m not a bigot it’s just science.” I’m a science teacher so I responded with this.
        First of all, in a sexual species, you can have females be XX and males be X (insects), you can have females be ZW and males be ZZ (birds), you can have females be females because they developed in a warm environment and males be males because they developed in a cool environment (reptiles), you can have females be females because they lost a penis sword fighting contest (some flatworms), you can have males be males because they were born female, but changed sexes because the only male in their group died (parrotfish and clownfish), you can have males look and act like females because they are trying to get close enough to actual females to mate with them (cuttlefish, bluegills, others), or you can be one of thousands of sexes (slime mold, some mushrooms.) Oh, did you mean humans? Oh ok then. You can be male because you were born female, but you have 5-alphareductase deficiency and so you grew a penis at age 12. You can be female because you have an X and a Y chromosome but you are insensitive to androgens, and so you have a female body. You can be female because you have an X and a Y chromosome but your Y is missing the SRY gene, and so you have a female body. You can be male because you have two X chromosomes, but one of your X’s HAS an SRY gene, and so you have a male body. You can be male because you have two X chromosomes- but also a Y. You can be female because you have only one X chromosome at all. And you can be male because you have two X chromosomes, but your heart and brain are male. And vice – effing – versa. Don’t use science to justify your bigotry. The world is way too weird for that shit.

        1. “I just commented this on a transphobic post that was all like, “In a sexual species, females have two X chromosomes and males have an X and a Y, I’m not a bigot it’s just science.” ”

          Chromosomes don’t matter.
          Pointing out long standing scientific fact makes you a transphobic bigot.
          Uses studies about insects, birds and slime mold to attempt to disprove facts about humans.

          Well I’m glad we got that all straitened out.

          1. Well if you had CONTINUED READING, you would have come across the part discussing humans. Shit. Can we get an English teacher in here, too? It appears some are having trouble with science and reading.

          2. “And you can be male because you have two X chromosomes, but your heart and brain are male.”

            I read it.
            I didn’t know a heart or brain had a gender or a sex on it’s own.
            That’s some grade A science you’ve got there.

            Who is this science teacher? What is the source for this? You can’t just copy and paste something from a blog or reddit post and say “A science teacher posted this” and expect anyone to just believe it.

            You just copied something you thought would prove your point but it didn’t prove anything.

            It appears that some are having trouble with other people having opinions that aren’t “the right opinions”.

      3. Has it occurred to you that some people “educate themselves” and come to a different conclusion than you? I’m not a “leftie” and I’m not speaking about transgender individuals, but to imply that someone with different beliefs than you is stupid and uneducated is ridiculous. Patently ridiculous. I am not Christian. That does not mean I’ve never read the bible, it means that I have and I’ve rejected it.

  15. I feel like it became bullying when he singled out a person to make his opinion known. He could just have easily have said it without referring to a specific person.

    1. Agree…..he could have made a statement, BUT he singled out Jazz and they are both on the SAME network TLC!! And to single out a child!! Shame on him!!

  16. Serious question. I understand not liking Derick’s comments on the transgender topic, but how are they related to Derick’s position concerning what his wife’s brother did? (Not sarcastic or condescending, but honestly asking.) I have a sibling-in-law whose past disgusts me, but the actions took place a long time ago, and the family moved forward before I even met my spouse. My spouse has tried to move on, so I can’t very well insist that we dwell on it. Does this mean that I can’t have an opinion on anything unrelated? Again, please understand that I am not expressing any opinion over Derick’s comments alone, just their relation to You-Know-Who Duggar. Also, I want to make it known that I wouldn’t be asking this question if the oldest Duggar man child was the one making the comments, because everyone’s issue with that (mine included) would be crystal-clear.

    1. I think there is a difference between accepting and supporting someone that has done something so heinous to another human being(sibling or not…), and simply not dwelling on it, but also not supporting those actions or that person, realizing what he/she did was beyond wrong in every way possible…most likely not trusting that person ever again even.
      Honestly if ANY of the Duggars, or Dillard for that matter, actually spoke out *against what the pedophile did, sought to help his victims(instead of telling them to forgive and forget or they’d burn in hell for all eternity..and every other crass thing they were told while being victim shamed)…I might feel a little bit differently. None of them have, or will, though…and that’s mind boggling. Support the offender, ridicule the victim is their motto.

      I question the judgment of someone that can support that kind of behavior, accept that kind of person as “not bad” or “not corrupt” or, and this one would crack me up if it weren’t so sad…”godly”.
      So, I suppose, if you, or your spouse, supported what the family member did, thought it wasn’t actually wrong, or worse put down that family member’s victim(s)(if it applies), I’d probably question your judgment too. But, a lot might depend on what the family member did. Some things are far more heinous than others, after all. Molesting children is pretty damn heinous..and pedophilia isn’t something that one can ever come back from, or “cure”…once a pedophile, always one.

      Hopefully none of that comes across snarky towards you..I get why you were asking, it is a somewhat intriguing question, but probably more situation dependent. I have a family member with a VERY questionable, hell outright dark, past-even present, too..but, I don’t support what she did/does, and I don’t forgive/forget it. If it comes up, I talk about it, I don’t dwell, but I don’t ignore it either. I’s caused some ruffled feathers in my family in the past-it no longer does now hat everyone else sees it too, but it certainly has.

      Of course Derick has given us all plenty of room to question his judgement since day one…so, that doesn’t help any here. I mean, he agreed with the parents that his wife *had* to forgive her brother and forget what he did, or she’d burn in hell, would be disobeying god, and all kinds of other nasty stuff. That’s beyond creepy. Add in every other idiotic thing he’s said or done…and I don’t think most folks would take anything he said seriously, lol.

    2. Personally, my issue is that Derick is so quick to judge everyone who engages in anything remotely against his beliefs and yet he stands by and lets his wife attend Family Dinners with her molester.
      Had Josh molested a random girl, he probably wouldn’t be in this conversation but he molested Jill. So while Derick is so quick to judge a 16 year old girl (who in my opinion cannot change who she is or how she feels), he’s a 28 year old man who stood by his wife’s molester, allows her and his children to see that molester and supported his wife when, while she had an opportunity to do the right thing and help other victims, she went on TV and said she forgave him (as if she had a choice). It’s not really about moving on for me, it’s about Derick being a bit of a hypocrite.

  17. He seems to have plenty to say about a kid….but nothing to say about his pedo brother in law who molested his wife….

  18. The fact that he goes after a kid says everything about him and nothing about HER. He doesn’t have to agree with the transgender community but what exactly was the point of his tweet? I am repulsed by the Duggars because they believe that their way of life is the only right way while they’ve got piles of skeletons in their closet. I thought Christianity was supposed to be about love and tolerance, not condemning those whose lifestyle they don’t agree with. The way Jazz lives HER life doesn’t affect the Duggars. I’d be more worried about Josh before worrying about anyone else.

  19. How was he bullying? He didn’t personally attack the kid, he just stated an opinion. It really didn’t come off as hateful to me.

    I’ve have always wondered why people are so on board and have nothing negative to say about I Am Jazz in regards to 1) the kid’s disrespectful, bratty attitude and 2) the parents allowing their CHILD to be pumped full of hormones. I mean, that can’t be safe in the long run, fighting the natural course that a healthy body is supposed to follow. I really don’t see how it’s even legal.

    1. You don’t understand how the human body works, and that;s why it’s confusing to you.

      IF a body and mind can’t work cohesively together, they cannot be defined as being “healthy”. There can be any number of ways this can happen, any number of treatment methodologies, any number of things that can affect this cohesive relationship…in the end, none of us can define “healthy” for another(no matter how hard you try).

      I have a child that needs HGH, if you didn’t know she took them, you’d think she’s healthy. Guess what? She’s not. Her body doesn’t make the proper hormones necessary for “healthy” she gets them via HGH. I don’t expect the world to understand HGH, anymore than I expect the world to understand trigonometry..but it sure as hell would be nice for folks that don’t understand these issues to keep their traps shut, lol.

      My child gets all kinds of comments from idiots that hear the word “hormone” and go bat shit crazy. My child isn’t even transgender, but the hormones she receives are quite similar, and often used for those that are.

      If you don’t understand…research, or ask…otherwise..shut your pie hole. People making idiotic comments like yours are the very reason my child refuses to attend our local public schools. What you think and say, often, is reflected in your own children, which comes back to bite someone else in the ass. Think before you speak, and if you don’t fully understand what it is you’re saying, either admit it upfront..or, again, shut your pie hole until you do understand.

      Hormones don’t work the way you, and many others, seem to think they work. As for her being a bratty kid, well I don’t personally actually support that at all. Her getting hormones…I get it, and believe the folks that don’t should just take a seat.

  20. It is funny how he’ll call out Jazz. Meanwhile he’s allowing his children to be around a a man who molested his wife…………..

    1. It becomes bullying when he posted a pic of Jazz and wrote on top of it that transgender is a myth and then used the wrong pronoun when referring to her.

      Derrick could have posted about his opinions on transgender identity and issues without dragging a child into. He chose to put a kid in the middle of this.

    1. Mel – It wasn’t. There was nothing “bullying” about stating facts. Apparently speaking the truth has now become a hate crime, punishable by dragging Derrick’s brother-in-law into every conversation about DERRICK, speaking hateful commentary about DERRICK’S WIFE, a VICTIM of said brother-in-law, and maligning the name of the entire family for the crime of one individual (namely, Josh)! I’ve never seen such baloney and double standard in my life as I’ve just seen on this page.

      The “social justice” left has lost its collective mind.

      Derrick was RIGHT.

  21. He had every right but he should also remember not to bite the hand that feeds you. I don’t know what is going in with him but he looks like a meth head.

  22. He has every right to not agree with transgender community. We don’t have to agree with everything. He absolute doesn’t have any business cyber bullying and berating someone. Jazz is just a child. Shame on the duggars.

    1. And double that shame on TLC. If an employer has to make a public comment on an employee’s conduct yet fails to protect other employees, you have a lawsuit. I Am Jazz should wash the ick of the Duggars off their shoes and go to a network that has appropriate expectations of behavior.

  23. Isn’t he allowed to voice his opinion? That’s bullying? Hate to break it to jazz but he is a he. Just look down in the shower.

    1. @ People Suck – Exactly. The young man is delusional. And everyone is joining into his delusions! I feel sorry that he’s ill, but that’s where the buck stops with me. I am not about to be dragged into someone’s mental illness and forced to believe them along with him.

  24. He actually is not cyber bullying Jazz he is merely expressing his opinion, be it popular or not. That’s where ppl get it twisted.Dont get me wrong, I’m not sayin he’s right/wrong, but every time someone says something somebody doesn’t like they call it bullying

    1. When you address someone personal, using his/her name and/or his/her picture…that IS bullying, not just “sharing an opinion”. There is a huge difference between the two.

    2. It’s 2017. If someone posted something you don’t like it is now bullying. We are all supposed to think the same way and never question anything for fear of being called names.

      Opinions are now borderline “hate speech” if it’s not the trendy opinion.

      1. You can, very much, have an opinion about a topic, a subject if you will..and not direct it towards one specific individual.

        I gladly take my lumps for being a bully towards Josh Duggar(and every adult in that family, including current spouses of adults). Because I directly call them out on their shit. That is me, expressing my hatred for their actions and words(or lack thereof).

        The difference between some of us is that we KNOW and willingly admit when we’re calling someone out individually and don’t hide behind “this is just my opinion”. 😉

        Hiding behind “it’s just my opinion” is a scapegoat. If you’re going to have the cajones to direct vitriol towards a person, group, whatever…have the cajones to stand behind it and not put up “it’s just my opinion” sheer curtains in the process.

        There’s loads of things people do, say..even are, that I don’t like, and I can discuss those topics without directly calling someone out..especially a child.
        This has nothing to do with wanting everyone to think the same(in fact, there are some wonderful opinions in the comments above that are directed towards the *topic* of transgender, which aren’t vitriol directed at individual people..therefore..not bullying. Huge difference between the two.

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