‘Big Brother 19’ Episode 18 Recap: Using the Halting Hex & Unleashing the Madness

Welcome to the circus, y’all!

It’s been a tense and interesting week on Big Brother 19. Paul nominated Cody and Jessica, only to discover that her Temptation can cancel the eviction and render his HoH meaningless. (Of course, Cody and Jessica had been trying to tell Paul that all week but Paul, being Paul, was convinced he knew better and assumed that the couple was lying.)

Paul implemented a plan to try and salvage the week by convincing Jessica not to use the Hex and let Cody be evicted, and now we’re going to find out if the plan was successful.

The episode picks up with Jessica finding out the truth about whether Cody said he was going to use Alex and Jason to take her out (which he did in Week 1). She confronts Matt and he doesn’t think it’s relevant anymore because things have changed. Then she asks Cody and he denies it.

Bad move, bro.

Paul fills in all of his followers, including Alex, about this faux deal with Jessica to take Alex out next week. However, he doesn’t tell Mark and Elena that the deal is fake. Paul is extremely proud of himself for making such a brilliant move.

Jessica gets in a room with Paul, Matt, Raven, Christmas, Mark and Elena to go over the deal. They all instantly agree, but Jessica is just using this as a back-up option if she can’t convince Cody to stay and fight.

At the Power of Veto Ceremony, Jason calls out Cody for not having a genuine personality. Jessica just stands and says “World peace” while Cody stands and says “I have no speech.”

They are delightful.

Paul saves Jason and there is no replacement nominee.

Jessica is not happy that Jason used his speech to mock Cody, and Paul is upset that Jessica and Cody made a mockery of the ceremony.

Jessica sees Raven talking to Kevin and Jason and gets suspicious, especially when they change the subject as soon as she walks in. Jessica asks Raven about it and says it was sketchy. Raven denies that it was anything about her, but it totally was.

Raven hounds Jessica and Cody to talk to them, lying about her chat with Kevin and Jason. Cody asks why Raven is against him and she says it’s because the whole house is. He wonders why she won’t make her own decisions. Now Jessica is 100 percent using the Hex and she loves that Paul will panic.

“I still got your back, boo.”

Raven tells Paul about the conversation (as Jessica predicted) and he goes to bat for her because he’s angry that Jessica is going back on the deal that he has no intention of honoring anyway. Paul talks to Jessica and she calls him out for playing a psychological game and using his status as a vet to influence and control everyone. She can’t be controlled and explains that she’s using the Hex because Cody is the only person she trusts.

In.The.Face, Paul.

This makes Paul want to bring the chaos. He tells Josh to bring it up to a 30 to annoy Jessica and Cody and Josh obliges like an obedient dog. Paul then gathers everyone to question and attack Jessica. Alex and Raven go to war and there’s a lot of yelling.

“You can do this, Josh. You CAN be even more annoying. You’ve got to dig deep, man!”

Cody and Jessica walk outside to get away, but Paul tells everyone to follow them outside and continue to attack them. Paul, Josh, Raven and Alex are the biggest aggressors. Paul brags that all his “dogs are barking,” while Raven legit is standing there barking like a dog.

As you do.

Matt, the voice of reason, thinks that this is embarrassing for everyone. Oh Matt, the episode didn’t even show the half of it…

Christmas questions Cody’s military service, trying to get him to punch someone and Paul tells Raven to fake cry.

“Um…can we get some non-stick cookware up in here, guys?”

Jessica, wearing cat ears as an obvious dig at Alex, announces that she’s using the Halting Hex. The Temptation Voice recites the Hex while the lights flicker and it’s just insane. Julie Chen tells them that the eviction is cancelled and no one goes home. Everyone thought it was pretty cool.

Later, it’s time for a mini-golf competition where each HG gets to hit a ball down a course with obstacles and try to get the highest score. There’s a horror theme with zombies and tombstones because…well, why not?

“Can I take this club into my room and sleep next to it, just in case? No, seriously…can I?”

Josh gets the highest score with 23 points, followed by Cody and Christmas who tie for second place with 21 points. Mark and Jason each score 16, Elena and Raven each get 13, Matt and Kevin score 6 points each, and Alex and Jessica each score a pathetic 2 points.

Paul and the others immediately cheer because they know Cody can’t win.

Josh is named the new HoH!

Oh sweet Jesus, what fresh hell has been unleashed? Obviously Cody, Jessica, Mark or Elena will be going home this week, depending on the Temptation Competition and Power of Veto. However, Josh will do whatever Paul tells him, which includes (but is not limited to) making some truly obnoxious speeches.

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6 Responses

  1. for all those making comments do you just watch the show? if you watched the feeds you would know the edit of cody & jess is not true. They are not the victims, not the ones being bullied. Try reading some update pages that have the feeds in them and see what they have said and done both are disgusting mean and they are the bullies. The first week of the show when Cody was hoh he threatened more then one house guest saying he would go off on them, get in their face anything it took. Do your research see what he had to say about trangenders and Audrey. Research what horrible things have came out of these two. They are far from the victims, they are not being isolated they refuse to be around anyone. The cook eat sleep away from everyone else. They care about none of the other houseguests how every one can so blindly believe they are good people is mind boggling

  2. If the people in this house had any kind of brains or wanted any real chance of winning this game, they would get rid of the person who is truly controlling this game and everyone in it, which is Paul, not Jessica, and certainly not Cody. Jessica is the top threat to Paul, and that’s why he wants to get rid of both of them so badly. I would never let a “veteran” get this far, especially one that is so skilled at manipulation. Josh is one of the most annoying people I have ever watched on this show, and the scene with him and Raven in the back yard, harassing & bullying Jessica & Cody was disgusting and immature. I hope Matt & Raven realize that they have no chance at winning this, and after Mark & Elana are out, I’ll bet they are next in line to go. Pathetic game-play by a majority of these “players” this season.

  3. I never thought I’d hear myself saying this, but I’m officially team Jessica. I will never like Cody, but the way the others acted last episode was literally horrendous.

  4. I’m going to need your update because I’m taking the week off. Josh will be an even bigger bully and jackass his with his HoH win and I am not hear for it.

    1. I can’t stand him either but I’m just glad Jess and Cody didn’t win. One of them will be going home finally.

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