‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Shows Off Her Third Child: See the First Pics of Baby No. 3!

Kail cuddles her (still unnamed) son…

Kail Lowry has introduced the world to her new son!

The Teen Mom 2 star, who gave birth to her third child last Saturday, has posted the first photos of her new addition (who is still nameless). In one photo posted to Instagram by Kail, fans can see Kail’s other sons, Lincoln and Isaac, meeting their new baby brother. In another, Kail cuddles her newborn son.

Photos and a video of Kail leaving the hospital hit Radar Online on Tuesday. In those photos, Kail is seen in a wheelchair, holding the new baby, while the baby’s father, Chris Lopez, walks alongside them. On Wednesday, the site added new photos of Kail at home with the newborn.

Kail has stated on Twitter that she is still unsure what to name her son who, at birth, weighed in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces. She waited until the baby’s birth to find out the gender, and later told Radar that she was excited to have another boy.

“I wasn’t disappointed at all,” she told the site. “Boys are all I know so I think it worked out for the better.”

As far as The Ashley has heard, Kail’s labor and delivery was not filmed by a ‘Teen Mom 2’ film crew; however, it will be incorporated into Season 8 in a similar way that the birth of Chelsea Houska‘s son Watson was (via home video and photos).

See the photos of Kail’s newborn son below! (Click to see multiple photos!)

Nothing compares ? #motherofboys #momx3

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  1. Alright, I’m sorry, but I’ve been checking her Kail’s twitter everyday and I’m furious and have to let this all out. FIRST OF ALL Kail wants to act like people have no business in her life or commenting on her life but I don’t see her giving up the show to use that college degree she brags about having to use to get a big girl job and support her three kids whose father’s she’s scared off. She can piss and moan all she wants about Jo and Javi and Chris but I wouldn’t stick about this bitch either. These men don’t owe Kail shit, but they owe their kids a good father which Jo and Javi have done, hopefully Chris will do the same. Kail talks a big fucking game but has NOTHING to back her up. “We planned this baby” but Chris doesn’t seem to want to be involved? “I was a high risk pregnancy” but you’re globe trotting weeks before you give birth? “You werent at her dr appointments, you don’t know!” True but we aren’t f*cking stupid? She acts like no woman has had a miscarriage or a high risk pregnancy before her and can’t call her bs or like she’s some sort of pregnancy expert. Look, idgaf if she wants to he mad because people call her on her shit, but here’s my thing. There are young girls watching her. Like it or f*cking not Kail you are a big influence on these young girls life and talking out your ass and telling them “I did think I could get pregnant but we decided to try/I can travel put of the country with my high risk pregnancy/I can use my husbands military benefits to buy myself a big ol house then divorce him and make him stay in a hotel when he gets back from deployment so I can f*ck someone else and get pregnant” is a TERRIBLE F*CKING ROLE MODEL! So bitch and complain “everybody thinks they know me because they see part of my life on tv! I’m a human being not a role model!” You act like this is complicated. If you can’t be a good role model get off tv. Be the super mom you boast to be a work a 9 to 5, but you wont, because you wanna make that easy money and then bitch that people just don’t like you when all you do is lie out your ass and treat people like sh*t. Yeah, it’s hard to be a good role model, but it’s not hard to not be fake and stay f*cking up then act like people just don’t understand you ? I’m done.

  2. How do you go a full 9 months, have the baby, and then go on two weeks without having a name…?

  3. I too had 9 months to come up with a name and couldn’t. You can leave the hospital without a name. we had 5 days after discharge to decide. Though nobody ever said what happened if we didn’t pick one in that time. My hubs eventually picked one I didn’t hate.

  4. Well on a positive note, Kail does procreate exceptionally cute children so this baby will likely be adorable.

  5. Wow! For a moment I thought Kail was wearing a huge fake mustache to step up for transgenders.
    Thought to myself: Geeez Louise, what a time to share your opinion again and/ to get attention, you just had a ba… oh wait, that IS the baby.
    Note to self: think less harsh of Kail and schedule eye doc appointment.

  6. As much as her choice to have another baby in these circumstances is confusing, I’m glad she and the baby are healthy. Have to say, for all the bashing she gets, she has two lovely little boys who seem polite and well mannered and happy, so I think some credit is due to her. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a fan of her choices on the whole but credit where credit is due.

  7. Now, let’s see if the dad who doesn’t want filmed also will shield his child from this garbage show.

  8. The kid is adorable. And the photo with his brothers melts my heart. But I am also very sad for this little guy, not cuz his father won’t be around (we will see that in a little while but for now Chris seems determined to be at least partially in his life) but because he didn’t ask to be born like this. He didn’t think he would just randomly be born because his mom believed she will have issues conceiving (which I don’t believe for a sec tho, she knew what she is doing) and just slept with her friend and then “unexpectedly” got pregnant. The divorce papers were just signed back then! I hope he and Isaac and Lincoln will all realize what their mom did was wrong, I hope this one won’t resent her making a mess out of his life, I’m sure he won’t be thrilled when he grows up and realizes the truth.

    1. Okay this obviously is not an ideal situation, and that is sad, but this is a little too melodramatic to me. This child will be raised in a home with two nice and polite siblings, and a parent who has financial means. Again it’s not ideal, but he’s not exactly doomed either. It’s not like Kail is a homeless crackhead. He’ll probably be fine.

      1. I didn’t say she was (compared to Jenelle she is still a MOM) but I meant the fact that she now has three children by three different guys. The last one was born just like that without consideration or anything! That’s what makes me sad is that the little guy just came out of nowhere cuz his mom decided to not use protection while sleeping with her friend. Again, I know the situation is not that uncommon but it bugs me, at least date for a while and not just sleep around to see if you can get pregnant or not. I’m sure he will be raised into a good person anyway tho.

    1. Idk why but I always remember a really early TM2 episode where Jo is picking him up and Isaac just says, I have diarrhea in the sweetest little voice. It made me love him even more.

  9. Oh man, has anyone thought about these boys growing up and dating girls yet?!? I totally picture Kail to be a nightmare mother in law!

  10. She names her kids after singers. Isaac was after a member of Hanson and Lincoln’s middle name Marshall was after Eminem. My Mone is on Drake this time.

  11. Sorry …but all I see is three kids, three dads, all different looking. She’ll be raking in the child support. I might be old school, but I think you shouldn’t have kids w every tom dick and Harry. Or Jo,javi and Chris !!? Geez! And guarantee there will #4 dude within a year. ?

  12. At least she isn’t like Maci or Jenelle who tried to hide their babies face to try to get money offered for their first picture…

    1. She already sold the baby pics to a magazine. Her behind the scenes photoshoot was online somewhere. is the baby even a week old?

  13. She has to of named him by now and just isn’t saying for some reason..seriously what does his birth certificate say? You fill that out before leaving the hospital ?

    1. You don’t get the birth certificate right away. You fill out the paperwork in the hospital then over a month later it gets issued.

      1. even though they all have different fathers they look similar. I thought the poster of that comment was clear.

        1. But why is it mportant? As in: “at least they all look alike,” which seems to indicate that having children that do not look alike is a negative. Are you trying to say, “she had three kids by three different dads but at least they look similar so passerby won’t know they have different dads”? Why does it matter if her kids who have different dads can “look like” they have the same dad? People adopt kids who are a totally different race from their biological children and they look nothing alike…. is it being implied that that’s somehow a bad thing? I don’t get this sigh of relief that “at least they look similar.”

    1. My siblings and I have the same parents and we look nothing alike, lol. (and yes, I know they are both parents to all of us, we have had genetic testing for a medical condition my older brother has.

      In fact, my parents used to get asked if they had adopted all of us. Not only does our hair/eye color not even remotely resemble one another, but even our bone structure doesn’t.

  14. I just don’t get this rush to find out the baby’s name. In my home country people wait up to TWO months until they make the final decision about the name of their babies. 😀

    1. I think the problem people have with that is that you already have up to 9 months to decide on one. Even if you don’t want to know what you are having, then you pick a unisex or boy/girl name!

  15. Is Chris hispanic or is he black? Lopez is an hispanic name but that baby is pretty dark for being half hispanic and half white.

      1. Of course he can. He probably is. It was just a question to see if anyone knew. Why are people down voting my comment like I’m a racist or something? I didn’t know that asking somebody’s ethnicity was so offensive. Ridiculous.

        1. Seriously! You can’t say anything anymore without offending someone. You were just asking if he was black or hispanic. There was nothing racist about what you said. Don’t worry about it.

        2. Maybe the offensive part was saying that the child looked too dark to be half Hispanic/half white. There’s such a range of skin tones in every race and in mixed race babies. And a baby’s skin tone at birth may not be the “real” lifelong skintone they’ll have yet. It may have sounded like you were judging the baby’s skin tone. Implying that being darker is not a good thing for a Hispanic or white baby.

          1. I didn’t say he was “too dark.” I said he looked pretty dark to only be half hispanic. That’s why I asked. I didn’t say anything hateful about blacks or hispanics. I’m actually 25% hispanic lol. I don’t see how asking what a persons ethnicity is offensive. That’s insane.

        3. Seriously. You people are so butthurt over a comment. She wasn’t being offensive. Get over yourself and stop trying to be so politically correct all the time!

          1. FWIW, I wasn’t offended (I just asked why she hadn’t thought of the most obvious answer to her question), but it’s even sillier to get butthurt over “downvotes” from strangers. Why would it be politically correct to downvote a post you don’t like, especially when it’s anonymous?

        4. Downvotes don’t necessarily mean people think you’re racist. People downvoted me asking why he can’t be two ethnicities, soooo who knows why random strangers downvote a blog comment?

          I didn’t think you’re question was racist btw, but it just seems like him being both black and Hispanic was the most obvious answer.

          1. @SARAHK You are right. I feel dumb for not thinking at the time I wrote the question that he could be half black and half hispanic. I thought about it right after I posted it actually. I just know in 2017, people are really sensitive if you even mention somebody’s ethnicity so yes, I do think a lot of people down voted me for that.

          2. There’s also such thing as Afro-Latino you know, where it’s not really half and half. Please look up the history of people of African descent in former Spanish colonies.

    1. Omg you implied that black people have dark skin! How dare you be so racist!? ?

      If you were famous this post would haunt you for the rest of your life!

  16. I’m sorry but I honestly just get a really trashy vibe from her. Feel like she’ll call the kid something like Smith, or Murphy or something stupid like that, that should be left as a surname.

    1. She probably has named the child and is just holding out for media $$$$$ attention so people like us keep checking her news just to see what she names him. You can’t really see his face either. Daddy #3 will be wanting his $hare of the proceeds too I’m sure.

      1. Oh she’s not trashy from the names she gives her kids. She’s trashy because she’s got 3 children, but 3 different men, she cheated on her husband, and clearly can’t keep her legs closed. She’s trashy because she claimed she divorced Javi because he wanted more kids and she didn’t, and then she went out and got herself pregnant on purpose before the ink had even dried on her divorce papers.
        She’s trashy.
        Also, Smith and Murphy and all those other so-called trendy names, are surnames. They are stupid first names for children. Think about that kid when he grows up. Its all well and good to call your cute 3 year old ‘Rainbow’ or whatever cutesie name, but when she’s 30 and a lawyer, nobody is going to take her seriously.

        1. I think it’s honestly difficult to pin down whether a name is a surname or not, because in my home country a lot of names that you use as surnames in the US are actually considered forenames, and because of the way our language is contstructed it’s not unusual for people to have two or three informal names rather than an informal forename and a formal surname.
          My own name is a double barrelled informal first name, and an informal surname (my cousin, who has his dads surname, even has my surname as his first name) and when I was younger most of my highschook classmates were in a similar situation and had first names as surnames and vice versa.

          Some countries / societies / people don’t abide by the same rigidity of what is a surname / forename, and it’s not trashy simply because it doesn’t agree with what you’re used to.
          there’s also a huge difference between trendy names like “Rainbow” (as you pointed out..) and names that have been in circulation for hundreds of years.

        2. I know a very successful attorney named Cloud. Believe it or not people usually hire attorneys based on their skills and track record and not their first name.

  17. Isaac and Lincoln look happy and it’s a great thing to see. (Love those two!)

    And hopefully, baby daddy#3 will step up and be a presence in this baby’s life, same as Jo and Javi are for their boys.

    We’ ll see.

  18. I think Kail just opens a history book and points at name and names her kid that…
    my money is on Hamilton, Newton, Benjamin, or Jefferson.

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