Amber Portwood’s New Boyfriend Andrew Glennon Explains Why Two Exes Have Filed Restraining Orders Against Him

“Well at least he doesn’t have a litter of abandoned kids, so there’s that…”

The skeletons are already starting to come out of the closet!

Amber Portwood‘s new boo, Andrew Glennon, admitted on Thursday to having two restraining orders filed against him by two different past girlfriends. His statement came after Radar Online discovered and published the previous protective orders that had been filed against the Teen Mom OG star’s new boyfriend.

Radar discovered that Andrew’s ex-girlfriend of three years filed a protective order against him in October 2013. The site posted photos of the actual restraining order documents the girl filed against Andrew.

In the documents she claimed that after she broke up with Andrew, he “hid her keys” and the day after “wouldn’t leave [her] apartment until [her] dad threatened to call the police.”

After that, the girl claimed that Andrew just wouldn’t quit her, even hacking into her iTunes account to install the “Find my iPhone” GPS tracker on her phone. In the documents, the woman wrote that she feared for her safety, given that, at 6’7 and over 300 pounds, Andrew was much bigger than she was.

“In May, he showed up uninvited and after I asked him to leave he secretly let the air out of my tire till it was flat,” she wrote. “On my birthday, [he] showed up at my work under a false name delivering flowers. Security at my work turned him away… [He kept] calling, texting, emailing obsessively and emailing threatening statements.”

In a statement to Radar, Andrew said: “I have three sisters and would never consider stalking nor harassing any women. In hindsight, I should have contested the first [restraining order filed against me].”

Andy hadn’t changed his ways by 2015, when a second ex filed a restraining order against him, according to Radar. In April Ex #2 filed a domestic violence restraining order, asking that her family also be protected from Andrew, whom she said in the documents she only dated from November 2014 to January 2015.

“He has threatened me verbally and I believe yesterday he sent an anonymous letter to my boss and coworkers to deliberately trying to smear me,” she wrote. “He has contacted my family and my friends in order to try and find out about me. I am scared for my safety and I am scared of him.”

In a statement to Radar, Andrew claimed that he did not even know that ex filed a restraining order against him. He did admit to writing the letter to the girl’s employer, though.

“I felt it necessary, her being a teacher, to let her employers know what type of person they have working for them,” he told Radar. “She was one of the most poisonous relationships I’ve ever had.”

He later claims that he still talks to that “poisonous” ex-girlfriend today, though.

As The Ashley told you, Andrew comes from a prominent Hollywood family, and has never been arrested.

In his interview with Radar, Andrew said he took two years off from dating to better himself.

“I’ve learned from those relationships and all those hard experiences have helped shape me to the man I am now,” he said.

This appears to actually be true. In December 2016 (months before he met Amber), Andrew told a friend on Facebook he was not dating until he bettered himself.

“I am officially off the market until I feel personally satisfied with my life’s progress and have formed a stable foundation in which I can can have children and be fully present,” he told the friend on Facebook.

Apparently when he met Amber on the set of Marriage Boot Camp, he felt that he had improved himself enough to pursue a relationship with her. The couple has been inseparable since they began dating earlier this summer. Andrew has already been to Amber’s home in Indiana, and met her daughter Leah. He will appear on the next season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Amber has called her relationship with Andrew “serious.”

Surprisingly, Amber has remained silent on the situation since Radar broke the story on Wednesday. In the past, Amber defended “her man” (who at the time was Matt Baier) via rants on social media, but it appears that she may be taking the high road here.

(Photos: MTV, Facebook)

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  1. I seriously consider Amber to be mentally ill. Andrew must have some similar issues if he is attracted to her (having seen her behavior on the show). This relationship is headed for a huge crash. Gary – please keep Leah with you as much as possible. We don’t want any collateral damage…

  2. It is not a good sign that he is still defending the anonymous letter he wrote to girlfriend #2’s boss and place of work. This does not sound like a man who has taken enough time to find himself and become stable in his mind. The fact that he still thinks it was okay to write to her school and tell whatever private things he had learned about her surfing their 3 months of dating (which probably wasn’t much anyways) is not okay. He sounds like a crazy person still. And how does he claim he didn’t even know about the second restraining order? Does he think we’re stupid and will believe that? Does he think if he didn’t know about it then it doesn’t count and we shouldnt worry about it?

  3. “I am officially off the market until I feel personally satisfied with my life’s progress and have formed a stable foundation in which I can can have children and be fully present,” he told the friend on Facebook.”

    Wtf does that even mean?

  4. Oh Amber. I knew it he sounded too good to be true. You have your own mental illness you struggle with, you don’t need to be in a relationship where your partner has the same struggles. This is going to lead to an emotional roller coaster non-stop. You don’t need that, you need some peace for once. Time. Then find someone who is stable enough to help YOU during your rough times with your illness. Why are you always taking on guys with their own issues and trying to help THEM?

  5. If a man lying about having 8 (or was it 9?!) children with different women that he skipped out on wasn’t enough of a red flag for Amber to run in the opposite direction then ex gf’s having put restraining orders against her flavour of the week boyfriend isn’t going to work.

  6. It is so sad that at her age she still hasn’t learned how to be alone. By the time she’s 40, she going to have a list of like 30 exes. She is clearly not healthy and has to do extensive work on her self esteem issues and becoming a healthy productive adult.

  7. Noooo!!!! I was all about the rebound to make sure Matt didn’t creep back in. Usually someone’s past says something about their character. People can change but these are serious acusations. I really would like to see Amber thrive. I hope she lets this guy just be a rebound and keeps it moving.

  8. I can’t knock down Amber. None of these 20-something “Teen Moms” have been encouraged to grow up. Quite the opposite, in fact: since age 16, they’ve been rewarded for their ability to pop out babies & misbehave in public. They get pats on the back if they purportedly stop getting “high! high!” — or obtain a GED — or pursue even a totally useless, cosmetic form of higher education.

    So, never having matured beyond “16 & Preggers,” Amber & the rest hook up with creeps & use their offspring to generate drama. Careerwise, they play at “flipping houses” or try to become makeup entrepreneurs instead of seeking practical, long-term employment to support themselves & pay the kids’ therapy bills after MTV cancels the show. Not to be a bummer or anything…

    1. EXACTLY! It’s like they are all still in their minds 16 and think they are allowed to do anything. So I think they attract alike and they stay with those guys cuz they think they can’t do better. Amber is a perfect indication of this since she was physically abusing to Gary (who we now see was actually the best thing that happened to her). Don’t get me started with Jenelle. Maci and Chelsea seem the only ones who actually have decent men (although I do think Taylor is slighly famewhorish).

  9. I hope Gary knows about this and makes it so Amber can’t have Leah if this guy is around. If the previous girlfriends were also afraid for their families lives because of this dude then Leah sure as hell doesn’t need to be around him at all. I know I sound paranoid but I would never let my children around someone like that. What if they break up and he stalls and hurts Leah to get back at Amber. It’s not a good situation at all. Fuck your own life up Amber, not Leah’s. Don’t even know these people but I’m so glad Leah has Gary and Kristian. They are the real parents here.

  10. I’m going straight to hell but…
    Anyone else excited for his tell-all when they break up?? He’s obviously a vindictive ex, and we might get some good dirt!

  11. Restraining orders are like DUIs: almost anyone might have ONE, but if you have two, you’ve got a problem.

    1. My thoughts exactly. First time, maybe it’s a jealous ex. Second time, it’s definitely him. Yikes.

  12. It would seem that Amber’s selection of men peaked with Gary. And is it just me or does he look like a giant version of Matt?

  13. …and this, my dear….is why you don’t have custody of Leah. You wanting to have more time with her is just as phoney as your “sending love” line. How about you send love to your daughter!!!!!

  14. Amber is a loser, she has a quick trigger temper, has the ugliest legs in the world even after plastic surgery. She got her GED in prison, non educated felon, garden variety white trash from Andersen Indiana, and that is all she will ever be. She doesn’t care about her kid, only her snatch and her low self esteem. Only another loser would have anything to do with her, so he’s a lighting technician big deal, he’s still a mental case, that’s all she can get! Poor Leah, thank god she has Gary and Kristina!

  15. I knew this whole college-educated, employed guy was too good to be true. Amber has appalling taste in men. Gary was the best one. How? How?!

  16. So a stalker who scared two ex-girlfriends into filing protection orders against him is who Amber wants around Leah?

    Jeez, Amber. Try explaining THAT to Boo Boo


  17. …ok this makes wayyy more sense. No respectable guy is going to be with Amber, because she’s an abusive drug addict. So she will attract the same. I thought it seemed fishy that this guy would want to date her.

    1. She really knows how to pick them… at least this one has his own money. But jeez- maybe if she could be single for a damn minute, she wouldn’t have these issues.

  18. I have a feeling that we’re going to be hearing horror stories from way more than 2 of his past girlfriends VERY VERY SOON. I’m going to go out I a limb and say that he doesn’t have a single relationship that ended without the female being extremely fearful. if 2 women placed restraining orders, there are more females out there that wanted to but were too fearful to follow through.

    1. It’s ironic that this new guy stated that he wanted to be single for a minute and work on himself before getting into another relationship. Maybe Amber should have taken a page out of his playbook- lol. This dude is obviously controlling like Matt. And like Gary! I’m sensing a pattern.

  19. Poor Matt will have to get a job now. How sad for him that he can’t mooch off Amber anymore. Now the new guy will be mooching off Amber ;as we read-he will be on the show next season .will she ever learn???

  20. Amber- Just stop with the men already! What you do affects your child. Don’t put her in a dangerous situation! Just stop and be a mother!!! Why is she so selfish and co-dependent. Don’t these pathetic girls know you can find happiness in focusing on and mothering your children? I’m so disgusted.

    1. she’ll just say “it’s good for boo boo to see me happy”. btw, amber, if you were truely “happy” like you always say you are, then you wouldn’t be going from loser to loser. happy people aren’t co-dependant.

    1. We shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions. You don’t know if this is going to be another Matt situation. I hope to God it won’t be. I don’t think Amber is mentally stable enough to handle another situation like that.

  21. How can someone file for and obtain a restraining order against him while he is completely unaware of its existance?

    He even says they still talk!
    She must be very forgiving.

  22. Ok, so, are we still supposed to pretend this experienced, obsessive stalker didn’t know who Amber was or that she is an easy mark? Riiight.. Come on, Amber, seriously.

  23. I see a lot of people saying Amber is a magnet for dirt bags/ psychos/etc…’s because she is a dirtbag/psycho/etc. Let’s not pretend Amber is some pillar of the community, haha. No stand up guy is going to be with Amber until she completely changes (which is unlikely.) I was rooting for her when she got out of prison, but she hasn’t changed much. She just stopped doing pills. She still is not sober (drinking), she is still abusive, and she still has serious anger problems. We all know this is gonna blow up in her face and she will act surprised.

    1. Agreed. After her interview with Dr. Drew when she discussed how far gone she was with her addicition and her struggle to over come it, I was rooting for her. I wanted her to prove that she turned her life around. But now? I want to scream that this is why Gary doesn’t trust her with Leah. Her taste in men is terrible, and she has an attitude of her and Leah’s safety be damned.

  24. This has red flags and if amber hasn’t learnt anything by now about women coming out of the closet and red flags than she deserves what happens next.
    It’s a blessing that Leah has a stable step mother in kristina and I’m surprised that Gary hasn’t cut off more access

  25. If he had owned up to the behaviors that caused him to force TWO women to live in fear and said that he’s been in serious therapy, I wouldn’t be so squeamish. Blaming the women, defending his actions (oooohhhh my god NO honey NO), and pretending that he cured his mental illness (dunno what exactly causes Some people to stalk, but it’s not great mental health) by not dating for a little while?

  26. There is no way he just had two crazy exes file restraining orders against him without doing some crazy stuff. Amber is a psyco magnet, so it is not a shock. Watching her punch Gary in the past showed she has her own issues too. However, she has come a long way and is much better at controlling herself now. I just wish she’d realize she deserves so much better than these losers she chooses!

  27. Nope nope nope nope. Do not trust this dude, Amber! As a woman who has had to file an order of protection against an ex I believe these women 100% and I do not believe he totally changed the sort of person he is in two years. The fact that he is defending sending that letter to her employer is deeply disturbing and shows he still has not changed. RUN. Men who stalk, harass, and obsess over women are deeply disturbed and would need a massive amount of therapy (not just self reflection) to actually change. This dude is trouble.

  28. Girl, be on your own and focus on being a mother- not a girlfriend. She is definitely a magnet for dirtbags.

  29. Aaaaaand nobody is surprised. “Amber’s in a relationship”, has become code for “Amber is getting engaged to some low life she just met last week.”

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