Teen Mom! ‘Counting On’ Star Joy Duggar is Pregnant With Her First Child

“We figured out The Sex real quick, y’all!”

Joy-Anna Duggar wasted no time procreating with her new husband, Austin Forsyth!

The 19-year-old newlywed announced on Wednesday that she is currently pregnant with the couple’s first child.

“We’re so happy and thankful to announce that we’re expecting a baby!” Joy-Anna told People.

“Every child is such a precious gift from God. I’m most looking forward to watching Austin as a dad and raising children together with him,” Joy added.

Joy did not reveal how far along she is in her pregnancy; however, she can’t be more than three months because she and Austin have only been married since May. (There’s always the possibility that something very “un-Duggar” happened before marriage, but it’s pretty unlikely, considering these two were chaperoned for their entire courtship.) To see her baby bump, click through the couple’s Instagram photos below.

“When we found out we were pregnant we were both extremely happy, and blessed,” Austin says in a video posted to the Duggar Family‘s official website.

“Before we were even married, we were praying that God would give us kids, and we’re so thankful that he has,” Joy, who will be 20 by the time the baby is born, adds.

According to People, Joy and Austin are living in Arkansas near the Duggar Compound. (Perhaps ol’ Jim Bob gave them that creepy house he bought last season?)

Joy and Austin have both stated that they plan to leave the amount of children they have “up to God.”

“We want as many as the Lord thinks we can handle,” she told People earlier this year.

All of Joy’s married siblings have announced a pregnancy within six months of getting married (with the exception of her older sister Jinger, who got married in November 2016 and has yet to announce a pregnancy). Josh Duggar and his wife Anna are about to welcome their fifth child, while Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald each have two children. (This will be Jim Bob and Michelle’s tenth grandchild.)

As a general rule, the Duggar Family does not believe in birth control, which is likely why some of the Duggar kids (such as Jill and now Joy) have gotten pregnant almost immediately after getting married.

Watch the pregnancy announcement video below:

(Photo: Facebook, Instagram)


  1. Agreed! I read that again and all I hear is a robotic, monotone voice stating the Duggar party line. I want to save these girls!

    I will admit though that I like their instagram announcement.

    1. LOL these kids won’t be allowed to go to college. They will graduate from Jesus Homeschool and that’s it.

  2. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 8 months and no luck yet. How do these duggars ALL get pregnant in .5 seconds?

    1. I completely agree – we’re just about at a year of trying (or two (almost three) Duggar births and one pregnancy announcement) and I’ve been generally keeping it together but this one really got me. All I’m asking for is for just one of the Duggars to have to do it more than once to get pregnant.

      1. You have Jinger to look to but I’m sure she would be pregnant if she and her husband wouldn’t have been preventing. They could be having problems but then they wouldn’t be so happy in their marriage as they are right now so I’m sure they are preventing.

        1. Or Jingers just being rebellious. I mean, she did wear pants that one time? Maybe he pulls out, dirty lil devil! Lololol

        2. Honestly, she could even not be able to conceive. Be nice to see them adopting 20 kids instead of birthing them. I hope I don’t come off mean or heartless if that was really the case for her not being pregnant yet. If she does though, we know she was definitely sneaking the shot or some type of semi permanent birth control

  3. They all say exactly the same thing when they announce. “Every child is such a precious gift from God. I’m most excited about seeing my husband being a father.” Literally all the time, we get “precious,” “gift from God,” something about being excited for/about their husband. Drives me crazy.

  4. Okay, so Duggar logic: Teen pregnancy is shamefully, unless you’re married to another teenager. In which case it’s wonderful news?

      1. He looks so young! Either way, I’m 24, have been in a committed relationship for 4 years, live with my partner, and we both have excellent jobs, but we don’t want kids anytime soon. I don’t understand their thought process.

        1. I’m 3 years older than you (childless) and don’t get it either. I can’t afford having a child even if I wanted one. The sad thing is they are ‘trained’ to only think about reproducing and brainwashed that that is their only purpose in life. My mom who had me at my age (and I am a second child) never forced me to have it now cuz she knows times have changed and a lot of people here have them over 30, almost at 40 cuz there is a big problem with youth being jobless. Yup, there are ofc “oopsie babies” but it is rare now.

          1. It’s absolutely mind blowing. I couldn’t imagine having babies as my only aspiration in life. Some of these girls, like Jana, are actually very smart and skilled women, who could actually make something of themselves, yet their family doesn’t want to see their children succeed because of what’s between their legs.

  5. There was rumors going around during the courtship that they were sneaking around and fooling around. One of the rumors was that she had a pregnancy scare and they were pushing up the wedding because of it. A month later they had a “surprise wedding”. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was a little bit fatter along.

  6. “Always serving” – what more could a 21st century girl aspire to, eh?! Poor kid, she’s thrown her life away and doesn’t even realise. How Jim Bob and Michelle can call themselves parents, yet actively enforce such detrimental lifestyles on their children is mind boggling. It supersedes the unconditional love and concern that parents should naturally feel for their kids.

  7. Really low of the Duggars to copy a show that does so well to attract more viewers. Use their own sister, daughter to create a new storyline for Counting on and on and on. Poor little Teen Mom girl.

    (But seriously: there will be so much pressure on her, on them, to always keep up appearance and show this wedding and baby at her age was a good idea.)

  8. Another honeymoon baby for sure. Bet they plan their weddings so they are ovulating. If she is this big now she is going to be pretty huge by 40 weeks. Isn’t she the youngest Duggar kid to get married and expecting. Couldn’t even wait until she hit her 20s. The miracle is really that one of the duggar girls has been married for a while and isn’t pregnant. The one that got out of Arkansas.

      1. Nothing against Arkansas:) Seems like the Duggar kids go a bit rogue when they move away from the Duggar compound. Josh went too crazy when the moved and Jinger (?) wears shorts and doesn’t get pregnant right away. For her family that isliving on the edge!

  9. Listen, I’m small and even my bump didn’t look like that until I was 4-5 months along. Spoiler. I had triplets. So she got down and dirty a bit early.

    1. Just because you were tiny doesn’t mean every other woman will be. My first kid, you could barely tell I was pregnant (I am small to begin with). My second child, you tell at about 10 weeks.

  10. Honestly this just bothers me. She isn’t dead because she’s pregnant or having a child but she did just sign over her youth. Shame on her parents for supporting her fast moving relationship. Obviously a chaperone failed one day ? She isn’t done being a girl yet and now she will soon be a mother. There was so much more time joy Anna I’m sorry you weren’t raised to understand this. Good luck

  11. She sounds like a little girl (probably because she is a little girl). Both her voice and the words coming out of her mouth sound very childish. It makes me feel kind of sorry for her.

    Also, there is no way in h*ll she is only 3 months pregnant.

    1. Right? That’s not a 3 month bump. I wasn’t even showing until 5 months. Around 4 months, I looked like I had eaten a big lunch- lol. But at 3 months- nada. Most people are that way and it’s convenient since a lot of women don’t announce pregnancy until after the first trimester.

      1. That can be a 3 month bump…. I don’t even like the duggars and joy should enjoy being married first, but not every woman has a small baby bump. Be real. That’s great you barely looked pregnant at 4 months. That’s how I was with my first child. My second child, you could so fast. I told my family before I was 12 weeks because they could tell and asked me. So yes it can be a 3 month baby bump. These girls are so brainwashed that I highly doubt she had sex before marriage. She probably planned her wedding around ovulation

  12. I am not surprised stupid couples don’t use or believe in Birth Control. They will have a kid every year.

  13. I would LOVE a Duggar scandal where someone did get knocked up before marriage, but given how closely they’re chaperoned I can’t imagine how that would happen. So I don’t buy that theory. Here are some thoughts that nobody has said yet though: Joy has a beautiful body, so there’s no snark intended when I say she is a curvier girl. Jill was a toothpick and Jess isn’t far from that; I don’t remember when they started to show exactly but I feel like it was further along. Body shapes can cause bumps to look like they’re growing faster. Again, no shame in this! Also, I’m a style blogger and I know a lot of fellow style bloggers who did elaborate pregnancy announcements on their blogs. Some were only three months along but admitted to wearing a stomach pad (think like actress in movies where they need to look pregnant when they’re not IRL) because they wanted their announcement photos/maternity pics to look “more pregnant.” I don’t think it’s a stretch the Duggars would do the same thing to look back at their first pregnancy photos and actually see a pregnancy. However…didn’t all of the other Duggar pregnancies gets announced well before the third trimester? If she is roughly a trimester in, homegirl took her time sharing her little blessing with the world! I don’t know what that proves or doesn’t prove, but I think it’s interesting and worth noting.

  14. My best friend looked super pregnant early on, it can happen. Also she may be carrying more fluid, or carrying higher, or her placenta may be sitting differently than normal. I’m not a fan so don’t think i’m trying to make excuses but there are other possibilities other than they had sex before they were married or it’s twins. When in comes to jinger I’ve been wondering if maybe they are having trouble getting pregnant. I imagine she wouldn’t tell anyone about that cause according to their beliefs god only gives you what you can handle. Maybe not being able to get pregnant will be seen as god saying you wouldn’t be good parents or you’ve done something sinful so no blessings for you. Just a thought

  15. She’s probably going to try to catch up to Jessa & Jill, to please Boob. Poor thing. I don’t know why anyone would saddle herself with kids at such a young age, on purpose. I was fertile for over 40 years, and have one planned child to show for it! These fundies are nuts.

  16. I’m 27 weeks (with my third no less) and I’m only a bit bigger than she is! I know some women show quicker but I am having a hard time believing it!

  17. Agree with most of the comments here. It does sadden me that she is only 19 and has never lived on her own. A robot like the rest of the women in her family. I wish TLC would take this show off the air so these people could earn a living on a “real” job, not reality TV. I wish Jana would take college classes or get a job outside the home. I fear that she will end up being the Nanny for all of these children.

  18. I know all bodies are different, and women show at different times but for me, I didn’t start really showing till 16/17 weeks and she looks bigger than I did. No hate if she got pregnant before the wedding day, just making an observation.

    I do wish she had enjoyed being married a bit longer. Oh well at least the Duggar’ s are consistent.

  19. To me that bump looks far along for a first pregnancy much further than three months. Unless she’s pregnant with multiples but if she’s getting regular prenatal care I don’t think that would go unnoticed by docs and I doubt they’d keep it secret because of the press they could get. I hope she has a healthy pregnancy and delivery and is getting the care she should. Gonna be a long road til menopause.

    1. Every body is different but I agree it looks like it may be a multiples bump. However the Duggar clan seems to be fame hungry. So I could see them announcing the pregnancy and getting all the press and interviews and such for that and then just a few weeks later (once everything settles down) “shocking” the world with the news that it’s multiples.

  20. I have a feeling she’s going to have a 10 pound “premature” baby so the math works in her favor.

  21. My heart sunk a bit when I saw the headline…urgh you are only 19! enjoy your life you had so much more time to have babies. go to university, travel, enjoy married life etc.

  22. Looks like Austin truly is “diligent” like Joy always repeats like a robot….I’m very sad for her. I wish she could have experienced some sort of life before being sentenced to a lifetime of changing diapers, washing dishes and pleasing her husband whenever he says so.

  23. I don’t know how many of you visit the site (or believe in it if you do) but there was a blind item on Crazy Days and Nights about an out of wedlock pregnancy from a large reality family and something about a quickie wedding. Wasn’t their original wedding date in October?

    1. It was supposed to be October 28th and then they moved it up suddenly. Sounds like a shotgun wedding to me!

      1. I was under the impression that that was to throw off the press/fans and was a ruse the entire time. But man, if it was a shotgun wedding I would be tickled by all of this!

    2. As fun as that is to speculate on, I can’t imagine how when they’re watched so closely. I read a similar post (not a blind item though) today discussing this theory. Apparently there’s been speculation of this for a while but the roots can’t be traced as to where this rumor exactly started. Who knows though?

      1. I’d like to point out that their chaperones were usually siblings. A younger sibling can likely be bought off with candy and an older sibling probably wouldn’t care (since the oldest ones are already getting some from their husbands). I don’t think it would be that difficult to sneak a quickie or two if they really wanted to.

        1. I wonder if their cousin Amy ever chaperoned. And as far as it being “unlikely”, these are also the people who covered up Josh being a pedophile. If they covered that up, they’d cover this up.

          1. Thank you! I’m not really going off how I her belly is (even though my first thought was that she looked a little bigger for only being 2/3 months along) more so about how it’s weird that she’d be the third(?) Duggar daughter to get pregnant on/around her honeymoon. Out of how many children they have, I do not believe for one second they will all wait until their wedding. There’s nothing wrong with it of course but it’s just unlikely.

        2. What about a fake wedding date? Maybe they married before they announced it to the public? It could be that. I think we will need to hear from them when they will announce their due date (and the sex of the baby too but again, it could not be in real time). If she really concieved on her wedding day, it really shouldn’t be before middle of February. But we’ll see, again I hate speculating when there’s no proof they were really “busy” before they married.

          But part of me wants another Duggar scandal cuz then they will realize that even chaperoning can’t help teenager with raging hormones to stop her from having her first time in the bathroom. Maybe they will even loosen up their rules cuz of that! (Although it would be likely they would make them even harder to break, just remember Josh “being curious about his sisters” led them to make all girls wear leggins no matter the heat instead of you know, BLAME IT ON THEIR SON!)

      1. Watching teens that closely doesn’t stop them from getting into trouble — it just makes them sneakier. She isn’t 3 months pregnant. We’ll all see when she has a 8lb “preemie”.

    1. Just thinking the exact same thing! She is awfully big for 3 months……..hmmmmmm. I didn’t show like that until 23-25 weeks along

      1. I didn’t see the second and third pic and was thinking well every body is different but that is crazy big even for 16 weeks for a first baby

  24. I know I shouldn’t say this but this saddens me some. I stopped watching the show after the Josh molestation scandal so I can’t speak on that, but from what I did see and have read, I thought she may be the one to break the mold. She didn’t ever seem to mind learning “male” or “female” tasks. It seemed to me that she knew there’s was more to life. Guess I was a wrong. If this is what she wants then good on them. It just amazes me that the have kids so quickly after getting married. They haven’t even gotten settled in as a wife yet, but they add Mom to that ASAP. I was 27 when I got married and 29 when I had my son. I had nannied for kids before and I thought I knew what I was doing. Yes I was ready and prepared, but guess what…it is still hard. Parenting is always an adjustment and not always fun like playing house. I wish them the best and hope they can still figure out who they are as a couple.

  25. I can’t say I’m surprised, just really disappointed. She is way too immature to be a mom but I guess she has no choice.

    That being said, more power to Jinger and Jeremy! I’m convinced now they are AT LEAST NFP, using condoms or just abstinent (which I don’t believe tho). Maybe even birth control. What is ironic in this is that she actually seems to be the only Duggar daughter (so far) who has control of her body and when she will have a baby. I may not agree with everything her husband stands for but I’m all in favor of him being the first son-in-law who doesn’t see her only as a breeder. I’m sure Joy won’t be the only sister (or sister-in-law) who will overtake her pregnancy wise. Kendra, Jessa with #3 and maybe even Jill with #3 will all be pregnant before her. They did say they want kids in 5 years.

  26. Say wha??? They were married in May?! When I saw her bump, I thought she was a good 5 months pregnant.?

  27. Uhm… I hate to be THAT person, but that bump doesn’t look like a 3 month’s bump. I am in no way an expert on women’s bodies during pregnancy, but if I were to guess I’d say 4 or 5 months.

    1. I agree. Especially a first pregnancy bump. With my first, I didn’t show until I was like 4 months along.

      I’d be hesitant to think, though, that there was any premarital hanky panky going on so maybe she’s really embraced the whole eating for two thing or there’s a little added padding to emphasize the bump for the announcement.

    2. She got married almost 14 weeks ago so she could be 16 weeks pregnant and in her second trimester. Maybe she’s having a large baby or twins.

      1. Right, that’s what everybody is saying. If she was 16 weeks pregnant and got married 14 weeks ago, she got pregnant before she got married.

        1. Except that the length of the pregnancy starts with the date of a woman’s last period, approximately two weeks before conception will take place. Therefore, if she conceived on her wedding night 14 weeks ago, she’s 16 weeks pregnant.

        2. No that’s not how pregnancy dates work. You go back to the lmp. If she knew when shed be fertile she may have planned her honeymoon for that date. And for what it’s worth, Joy’s birthday is in October. The October wedding date was her birthday so probably not real just intended to throw people off.

    3. Ikr? I’ve only seen my mum’s bump pics from every month into the pregnancy, so I don’t have much to go on, but she was ready to pop me out when she had a belly like Joy has now. And my mum was not super skinny AND she was curvy! And I was a healthy baby, not premature (although I did have empty sacks instead of butt cheeks, so I wasn’t a chubby baby either). Every woman grows differently, but I can’t help myself from wondering that this is a veeeery big baby for about 3 months old…

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