Amber Portwood’s Boyfriend Andrew Glennon Begs For Forgiveness After His Restraining Orders Are Exposed

“I wonder if there’s some kind of buy-one-get-one-free plan for those lie detector tests?”

Amber Portwood’s new man, Andrew Glennon, is desperately trying to hold on to his relationship with the Teen Mom OG star, following a recently unearthed scandal that has rocked their new romance.

In a new interview with Radar Online, Andrew says that Amber was shocked to find out that two of his ex-girlfriends had filed restraining orders against him in the past, and that now she’s deciding what she wants to do.

“This is jeopardizing our relationship, which tears my heart,” Andrew told Radar.  “She is still processing. Right now everything is up in the air.”

As The Ashley previously reported, one of Andrew’s longtime girlfriends filed a restraining order against the 6’7 California native in 2013, accusing him of stalking her after she broke up with him after being together for three years. In 2015, another ex of Andrew’s filed a restraining order against him.

Andy apparently “forgot” to mention the previous restraining orders to Amber.

“Amber is such a beautiful soul, I love her so much, and I really want to start this relationship with nothing but honesty,” he said. “I feel like a total idiot for not bringing this up to her first, but it was such a difficult time in my life that I blocked it out of my mind.”


Up until the restraining orders were exposed, things were going swimmingly for Amber and Andrew. Since meeting on the set of Marriage Boot Camp, Amber and Andrew have been inseparable. She took him as her date to the MTV VMAs last weekend, and even took him home to Indiana to meet her daughter, Leah.

At the VMAs, Amber’s ex (and baby daddy) Gary Shirley revealed that Amber and Andrew were even considering moving in together.

“I think the last time they talked- I don’t know what they’re doing-but I think he was trying to relocate or something,” Gary told In Touch Weekly.

“Hey Andy, you don’t have a bushel of kids hidden somewhere, do ya?”

Gary, who has met Andrew, made it clear that he thinks Amber was rushing the relationship with Andrew.

“I don’t know him well enough,” Gary said of Andrew. “I’m not saying she should have waited on him. I think she should’ve dated.”

It has only been a few months since Amber split with her ex-fiancé, Matt Baier, and Gary said that he felt that Amber should have spent some time on her own before jumping into another serious relationship.

“I think she should’ve stayed single longer and really gotten to know herself because that how you do it, man,” Gary said.

Some fans agreed with Gary, and many have expressed concern to Amber over her jumping into another relationship so soon after her engagement ended. However, she has reassured fans on Twitter that she knew what she was doing. She has already revealed that we will get to see her new relationship play out on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ and that Andrew had been filming for the show with her.

Gary has yet to comment publicly since news of Andrew’s restraining orders broke earlier this week. Andrew, though, did issue an apology (via Radar Online, as you do) over the restraining order controversy.

“I apologize to you, Amber, her fans, and anyone following us,” he said. “I know I can be the man she’s been waiting for, I’ve been waiting for her in my life, and we both had to go through some real life experience to realize that. Our love is real, and I want to see it through.”

(Photos: MTV, Facebook)

50 Responses

  1. He is professing his undying love for her publicly already and they are just starting to have a relationship. Bad sign! If he is already saying things like this and saying how they’re meant for each other and belong together and have each waited all their lives for each other, then he sounds like he is exactly the same crazy person who forced ex girlfriends to have to file restraining orders against him. He is way too intense too early. And she needs to stop filming with any guy she is dating bc once he gets on the show and they’re on tv together professing their love and showing how great their relationship is, then it becomes so much harder and more embarrassing if there’s a problem or a break up. She looks like an idiot, AGAIN, and rather than be mature and cut it off with him, she will try to work through it bc they have so much invested in each other already. Go slowly, Amber! Stop moving guys into your house from across the country. Stop introducing them to your family. Stop filming with them. Stop plastering them on social media.

  2. Amber; Stop making your life about these loser guys. Go and spend some quality time with Leah, teach her how to be a strong independent woman so that she has something wonderful to aspire to as she grows up, not showing her how to be a doormat to these loser guys with shady histories who you make excuses for. She was young when you were in jail, you still have time to make positive changes in your life that she will remember how her mom turned it all around. Getting no education and repeating the same mistakes with these guys is not getting you anywhere. Go to school, get a job that doesn’t exploit you and the drama in your life, be single and discover who you really are. Get private therapy that doesn’t involve a film crew and a paycheck exploiting your pain to work out why you are in these unhealthy relationships.

    1. Yes! Forget the ‘make up’ legacy you want to leave Leah, give her something money can’t buy – a strong female role model that can stand on her own 2 feet and deal with everday issues and relationships without cussing or resorting to violence.

      When your child has grown up you’ll be so thankful you gave her solid foundations to make her own way through life.

  3. Oh god he loves her so much already. Amber just get out now before you move this guy in. Listen to Gary (the voice of reason) think of your daughter.

  4. Who didn’t see this coming?! No one of a stable mind is gonna go out of their way to hook up with a “Teen Mom”. Especially when thier lives ate well documented. Big sideeyes to Lurch. Amber has some issues, and, to me, she’s easy Pickens for creeps. Stay single girl, get the mental help you need, focus on being a good mom, and everything else will fall into place

  5. Amber will never have a “good guy,” because she doesn’t deserve a one. Who wants to be with a woman who has a history of domestic violence, drug use, kicked out of rehab, been to prison and doesn’t have a job or custody of her daughter?

    1. I think that is a bit cruel to say she doesn’t Deserves love ..if she gets her self together… Reevaluate her relationship with her daughter… And puts her first… Can be independent and stand on her own 2 feet… Etc.… I think everybody deserves love.. she is not undeserving… She just goes about aquiring love in the most destructive & harmful ways especially when it comes to her daughter and how much she exposes her to and how soon she does that. But we all deserve somebody to love and our lives.

      1. You have an opposing opinion? ???
        And I didn’t say she doesn’t deserve love. I said she doesn’t deserve a good guy. A guy like Cole Deboer wouldn’t want anything to do with her. Trash attracts trash.

      2. To be fair, they said Amber doesn’t deserve a good guy, not she doesn’t deserve love period. And the reality is that very few good guys would be interested in someone like Amber.

    2. I love how people harp on the Teen Moms and say ignorant statements like “doesn’t have a job” or “get a job.” If they are on TV, they have an effin job you dumbass!!
      You can criticize what Amber does for a living all you want but she is on a reality tv show and is trying to get other businesses off the ground e.g. online clothing sales and property mgmt, all which she is making money off of. So STFU with your “doesn’t have a job” BS!

      1. Everyone has a right to their opinion even if it differs from what you think, besides these fame whores put their life in front of millions, so if opinions aren’t liked then they need to get off tv, and yep that’s right GET PROPER JOBS

  6. Amber really knows how to pick em…she constantly downgrades…and she’s already brought Leah around this wackadoo….Gary needs to ask that Leah’s visits with Amber are supervised because the people she brings around her kid are scum bags.

  7. She can friggin pick em, man… ? But she “knows what she’s doing” guys!! Just like she did w Matt… How about BE SINGLE!!

  8. After less than six months, Andrew just knows that (to quote him): He’s SO in love with her.

    Sounds to me if Amber decides to break things off with this over emotional, twice accused stalker –this just might be restraining order Number Three.

    1. *cough* There is thing called “honeymoon stage” in every relationship when you think all is great, you are soooo in love and think you will be for life. Hopefully she’s not that stupid to get engaged to him but if they are thinking about moving in together now already (didn’t she say she is taking things slowly with him?!), I don’t have my hopes up. I actually believe they will live together, get engaged/married and get pregnant by the end of the year or within a year.

  9. Meanwhile, somewhere in Vegas….

    Matt is rubbing his hands together with Glee, as he waits patiently for Amber to lean on his grubby shoulder. It is only a matter of time before he is once again cruising the streets of Indiana in the MAMBER mobile!

    1. Leah is single now for a while. And I believe it will stay that way cuz now she’s sober (her latest ex was her drug dealer), has her sh*t together, is a good mom to her daughters (she and Corey share 50/50 now), the only thing is that she left college but hey, it’s not for everyone. She looks happy just the way her life is now so I’m sure she’s waiting for a decent guy now and won’t jump in marriage like she did with Jeremy.

  10. He has been waiting for her in his life?! Not for all my life (what people like to say when they think they found their soulmate) but in my life?! Idk, sounds like all they are blabbing about how he didn’t know anything about her before is a lie. So Amber is basically dating David. With one more (!) restraining order and no kids (as far as we know).

  11. You know what you are doing, Amber? Isn’t that exactly what you told everyone when you were dating Matt? And look how that turned out! Everyone else was right! So, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you don’t know what your doing. At this rate, you’ll never know what your doing.

  12. WEST COAST LURCH! They do things a little differently out in California. Instead of filling the streets with uppercut, this creep fills your voicemail with sappy bullshit. At least Amber’s unemployed ass doesn’t have to worry about him sending a letter to her boss????. I hope he relocates to Indiana and moves into that nasty house that was flooded by the piss of a thousand tiny dogs and one big con artist mutt. If he can stand the filth and the smell, he’s a keeper. Just keep Leah out of this fucking mess!

  13. Oh yeah I always forget about the restraining orders I’ve had against me.
    And instead of dealing with this privately with Amber he’s giving a “public apology” to Radar? He’s either a famewhore or a real weirdo. You’re not Ryan Reynolds or George Clooney dude. Relax.

    FFS Amber! SLOW DOWN. Try dating, not going from meeting someone to living together so freaking fast! Honestly it’s more fun to date around. Once you move in together you turn into an old married couple that annoys each other over stupid things like laundry on the floor. You’re so young, you’re beautiful – live life and have some fun, you might learn to love life without always being in a serious relationship.

  14. Annnnnnnnnnd…… it begins. Why is he apologizing to her fans, they’ve been together for a hot minute and he’s already politicking. I think the only way she will ever have a successful relationship is if she keeps it private, and refrains from introducing her daughter to the guy until after she’s been with him for a few months and performed a background check.

  15. Wow! Amber sure knows how to pick’em. I am so glad Leah has stability from Gary.

  16. She needs to hire someone to do a complete and in depth background check on any guy that wants to date her. Money well spent evidently.

  17. Some women just feel incomplete without having a man and Amber is definitely one of those woman. Jenelle and Kail are the same way. I think it’s an insecurity issue. After what she went through with Matt, Amber needs to take time to focus on herself and her daughter, not having a boyfriend.

  18. Once again, Amber gets way too involved with a man she knows nothing about. She is so thirsty she jumps into relationships with any man that comes along, no questions asked. That’s fine for her, but she has a little girl. This man has a creepy stalker past that’s made his ex-girlfriends fear for their families. Amber just brings him around her child because she apparently just doesn’t care to even know.

    Also his public apology is a load of horsesh!it.

  19. This would be the third guy she has moved in with since she and Gary broke up. That’s absolutely unacceptable as a mother. I’m sorry you have relationship issues. Everyone does! But stop introducing your daughter to every single bum you meet on the street and shacking up before you know 1. Number of retraining orders. 2. Number of kids!

  20. Same crap different dude! Amber is a moron. No sympathy from me. She is so desperate to be in a relationship she brings any and every dude around her daughter. Sad.

  21. Lol! I “forgot” about those ding dang restraining orders! Amber is a moron. Thank God for Gary and Kristina to provide a stable home for Leah.

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