‘Big Brother 19’ HG Jason Dent’s Tasteless Jokes Are Outraging the Show’s Fans

“Y’all don’t like jokes about sexual assault? Go figure.”

Big Brother 19 has already had its share of controversy– and the season is not even close to being over yet! From Paul‘s (possibly) racist ‘snake’ costume, to Jessica‘s inappropriate “butt-poking,” this season of the CBS reality show has certainly made headlines.

The latest ‘Big Brother 19’ controversy has come this week via HG Jason Dent. The 37-year-old rodeo clown outraged some of his fellow HGs (and fans) by making some very disturbing and unfortunate “jokes” in the house.

On at least two separate occasions in the past week, Jason has jokingly referred to rape, whether in the context of a fellow HG’s wife or a bunch of old ladies.

Earlier this week Jason and the other HGs were doing what they do best: bashing someone else. In this instance, they were bashing Kevin and Jason decided to theorize what the absolute worst possible thing he could say about Kevin would be. That’s when Jason made a comment about raping Kevin’s wife and tying up Kevin’s daughters to make them watch.


The context of his comment was in trying to imagine the worst thing he could say, but it was still ugly.

Unfortunately, Jason’s “jokes” don’t stop there. On Wednesday Jason was regaling his fellow HGs with a story from his youth about the time he was pulled over by campus security. In a profanity-filled tirade, he explained that he mocked the fake cops for wasting his time. Apparently Alex has heard the story before, because she filled in the blanks.

It seems Jason was making fun of the campus security guards by telling them that he was going to a nursing home to rape the old women, and then he was going to visit the pound to kill a bunch of puppies before making some meth.

Clearly Jason has a fondness for jokes about rape and he’s been doing it for many years. These comments put a disturbing cloud over ‘Big Brother 19’ and make it hard to enjoy what little game-play there is. In many ways, it’s starting to be reminiscent of Season 15, when racist comments turned the entire game ugly.

These rape comments come in a season that has been filled with some unusual and off-putting behavior.

At this point, it’s unknown whether CBS will air any of Jason’s comments on the show, or if it will remain a live feed controversy. The growing reports about these issues from sites like TMZ may make it hard for CBS to ignore.

Fans aren’t the only ones who are responding to Jason’s remarks. Jason’s own family issued an apology, via Twitter, stating that the “inappropriate comments that were said in jest on the live feeds this afternoon about Kevin and his family” were “taken slightly out of context.”

Kevin’s wife Deborah (and the mother of his seven children) told TMZ that watching Jason make the comments on the live feed, and laughing about it is “the worst thing she’s ever seen,” according to the site. She added that she and her children did not sign up to be ridiculed on ‘Big Brother,’ and criticized Jason’s family for making their backhanded apology.

‘Big Brother 19’ fans are taking to Twitter to express their outrage over what Jason said.

“@CBSBigBrother NEEDS to evict Jason from this house. Rape jokes are never funny,” one viewer wrote on Twitter. “Most vile group of people ever.”

“In a season where pretty much everyone is a vile human being, Jason’s comments make him the worst of all,” another person tweeted.

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10 Responses

  1. I think what his family said should be called a statement or a comment and not an apology. They weren’t at all apologetic.

  2. W T F… he must of knocked his head running from bulls too many times… that is around the burning trashcan scary carnie talk, not live feed big brother talk. Maybe someone should poke around in Jason’s past, he wouldn’t be the first or last person who was a murderer and reality television contestant, like who the **** jokes around like that…

    This is Big Brother, not the brilliant scripted dark comedy ‘Baskets.’ They don’t even go that dark on Baskets anyways.

  3. Ive stopped watching this season because of how out of hand it’s gotten. Sexual assault jokes are never okay. It’s disgusting that CBS has let all of this bullying and “jokes” happen.

  4. I like him! I think what he said was wrong…but come on, haven’t we all said stupid things before? Or is everyone Perfect!? Geez !

  5. I usually think people are too sensitive and politically correct but not in this case. What he said about Kevin’s family was very inappropriate even if it wasn’t meant to be serious. I definitely wouldn’t want anyone talking like that about my family.

    1. Kevin being from Massachusetts… I am shocked that he didn’t put him on the ground. Truly Bostonians really don’t play that shit. Specially a father of seven girls… Or six girls… Unbelievable

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