All the Details on the Cast of ‘Teen Mom: New Jersey’: Baby Daddies, Arrests & More!

MTV knows a cash cow when it sees one– so it’s no surprise that the network is milking this Teen Mom franchise for all it’s worth!

The network confirmed this week that a new ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off will premiere this fall that will focus on five young moms living in New Jersey. Rumors began to fly this spring that a new ‘Teen Mom’ series was being filmed, but this is the first time MTV has confirmed that Teen Mom New Jersey is actually happening.

While the network has yet to release info on the cast, it did release a brief trailer and start social media pages for the new show. Local blog I’m Gossip Granny was the first to release the names of the cast, and The Ashley has dug deep to find out all the details on the new moms, their babies and, of course, their drama.

Let’s meet the new gals, shall we?

Sunshine Wallace Jones

Age: 19

Location: Bridgeton, New Jersey

Baby: Son Deklan Austin was born in July 2017. His middle name, Austin, is in honor of Sunshine’s late brother, Austin, who died in 2010.

Baby Daddy: Sunshine married her baby’s father, Doug Jones, on August 27 at an Italian restaurant in Vineland, New Jersey. The couple had been together just over a year when they tied the knot.

Background: Sunshine is a former track athlete who graduated from high school in 2016. She is the only married girl that will be featured on ‘Teen Mom New Jersey,’ although most of the footage was shot before her wedding.

Criminal Records: The Ashley has not located any legal trouble for Sunshine or Doug.

Kaycie Flores

Age: 19

Location: Millville, New Jersey

Baby: Daughter Azalea Rose was born on May 18, 2017

Baby Daddy: Kaycie is still in a relationship with Francis Jimenez, who is the father of her baby. He is older than Kayce (around 25 or so), and Azalea is his first child. Francis and Kaycie began dating in August 2016.

Background: It appears that Kaycie had some interest in joining the military before she got pregnant. She graduated high school in 2016.

Criminal Records: The Ashley could find no criminal history for Kaycie but Francis has been in some trouble. In 2014, he was arrested during a drug raid of a Vineland, New Jersey, house and charged with possession with intent to distribute psilocybin mushrooms, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. It appears that he had been arrested several times before that as well. Wanna see his mugshot? Of course you do!


Angelica Garcia

Age: 22

Location: Vineland, New Jersey

Baby: Son Omari Anthony was born in November 2016 and is the oldest child featured on ‘TMNJ’

Baby Daddy: The Ashley wasn’t able to uncover much about Angelica’s baby-daddy, except that his name appears to be Nick Cruz. From the looks of her social media posts, they have had an off-and-on-again relationship for years.

Background & Criminal Records: The Ashley did not uncover much…yet.


Kaitlyn Marcacci

Age: 18

Location: Bridgeton, New Jersey

Baby: Son Liam Wade was born on August 3, 2017

Baby Daddy: Kaitlyn’s baby-daddy, Raymond Klawitter, is from Millville. They began seeing each other in 2014. Raymond played football in high school before graduating in 2016.

Background: Kaitlyn’s family owns a butcher shop in Vineland, New Jersey, and it appears that her parents are not married. Kaitlyn graduated from high school in 2016, and was an honors student.

Criminal History: It appears that Kaitlyn was arrested in February of this year, after it was discovered that she had a warrant in another town. Her crime wasn’t anything major, though. Raymond does not have a criminal history, from what The Ashley can tell (so far).


Devin McFaull

Age: 19

Location: Millville, New Jersey

Baby: Daughter Karina Jade was born on June 2, 2017

Baby Daddy: Devin’s baby daddy goes by “Rugga Dump” on social media but it appears that his real name is Manny Lopez. In 2016, he was shot in the neck but survived. Devin has herself listed as “single” on Facebook currently, so it seems that she and “The Dump” are not together right now.

Background: Devin attended Millville High School but it’s unknown if she graduated.

Criminal History: The Ashley has not located any criminal history for Devin.

(Photos: Facebook, Instagram)


  1. Reminds me of a joke:
    What is the difference between a Jersey girl and a bag of trash?
    Trash gets picked up 😛

  2. I was pregnant at 19 with my oldest daughter who is now 21 years old. I was with her father for 16 years, married to him for 11 of those years. For the 1st 2 years of our marriage i was basically a single mom raising a 4 year old bc her dad (my new husband) went to prison for 2 years only 5 days after we got married in a wedding that we paid for without any help from a tv show or anyone else for that matter and it was a great wedding, and we didn’t need to spend $50,000 to have a beautiful event and a great time. But he had gotten in trouble before the wedding and the judge gave him until 5 days after the wedding to turn himself in to do a 2 year bit and he did his time and came out a better person for it, realizing what it was to be away from his wife and child for 2 years and everything that he missed. Seeing how we struggled sometimes but I kept pushing through every obstacle thrown my way, working full time, being a mom full time and being there for my husband while he was in prison. I was faithful to him the whole time he was in jail and through our whole marriage and relationship before we were married. I was THE “Ride or Die” chick and We went thru a lot of struggling trying to raise a good, self respecting girl into a woman & we did a damn good job, she’s made it to 21 and never been pregnant, arrested or on drugs, works a full time job and went to college. We had another daughter shortly after my husband at the time came home from a 6 month jail stint and again i stayed by his side and held it down for us so when he came home we could get back to being our family again. She is now 9 years old and one of the sweetest, most loving, kind little girls i have ever known and well on her way to being just like her sister. We worked hard for many years struggling to survive and raise good kids with morals and values and respect for themselves and other people in the world. We did it all without a show exploiting us or paying us, we only had the help of our families and sometimes we didn’t even have that, we only had each other but we did the best we could and have 2 beautiful, awesome girls to show for it. However, no matter how hard we tried and fought for our relationship it did get to a point where my very smart 14 year old at the time came to me and said if we were staying together for the sake of the kids please don’t bc the kids could see that it was over and the fighting was getting to be too much for them to take as well as for us as adults and she opened my eyes to the fact that no matter how much we wanted our family to work, it wasn’t going to anymore in that capacity so we separated and bc we couldn’t afford a divorce yet we both agreed to move on with our lives as if we were already divorced and not hold anything against each other if and when we found other people to love. We decided to stop fighting and co-parent together for our kids best interest and also allow ourselves to find happiness again with other people if that was what we wanted. Turns out it was what we both wanted and we both found other people to have in our lives. i fell madly in love with my boyfriend who i have been with since our separation. It was because of him that I was able to finally afford to file the divorce papers and we got divorced about 7 years ago. i then became pregnant with my now 5 year old son, I finally got my boy and am done having kids. And again we had to do it all by ourselves without money from a tv show that shows the struggle of teens having babies on tv and eventually getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars after a few seasons. If they are still struggling making that kind of money, well shame on them. And it seems like now that their struggle is over and none of these chicks have to work bc of all their teen mom money it isn’t really the reality of being a teen mom anymore either. i guess my life just wasn’t dramatic or traumatic enough to get my own episode of 16 and pregnant or become one of the regulars on teen mom. Now they just have teen girls out there getting pregnant thinking one day mtv will come along with a check and make them rich and famous, when in reality all they are going to be doing is living off welfare and having more babies probably by more then one father, showing these kids nothing but what their parents know to be a normal life, struggling to survive, living paycheck to paycheck if they even have a job, if not living welfare check to welfare check, and many times falling victim to drugs and poor life decisions bc they have no life skills or any kind of training to do anything more with their lives, only creating a vicious circle that will just continue with kids having kids having kids. All thanks to mtv creating this false reality that makes being a teen mom look so much easier then it really is if you don’t have a family with money like Chelsea’s or the support of grandparents like Maci has with Bentley’s grandparents on Ryan’s side. Being a working mom with the support of your man and your families is hard enough, doing it as a teenager without the support of the baby daddy or the families, losing friends, not being able to finish school and all the other things you can’t do because you have to be home taking care of a baby or you have to be at work to support a baby is not glamorous or fun and it’s not fair to put a baby through that struggle either. Mtv should be ashamed of what they have turned this show into.

  3. i love this comment, all so true… Same show, just different state with the same bullsh*t and a new batch of girls who will let themselves be exploited for money and fame… Such a shame. I hope these girls at least show what it’s really like to be a teen mom, the struggle is real. Mtv’s shows are not. They don’t show the real struggle of just trying to make sure your child has diapers and formula everyday. They don’t show the real struggle of trying to pay for a babysitter while working at a minimum wage job that barely pays you enough to get those diapers and formula and pay the babysitter all with one check. The struggle is real and mtv is not showing the reality. They are glamorizing one of the hardest things to do in this world, raise a child while you are still a child. These girls on the Jersey show aren’t that young though, so maybe they will be able to make something of themselves with or without mtv. Should be interesting to watch how it plays out. Who will be the next Jenelle, Amber, Farrah, Kailyn (the worst of them all), Maci, Caitlyn, Chelsea, etc… Who will win at the game of life and who will just keep having babies for a paycheck???

  4. I went to a very highly ranked high school in a very wealthy area, with a great reputation. I graduated with just over 300 peers. Believe it or not, a lot of girls I went to school with ended up getting pregnant their senior year. Nobody had a baby from 9th-12th grade (though there were a few abortions, one girl had 3 in our sophomore year). But as soon as spring of our senior year rolled around, a lot of girls found out they were pregnant. A good number of them were pregnant and hiding it at graduation, and another ended up hiding it until after her first semester of college, not even telling her family. After that, a lot more ended up having kids within a year of graduation. It was insane.

  5. It is sincerely disgusting the levels of which MTV will stoop to for ratings. They haven’t ruined enough kids futures, why not add a whole new batch? This is specifically why I refuse to watch this network anymore. Recaps are fun because The Ashley provides all the snark that is missing from that disaster of a series. NEW JERSEY?! Bottom of the barrel MTV? WHY

  6. This…isn’t…”Teen Mom”. The youngest are 18. I mean, I don’t want to say “this is the most pointless thing in recent MTV history” because that would be redundant but…it bears repeating anyway. Ugh

  7. At 22/23 (most people have birthdays during pregnancy, I’ve realized)
    My mom had her first divorce and gave birth to her second child, and was on her second marriage.
    My Nana was pregnant with her second child with her husband, who died during this pregnancy.
    My grandma was married and had a 4-6 year old (I’m not disclosing real ages).
    My aunt was married and chasing 2 toddlers, and soon pregnant with a 3rd.
    My stepmom was pregnant with her 3rd, with two unsupportive fathers and an current father on his way out the door.
    My family would’ve made a great shit show, lmao.
    Plus I’ve had easily 15 girls I know announce pregnancies and were all 18-22. It’s normal.

    1. Maybe its normal where you live, but its not the same for everyone. Out of the 300+ people in my graduating class only one person has had a baby, she had him at 17. That was it. We’re all 22 and no more babies. No one I personally know in the range of 20-25, have had any kids and only one is engaged to be married next year.

      My mom didn’t have any kids until she was married, and then only after three years, the same for my aunt and uncle and all were well into their 30s.

      What may seem everyday for you is another planet to someone like me.

    2. Where the heck do you live? I’m one of the youngest mom I know and I had a baby at 26. The only girl I know who had a child young was my sister-in-law at 17. Everyone I know went to college and got jobs. They’re just getting married now.

  8. I wouldn’t really call them teen moms. I got pregnant at 20 with my oldest kid and I have never considered myself a teen mom. maybe if these girls had kids that were 4 or 5 now.

  9. Nice. New people and MTV spreading the wealth. I’m a little tired of some of the old moms and watching their latest plastic surgery or luxury car and half witted boyfriends. No longer why the show was started.

  10. Recap of the show to save time: someone complains about money. Someone complains baby daddy doesn’t help and that equals not loving them. Someone swoons over ex baby daddy, he’s still a POS. Another mom complains it’s hard being a mom. (Insert to prevent pregnancy go to its your sex life dot org). Let’s see what complaints switch next week.

    -I got pregnant at 23, part of me feels betrayed by MTV for not offering me a show 7 years ago-

  11. This format is awful. They should have done another 16 and Pregnant. The UK version has done this format and it doesn’t work. Also, 19 year olds having babies is not that unusual. Legally adults, often living independantly. It’s the wrong way to go.

  12. I guess cause original Teen Moms are all over 20 now and the show is STILL called Teen Mom, theirs should be too LOL. The youngest had her child at 18. That’s still far from 16 and pregnant. (Even tho Amber was 18 too when she had Leah and she was STILL in the show)

    At least first two girls didn’t even date their dude for a year before they got pregnant? Umm condoms?!

    This show should just be called “I got pregnant cuz I don’t know what birth control is”.

    1. So was Chelsea!
      She turned 18 a few days before Aubree was born. Amber was significantly farther into adulthood. As we all know.

  13. I’m sorry but this just looks like Jerry Springer level here. No I don’t have any interest in watching shows about young girls that have babies with ghetto men. Rather than choosing who you want to do drugs with and hook up with, try thinking about the father that you are going to be giving your kids. Embarrassing.

        1. Then half the junkie baby daddies on Teen Mom OG and 2 fit that well. Along with the trailer park trash moms. DOWNVOTE AWAY

    1. It’s…. one photo.

      And what’s wrong with you that you need to ask questions like that? What if it’s from surgery or an injury?

  14. I don’t think we need a Teen Mom “spin off.” Teen Mom 3 didn’t take because people weren’t invested in those girls like they were the TMOG & the TM2 girls. This is a cheaper attempt at trash ratings than putting Brianna on TM2. I won’t be watching this. I’ll read recaps though…

  15. Why are all of the girls out of high school? Isn’t the whole point of teen mom to be about teenage moms? One of the girls is 22?! Am I missing something here?!

  16. These teen moms are located in rural southern NJ which is a swampy wasteland and might as well be Alabama. That part of the state is nothing like northern NJ – in northern NJ the reality stars are more classier married housewives, some of whom also have criminal records.

    1. I guess I’m unsure of what you mean when you say it may as well be Alabama. I am from Alabama and it is not a swampy wasteland. In fact its a very pleasant beautiful state, with some of the most beautiful coastlines you will see.

    1. 30-something, married, stable first-time moms are probably the exception in Scumberland County.

    2. She’s not stupid, that was a dig at Jenelle. Who said her heels make her look “more classier” for court….chill brah

      1. To YOURETHEWORST – yes, you got the dig at Jenelle. And I’ve lived in South Jersey, so I kinda do know what I’m talking about 😉

        1. Oh, and thanks for clarifying to the others, YOURETHEWORST! I guess not everyone gets all of the trashy TM2 references – I’m a bit embarrassed for myself that I know Jenelle’s best lines. I can’t quote Farrah’s Wordsalads, though – I do have standards in order to stay more classier!

          1. Oh the word salads ? Don’t worry, im more embarrassed for those on a TM thread that don’t recognize good use of these classic one liners ?


    It used too. Now it’s all about the teen whores… it was sad how they cancelled the good shows for this shit show.

  18. 18 19 and 22 are all legal adults who should know how to prevent unwanted pregnancies. I had my first at 22 where’s my teen mom title haha what garbage will they come up with next?! 16 and preg was interesting because they were immature children thrown into adult situations, teen mom aka adult mom with maturity level of teen doesn’t look interesting just looks pathetic.

  19. What the hell is going on in MIllville and at Millville high school? Don’t they teach sex ed in Millville? More losers with with more baby daddy drama. These “kids” are all adults. MTV, shut this entire franchise down. Even the current crop is in their mid to late twenties and before long will be thirty somethings. Time to retire these shows.

  20. Lol I’m going to try and get on the next iteration of teen Mom. I’ll be perfect for it considering their casting choices this go round- I’ll be in my late 20s having my second kid with my spouse.
    Seriously though, if you’re calling it TEEN mom why someone who’s 22? Just call it “Trashy Shitty Parents who will cause drama for your amusement”

  21. Ummm this is called TEEN mom, that girl is 22. I had my first son at 22. where’s my show mtv??

    1. Me too! I had my son at 22 and my daughter at 24..apparently I too was a teen mom and coulda had my own show! lol I was also married at 19 so I could have been on Engaged and Underage..damnit

      1. Right?! I was engaged at 22 and had my second son at 25. By mtvs logic, we should all get a reality show.

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