10 Things We Learned About ‘The Challenge’ From Veronica Portillo’s Recent Reddit AMA

“Lemme break it down for you guys…”

Veronica Portillo is back on MTV’s The Challenge after an eight-year break, participating in the current “Dirty 30” season. The veteran Challenger recently did a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session in which she answered fans’ questions about the current season, her cast mates and how the show has changed over the years.


Veronica revealed a bunch of interesting factoids about ‘The Challenge’ during the Reddit AMA session. Here are the 10 things The Ashley found most interesting…

She doesn’t have much respect for the new gals on the show.

Veronica revealed what she really thinks of the latest crop of girls, which come from both ‘The Real World’ and ‘Are You The One?’

“They are a bunch of Instagram basic bitches,” Veronica told a fan on Reddit of the rookie ‘Challenge’ gals. “There, I said it.”

The ‘Challenge’ crew used to have a lot more freedom…and a lot more fun on the show.

“The most predominant differences between the Challenges back in the BOTS/Gauntlet/Inferno days is the amount of freedom we had OFF CAMERA,” Veronica wrote. “You could really get away with so much s**t back then. We had so much fun and treated Challenges like it was some type of vacation.”

Veronica went on to say that she and her ex-girlfriend Rachel Robinson took advantage of all the freedom they were given on the early seasons.

“We had so much freedom, it’s crazy,” she wrote. “We shot The Gauntlet in Telluride and our house was part of a resort with shared access to a spa and gym. Every day I would hand over my microphone to production & we (Rachel & I) would go ‘workout.’ We would go into town and have nice dinners, just the two of us, off camera, at least once a week. We left the set during ‘Inferno 2’ and got a hotel room for a night.

Everyone generally got along better because they weren’t as stressed out all the time.

While there were fights and stressful situations back then, Veronica suggested  that there were better friendships in the olden days (compared to now) because the cast had more fun together.

“A bunch of us would hang out and have fun off-camera,” she wrote. “We’d also get into trouble, off-camera…We were wild and crazy and the experience as a whole was so much fun! Fun brings people closer together, as far as I’m concerned. So yes, the freedom we had definitely impacted the way we felt about each other and the dynamics as a whole.”

There were a lot more gay relationships happening back then.

Veronica recently revealed on ‘Dirty 30’ that she had a “secret” relationship with Rachel Robinson. During her AMA, Veronica wrote that they weren’t the only ones in that situation.

“We literally used to hook up in closets, literally and figuratively!” she said of herself and other former ‘closeted’ cast members.

The show’s legal team plays a much bigger part in the show now than it used to.

“Legal has a say in absolutely everything these days,” Veronica says, adding that it is “more, much more” of a say than it had in the olden days.

The cast used to get a whole day off from the cameras each week.

The current ‘Challenge’ cast members have the cameras on them for most, if not all, of their time in the house. Back in the early seasons, though, the cast used to get a day off from filming, according to Veronica.

“Fun fact: we used to have Saturdays off completely,” she wrote. “What this means is no camera crew was with us. As you can probably imagine, most of the game talk and hook-ups would happen on this day and then the story would be messed up…Let’s just say a huge fight erupted on Friday night, by the time the cameras started rolling on Sunday, all parties involved would have their stories straight and be chummy with each other. It left huge holes in the story being told.”

The nights out partying are different than they used to be.

These days, the “fun nights out” at “da club” are all about game-play, Veronica said.

“Our schedule is smarter for better story,” she wrote, “We do a Challenge, that night we go out and everyone plays their political game (so f**kin’ annoying) and then the following day is the deliberation, nominations, elimination.”

In past seasons, Veronica said that the cast would go out on the night of eliminations. Switching to going out the night before nominations and eliminations has changed things a lot.

“I think this change has made a big difference in the plotting and the drama because everyone’s emotions are screaming RED while out. And whomever is in the power seat(s) gets their ass kissed all night,” she wrote.

Some of the “Dirty 30” cast members took cheap shots at Veronica.

When asked what the worst part of coming back to the show after so many years was, 39-year-old Veronica revealed that she endured a lot of catty comments from the other people on the show.

“Because I haven’t done [a ‘Challenge’] in such a long time and am not expected to return people don’t need to really nurture a ‘game relationship’ with me,” she wrote. “[Another bad part was] people making fun of my age/body, etc.”

She’s not on the show to sell you anything.

Veronica made note of how many of the ‘Challenge’ stars are using their fame from the show to hawk various things. (This is true: ‘Challenge’ cast members use social media to try to sell fans just about everything– whether it be their fitness careers, weird weight loss tea on Instagram or whatnot.)

Veronica said she’s not into that.

“I don’t have a business I’m trying to push on the side,” she wrote. “I went back more for the experience and the memories.

“I’d like to point out that people fall into the ‘fitness’ thing because of the show,” she added. “Very few people come on the show with a fitness career they are trying to push.”

There are more political talks in the house than you’d think.

Yes, people talk politics and yes there are VERY VOCAL Trump supporters in the house,” she wrote. “On ‘Champs vs Pros’ I chose Planned Parenthood as my charity, causing a lot of negative comments from Bananas and Jordan.”


Veronica stated that she tried to stay away from all the political chatter.

“I roll my eyes and drink wine,” she wrote when asked how she handled it in the house. “And I stay as far away from them as humanly possible.”

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Veronica was one of my favorite vets from the Challenge. I was happy to see her on dirty 30. She was right, these newbies are basic and she did pave the way for them. Now the show is getting stupid with people from all these other shows. I would like to see more vets come back and make the Challenge good again.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Veronica was one of my fave Challenge cast members. I was really happy to see her come back in Dirty 30, as I do not like the newbie females. Veronica did pave the way for those basic girls and they should’ve had more respect! I wish more vets would come back and represent and show these rookies how it’s done!

  3. Wow so someone on here really sounds like Jenelle with her bantering and back and forth arguing! Smdh. Sometimes I just read the comments to get a laugh!!

  4. I remember her on Road Rules season where she got caught (allegedly) plagiarizing someone else’s work and I didn’t like her from that point on. I am hoping another cast member that I actually like does an AMA in the future, because they are enjoyable to read as long as you like the person.

  5. People are idiots… b-rating people just bc of their political views is gross. People pick left or right bc of there everyday personal life and life experiences. Whatever benefits you and your family is the “side” you pick. Thats it! People get so personal and it’s really nobodies damn business what their political views are.

        1. You’re right it was tonya. I get her and Paula mixed up bc they look similar and both drank heavily on all of the shows. Thanks for the heads up. I hope she is doing better.

          1. Haha yes they were both hot mess blondes with boob jobs so I can see the mix up lol I think Paula got her shit together though and got married..no idea about Tonya she disappeared after her settlement from MTV over the toothbrush incident

      1. Paula definitely got it together in the end … married, two kids … and I certainly hope that Tonya got a happy ending too.

  6. Weren’t there rumors Wes and CT hooked up and that’s why they hated each other on camera?

    Also I fully believe all the new folks are on just for the fame. Which means if Teen Mom alumni are coming, they are perfect for the show LOL. I miss the old Challenges too (the problem is that I haven’t seen one on here since Rivals but even if it was shown, I don’t think I would have tuned in, too much irrelevant people on it now)

  7. I think it messed up the other girls say rude things to Veronica concerning her age and weight. However it may be karma for the way she has treated former female contestants of the past. I can’t believe I still watch this show!

  8. I miss the old Challenge days ( Real World vs. Road Rules) days. There was still plenty of drama but it was real drama that occurred because personalities clashed. Now it’s just screaming matches that are provoked by crazy rules and large amounts of alcohol that MTV uses to create drama. I liked it better when people formed real friendships and used strategies and game play that were interesting to watch. I have so many favorites from back in the day because those people were likable and I had things in common with them. Now it’s just a bunch of “pretty” people who are arrogant and just there to get drunk and hook up. I haven’t made it through a whole season since Free Agents, and that’s only cause I love Devon from Brooklyn RW.

    1. Yes, he is. I am as well. And please don’t say that me and Bananas are racist, sexist and homophobic just because we have a different political opinion than you. Thank you.

        1. I was just making a joke because all Trump supporters are called those things and btw, Bananas has a lot of gay and black (he’s best friends with LeRoy) friends.

          1. How was what you said a joke? The original question didn’t say anything about Johnny Bananas being racist, homophobic, etc. It merely expressed surprise. You used those word (racist, sexist, homophobic) looking for a reaction and somehow made it about you. No one asked about your political beliefs.

            Also, you know what doesn’t help? Excusing someone by saying that he can’t be racist because he has black friends. Just no.

          2. @Sarahk I was being a bit of a smart ass but I guess that doesn’t come across in print lol. I was trying to prove a point too. And I proved it through Megyan and Elena’s responses. And I’m sorry if you disagree but if Johnny was a racist or homophobe I highly doubt his gay and black friends would be associated with him. That’s just common sense, Sarah.

          3. Support Trump all you want, that is your right, but if you’re going to support someone as polarizing as he is, you’re going to face criticism, ESPECIALLY when you get defensive like this when no one was even talking to or about you until you piped up in first place.

            But just to be clear, you can have black friends and still be racist. I’m not saying you are, I’m just saying that’s not the measurement for racism.

          4. Lol no that’s not “common sense.” As Geekla pointed out, having back or gay friends is not an accurate measure of whether someone harbors racist or homophobic beliefs. That’s been debunked time and time again.

          5. @SarahK And can also say that being a Trump supporter isn’t an “accurate measure of whether someone harbors racist or homophobic beliefs.” That’s also been “dubunked.”

          6. @SarahK If you agree then why did you start attacking me in the first place? That’s exactly what I was trying to say from my first post.

          7. How did I attack you? By pointing out that you were looking for a reaction when you actually say you were trying to prove a point? By pointing out that having black friends doesn’t mean someone isn’t racist? Oh ok…

        1. Really?! I am?! I’ll make sure to tell my BLACK boyfriend and my LESBIAN best friend. Thanks. You don’t know me, Elena. So stay in your lane.

          1. If having sex with black people and having a (fill in the blank) friend cured racism or any other ism/phobia — slavery would’ve been over in a week and the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened. #weakargument Just own it.

          2. Why are you sooooo defensive and fighting with people you don’t know on a REALITY TV GOSSIP website comments section??? If they “don’t know you” as you said to Elena, why would you even care what random strangers say/think about you? Your little tantrum actually makes you look really silly. Stop trying to bait people into arguing with you then crying when they do!

          3. @UMM No Well, maybe it’s a weak argument for you but what else can I say? What proof would you like that I can provide over print? Not that I would because honestly I don’t care enough to defend myself to strangers. I know I’m not racist or homophobic so I sleep well at night. Have good day.

          4. @Umm No Why do people always use things that happened in history to use in a 2017 political debate? People today can’t do anything about things that happened in history. We can read about it and learn from it. That’s all. Using slaves and Holocaust victims as a tool to win a political argument is disrespectful. You are clinging to a victim mentality that you don’t own.

        2. @FARRAH’S A-C ATTITUDE I’m not baiting anyone into anything. I’m defending myself from ignorant comments. And I can say the same thing about you. Why do you care that I’m “soooo defensive” if I am a stranger to you?

          And I ain’t crying, honey. I’m actually just amused that one comment could start all this lol.

          1. You were attempting to defend yourself BEFORE anyone even commented to you sweetheart! What don’t you get about that? 🙂 You were baiting and then you felt the need to act out like a little kid. Oh yes, you’re replies show just how “amused” you are! And I give one F cause you’re jamming up the comments with your bs, when we’re just trying to have some snarky fun about reality TV! Move on over to Breitbart boo boo! You’ll be happy there, it’s for your own good, less for you to cry about!

      1. Nicole, I was simply surprised, that is all. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, of course, and I certainly didn’t call him or you or anyone else any of those things that you somehow interpreted me as saying…

        1. I didn’t say you did. I asked if you wouldn’t use those labels after the confirmation of him being a Trump supporter. To be honest, it really wasn’t meant to be taken as seriously as it was. I just have a smart ass sense of humor but I guess when it comes to politics that just doesn’t work lol. Sorry if you took it that way.

      2. Interesting that Johnny can be so opposed to the things Camilla was saying about Leroy, yet support the “Celebrity in Chief” considering he says way worse, derogatory things about people’s race & gender on a daily basis! Hypocrite support hypocrites …..

        1. @Farrah’s A-C Attitude Wow. I don’t remember Trump ever calling someone a “black mother f***er” or even saying anything that can be compared to what Camila said to Leroy. Give me one video or audio where Trump says something that shows he’s racist. Him cracking down on ILLEGAL immigration doesn’t count. I’ll wait….

    2. @Elena & @Megyn Do you know how stupid you two sound? To label Bananas and Nicole with such serious offenses such as being racist and/or homophobic without any evidence of such is really irresponsible and ignorant. I’m not a Trump supporter (I’m a libertarian) but I know that just because YOU think Trump is a bigot, doesn’t mean his supporters thinks he is. It’s an opinion, not a fact.

        1. Bravo to Nicole for picking a fight? No asked about her political beliefs, but she offered them up while also daring someone to call her racist/homophobic/sexist. No one used those words to describe Johnny or Nicole before she baited them into it.

          1. @SarahK But I proved my point, Sarah. Both Megyn and Elena ended up calling me and Johnny a racist/homophobic/sexist after it was revealed that me and him are Trump supporters. Every time a person reveals they support, some crazy democrat attacks them and accuses them of racism, sexism or homophobia. But whatever. We can agree to disagree. God bless.

          2. Lol my ego. Says the person who needed to bring up her political beliefs without solicitation and dare people to say something about it. K!

        2. @Nicole Oh, so you admit you were baiting them into “proving your point” by giving them certain words to use against you and Johnny. Thanks for proving my point.

          And btw, Megyn never called you anything nor did she say that her opinions about Johnny were related to his support of Trump. Just saying.

        3. @Sarahk It started as a smart ass comment but yes, I guess it was a good way to make a political point lol. Just to make you feel at ease and to boost your ego then I will say….Yes! I was baiting them into my evil plan to make a political point!!! HAHAHAHA!!! (Wicked Witch of the West laugh). Nice talking to you, Sarah 🙂

          1. Lol my ego. Says the person who needed to bring up her political beliefs without solicitation and dare people to say something about it. K!

          2. I can bring up my political beliefs just like anyone in this country can. I don’t need permission. And it’s not like it was off topic lol. I’m sorry if it pissed you off but I am free to say what I want.

          3. @SarahK It’s not Nicole’s fault that people are so damn sensitive to anything that has to do with Trump. And she’s right! She has free speech and can say anything she wants about her political opinions just like you can!

          4. @Heather. You do realize that literally not one person made an association between Trump and racism/homophobia/sexism before Nicole did? No one went there until Nicole decided to intentionally make that connection to prove some point. I don’t care what her political preferences and no one has curbed her free speech. Also, free speech protects you from the government, not from people responding to you.

          5. @SarahK You obviously are way out of the loop lol. When someone says they support Trump, whether it’s on social media or in person, they are accused of being a bigot from people that hate Trump. It’s the new thing. All Nicole was saying is that she and Johnny Bananas are Trump supporters but that she didn’t want to hear the accusations of her being a racist/sexist/homophobe etc. because she obviously hears it constantly. You just overreacted to her comment. It wasn’t a big deal until you made it one. And yes, free speech protects you from the government but it’s also a given right to U.S. citizens that can be exercised at any place and any time, including here.

          6. @SarahK Lol You got mad when she brought up her political beliefs because “no one asked her.” In a sense, you were attacking her free speech. She doesn’t have to be asked. If she wants to state her political beliefs without being invited to then that’s ok! She has a right to do that.

          7. Lol nice try. Soooo no one attacked her free speech. I said she brought up her political beliefs even though one asked her because she wanted to bait people, and I was right. She has a right to voice her political views and I have a right to say she’s trying to get a reaction out of people. That’s not even in the vicinity of an attack on free speech ?

  9. Why is she complaining that they had these days off and spa days and now they’re so rough..she’s not only getting paid to be there each week but her being there is paid for..she knows this is considered a job not a vacation to make new friends right?

  10. Remember wayy back …didn’t she steal Tonyas shirt, and they found it in her closet?! ?? never liked her, she always had a bitchy attitude

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