‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Javi Marroquin Tells All About Jenelle Evans & That ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Trailer

“I’m probably gonna need to hire extra security for myself for the reunion, huh?”

Javi Marroquin is telling us how he really feels about his Teen Mom 2 co-star Jenelle Evans! It’s safe to say that Jenelle is not on Javi’s Christmas card list!

In a new on-camera interview with Radar Online, Javi revealed that he has little use for Jenelle.

“Me and Jenelle are not on good terms,” Javi said.

“I don’t like the way she acts or some of the stuff she says,” he added. “[She] never says it in person, it’s always on social media. That’s how they want to act things out but we’ll all be at the [Teen Mom 2] Reunion pretty soon so it should be a good one!”

Javi also commented on Jenelle’s recent battle with the grandmother of her son Kaiser. (As The Ashley previously told you, Nathan Griffith‘s mother filed for emergency custody of the boy, claiming that he has been neglected and abused by Jenelle and her fiance David Eason.)

“If it is true, good for [Nathan and his mom], protecting Kaiser and doing what they need to do,” Javi said. “People don’t change in my opinion.”

Javi later tweeted that he and Jenelle had talked out some of their issues. He deleted the tweet soon after he posted it.

In an off-camera interview with Radar, Javi also confirmed The Ashley’s recent story, which discussed the controversial trailer for the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, which will feature Javi and his ex-wife Kail Lowry.

In the trailer, Kail can be heard screaming, “I slept with your best friend!” As The Ashley told you, the “best friend” Kail is referring to is a girl she slept with who was her friend first, but later became close with Javi.

“She told me when I came home from my deployment,” Javi said. “She was a girl. I wouldn’t say she’s my best friend. Even if it was a girl, it doesn’t make it easier. It was ugly, it was nasty.”

Javi and Kail’s season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ was filmed in October 2016, and is set to air next month. This means the footage will be over a year old when it finally makes it to our TV screens.

Watch Javi’s on-camera interview with Radar Online below:

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Javi you need to quit the show get your life back, let lincoln grow up like a normal kid. since you already filed for child support from kail,it works out. you’re a decent, stand up guy you deserve better than these reality show ho’s in your life.

  2. ??????? So true!! I’m only laughing because there’s no way in hell that Jenelle is a good mom. Good moms clean you up when you wake up really sick, and it doesn’t matter if they have to work in a couple of hours.

  3. seems like he’s trying to cash in on the show by selling stories because he realizes that this train wreck of a show isn’t going to last.

  4. Kail needs to stop sleeping with anyone at all who is willing. Does she do animals too?

    David has a genuine, seething anger toward Kai. CPS needs to STEP UP NOW!! Take all these kids from this dangerous situation including the poor little stoned baby she just had.

    1. I completely agree with you. Kaiser is a typical toddler. He doesn’t get a chance to be normal, because he’s treated like everything he does (or doesn’t do) is wrong. Absolutely unfair.

  5. I’m a bit curious about the obvious Jenelle fan who continues to be the one (or two) down votes when every other responder agrees that Jenelle is a terrible person and “mother”. If you are the Jenelle fan, I would love to hear your logic in supporting her. I promise I won’t demean you. I love hearing multiple viewpoints as it helps me to form a ,ore well-rounded perspective and opinion.

    1. It’s probably one of Jenelle’s other personalities.

      Or, it’s Lurch behind his phone wearing his sunglasses and combover hair cut.

        1. Ohhhh you got me there!

          I totally forgot that he can barely speak, let alone read. Unless he just looks at the pictures??

    2. I didn’t down vote in these, but I sometimes understand why people do. Sometimes I don’t think it has to do with people being Jenelle fans, but rather the comments being incredibly cruel. Like I’m not particularly a fan of any of the teen moms but I do think some comments are disturbing.

  6. I appreciate his service..In the same breath why is he even considered about what the teen Mom “stars” are doing?He must like the drama or attention?

  7. I sincerely hope this isn’t leading up to David running onstage screaming during the Javi/Jenelle reunion conversation, a la MAMBER.

  8. I watched it again today also- I forgot that Andrew even came around before Jace was born-sadly. But watching it again years later- I can see how selfish jenelle was and has always been. I used to think Babs should give her Jace back and let her try to be a mother to him but it’s so clear after watching her 16 & pregnant episode that jace belongs with Babs or anyone that can truly care for him. Definitely not jenelle!

    1. I also had somewhat high hopes for Jenelle, especially on the day she graduated technical school. Despite her trainwreck relationship with Nathan, she actually seemed to be on the right track to better her life. Her desire for more time with Jace felt legitimate back then.

  9. I can’t stand Kail or Janelle. They’re both horrible examples of what a woman SHOULD be. Janelle especially, but Kail is no better in any capacity. Javi, I’ve always liked, however if he wants to maintain any respect whatsoever from TM2 fans, he really should go the Corey Simms/Jo Rivera route and just stfu and be a good dad. Which they all are, but Javi keeps doing interviews and other shows. Too much.

    1. I’m going to have to disagree with you. Kail by no means is a great person, nor do I know her well enough to call her a great mother. However, she is nowhere near the same as Jenelle. Jenelle outright abuses and gives zero shits about the children which popped out of her loins – Kail is a decent mother, hell, maybe even a good mother. She’s in no way perfect, and I’d never, ever want to be her friend or associate with her – but I would never imagine taking Isaac, Lincoln or her new baby from her. In a heartbeat, with no second thoughts would remove Kaiser and Ensley from Jenelle’s custody and adopt them out and sever her ties with Jace – and sterilize her for good measure. Don’t have to think about. They’re both not great people, but Jenelle and Kail are not on the same levels, not at all.

      1. Exactly. Comparing Kail to Jenelle is beyond ridiculous. You can hate Kail if you want, but she’s a good mom. Her kids are fantastic. Jenelle is not a mom.

    2. I can see why people think Javi keeps doing interviews and everything for drama but really I think he’s calling Kails bluff and I for one love it. Javi isn’t going silently into that good night and letting kail fuck him and come up rose’s. You all remember how Kail made Jo look as a father to Issac? Jo should never have been painted the way he was and neither should Javi, but according to Kail everyone is out to get her and she does everything on her own and the world would stop spinning if it wasn’t for her. I say good for Javi for not letting himself be made out to be who kail says he is and making a little money in to process.

  10. Kailyn cheats on every man she’s been with on the show. Javi married her and she still cheated. It can’t be all the men she’s had it has to be something wrong with her. If she doesn’t get exactly what she wants from her man,she cheats and blames them. Kailyn is a sorry person who doesn’t care for anyone. Javi would’nt leave her alone because he wanted answers, she didn’t want to answer. So she filled a pfa. Not even caring if he gets in trouble with he’s job. Kailyn is psycho. Good luck Chris.

    1. When the mtv money train runs out I bet she will be under javi azz then cuz javi has a good job. She used javi to get money for school.

    2. Javi literally broke into her house. That’s terrifying and deserving of a PFA. I’ll agree that the PFA against Jo was bs, but Javi deserved it.

        1. Kail didn’t want to talk to Javi on camera because she cheated on him. Can you imagine fighting for your country and coming home to that?

      1. Terrifying, my ass! That buffalo is twice his size and could have easily picked him up and body slammed him in the front yard. The PFA was bullshit.

  11. “Jenelle and I had a very adult convo tonight about concerning issues” translates to…..she lied and manipulated him to make herself the victim so he would stop talking bad about her in the press.

  12. I watched Jenelle’s 16 and pregnant, again today. I’m convinced that she keeps having kids in hopes that she will have a bond with one of them but just never does.

    1. I’ve thought this same thing for awhile now; Jenelle is the stereotypical woman who has kids because she wants someone to love her. She has said in the past that she feels like she isn’t loved by her mother, her dad abandoned her…with each kid, she thinks this will be the love she’s been craving but motherhood is hard, so she checks out in some way or another. She needs some serious therapy and to gain a whole lot of self awareness.

    2. I’m sure she hopes to one day have a bond with her own child like the one Cole has with Aubry, except without all the sobriety and putting in the time and stuff, because f**k that.

    3. Narcissists don’t tend to WANT relationships, much less bonds, with other people. I have no doubt whatsoever that Jenelle is one. Combine that with being a parent, and you have one horrid disaster, waiting to happen. Something is going to go horribly wrong(not that anything has gone all that right thus far), it’s not a matter of if..but when, and which child will be physically harmed(or worse).

      1. Well, physically harmed to the point that medical attention is necessary, that is. We already know her children have been physically harmed by her.

    4. I have a theory…

      Usually, when you get pregnant your hormones get all crazy. But if you normally suffer from depression or anxiety, this hormonal changes can actually make you feel better and happier. Then the baby is born, hormons get back to normal and you go back to being depressed. They think that having another baby will make them happier, so they just keep getting pregnant…

      1. That’s a good theory, except she is doing it to keep a man and get attention. Remember when they were moving? Well, Lurch was moving and she was just sitting on her fat pregnant ass, but she was an unhappy bitch as usual. I don’t think she’s ever been happy, unless she has good drugs and someone kissing her ass.

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