‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry (Finally) Names Her Son

“There! I named him…now leave me alone.”

It took nearly eight weeks but Kail Lowry has finally given her third son a name of his very own!

The Teen Mom 2 star, who gave birth to a baby boy back in August, announced on Sunday that, last week, she came up with an actual moniker for the little boy, whom she has been calling “Baby Lo.” (“Lo” is short for both Lowry and Lopez, which is the last name of the baby’s father Chris.)

Kail announced the name via a post on Instagram. From this point on “Baby Lo” will be called… Lux!

“Lux Russell, 08/05/17,” she captioned a photo of the baby lying on a personalized blanket. “7 lbs. 15 oz 19 3/4 born at 3 a.m. on the dot.”

In the caption, Kail even stated that she and Chris had a difficult time coming up with a name for the kid.

“It only took us 7 weeks to decide on a name and eight weeks to make it official,” she wrote.

Although it seemed odd to ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans that Kail would wait so long to pick a name for her baby, it’s totally within the legal limits. In Delaware, the state that the baby was born in, parents have up to 90 days to register their child’s name.

Last week, Kail posted a video to Snapchat of her and her friend at a hospital, trying to come up with a name for the baby. She eventually had a nurse draw a name from a bag. Kail said she was happy with the name that was chosen.

On Instagram, Kail explained to fans that Lux’s name is pronounced like “lucks.” According to Nameberry, it is a Latin name meaning “light.”

Kail’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Chelsea Houska weighed in on Lux’s newly chosen moniker.

“I love it!” she wrote in the photo’s comment section.

Fans had a mixed reaction to Baby Lux’s newly announced name.

“9 months and 7 weeks and that’s all you could come up with?” one person wrote to Kail on Twitter.

“You waited this damn long for 3 damn letters that shouldn’t go together?” someone else wrote.

“Lux Lowry (or Lopez idk your life) is kind of a badass name tho,” one person tweeted.

See Kail’s baby name announcement below:

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)



  2. Oh my God, the hair on that baby already! He could do shampoo commercials.

    After hearing Lux is a Latin name, I feel better about it. At first I thought it was a misspelling of luxe and another name in the weird trend of naming celebrity children things like Baron, Reign, Marquess, Lord, Saint, and other names meant to denote wealth and status. Lux Lowry/Lopez sounds good. Lux Russel sounds a little awkward and hard to say.

  3. In my tiny country, there’s actually a b-celebrity that named his son Lux as well, which sounded rather odd to me back then. But after that, he had a daughter who’s name is Posey. So yeah.

    Not really sure if there was a point to this story, lol.

  4. First thing I thought of was Lux from the Virgin Suicides…..I’m shocked Kail let the BD have that much say in the babys name lol

  5. That’s a great name.. For a pet.. Imagine when the poor kid has to send out resumes with a name like that.. Pass.

  6. PSA: you don’t always need an “edgy” name or to spell something different. More often than not everyone thinks your an idiot and dooming a child to dealing with taunting all their life because their parents didn’t think long term. Sorry, but seeing Lux on a resume automatically puts them at a disadvantage. It’s the hard truth. This is a perfect example of that. Most comments I saw would have preferred Russel, a totally common name.

  7. Someone made this stupid, racist comment on her Twitter acct already. So, I guess you’re not original or very nice. You can try to claim it’s not racism, but nobody is that stupid.

  8. the year is 2047, Lux is a public servant officially using his middle name and pretending the “Lux” thing never happened

  9. Suddenly I gained a little more respect for Briana. She stuck her new kid with a POS baby daddy but at least she gave the kid the decent somewhat traditional name of Stella. I don’t care for Stella’s middle name of Star, but at least it’s just a middle name, which is where Lux should be – hidden in the middle of the name. Sounds like Kail just pulled it out of her over-stuffed butt. Her kid naming skills might be worse than Janelle’s – IMO Lux might be a worse name than Kaiser Roll.

    Well, we don’t watch this craptastic trashfest to gain philosophical insights or improve upon our world views…

    I’ll also add that Kail should take notes on how upset Addie gets when the twin girlses get to go with their dad but Addie doesn’t. If Chris will not be super-involved or not willing to be Kail Smashed to get the time he may want, then Little Lux will have the same hurt feelings Addie has when Lincoln and Isaac go with their respective fathers. And Javi won’t want to get close with Lux either because he’s already too beaten down by one too many Kail Smashes.

  10. I love Lux, for a girl. For a little boy, not so much. I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be a girls name, not a unisex name.

    1. He was the cool Lux 🙂 Saw them and the Genitorturers more years ago then I care to mention. Good show. Was in an old theater with sawdust floors. Good times 🙂

  11. I think Lux fits a girl more but I don’t love or hate the name in general. What I don’t like however is Kails (aka the Hulk’s) actions as of late. I think the kids deserve more stability and I think she is quite selfish in most of the things she does. I do not at all understand why she would be so loose and irresponsible to have another baby with another baby daddy so quickly. The show is about preventing teen pregnancies and she is in no way a role model. And it pisses me off how much money they make. I only have 1 child, have a degree, and still make no where near what she does. Wish I could have a huge house and new cars and not have to have a job. Can’t wait until they cancel the show and see who really proves they can work hard and be a mom like most of us do in real life.

    1. Seriously – I think money made Kail a worse person. Before TM2 looked like it would be a lucrative gravy train, Kail learned a practical skill (dental assistant) and worked. If TM2 didn’t take off, she would likely still be a miserable man-smashing monster, but she would probably have a normal job, live in a normal house or apartment and drive an average car. Also she wouldn’t have that nasty stuffed butt.

      There was an early episode where her little car was totaled and it was a huge problem in her life. I liked the show back then when it REALLY showed how hard being a young single mom could be. Now it’s just stupid trashy girls (I’ll give a pass to Chelsea) who piss away money, have more kids too quickly in soon-to-fail relationships and have all sorts of baby daddy drama. But like a bad, firey accident on the road I can’t look away. For me it’s the TV equivalent of KFC on top of a three meat pizza with a milk shake to wersh it down. I know that food is bad for my insides and I know TM2 is bad for my brain, but it’s still enticing. I feel bad for the kids, though – Isaac and Lincoln are so cute, well behaved and sweet (not sure how that happened – Javi and Grandma Joanne?) and poor Ensley, Kaiser and Jace – my heart really breaks for them. And beautiful Nova and little Stella – POS dads and a dingbat mom.

      I could see Kail being a hard worker under normal circumstances. At least she got her degree, but she doesn’t seem to have practical goals anymore and adding a third kid to the mix was far from practical. If she were living paycheck-to-paycheck she likely would have been sure to prevent additional pregnancies.

      1. I totally agree with all you say! As much as I don’t like the idea of anyone struggling, I do think teen pregnancy has been glamorised somewhat. Im 36, been a teacher for 13 years, mum of one (I sadly can’t have more!) and I can’t afford the LUXeries that these kids do. The cars they drive are insane!! The houses are huge. We are happy in our 2 up, 2 down house we scrimped and saved for, living off pot noodle and sitting on garden chairs before we could afford sofas. You know what, I genuinely wouldn’t have it any other way x

    1. Buzz off other Ashley. I vote to have you removed. You can’t always agree w everyone and not everyone will share your opinion.

      1. I certainly don’t think everyone will always share my opinion, that’s not what this comment was about. It’s that some anonymous internet stranger made a very hateful, racist comment about CHILDREN with no other content aside of that. Commenting on the color of a child’s skin in this manner is utterly disgusting, and justifying it as a difference of opinions is racism.

        1. So don’t read it and move on snowflake. Just because you don’t agree with something or it OFFENDS you doesn’t mean it needs to be banned or erased……..

    1. Your child thanks Kail too. As someone who spends every day spelling my name to people – and correcting older adults as a child – it sucks to have a “unique” name. Oh – and my name delightfully transitioned to a stripper name.

      Save you kid and go with a semi traditional name AND spelling. I’m almost 50 with a stupid name because my mom thought she was a southern belle and named her kid accordingly.

      Anyhoo – just my 2 cents living with a shitty name.

  12. I just can’t stand people that use their kids as a photo shoot prop. For her to wait until she got her embroidered blanket in the mail to announce that name, it’s telling of her motives. Her type gets on my nerves. Its like ‘sorry baby, you don’t exist until I can use you as a prop and post it on social media’ fn idiot.

    1. That’s a exactly what I thought!! When she said she was going to wait to have the blanket made very very telling of her mindset

  13. Ya she needs to go back to taking suggestions! Like come on man! What’s the full name Luxurious? I always knew she was an idiot but now she defiantly crushed any hope of saying she’s not This is the generation of Who can name their baby the dumbest name ever! Ya go get ur masters degree so u can complain endlessly that ur taking care of 3 kids ,basically ( u luv that word) on ur own while tryin to get ur masters degree, so u can try to look pathetic and pitiful and say Look at what I’m going thru! Hoping ppl forget that u screwed someone in ur husband’s bed while he was overseas after u nagged him to go into the military cuz he basically left u alone for 6 months! #ShutUpPlease

  14. That’s an awful name. Russell isn’t bad, but Lux Russell Lopez? It has no flow to it. Also, the alliteration is super tacky. Poor kid.

  15. Lux Lowry sounds like the name of a heroine in a YA fantasy book. I’m really side eyeing Chris for allowing her to name him this. Kids are so cruel, why would you put a target on him like that?

    1. I thought she would have gone with Jacob or Aaron or Russell or something, just because it fits so well with Isaac and Lincoln. But Lux doesn’t fit with the other names at all! Lux doesn’t even fit with Russell!

  16. Lux?? as in Kirsten Dunst’s character on Virgin Suicides? The one that killed herself in the car?

  17. And when she means WE, she means that she and her freinds took 8 weeks to name the baby. You know she doesn’t want Chris to have anything to do with him. It’s still going to be called Lo his whole life

  18. This reminds me of when we waited for Jessa Seewald to name her firstborn and then she came up with Spurgeon lol. I don’t remember much of other celebrities who took a while but for now they all picked strange names when they didn’t decide for the baby’s name right away. (Hiding it from public is a different story, as a fan of Tom Hardy I am still longing to know how he named his second son)

    1. Remember when Terra from Little Women: LA wanted to name her child D’artagnan? Like it’s not difficult enough being an LP, you want to name the kid D’artagnan?

  19. Unpopular opinion here, but I liked the alliteration of Lux Lowry/Lopez. I don’t think Russell fits at all as a middle name, and Lux DEFINITELY doesn’t fit the flow of Lincoln and Isaac’s names. It would look so weird on a Christmas card.

    1. I just said, “Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux,” our loud to see how they sounded, and my brain automatically set it to the tune of that old kids’ song Winkin’ Blinkin’ and Nod.

  20. Lux sounds like a girl’s name. It doesn’t seem to fit the baby either and I’m guessing Russell after Russell Simmons? Don’t they all have rapper middle names? Weird name choice but he’s adorable!

  21. Sounds like she may have been doing her laundry when she thought of it after seeing it on the detergent jug. But as already mentioned her baby — her choice. Edgy kid names seem to be so much the trend, so I’m really not surprised at the uniqueness of this one.

    Adorable pic and the baby’s a cutie. Wishing him nothing but a good and happy childhood.

  22. Seems like pressure got to them and scrolled through a list with their eyes closed and pointed.

    It’s not the worst but really. What if someone comes around the baby with a speech impediment and says his name as luts.

  23. I saw the blanket on her Instagram story and read it as Russel Lux and kinda liked it buuuut not the other way around.

  24. It’s an odd choice considering his older brothers have a traditional name (Isaac) and a name that’s not a traditional first name but is gaining in popularity as one (Lincoln). I’m not her or her kid, though, so I don’t have to live with it.

  25. I can’t imagine how she’s going to tell the story of his father,#3. This is going to be very hard for these kids to understand their situation.

  26. A very extra name but I suppose it could be worse. If there is another after this baby… his name will just be a sound or a symbol.

      1. You’d think being similar to jenelle in ANYWAY she would consider some changes this time around. Like condoms birth control… non hoeing activities ??‍♀️

  27. Tacky name from a tacky girl to a poor little baby who, I feel, doesn’t stand a chance. Very sad.. She needs to stop having kids. It’s ridiculous that there’s 3 different fathers for three kids. Just sayin…

  28. Cute baby. The name is not one I would have chosen but I’m guessing that’s why she chose it because it’s not common. In all honesty I kind of preferred Murphy or Nixon to the name she chose.

  29. Her baby her choice but I could not imagine telling him one day the story of how he got his name It doesn’t even sound like Chris was there when she picked out of a hat week after his birth

    1. I can’t imagine how she’s going to tell the story of his father,#3. This is going to be very hard for these kids to understand their situation.

  30. I think Lux Russell sounds like a movie stars name but it’s pretty tacky for a little boy but hey it’s her baby. I was kind of hoping for something better.

  31. Kail trying so hard to be edgy. It was also the name of one of the female characters in “The Virgin Suicides”. I wish it had been Russell Lux, that’s a much nicer name but whatever. I’m just so tired of people trying to be so different in naming their kids that you get ridiculous stuff that’s going to look ridiculous on an adult. Anyway, very unimpressed with the name considering how long it took to come up with. Good luck kid, you’ve got a sucky name and a raging hulk for a mother.

    1. My thoughts exactly Tara!! Ooooh you’re soooo edgy Kailyn! She attention whored it as long as she could and she LOVES the attention she is getting now. Cute kid dumb name. And I agree with other posters, what a terrible story of how she came up with his name. Picked out of a hat by a stranger at the hospital? Wow you’re SO UNIQUE Kailyn!

    1. I also see it as a girls name. It’s a character in the game League of Legends, where it is very much a girl.

  32. Lux is a well known soap brand in Australia. And when I hear Russell I just think Russell Crowe. So yeah-shit choices Karl.

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