‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Opens Up About Scary Fan Encounters: “Please Don’t Come to Our Home!”

“It’s getting really weird, guys…”

Chelsea Houska is one of the most popular girls of the Teen Mom franchise, but that popularity comes with a price: creepy fans!

The Teen Mom 2 star recently took to her Twitter to ask the show’s fans to stop showing up at the home in South Dakota she shares with her husband Cole DeBoer and her kids.

“I love you guys and appreciate the support and love u have for my fam, but pleease don’t come to our home..it makes us really uncomfortable,” Chelsea recently tweeted.

Chelsea’s house is prominently featured on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ so it’s no surprise that fans are able to recognize it. Still, Chelsea stated the frequency of fans dropping in unexpectedly has increased lately.

“Unfortunately it’s been happening enough lately where I just felt like I had to say something,” she tweeted.

Apparently, fans aren’t just stopping by to say “hi.” They also want to take things to the next level of creepiness, judging by a story Chelsea told on Twitter.

“When I was pregnant with Watson I had someone come to my door, I answered thinking it was UPS or FedEx w/ a package,” she wrote “[The visitor] proceeded to touch my pregnant belly and ask me personal questions about my life.”

Chelsea’s ‘Teen Mom’ franchise co-star Catelynn Lowell revealed that she has also had fans come to their house.

“It has also happened to @TylerBaltierra and I and you are correct it feels so uncomfortable…” Catelynn wrote on Twitter.

Kail Lowry appears to have also had unexpected visitors at her home, because she responded to Chelsea, “Thank you for tweeting this!!!! Agreed.”

Perhaps Chelsea could line up a bunch of Farrah Abraham blow-up dolls on her lawn. That’ll keep everyone away!

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  1. What happend to her dogs?.I now she had a Great Dane and a French Bulldog.I’v never see them anymore on the show.

  2. I love Chelsea but she should not be getting botox injections from her Dad as her sister did. My husband noticed that she “looked different”!! Chelsea is beautiful and needs no enhancement.

  3. I’ve heard this is why the outsides of the “homes” featured on KUWTK aren’t their actual homes for security reasons such as this…

  4. Better lock your doors @the ashley! Seems like a few of your fans are the same ‘creepy’ teen mom fans that think its okay to turn up on doorsteps univited…..lol

  5. At this point, i would move. It only takes one psycho to get inside and do damage. I would be scared being alone with my baby all day and paranoid someone was watching. Super creepy

  6. Everyone who is in the public eye gets creepy fans. BUT being a fan of someone you see daily on TV doesn’t mean you can come to their house and just knock on the door and touch her belly and ask her personal questions. That’s what Meet&Greet’s are for! (I don’t know how much do they do it but still, Reunion and Aftershow is the place for that, except belly part, I still find it creepy and will find itcreepy whenever I will be pregnant: friends, partner, potential older children and family members I am close with would be the only ones I would let touch my pregnant belly) Stop invading their privacy! Even reality tv stars deserve some privacy.

  7. I can’t believe how many commenters are saying to suck it up and deal with it just because they make money being on television. No one deserves creepers at their door. They have a family and children just like I do and I would be freaked out as well. My family’s safety is extremely important to me and I know it is to Chelsea as well. She has every right to request this and be upset by it. I agree that they signed these contracts at a very young age and although they continue to renew them, I’m sure they weren’t outright thinking signing them was a welcome invitation to stalkers. And while I think the comments about Caitlynn and Kail are humorous, they too shouldn’t be harassed. It doesn’t matter how horrible a person is, some people will always be star struck by them. Personally, I really like Chelsea. I’m glad she has a nice family now and is in my opinion, the best role model on both TM and TM2. Maybe I like her because she’s a midwestern like me lol. But I am very proud of her and am glad she said something. I also agree MTV should be taking more steps to ensure their safety.

    1. Agreed. This isn’t them complaining that they’re being stopped for autographs on the street, people are COMING TO THEIR HOMES. That’s a huge deal especially when you have young kids.

  8. Nobody in their right mind would go to The Land to say ‘hi’ unless they want Lurch to torture them Deliverance style.

  9. Didn’t they stop showing the exterior of Kails house after she moved for safety reasons because a fan crossed the line? I hope Chelsea insists on the same treatment and moves for safety sake. I couldn’t imagine strangers thinking they have the right to invade your space like that. MTV needs to protect these girls safety and privacy. Scary.

    1. I believe that, because they don’t show the front of Catelynn and Tylers house much either anymore…I think that should be a rule….unless the girls sign off and say it’s ok to show their homes, the outside of their homes should be off limits.

    2. I agree they shouldn’t show the exterior of their homes. I think I read that the houses you see on the Kardashians are not really their actual homes. The reasons are because of crazy fans/security, and because their homes are set way back/secluded and have security gates/features that don’t look pretty in the shot. MTV needs to stop showing their houses especially because of the kids involved. This is why Janelle had to build her secluded house on the land. That and the fewer neighbors that can see the domestic abuse and neglect going on in that house the better.

    3. It doesn’t matter if they don’t show the house. All you have to do is google their name. Deeds are public record. I googled Kail just to see how much her house is worth. Boom! There’s her address. It just takes a little snooping. Same for Janelle. All their addresses are public if they’ve purchased a home. Not that hard.

  10. Yeah that’s weird. As in love I am with some actors and Tom Brady I would never try to go to their house and knock on the door. That’s not cool, I don’t know why people would think that’s okay?

  11. She might have to put real security measures, if someone is willing to just straight walk up to your house as bold as can be without thinking “huh maybe this is a bad idea, I mean I don’t like unexpected visitors myself.”

    Then I don’t think plea is going to deter the already crazies. Though no one is truly safe from obsessive fans, even Sandra Bullock had a crazy break into her house and came too close to sexually assaulted.

    Don’t take your personal safety for granted dealing with obsessed fans, get extra protection especially having small children. And I really can’t imagine anyone wanting to go to King Kail or Dirty Cate’s homes.

  12. I’m kind of surprised how many people think they should just suck it up because it’s a natural consequence of being in the public eye. Um no. That’s their home where they live with their kids. Being on tv show doesn’t mean they should have to deal with psycho fans who stalk them and have no sense of boundaries. Seriously, who loves Kail sooooo much they showed up at her house??!! Whoever that person is, they need so much help. No sane person would ever do that

  13. I suppose it’s a good sign, on the Teen Mom franchise, when your fans are weirder and more dysfunctional than you are.

  14. Just because these girls on on tv it does not mean they have given up their right to be safe in their own homes. MTV should be taking better measure to not put these girls in harms way. Their home towns and states have become public knowledge. These girls were very young when they signed on for this and probably had no idea of the long term repercussions of living in the public eye.

  15. Easy solution, stop exploiting your kids on tv!! Is the moneybreally worth endangering your children? Yes it’s wrong for people, but you chose this life!

  16. Chelsea just needs a scarecrow version or maybe a large cardboard cutout of Lurch out the front and that’ll keep the crazy fans away!

  17. They are your fams and pay for your house! Get a gate and a camera and stop the whining. It made you tons of money.

    1. Umm no? A fence may help keep out some of the crazies but just because someone is in the public eye on tv does not mean their privacy should be violated like this. It’s wrong if it’s Chelsea and it’s wrong if it’s Jenelle. She said to one fan who saw her at the mall then tweeted ‘I saw you but didn’t want to bother you’ that it would have been ok, so it’s not like she doesn’t appreciate fans or talk to them.

    2. I don’t know Dee, regardless of their popularity, they are entitled to their privacy and to feel safe in their own homes.

      I don’t like door knockers coming to my house, let alone being on tv and having a fan come to my door (and have the balls to touch my baby bump). I think Chelsea has handled this well.

  18. It’s sad they even have to say this. I’m sure those people wouldn’t like random people coming to their house. Who cares if they put their lives on TV. I think they earn the right not to have random strangers coming to their house because it’s their house.

  19. That’s pretty scary…especially since she has young children. Imagine a stranger walking up to her kids and calling them out by name (because we all know her kids names)…These people are crazy enough to knock on her front door, who knows what else they may be capable of…She should probably move and request that MTV do not show her house anymore on camera.

    1. Very true. Like Randy used to film at work. For no reason at all. She is a Blist celeb and she must be glad she has fans. 1 time someone acted as a postmen. Go live in a city..you’re not used to anything but will take the cash.

  20. Yeah right, Caitlyn. Nobody wants to come to that gross house, unless it’s someone from the neighborhood asking you to tell Butch to wear a shirt if he’s going to hang out on the front lawn all day.
    I’d like to know who in the hell has the balls to knock on Hulk Kail’s door? If she rips off your arm as you are ringing the doorbell and shoves a lawn ornament up your ass, it’s your own damn fault.

          1. I thought Australia had all the nice stuff! I’ll send you my unwashed zebra hoodie if you promise to never wash your hair and do a combover with your greasy bangs. ?

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