For All Your Gifting Needs…There Is Now ‘Teen Mom’-Themed Wrapping Paper

The wrapping paper is the true gift!

Teen Mom fans will agree: Nothing says “Happy Birthday” or even “Merry Christmas” quite like a pile of gifts wrapped in Butch Baltierra’s mirror flex pic or Jenelle Evans’ latest mugshot!

A company is about to make this dream a reality. Shavspaper—which makes wrapping paper featuring all sorts of pop culture icons—recently announced that its adding a ‘Teen Mom’-themed wrapping paper to its offerings.

The company posted the first photos of the wrapping paper on its Instagram page earlier this week, giving fans their first peek at the paper, which features cartoonish pics of Butch and Jenelle, as well as Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, Maci Bookout, Debra Danielsen (in full “Debz OG” garb, naturally), Amber Portwood, Kail Lowry, Farrah Abraham, Gary Shirley, Chelsea Houska and a feisty looking Barbara Evans. It makes for the perfect thing to wrap up that “Free Butch” T-shirt you were planning to give your pal for her birthday!

Fans recently brought the wrapping paper to some of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls’ attention, and some of the girls were not very happy about it.

Gangs all here on our Teen Mom gift wrap. Get it soon!

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Jenelle wasn’t thrilled to see her Kieffer-Era mug shot on the wrapping paper. She simply wrote, “blocked” in the photo’s comment section.

Farrah had a slightly better sense of humor about it.

“You better be sending me a gift if you’re putting my face on wrapping paper,” she commented on the post. (Maybe they can buy her something off the creepy Amazon wish list she made for her “back door” fans?)

Shavspaper has not yet released the wrapping paper but has stated in other posts that it will be available for sale “very soon.”

Here’s to hoping they come out with a Butch and April edition before the holidays!


  1. I think the wrapping paper is funny. But I will not be admitting to anyone I know who these people are, so no wrapping paper for me!

      1. her neck looked wrinkly… It just doesn’t look as good as the others….or as obvious as to who it is.

  2. Too bad the zebra print hoodie or kailyn’s “before” picture (the photo from her surgeon before the surgery that showed her massive fupa) didn’t make the cut.

  3. I think it’s great! I especially love how the girls on that trash show aren’t making a profit from it.

  4. Like why?! Who in their right mind came up with the idea and everyone was like “OH MY GOD DUDE, THAT’S LIKE SO AMAZING!” Oh yeah, prob Teen Mom fans are all over this company. And ofc Jenelle doesn’t like, she CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGED MAN! (I kinda love Farrah’s sense of humor tho, didn’t know she had one!)

    How many cast mates do you think will get this even if just as a joke?! I’m pretty sure Jenelle would flip out and it would be awesome if they filmed it!

    1. Did you watch Being Simon? Farrah seemed almost normal in it… it was strange. I really think she wants to be a good person and just has absolutely no idea how.

      1. No she doesn’t. There was nothing Simon about Being Simon. She took over the whole show. She is a controlfreak that failed as a businesswoman so now let guys see her get taken from behind for Amazon gift. She is pure trash. Sophia will be so ashamed within 2 years.

  5. Is that Butch pulling up his shirt for a nipple selfie?


    If so, I’m ordering many rolls of this, immediately.

  6. you my friend are very very rude you have no business doing this if you’re going to treat people the way you have been treating me I have been really sick and could not see and I seen all the bologna that you put on there you’re the one I don’t know your grammar when you treat your adult the way you do may God bless you my friend and I will report you

    1. You sharing the results of a recent Mad-Libs sheet with us Rebecca? If not, I’m pretty sure the cheese done slid right off your cracker.

      Just sayin’..

    2. Hi, jenelle! We know it’s you because you have the worst written (and spoken) grammar. Why don’t you get off the internet chat boards and get an education. Maybe you can finish that medical assistant certificate that you started. You’re a piece of garbage.

    3. I always enjoy the Farrah-esque word salads of Rebecca hawke. It’s a brain game, like sudoku, trying to figure them out. I wonder what the point of bots like this are? It’s not like we can click on her name and be taken to a website that tries to sell us things. Or a social media profile that’s looking for hits. Does anyone know why there are nonsense trolls in the comment sections of blogs?

  7. I was going to ask about why Leah wasn’t on the paper and I found her. Like a Where’s Waldo of Teen Mom. Lol

  8. I don’t see the point unless it’s a gag gift. I would love to send Kail a gag gift wrapped in this paper.

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