Jeremy Calvert Bashes the ‘Teen Mom’ Girls & MTV In Instagram Rant: “No One On This Show Is Famous For Anything”

“Y’all ain’t got no talent!”

They say you should never bite the hand that feeds you (or in this case, the hand that feeds your daughter Lunchables) but apparently Leah Messer’s ex-husband and baby-daddy Jeremy Calvert never got the message.

The Teen Mom 2 dad took to Instagram this past weekend to rant about the influx of “thirsty AF” girls sliding into his DMs, specifically those who are married, engaged or have families of their own. While his post aimed to deter future suitors from making moves via social media, his frustration appeared to shift toward MTV and the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise in the comment section.

“No one on this show is famous for anything no one had a talent no one sings or plays a sport or anything,” Jeremy wrote in the comment section of his post. “They had a oh s**t moment and MTV needed something to make cash off of and boom well f**k how about teen mom it’s a f**king joke.”

“Jeremy Lynn, I’ll have you know I’m a very talented lipstick seller-er!”

(Hey… the franchise might not have a singer but it has produced a rapper in the form of DebzOG!)

He later told off a person who reminded him that he collects a paycheck from MTV just like the girls on the show.

“Yup u are 1000% correct but guess what I don’t need MTV to pay my mother f**king bills either 😉 never did and never will…” Jeremy, who works as a pipeliner, wrote.

This is, of course, not the first time Jeremy has ranted about the show. He has quit several times, but has always come back due to the network offering him more money each time. In May, he went on what may be his most epic rant yet.

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  1. No Jermy, nobody on the show is famous for anything including you. I can’t help but roll my eyes whenever Jeremy, Javi, or Nathan comments acting like they’re so above the drama now. But if you pay attention to what these fools have been doing they’re just a trashy as before, the only difference is we don’t see as much of it on TV.

  2. I think Nathan said it best one time when he was fighting with Jenelle. “You’re just white trash that won the lottery.”

  3. Honestly, I feel like Jeremy is one of the most condescending, arrogant pieces of trash in this show. He clearly harbors some sort of addiction/dependence on alcohol and gets downright ridiculous when he abuses it. Literally not one single one of the other men in the TM franchise throw fits about female fans overstepping, because it’s part of the gig and because it’s quite simple to deal with…ignore it!!! You met Brooke through social media while you were still married to Leah…now she’s insecure when any female hits you up as a result. Not to mention the fact that you actively seek out the attention when you are single! It’s so pathetic and delusional that this guy thinks he has any sort of grievance to air.

    1. Yeah and not to mention the fact that he has these pathetic Instagram wars with Brooke. The two of them literally deserve one another. The lastest is Brooke posting back to back videos and pictures of herself with her ex, which was such overkill and happened to fall on the same day Jeremy was with Leah for Addie’s Halloween party. Then he responds by posting AND tagging the supposed love of his life that he has been reunited with after 6 years. Mind you that less than one month ago Brooke was posting pictures with Addie. Literally nonsense.

  4. People who are secure with themselves don’t need to go on their personal social media accounts and boast about themselves all the time and put others down. This goes for everyone really. He’s an insecure little boy who eats up the limelight.

    Keep putting it down Jeremy – after all you CHOSE to propose to Leah after knowing her a few months on national tv, you CHOSE to have a child with her, you CHOSE to keep getting putting yourself on tv and last but not least you CHOSE to meeting other women when you were married. I certainly don’t envy that. I am so blessed to have a husband who has more class.

    1. And this may be the root of his insecurity, the reason for this a$$holish behavior. That, and looking like lesbian Lance Bass.

  5. The guy is a fool! If it’s so bad, leave! Nobody forced him to date a girl on the show, get her pregnant, marry her and then act gross and leave her. He thinks he’s Gods gift to women when he’s nothing but a father who is not interested in being with his daughter.

  6. Yes teen mom is a joke . I look at the crap this show puts out . You got a hooker farah Abraham. You have jenelle a drug abuser, neglected her first child to have more causing such devastation. There the Tyler , he’s died inside as he knows he gave up on his daughter, for what money. The whole adoption thing has not been clearly addressed. Now you got Briana back . Wtf. Ludicrous!!

  7. Oh “germy” can’t you just be quiet and grateful like ole Gary Shirley? We already know what we’re watching. Losers. We enjoy it.

  8. Guessing ole Jeremy had too much moonshine, got caught talking to other girls again or is looking for more money from MTV. Either way he’s an idiot.

    1. Ikr?! Lest we forget his “signature” Jeremy Calvert t-shirt he was trying to hawk a while back?! Lmfao…all I can do is laugh at his hypocrisy.

  9. I have to hand it to him though… he’s one of the ONLY Teen Mom dads that has always maintained employment outside of the shit show on MTV.

      1. “One of the only teen mom dads that have maintained employment”. You’re forgetting javi and Cole. “One of….”


  10. Earth to Jeremy – you’re famous for the exact same reason the TM girls are….

    He really needs to get over himself.

    1. He thinks his own rules do not apply to him because he has a job. Newsflash Jeremy, at this point, it most certainly WOULD hurt you in a big way financially to lose your TM gig. I wholeheartedly believe that 2-3 years ago, he was probably making well under 6 figures per season. We know Matt only made 27k and he has been on the show for quite a few seasons now. But Jeremy himself has said that MTV’s offer “went up” and I think it probably went up a lot. He has been on the show almost as long as the original Dad’s and is featured far more than Corey. So yes, Jeremy, you do need MTV’s money. Not having that supplemental income will hurt you severely when you’re used to having it. You are no exception, just an entitled brat.

  11. Excuse me. Pardon me. Did anyone know or care who Jermy was before Teen Mom? Will anyone care what happens to Jermy after Teen Mom is over? Me neither. Pipe down Jermy. You’re a bit player.

  12. Oh, Germy. Shut up and cash your checks while they last.

    You’re here for our entertainment, and don’t you forget it.

    1. I actually like him. But you are so right!!!! HER DOES LOOK LIKE A LESBIAN LANCE BASS!!!!!

  13. To be fair, the same logic goes applies to him. Being quasi-famous for being Leah Messer’s baby daddy is kind of a joke. Therefore calling himself a joke

    Jeremy is a bit shady – like the whole online drama with Brooke(?) accusing her of limiting time with his daughter, cheating, lying it had something to do with Leah, going on emotional rants on social media even more than some of girls on TM franchise.

    His daughter lives in a nice home provided by MTV money, I don’t know alot of single mothers who can afford to live as well that – who don’t have a college degree or financial support.

  14. It seems like every 6 months or so he needs an ego boost and has to tell everyone how he makes so much money and doesn’t need MTV but keeps signing back on ?

  15. The girls must be getting a lot more money now because it seems all of em are throwing tantrums for one reason or another.

  16. Um, isn’t he forgetting one of them is famous for something? They don’t call them porn stars for nothing! OT: Farrah says she hasn’t been fired.

  17. So he’s calling out people for “sliding into his DMs” but didn’t he do the same thing with Leah on FB. Pot meet kettle. I M glad he called out the no talent part though. I’m sure Farrah isn’t going to be happy to hear that as she’s the “biggest talent.” Lol

  18. Yeah but didn’t he slide into Leah’s DMs? And that’s why he’s bringing in checks from the network that he can’t shut up about hating!?
    I can’t stand this guy.

  19. I think, I hope, his point is that SOME of these girls have let their tiny bit of short-lived fame go to their unsophisticated little brains (ahem Jenelle, Kailyn, Farrah, and Briana).

    On the other hand – what a foul-mouthed, entitled brat he is! He should join Adumb and put his money where his mouth is. Put up or shut up.

  20. I bet anything that this rant came from him getting in trouble with Brooke over talking to random chicks on social media lol.

  21. No one said that they needed to sing or play sports though. They are being paid for others TRASH tv entertainment. And you were paid for the same reason Jeremy. Shouldn’t bash others for something you did as well

    1. Yeah, I find it so crazy how these guys (first was Javi, now Jeremy) are trying to make it seem like they are NOT a part of this! Javi is even dating another castmember again! It’s called reality tv guys for a reason, no reality tv “star” is even remotely famous for anything else than exploiting their families for profit!

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