Confirmed: ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood is Pregnant With Her Second Child

“There’s a baby inside of me…and thankfully it isn’t Matt’s!”

Surprise! Amber Portwood is expecting!

People magazine published an article on Wednesday that stated that Amber is pregnant, according to the magazine’s source. The Ashley can confirm that Amber is, indeed, pregnant by her boyfriend of a few months, Andrew Glennon

The Ashley’s sources tell her the ‘Teen Mom OG’ production and crew members have known for a while that Amber was pregnant (since around the time she and Andrew went to Hawaii, from what The Ashley hears.)

The pregnancy is also the reason that Amber was absent from the recent filming of various ‘Teen Mom’ specials in Los Angeles.

“The official word told to everyone was that she didn’t come because she was sick,” a source tells The Ashley, “but basically everyone knew it was morning sickness. She’s been having a hard time so far, but Amber is totally thrilled about the pregnancy.”

This will be the second child for Amber (who shares eight-year-old Leah with Gary Shirley), and the first child for Andrew.

Click here to learn more about Amber’s newest baby-daddy, Andrew!

UPDATE! Amber has confirmed her pregnancy to Us Weekly!

“When I first found out, I was a little scared,” she told the magazine. “I just kind of sat down and thought about it and realized that it was a big step in my life and it was a good thing actually, and I was really happy within 30 minutes.

“After the initial shock, it was nothing but happy thoughts and just enjoying my time with my boyfriend,” she added. “We’re both very happy.”

Amber also told the magazine that she has been off the medications for her bipolar disorder for about three months.

“I wanted to see if I was just unhappy because of the things that were going on in my life at the time with him, and I realized after weaning myself off that I actually am OK,” Amber said. “It’s manageable as long as you have a healthy lifestyle and healthy people around you.”

(Photo: MTV)


    1. Who knows? I think once things start going south with this new guy, she may ended up calling Matt for help. My fantasy thinking of her going back to school, getting a job/career, spending more time with Leah….all have gone out the window. Plus, with a new baby on the way, how is she going to possibly take care of all of her animals!! MTV has created all this drama and as long as the show is relevant, the girls will all continue to earn a great paycheck. Good Lord, they all drive new cars and live in new homes….it take most young people years to acquire that!!

  1. I’m hoping for the best for Amber and her babies. Just don’t think it was a good idea to get pregnant so fast after just 3 months of no meds. I’m kind of scared for her tbh.

  2. It amazes me that there are tons of fans on Twitter praising her and congratulating her. I mean, I get not wanting to be negative, but what is there to celebrate about Amber getting knocked up by her rebound guy that she barely knows? Based on what we’ve seen on recent episodes, she doesn’t seem like a great mother to Leah, and now she’s bringing an infant into the world with some random dude. Does she realize she can’t just take off to do her own thing when she has a little baby that has needs 24 hours a day? I hope she hires a full time nanny and doesn’t pretend she can do it all alone like psycho Jenelle.

    I know I’m a cynic, but damn..what is wrong with these girls having kids with any random cock that shows interest?

  3. “It’s manageable as long as you have a healthy lifestyle and healthy people around you.” This is going to be a goddamn disaster.

  4. Was not insinuating that gary was a bad dad. Just that he plays mind games and loves the couch just as much as amber lol.

  5. Agree!! Gary stepped up to the plate and took care of Leah as a responsible father. He is a father to Leah and makes sure she is loved and cared for. I remember one episode where Amber wanted Leah to spend the night at her house on a school night. Gary said no because Leah had perfect attendance and he didn’t want to risk Amber getting her to school late because that would jeopardize her perfect attendance record at school.

  6. Limited time together dosent necessarily mean that they are doomed (although the odds are stacked against you)! I met my husband the day after valentines day, was engaged by the end of april, married by the start august and pregnant by the end of september….that was 15 years ago.i know it sounds corny, but we just knew we wanted to be together and didnt see the point in waiting…i hope that it is the same for amber – for the baby and leah’s sake! Though my husband didn’t/dosen’t have a criminal record!

    1. I would totally agree with you, but SHE does this in every relationship she starts. She met a criminal at Wal-Mart and moved him in quickly, and he ended up taking care of her daughter for her. She met matt on Twitter and moved him in after he went to visit for a couple days. This new guy quickly met her daughter. Then she got pregnant a month after dating him. She has a history of making important decisions in a short amount of time AFTER seeing many red flags.

    2. Wooow! And I thought I was fast! Met him in May, 1 date, 1 week later we’re a couple, 5 months later we’re thinking about moving in together. Thinking about it, not doing it already. I’m glad it worked out for you, but I’m guessing you didn’t have every one of these:
      – a baby daddy/ex-fiance you have physically abused
      – a child who was raised in a house full of you and baby daddy fighting
      – a history of drug abuse
      – a house full of animals you can’t really take care of
      – several mental issues like depression and BPD that make you incapable of coming out of your bed on a regular basis
      – an ex boyfriend of 2 months before you got pregnant with a new boyfriend
      – a couch complex which makes it impossible for you to move from said couch
      – an inflated ego thinking you’re the biggest start because the whole franchise “started with you”

  7. Kristina was married and had a daughter by her husband when she began having an affair with Gary. Gary is now the step father to that little girl. But her dad won’t sign an agreement for the little girl to be on the show. Thats why we havent seen her.

    1. Ahhhhh!! This comment was replying to another comment down below. Someone didn’t realize Gary has a step daughter.

  8. Funny also because not too long ago before this guy she wanted to do porn with matt. So not only is she stupid for having a baby with a guy so quickly he is also pretty effing stupid to have a child with a girl who just a couple months before wanted to do porn with another man.

  9. Am i the only one who notices how Gary manipulates and messes with amber? When he was dating kristina and leading on amber? How he uses leah as ammunition against amber? He is no better than amber. He sits on his giant lazy boy in his manky dad bod tee while kristina does everything. Amber has come a long way and i dont think that she puts leah second. She went to jail for leah. Was matt a mistake…yes. is jumping straight into another relationship and falling pregnant straight away a mistake…most likely. But i have no doubt that she adores leah and dont believe that gary is the innocent victim and amazing person he is glorified as.just my opinion.

    1. So I guess Gary didn’t take care of Leah while Amber chose to go to prison and chose to jump from guy to guy (remember the felon she met at Walmart who changed Leah’s diaper!?) or when she chose to skip out on seeing Leah to go all over the fucking country? Or right now when Amber chose to jump on another dick WHILE FILMING A REALITY SHOW ABOUT FIXING YOUR STRAINED RELATIONSHIP or when she decided having another baby was the best decision she could make? Gary didn’t care about Leah’s well being at all during any of this? From 16 and pregnant, up until this very moment, Gary could give two fucks less about his daughter. Right.
      Gary may have been a shithead but he certainly grew up a lot. Amber is still the little 16 year old that was introduced to ya many years ago. She may not look the same thanks to plastic surgery, but she still acts the same.

  10. Nice replacement baby when you’re still a shit mother to Leah, who appears to be a wonderful kid (thanks to her father and his wife). You really put your kid first on this one didn’t you? She’s as bad as Jenelle and Kail, having babies with basic strangers so they can play house. Instead of the hypocritical prevention PSA at the end of the show they need to replace it with BABIES DONT MAKE THEM STAY. All three of them know this, we watched it play out on national tv, and they do it again with different men!! Rinse and repeat. We know you three have daddy issues, but MTV continuing to glorify this is just ridiculous. Dumb women being taken advantage of for ratings and fucking their children up for life because they delusionally believe they are celebrities.

    1. Okay Amber, you aren’t fooling anyone. You absolutely, do NOT know what you are doing. A child needs a stable home, environment and parents. Employed parents are a plus. Parents who have known each other for longer than 2 months, even a bigger plus. Additionally, going from fiancée to pregnant with a new guy faster than you can say, “Maybe we should think about this.” is the biggest plus.
      You are in NO way ready to be a mother again.

    2. Actually her kids deserve all the happiness in the world and a great mom. Too bad they are getting none of that from Amber!!

  11. You know what makes me sad? These girls should just be dating. Not making more of a family. Just having the fun that is your 20s and dating different people. You don’t have to make a baby with every guy you meet. They aren’t all your soulmates. Just date. Enjoy that.

  12. Only way to stay relevant on this show, just go out and pick another looser you barely know to knock you up again, then comes a ton of sobbing on the couch time when it doesn’t work out and then Amber finds out being an actual single mother is hard work and sleeping until noon is no longer an option.

  13. So sad. There’s no way having a baby with a guy she’s only been with for a few months will help her well being and mental health, her relationship with Leah, or her relationship with the baby’s father.

    1. You’re right. She’s such a severe mental case & shouldn’t go off meds. Shouldn’t have a kid being that ill.

  14. Ugh Amber. How long do you even know this guy? How can you be sure he is a good father, a good partner and how are you sure you are going to be a good partner for him and a good mother for the baby? She’s already a very lazy mom with Leah, cancelling all the time for every reason she can think of. If you can’t be a good mother for your first child, don’t make a second one…

  15. Didn’t she fairly recently have surgery? Like Brianna and Kaylin, who also both got pregnant by guys they were with for barely anytime at all… ?

  16. Why tf can’t these girls forget the dick for 5 seconds and just be single, and focus on their children?! Luckily Leah seems to have a very stable and loving home environment with Gary & Kristina.

  17. Lawd almighty.
    I hope the brown couch wasn’t involved in the conception! How will she manage to look after a baby and the zoo of animals that she has? I mean the dogs shit and piss everywhere and scratch at the walls, BooBoo v.2 will probably do the same.

    I bet Matt is wherever he’s holed up, crying into his backpack of Ambers money.

    1. “Crying into his backpack of Ambers money”: the first time I read it, I cackled, Babs style. The fifth time I read it, I still cackled.

    1. I hate how she calls her booboo. I mean yea, ok for nicknames but it is literally all the time it’s like she doesn’t know her name. I said this before with jenelle and David. They call each Other babe all the time. Like she doesn’t remember which boyfriend (oops husband) she is with at the time

      1. To me, how she says boo boo is equally, if not worse than when Farrah says awwwhhhhhh to Sophia every other scene. That boo boo nickname is horrendous, and SO annoying. I can’t wait until Leah tells her to stop it….cuz its not cute.

      2. Boo Boo is slightly better than Deb calling Sophia “Baby Goo.” I can only think of one thing when I hear “Baby goo.”

          1. Oooh, my brain, Jamie! I thought baby goo as in the stuff babies leave in their diapers. Not fully poop yet, but black goo, you know what I mean? Now you’ve ruined the name even more for me, hahaha!

  18. wtf i should wrong with these girls?? didnt this guy get in trouble for stalking/abusing his ex girlfriend(s)?? and Ambo thought it was wise to make a kid with him?? These women are WAY too old to be making kids with these random deadbeats.

  19. No words. She knows she will endanger this baby if she takes her medicine and she will be a crazy yelling bitch when she stops. Get your act together first. Matt still owns half of your stuff.

    1. Being married really has nothing to do
      with being a stable person and a good mother. I don’t think Amber is either of those things, but the fact that she isn’t married should not be the most concerning, imho.

      1. Being married means you are in a committed relationship where you probably discussed and planned on having a child. The stats are there. Having a kid out of wedlock sets the relationship up for failure right away.

        1. So I guess a piece of paper automatically means the kids gonna have a great childhood and have no problems. Being married and popping them out doesn’t guarantee shit.

        2. Rachel, in theory, I agree with you. In theory, that’s what being married SHOULD mean. But you gotta meet me halfway here. Were Leah and Kail better mothers than the others, just because they were married when they had a baby??? I think not.

          (Having said this, in my country the whole concept of marriage is not as important as it might be in other countries, so my judgement might be different all together)

          1. Wait. Did I say anything about being a good mother? No. I said having a stable relationship and stable home environment which is setting an example for your kids. No it doesn’t happen all the time, clearly. Look at the stats of the show alone, only 2 or 3 girls are currently with one of their kids dads. Almost none are with their first borns father.

          2. But being married doesn’t mean you’re stable either. Look at Jenelle. She married Shrek on their swamp and their certainly the most unstable pieces of poop we’ve ever seen. Two PEOPLE are the factors on stability here. Not their legal relationship status.

          3. “Almost none are with their first borns father.” well considering that they were 16 when they had their first borns, I wouldn’t say not being married was the problem here ?

  20. If she is trying to stay even keel without the meds, she is smart to stay away from Teen Mom altogether and social media altogether. She is probably laying low as much as possible. You GO girl!

  21. Because the world needs another fucked up individual that can’t cope with life without a plethora of Psychiatric drugs to get you through the day. Yay Amber!

  22. I’m really inclined to believe that the only reason she didn’t get pregnant by middle- aged Matt was because after all the kids he’d already fathered he may have been shooting blanks and fresh out of ammunition.

    But from what I’ve seen, Amber and Jenelle are exactly alike when it comes to having a man around. And if pushing out another kid is the kind of “relationship insurance” that looks reasonable to them at the time — it’s definitely what they’ll DO.

    So let the cop calling, custody battle, and trying to put Andrew’s head through a wall the way she did Gary’s begin.


  23. Good freaking lord, she’s been with this guy for all of 5 minutes….

    I’m really curious as to how Matt never managed to slip one past the goalie, so to speak. You’d think he’d be all about that baby daddy OG paycheck.

  24. Whether it’s Matt’s baby or not doesn’t matter. She’s selfish and irresponsible. She put Matt before Leah and I’m sure she’s doing the same with this guy and now there’s gonna be a new baby in the mix. ?? Well done, Amber! Well done ?

  25. This is fucking appalling. I was hoping it wasn’t true. Poor Leah will never be able to understand why this baby is good enough to live with mommy, but she herself, never was. Why do some of these chicks keep having replacement babies? Last we saw of Amber, she certainly wasn’t mentally stable enough to be having a baby.

    1. I think Leah is smart enough to know Christina is her real mother and Amber is at best sort of like some aunt who shows up now and then,makes a big fuss over her briefly,then is gone again. If aunty Amber has a baby, I don’t think Leah will care because unlike Amber, she has her own family.

    2. I think Leah is getting to the age now that she might be able discern that it isn’t her, it’s her worthless mother. Not sure how bright Leah is, but by 9 or 10 most kids will be able to see a fucked up situation for what it is. She may not worry about what is wrong with herself, but become very resentful of her mom. Leah may end up doing a lot of the parenting of her new sibling, since Amber likely won’t.

  26. I’m one of the rare TM fans who has always pulled for Amber and liked her. I hope everything goes well and she is indeed truly happy being with the baby’s father.

    1. I feel the same way. Like she went to jail to try to change and she seems like shes trying. Amber has a good heart and seems like shes genuinely trying to be a better mom.

    2. Agreed. I don’t dislike Amber, and I’m actually proud of her for how far she’s come since her 16 & Pregnant episode aired. I’m just worried that Andrew might be abusive towards her, and that she moved way too fast. I have to give her credit for being one of only two moms in the franchise to have only one child up until this point, but I’m still worried about her stability, both mentally and in her relationship. I believe Amber is a good person, and I wish the best for her, but I am definitely scared for her.

    3. I like Amber. She’s a cool chick. But like Jenelle and Kail, she’s one of those girls that just doesn’t feel complete without a man so she jumps into serious relationships way too fast. Now she’s pregnant with a dude’s kid that she’s only known for a few months. I hope the best for her and hope it works out but we all see how this sort of relationship ends all the time….not well.

  27. Cashing in on one more baby bonus before TMOG gets cancelled? I mean, it’s no secret Matt ran off with a good chunk of Amber’s money.

    But in all seriousness, I REALLY hope for everyone’s sake Amber is working with her doctors to keep a safe medication regime during and after her pregnancy. PPD is horrendous, even when you haven’t had prior mental health issues.

    1. I seriously wonder as to how long these girls think the show will be around. Must be a long time because everyone keeps getting pregnant.

      A bit disgusted that some of these babies *cough jenelle’s* are conceived for money not out of love.

  28. Awfully quick…but like others said AT LEAST IT’S NOT MATT.

    I wonder how she is going to make it work with Andrew’s job and Leah. I suppose the most mature thing would be working out an agreement with Gary that gets her some holidays and time in the summer. That is how an ex’s sister had her custody agreement. The kids stayed with their dad in Cali and visited on some holidays/summer with their Mum in Texas.

    1. Yeah, obviously Amber’s taste in men is as par with Jenelle, Javi and Brianna. The bottomfeeders of choosing a good partner.

      I would have added Kail but two of her baby daddies are great dads.

  29. I wish her well but given how lazy she was with Leah when she had her, I don’t see this ending well, she expected Gary to work and do everything for Leah then made out he was lazy if he didn’t do everything she wanted. Nine years later she is still lazy and is pregnant to a man she barely knows. I hope Andrew does step up but if he doesn’t this baby is screwed because I don’t see Amber taking care of the baby.

  30. What happened to the “We’re not rushing things!” stuff she kept on saying when the news of her dating this guy came out. Having a kid with someone you are dating for few months is DEFINITELY RUSHING things. Man, she’s such a liar, almost as bad as Jenelle. Really, girls?! (Now women) You can’t be with someone for years and THEN have a child with him?! What the hell is this sh*t show teaching young girls?! Dissapointed but not surprised unfortunately.

  31. Amber’s only redeeming quality was that she stopped having babies after Leah. Guess that’s out the window now.

    Leah has Gary and Kristina to give her a stable home. This new baby is screwed. Amber is lazy, negligent, and unstable. I hope Andrew steps up, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Matt is holed up somewhere throwing things. He missed the gravy train!

    1. Come to think about it, Farrah who they fired from the show, is the ONLY ONE of this girls who hasn’t had a second child or is expecting (and prob won’t for a looooong time if ever, I mean, who will want to have a child with her, lbr!). When Farrah is the smartest of the bunch….you need to cancel the show immediately.

  32. I’m so happy Amber didn’t get pregnant by Matt. I think there’s hope for her. I’m waiting to see him.

    1. But she did get pregnant by a boyfriend of two months who has two restraining orders against him from exes he stalked. This wasn’t exactly a wise choice.

  33. I bet Matt is fuming after hearing this news. Especially after ‘it was too dangerous to her health’ to get pregnant with Matt’s child.

    1. Well when you think about it, it would be a danger to any woman’s health to have to carry Matt’s spawn inside them. It would probably have a tail and cloven hoofs.

  34. Would it kill people to wait at least a year before they bring a human life into this world? It’s kind of a big deal. Just sayin’.

  35. I really hope her prenatal care is managed by an OBGYN who specializes in treating women with Bipolar DO. It is possible to remain on certain medications during pregnancy with consistent monitoring. I wish her well.

  36. I’m trying to figure out why these girls are against birth control?? You can pre-order the iPhone X and buy a new car every season, but a box of $6 condoms is too much?? The pill? An IUD?! Then once the baby daddy bounces, they wanna whine and complain about how it’s so hard. I don’t get it. They all lack a sense of responsibility and it’s seems to be MTV throwing all that money in their face. They feel invincible.

    All these babies with different men is just not a good example. How do you justify this MTV?? SERIOUSLY?!

  37. I hope this baby knows how to make his or her own bottles and can change its own diapers, because mommy likes to sleep until at least noon before moving to the couch for a nap.

  38. What actual, meaningful lesson is this show teaching at this point??? Evidently getting knocked up by different dudes (Kail, Jenelle, Amber, Brianna) and making bad life choices gets you fat MTV paychecks. This nonsense needs to be canceled.

  39. when a but wants a relationship to go this fast (ie. Move in after a month and get pregnant a month after that) it’s a big red flag of his controlling behavior…. But I think amber loves a guy that’s as obsessive as she is.

  40. Do you think Gary will find it in his heart to take this baby to raise, too?

    The one decent thing about Amber was that she seemed to accept that she was too selfish and messed up to raise children, and she didn’t have more kids after Leah. Because having babies out of wedlock with new soulmates just works out so well for these girls.

    1. It’s not his child to raise. Yes, he is raising Kristina’s daughter from previous marriage but they are a married couple and she lives with them and their daughters. This baby will be nothing his, just his ex’s kid. So she will need to pawn the kid to someone else.

      1. What daughter from a previous marriage?? Gary and Kristina have a daughter together. By the way, I like Kristina. She seems so mature compared to all the Teen Moms on the show.

        1. Kristina’s other daughter lives with them too (at least partially, don’t know what their custody arrangements are), but you don’t see her on TM because Kristina’s baby daddy doesn’t want to sign off on that. So Gary has Leah, Kristina has a daughter not too far from Leah’s age, and together they have Emilee (did I spell that right?).

  41. Just when you think the shows about to end, someone always. always gets pregnant. Catelynn is next. Gotta secure that MTV money.

    In all seriousness. Amber has absolutely no maternal instincts whatsoever. Gary and his Mom cared for Leah. How will Amber deal with a newborn and 500 dogs? Hey, Kousin Krystal, looks like you’re going to be helping Amber this time.

  42. Lord. Poor child. Is Amber even stable enough to handle a pregnancy without her meds? Like someone else said, though, Thank Goodness it’s not Matt’s. This one was smart enough to knock her up BEFORE she finds out what a con he is!

    1. I have a sister who has almost all of Amber’ s diagnoses. My sister got crazier and crazier after every baby she had.

      I feel sad for Amber. She’s in for a rude awakening.

    1. But does he have a job in Indiana as a camera man? Amber can’t do anything on her own. Seems to me that this guy is going to have to be a stay at home dad soon. It’s not like amber is going to be awake enough to take care of a newborn. It’s likely that another pregnancy is going to send her into an even deeper tailspin of depression.

  43. Its always a good idea to have a baby with a new baby friend. That way you’ll be together forever….. these girls do not promote good choices in getting pregnant at all.

  44. Smdh, what a shame.
    I hope that this guy has a job and sticks around. Does anyone know anything about him?
    He must be an upgrade but how could he be worse than her last fiancée?

  45. What happened with the whole ‘I can’t get pregnant due to the medications I’m taking’? Was that just a ploy to not get pregnant with Matt’s baby (i.e. the Khloe Kardashian “fake trying” plan)?

      1. Fair enough, I maybe summed it up inappropriately. But the scene was in the context of explaining why she and Matt would never have children. If you know you can’t go off your medication but you also can’t take it while being pregnant, I can’t imagine anyone would be lazy about birth control – nor do I think anyone would plan to get pregnant. I would still be curious whether she was being honest about that.
        I echo your sentiments about the doctor though.

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