Farrah Abraham Says Her Daughter Sophia Will No Longer Appear on ‘Teen Mom OG’

Maybe Farrah’s wig could take Sophia’s place on the show?

Scratch yet another person from the Teen Mom OG cast list!

Even Farrah Abraham doesn’t know if she was fired from the MTV show that made her famous, but the Backdoor Teen Mom seems pretty sure about one thing: her daughter Sophia’s days on ‘Teen Mom OG’ are over.

In a new interview with In Touch Weekly, Farrah revealed that she doesn’t want her eight-year-old daughter to appear on the show anymore.

“I will say Sophia is not going to continue to be on ‘Teen Mom,'” Farrah told the magazine.

Farrah insinuated that she doesn’t want her daughter on a show where so many people get knocked up. (Go figure!)

“Sophia is not going to continue to talk about sex and unplanned pregnancies and all that stuff — so she’ll go on to do something better.”

Farrah revealed that she has plenty of things in mind to keep Sophia busy. (As The Ashley previously reported, Sophia is no longer in regular school and is instead doing online school so she can go to events with her mom.)

“Hopefully she’ll be doing makeup brands or clothing,” Farrah said of her daughter. “She’s already in fashion so that’s more her thing and her life.”

The Ashley reached out to Farrah’s dad, Michael Abraham, just to see what he thought of Farrah keeping Sophia off ‘Teen Mom OG,’ regardless of what happens with her own show contract.

“Honestly I think Farrah is a great mom and is protecting her daughter Sophia which is what any parent would do,” Michael told The Ashley.

If Farrah does follow through with her threats to remove Sophia from the show, it won’t be the first time one of the original kids was forbidden from appearing. Back when ‘Teen Mom OG’ first began airing, Maci Bookout refused to allow her son Bentley to appear on the show because she didn’t want him sharing the screen with Farrah (who had recently done her Backdoor Teen Mom sexy-time tape.) Maci eventually allowed Bentley to be on the show again.

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  1. She doesn’t want Sophia to talk about sex and unplanned pregnancy? LOL. I didn’t know that these topics were discussed with kids on Teen Mom. She’s such a great role model with her sex toy line molded from her own vagina, her porn tapes, and most recently, her vaginal rejuvenation video. Way to put Sophia’s best interests and innocence first, ha. And based on her daughter making those “special faces,” growling, and punching herself at lunch on recently episodes, it’s clear that Farrah’s admirable parenting techniques are clearly working.

  2. Farrah is a moron. Why would they keep her daughter on the show but fire Farrah? She makes these dumbass statements like MTV is going to say “OMG!! She pulled Sophia! We need Farrah back ASAP”!

  3. I will not miss seeing Sophia eating with her mouth open nor will I miss her baby talk.
    I wish her the best in having anything remotely like a normal life.

  4. This is kind of like shutting the barn door after all the horses got loose but, ummm, OK. If Farrah is off the show after this season does it matter? I doubt anyone was tuning in for those segments anyway. Now if we could only get rid of Debra and Dr. Dave.

  5. The show is called teen mom! If she’s not going to show herself as a mom what’s the point? Farrah needs to take her happy ass off the show also! I believe this is all a ploy to make mtv and producers mad since they tried to can her! I can’t stand her!

  6. Now Sophia is doing Cyber school ? So take away the only normalcy in that child’s life. That decision was made for Farrah’s convenience, not in the best interest of Sophia. selfish as always

  7. Why is she always acting like Sophia is already an adult?! Ofc she can make her own decisions, every kid can but why would she even be shown in the first place if she is a MINOR?! The whole point of these shows is to show moms “struggle” and a glimpse of their kids. But Jesus Christ, let her grow before she is treated like an adult. This kid is seriously screwed and I feel sorry for her and pray to God Farrah doesn’t have another one like ever.

  8. There is something mentally wrong with Farrah, that’s why she treats people the way she does and why she really can’t form cohesive sentences. That being said, she does have multiple businesses and she seems to have a grip on her finances, while Tyler and Caitlin buy houses without seeing them, have a new car every week, buy horses without stables and just generally marinate on the couch (their “clothing line” might last 5 more minutes). The point is, even the most vile people slip up and make a good decision now and then. Sophia should have been taken off the show the second she showed signs of acting out, she was probably taken out of school because she had a hard time fitting in with the other kids, she needs therapy and a child advocate to help her adjust to life in the real world because in a few short years she’ll be a teen and that’s when the hammer will really drop.

    1. I can’t wait bet Farrah sends her to live with Deborah of wait what was I thinking? That would only happen if Farrah was a real parent.
      Farrah is going to be partying with Sophia she will be on Mirena by 10

      1. While I totally agree with your last sentence, how would Farrah sending Sophia to live with Debra make her “a real parent”? Deb is off her rocker (as evidenced by how her own children have turned out and her behavior in general). She still talks to Sophia in a baby voice, and problems are solved with prayer- look how well that did for Farrah. I think it’s clear Farrah is not well mentally – I think she’s unbelievably insecure, has MAJOR unresolved past trauma issues, and it’s evident in nearly everything she does and her behavior. Unfortunately I don’t think she will ever get the actual, real intensive treatment she would need to recover. She has her ‘ish together financially, but her mental health is troubling. I feel like living with Deb would leave Sophia just as damaged as living with Farrah is obviously doing to her. There is no real good solution at this point unless a miracle happens and Farrah accepts major, major help. Which I don’t ever see happening, though I wish it would. Both Sophia and Jace(….and Kaiser/Ensley for that matter) break my heart the most. They just don’t seem to have ANYONE stable around them.

  9. Honestly though none of the kids are ever in it anymore we might see them for a minute here and there but that’s basically it

  10. “Sophia is not going to continue to talk about sex and unplanned pregnancies and all that stuff — so she’ll go on to do something better.”

    Yet you also said you were fine with her being exposed to your work in the adult industry. Farrah has said Sophia could ask her anything (and iirc read her erotic novels?) if she wanted to.

    The hypocrisy and bitterness are strong in this one.

  11. Seems to me that Farrah is 100% agreeing with Maci now for pulling Bentley from the show a few years back, as to not have her son share the same screen with a backdoor porn star…oops, excuse me… someone who had appeared in a “sex tape.” (Insert huge eye roll here.)

    Clearly, I think we can all see now, that amongst all the other amazing things Farrah can do with her back door, TALKING OUT OF IT – seems to be yet another one.


  12. Okay. So. Does this idiot actually think MTV was going to continue to film her child after firing her ass? That’s not how it works you over botoxed ass clown.

  13. that poor child was fucked from birth. she will never have a normal childhood. she’s fucking what, 8 or 9? put her is fucking real school for fucks sake.

  14. Farrah you are a porn actor and publicly advertise your molds of your female body parts to sell. You talk like a filthy pig and go on any stupid reality show that will have you and act like a nasty vile foul mouthed whore and threaten violence to castmates. It is available for the world to see and this includes your daughter. That is what will harm your daughter. Your greed and need for attention at your daughter’s expense it a choice you made and continue to make. You are a disgrace as a mother and you all of the sudden are concerned about how Teen Mom is affecting your daughter. This is all on YOU. Too late that child has no chance of having a good life.

  15. “Sophia is not going to continue to talk about sex and unplanned pregnancies”……

    Excuse me Farrah? Sophie is the product of an unplanned pregnancy?

    ….”so she’ll go on to do something better.”

    Like Backdoor Teen Mom or your other porn shows?

    “I will say Sophia is not going to continue to be on ‘Teen Mom,’”

    Of course not. Because Teen Mom fired both of you already.

  16. I can’t even imagine how Sophia will feel when she fully understands how Farrah has made money. As Sophia gets older I bet she will reject Farrah.

    1. She will be (and already has been) exposed to so much inappropiate, oversexualized behaviour through Farrah’s parenting she’ll think it’s normal. That is the saddest thing.

  17. Is Farrah even filming? Seems like a moot point and she might be patting herself on the back a bit too much for someone who got fired.

    1. Farrah is that person that still continues to show up for work even though they have made it very clear she was fired. I actually knew someone that did that. She was fired but still would show up and the supervisor just said “whatever” lol.

  18. This is the “mother”(and I am ashamed to even call her that) that allows her CHILD, very young child, play with the replica “toys”…the child she will also allow to read her book, and the child she will allow to watch her movie(s). Those are the mildest of things compared to everything else she allows, rather, directs, her child to do.

    Anything to stay relevant, eh? How about you stop giving Sophia “her thing”, and let her be, oh, I dunno…a KID!!!

    Sure she may not be physically abusive, but that see you next tuesday..and I have said this before..is abusive in ways that won’t really manifest in Sophia until she hits puberty. Someone, anyone, take that poor child away while she’s still young and impressionable enough to be taught right from wrong, common sense, human decency…and every other positive attribute that intelligent human beings ought to have.

    1. that is indeed a sexual abuse type. i feel so incredibly sorry for this girl, but again, just as in jenelles case we are all encouraging this behavior. this show really needs to stop, maybe not having this income may put some sense on this morons heads, maybe…

  19. Oh no! Without Lil’ Demon Fang, who’s gonna give us weekly nightmares after watching the show? It’ll be okay. DebzOG’s paralyzed face should do the trick.

  20. Seriously she’s into make up and fashion and it’s her thing?
    Oh yeah and remember your only allowed to talk to strangers when mommy is home.

  21. Since I don’t know where else to post this tonight—can we please discuss the revelation of Ryan’s drug of choice?!?! I was shocked when he announced he was addicted to heroin! I had assumed it was pills. I’m the first to admit that I’m pretty naive when it comes to addiction (my experience dealing with true addiction has been pretty limited) but heroin is scary. I have a lot of respect for Jen and Larry for the way they addressed Ryan’s struggle in tonight’s ep. They were very honest about the fear they experience because of Ryan. I kept trying to read MacKenzie’s body language during the scene where Ryan was talking to the lawyer. Was she surprised Ryan was addicted to Heroin? Was she surprised he confessed to his drug of choice on tv? Was she surprised the lawyer told Ryan he had a weak case as far as custody? What was really going on in that scene?

    1. Dudddddde… yeah.

      Larry is moron and bully, they knew something was up and worried everyday that they would get the call he overdosed.

      Yet it is all Maci’s fact, they should be giving her hugs. The ONLY reason he sought help is because it played out for EVERYONE to see. Then alluding Maci is a trigger, what a bunch of class a enablers.

      Like explaining Ryan shot up because of his mom crying, for some vague reason over Bentley, and because Maci is just Maci.

      Ryan straight up omitted/lied about zero contact with Maci. She is completely faultless expecting Ryan to take drug tests prior to Bentley being his care. Obviously Jen and Larry cant ensure Bentley’s safety when they turn a blind eye to HEROIN use. And Larry lied about 30 days in rehab, bitch it was 21 days to kick a HEROIN ADDICTION.

      ugh it completely blows my mind how much they play the victims. Its fucking HEROIN!!!!

    2. Ugh i didnt read your entire message – you are completely wrong on how classy Larry and Jen were.

      They blamed everyone but Ryan, they knew Ryan was on the verge of overdose but did nothing.

      If they really wanted to actually do something about it. They would have put aside any issues with Maci and gotten all together to face Ryan over their concerns. A united front of concern over his well being.

    3. I don’t find it surprising at all that it was heroin, I can say with certainty it started out with pills. Ryan was in multiple accidents, and he was obviously prescribed pain killers. Thats when you could see the problems start. I remember about two years ago noticing he was clearly abusing painkillers and I remember Googleing it to see if anyone else noticed (takes one to know one, I’m trying to get over my own issues). But the prescription only lasts so long, and then you buy from the street. The prices are INSANE, and you develop tolerance. That’s when most people make the switch to heroin. Cheaper, and gives similar results to pain killers. The most recent study I read about heroin use is that 8 out of 10 heroin users started off with prescription pills prescribed by their doctor.

      1. Most people that are prescribed pain killers don’t get addicted then move on to heroin. There’s no need to blame doctors.

        1. I hate to say it, but YES a lot of people who get addicted to pills from prescribed medications absolutely do move on to Heroin.

          1. I never said that it doesn’t happen. I said “most people” who take pain meds don’t move on to heroin. If that were true at least 75% of Americans would be addicted to heroin.

            Im sick of addicts blaming doctors for their drug use.

            I love to eat sweets, but if I get diabetes I’m not going to blame sugar manufacturing companies. It would be my fault if I got diabetes from poor diet habits.

        2. That is EXACTLY how it happens! Painkillers and heroin are the same thing – opiates. Use google and look it up. 8 out of 10 people start with pills prescribed to them. That’s a fact.

        3. No one is blaming doctors but pain killers are way over prescribed. There are plenty of less addictive pain killers that can be used. OxyContin doesn’t need to be used for everything.

        4. MTV SHOULD HAVE FIRED JENELLE, you may be right in saying most people prescribed pain meds don’t become heroin addicts. What TWITTAFAME is saying is that most herion addicts start off with pain medication.

    4. I thought everyone knew it was heroin right from the start. I have never used it, nor know anyone who has but his behavior was indicative of heroin abuse.
      I don’t know of any RX from a doc that makes your pupils dialate into saucers.
      I haven’t seen this episode yet, but his parents have known about it for years and his fiance knew almost from the start if their relatipnship.
      She’s the worst. She was only concerned about Ryan’s reputation.

  22. Oh Farrah, Farrah. Farrah. Just when I start to think that you are becoming a better person, you pull something stupid out of your ass. (Backdoor jokes pun unintended). I feel this season (so far) is making you seem more likeable. You are trying to be a good mom. I can’t kmagine the pressure you must feel truly being a single parent. But then you pull some stupid shit like removing your daughter from school so she can attend more events with you?!?! You are not famous because of talent or hard work. You are famous for failing to master the art of the condom. Yes, you have worked hard to create other revenue streams for yourself, but you have no talent. Stop placing yourself in a celebrity cateogory with people with actual talent. Please, do yourself and Sophia a favor, and lead a normal suburban life. I think it might bring you a lot of inner peace.

  23. “Sophia is not going to continue to talk about sex and unplanned pregnancies….”

    My first question is how she planned to stop Sophia from talking about sex when she is in the sex industry. Lest we forget, Farrah walked around in lingerie in front of her daughter AND said she would allow Sophia to watch her video.

    My second question is when the hell did Sophia start talking about sex and unplanned pregnancies? Isn’t she always doing her on thing anyway?

  24. Do you know Ashley, if Sophia’s been not filming all along or not. If she has been, do they just have to re-edit out Sophia’s segments?

  25. This has nothing to do with Sophia or even best interests of Sophia and everything to do with taking a public jab at Amber for her pregnancy. If she was interested in Sophias best interests, she wouldn’t be pushing a career on her. She would be in elementary school her interacting with children her own age vs. choosing sides in family squabbles that extend beyond the shows scripting. She can act and talk like she really cares but IMO, she is way too obvious.

    1. Yes. This. Sophia doesn’t even talk about sex and unplanned pregnancies on the show. Farrah is just using Sophia to jab at Amber. Sophia is exposed to far more sex being around her mom, especially now that she isn’t even in school. I think in some twisted way Farrah thinks she’s doing what’s best for her daughter, but this kid is doomed.

  26. Oh thank god because being on a show where people get knocked up is SO much worse than having a mother who sells molds of her who-ha all over the Internet.

      1. Yup! I guess Farrah has forgotten that she isn’t a celebrity like she pretends but instead the always class back door teen mom

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