Tyler Baltierra Responds After His ‘Teen Mom OG’ Co-Star Farrah Abraham Says He’s “Gay [And] Still Doesn’t Admit It”

“Classy as usual, Farrah…”

Farrah Abraham decided to start Round 485 of her feud with her Teen Mom OG co-stars earlier this week, tweeting out hateful things about several of the show’s main cast members. However, her statement about Tyler Baltierra is the one that has since gotten the biggest reaction from angry ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans!

Farrah took to Twitter while Monday’s episode of the show was airing to blast her co-stars, tweeting, “I’m just happy Amber stays in bed, Maci sits on the couch, Catelynn smokes weed in her car, Tyler’s gays still doesn’t admit it, I travel the world & know how to run businesses #teenmom @mtv all I can say is #WOW.”

(While this tweet is in “Farrah Speak” it’s actually fairly easy to understand what Farrah is trying to say so The Ashley doesn’t feel the need to translate.)

While her statements about Amber PortwoodMaci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell are true (and have been proven by footage from the show), her remark about Tyler’s sexuality did not go over well with fans.

“What happened to you promoting positivity, good vibes, and being a mature adult? Calling out Tyler’s sexuality really seems unnecessary, unfounded, and homophobic,” one person tweeted to Farrah.

(For the record, Tyler has never stated that he is gay and he is currently married to Catelynn.)

Farrah’s statements brought plenty of criticism her way.

“Having businesses, money and all the plastic surgery won’t make you anymore likable,” one person wrote to Farrah. “It’s got to be miserable to have all that and still be you. Happy people don’t have behaviors such as yours.”

“But like.. have you ever had a successful relationship with another human being ever? ‘Cause at least the other girls can check that off the list,” someone else wrote.

“You know what they all have in common??? That they all still work for MTV and you don’t,” another fan tweeted to Farrah.

When one fan accused Farrah of being “harsh,” she zapped back and even managed to throw in a zinger at her enemy-of-the-month, Viacom.

“I’m honest not harsh throw a fit like Viacom,” she tweeted (in all her Farrah-Speak glory).

(You may remember that, in October, Farrah claimed she was fired from ‘Teen Mom OG,’ only to come back days later saying it was the production company that produces the show that fired her, not MTV or Viacom, who are the only entities with the authority to fire her. From Farrah’s latest jab, it is possible things have gone sour between her and Viacom as well.)

Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham, attempted to explain where everything stands right now.

“There has no been any official announcements from MTV, Viacom, or Farrah…” he wrote on Tuesday in regard to his daughter’s (potential?) firing.

Tyler finally addressed Farrah’s statement about his sexuality in a (surprisingly mature) tweet posted on Monday.

“In order for her to really insult me, I would first need to value her opinion and the lion does not dwell on the opinions of sheep,” he wrote.

Score one point for Tyler!

(Photos: MTV)


  1. Farrah is constantly saying that the others are saying and doing things for attention. Um, what do you think this is? I’m not going to name call. I’m too old for that.

  2. Farrah: *Says literally anything*
    The World after dealing with her saying anything she says for closing in on ten years: “This bitch…”

  3. Sure little girl, you run those businesses from your daddies garage like a boss.
    You can’t even afford to rent a house and have to do stunts like promoting your porn on your 8-yrs olds social media to draw attention to all your little failing businesses.
    Meanwhile, Amber can stay in bed and Maci can sit on her couch cause they made their MTV money work for them.

  4. I know a lot of successful business owners/executives/entrepreneurs and none of them have time for Twitter wars. Also, these professionally successful individuals have something else that sets them apart from Farrah-wful: Dignity and Class and compassion. Sorry Farrah, these are things that can’t be bought, regardless how much porn money you make.

  5. I can’t wait until Sophia is a teenager, gets emancipated (should be easy enough, she’s been a business owner and manager since she was 6 ?) and starts shopping around a tell-all.

  6. I thought farrah was against sex shaming. So, why is she making comments about someone else’s sexual life. Does Tyler seem like a guy who stays with his wife, because he feels like he has to, yes. Does he seem gay, no. It’s none of her f’n business either way. Worry about the fact that you have no friends and your daughter is a monster in the making, farrah. Oh, and we all know farrah is really a horse and won’t admit it.

  7. No one should write about this… this is how Farrah continues to stay relevant! She draws the drama card and people continue be informed about her! Once we all stop… she will be stopped!!!!!

  8. Oh, that Farrah!
    I admit I laughed at the headline. I was not expecting that at all, also surprised there are no articles on how weird Jenelle, David and Nathan are behaving.

  9. Well I can set aside all other issues w Farrah to say that on this season, seeing how she is w her dad and step mom is nice. She seems to cling to her stepmom and just wants love like everyone else in the world. She’s getting that from her stepmom and I think she just wants to feel safe and loved. That’s why she puts walls up. Now she can be a total bitch but this season it’s nice to kinda see a diff side of her and see how she interacts w this woman compared to her own mom. And I’ll get 55 thumbs down bc I don’t automatically agree w certain groups of people but that’s ok. And also her opinions of the cast might seem harsh but she just goes by what is shown on the season just like the rest of us and I don’t think she’s too far off from what she sees. ?

    1. if you watch closely, there’s no real relationship there AT ALL, it’s compleatly fake which is ironic because that’s what farrah claims to hate most. Her step mom and dad kiss her ass so she imulates what she THINK a normal relationship should be with them.

        1. Also I don’t think it’s necessary for people to call Farrah stuff like horse face or anything awful like that. It’s awful bullying and I’d never want to cause someone harm. It’s just nice to say positive things sometimes. Regardless of how bad people hate her or anyone else, you should never bully them about their appearance. She’s a public figure and gets so many things said about her but the bully comments just bother me. People kill them selves everyday bc of bullying and depression. I am not taking up for her I just have a different opinion and do not sound illiterate. So thanks.

          1. But you have nothing to say about Farrah publicly bullying Tyler over his sexuality without provocation? That’s just Farrah being “harsh”? Yes, let’s all say nice and positive things about Farrah on an article about how she made homophobic and rude remarks about someone over Twitter. You defending Farrah’s unprovoked comments about Tyler and then turning around and getting upset that poor Farrah is being bullied makes you lose all credibility.

          2. Ok Farrah, errr I mean Barbara Ricehand! Stink-fingers, whatever your new name is. You speak just like Farrah. What a co-inky-dink. We’re sorry! NOT!

          3. What about farrah fast shaming cate? Horse face… errrr… I mean Farrah is queen of insulting people’s appearance. Perhaps farrah should treat others how she would want to be treated.

          4. So you’re perfectly okay with HER bullying anyone and everyone, but god forbid someone say something not nice about her? Hell she even bullied her own child, as a toddler, before having her eyebrows done, because she thought her own child looked ugly…wtf, lol.

            That’s a pretty big load of shit colored hypocrisy there chica.

            Your posts read as Farrah speak, there is no doubt about that, lol.

    2. It seems like if someone throws a pebble at Farrah, she’ll throw a boulder right back. She seems like a nice enough person when she isn’t being super defensive.

  10. I think farrah is vile mentally ill person and i feel so bad fpr sophia. That being said i always thought this about tyler hes very feminine. And the way he dresses is very flamboyant.i honestly think caitlin is a beard. I also think he picked her because she has no selfesteem and would never leave him.just because u have children doesmt make u straight. Just my opinion. Wouldnt surprise me

    1. It stems back to 2012.
      Tyler moved to New Orleans to pursue acting while Cate stayed in Michigan. Allegedly he had contacted and began tweeting a somewhat closeted politican who also dabbled into entertainment business.

      (Didnt want to post politician’s name but – its on reddit thread and there is a wetpaint article.)

      Anyways he allegedly set Tyler up in a rental, the stories allege that Tyler expiermented but ultimately decided it wasn’t for him.

      So if Farrah is speaking about that particular incident – then she is a vile person. Since its in the past and there is no reason to shame a person for exploring their sexuality. You’d think a porn star wouldn’t be so homophobic and intolerant.

    2. I think Farrah is mentally ill, and I have always felt very sorry for Sohpia and all the other kids whose lives have been exploited for money. You can’t consent to being on that circus when you’re an infant, and all of those poor children will always have an incredible price to pay because of the decisions made by their loser parents, and let’s be honest here, ALL of them are losers in one way or another. I do think Tyler is gay, I’ve thought that from the first second I’ve seen him, and this is nothing new, men have been doing it for centuries. John Travolta is married with children and everyone knows he is gay, and I do mean everyone! There are many John Travoltas this should surprise no one!

  11. I can’t stand her or her bratty kid they need to get her off the show and keep her off the show. She’s a complete douche to everyone. I would never dream of talking to my parents like she did..

  12. This is the first (and hopefully last) time I agree with what Farrah said about Maci, Catelynn, Amber, and Tyler…..

    1. These kids are all effed up BUT at least Maci is doing a good job raising her son “from her couch”. The difference between Sophia and Bentley’s behavior is night and day. Farrah may have secured the bag by bending over but that isn’t all her child needs. She needs to be raised by a stable, present Mother that knows more than porn and baby talk.

        1. Don’t buy that one never really have. And I’m not a stalker-y enough viewer to map out an entire timeline on her life so I guess the jury will remain out there. Don’t think I don’t believe all these kids are messed up because like I said I do. I just think Farrah is vile, completely and certainly not at the top of the parenting tier. Just financially.

          1. @ Lawlz, yeah, I didn’t buy it, either. I think they made it look like Maci had a beer all of the time because we would think she was pregnant if she wasn’t drinking. Seems pretty clear to me. Having watched this show since the beginning, I don’t feel like Maci’s the kind of person who would drink while pregnant.

      1. Maci has a huge circle who are actively involved in Bentley’s life. She can’t take the credit for him being a good. Papa and Jen have a big part in that.

        1. She surrounded him with these people though and allowed him to continue having a relationship with Larry and Jen even after she and Ryan broke up. No one really raises children completely all by themselves. Whether it’s daycare or preschool teachers or family or friends, whatever. But it’s on the parents to make sure that the people that are helping out are good people who will have a positive effect on their children. Maci has done that.

  13. Oh come on! You know Tyler didn’t come up with that quote by himself! Lets not give him too much credit. I’ll agree he does have plenty of time to google something good to say. I mean, what, with no job, kid in daycare(cuz sofa sittin can wear you out!) wife off messing with a horse cuz she’s not getting fulfilled at home. I mean seriously, none of them are role models at all. Farrah just stirs shit up because she can’t stand to a. Be out of the spot light for more than a hot minute and b. Wants others to wallow in misery with her. She’s lonely at the bottom. She is delusional in thinking that her businesses, money and travel equate to love and people loving her because she’s “somebody.” But she is somebody who despite all the work she has had done is very ugly in the inside. She needs to focus on her ugly inside and understand that the only person who thinks she is famous and all that is herself. She needs a dose of wake the fuck up and some tough love. Not people cowtowing to her! It’s great that her father wants to support her no matter what but it’s obvious that he and his lady friend suck Farrah’s ass because they’re afraid of her. No one respects her at all!!!

    1. Maci does a whole lot more than sit on her couch. Yeah, maybe she does when she is having a conversation while she is filming for TM (I don’t know people find that unusual). She also takes care of three kids and runs a clothing business. Both her and Taylor work hard for that business so I don’t understand why people act like she does nothing but sit on her ass. Taking care of kids and running a business is more than enough to do.

  14. Everyone on this show has issues and faults, but Farrah is the only one I would DREAD to be in the same room with. She is a miserable human being.

  15. Farrah truly is a miserable, mentally ill, biatch. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, and again. She’s unable to get along with anybody. Her father kisses her arse just so he can have a relationship with her. It’s not normal. She’s so unhappy. Very obvious she’s trying to stay relevant. Period.

      1. New Orleans actually is a huge hub for tv and movie production. Louisiana gives medics tax credits so many MANY production companies have moved there.

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