‘Are You The One?’ Couple Amber & Ethan Diamond Announce They’re Expecting Their Second Child

“Take notes, ‘Are You The One’ kids.”

Ethan and Amber Diamond continue to be a perfect match!

The couple, who met and fell in love during the first season of Are You The One? announced via a Christmas-themed Instagram post that they are adding to their family. Amber and Ethan, who got married in October 2014, are already the parents of three-year-old Scarlett.

“You guessed it!! Santa left us something a little EXTRA special this year!” Amber captioned an Instagram photo of herself, Ethan and Scarlett holding a sonogram photo in a stocking. “Excited to welcome BABY DIAMOND no.2 June 2018! (It’s about time, huh?) #babydiamond2”

Ethan also posted a photo of the family with the sonogram, writing, “The last official family Christmas photo as 3 Karats…this time next year, we will be 4!” (Because their last name is ‘Diamond’….see what he did there?)

Amber and Ethan have not yet revealed if Baby No. 2 is a boy or a girl.

See Amber’s adorable baby announcement below:

(Photos: Twitter, Instagram)


  1. SW, although you are right, you’re comment about the author is a tad harsh. Most people don’t know that you can’t find out the gender until the second trimester unless they are medically trained, have been and/or are pregnant.

  2. well of course they havent announced the gender yet…they probably dont even know. do the math. she’s due in June, that makes her about 2mths along….gender normally isnt able to be made out until 18wks unless a specific test is done. your writers are fucking idiots.

  3. So cute! They’re like trista and Ryan OGs on their show and still making it work. After the first season of these reality show it gets so fake and watered down, I doubt there will ever again be a successful “are you the one” couple again.
    And he was the cutest guy to ever appear on that show, IMO

  4. The only ones who GOT IT. I was waiting for an announcement, they are a lovely couple and Scarlett is adorable. (didn’t know she is three already, how the time flies)

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