‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Criticized For Letting Her New Boyfriend Andrew Glennon Cuddle With Her Daughter Leah on New Year’s Eve

“Dern those Instagram trolls!”

It may be a new year, but the stars of Teen Mom OG are dealing with the same old drama!

Amber Portwood took to Instagram to express her outrage at fans who criticized her for posting a photo showing her future baby daddyAndrew Glennon, cuddling with her nine-year-old daughter Leah while ringing in the New Year.

“Bringing in the New Years right with healthy food lol, ” Amber captioned the photo, which appears to have been taken in her bed. “Happy New Years everyone! Sending all our love from my little growing family to yours!”

Fans were quick to point out that Amber has known Andrew for a short time and, even though she’s having his baby, some felt it was too early in the relationship for Amber to be letting Leah get close–both physically and emotionally– to Andrew. (Leah was very close to Amber’s ex-fiance Matt Baier, whom Amber split with earlier this year.)

“I like Amber and I said she’s come a long way. But she brings men in to her daughter’s life seemingly quickly and to see this girl next to a man she knows less than 8 months I’m going to say. Even under a year,” one person wrote. “It’s not like they’ve been a family for a long time. I just felt uneasy that she’d put and or let her daughter be in the position/situation.”

“She is too depressed to spend time with Leah but not to go get a new Matt I mean man,” another person wrote in the comment section. “Then she pretty much forces them on Leah. And she was saying what a great guy Matt was last year.”

Amber was not pleased with the negative comments and made sure her over 1.3 million Instagram followers knew it.

“Anybody saying this is weird needs to look at themselves,” Amber replied on Instagram. “You are f**king disgusting if your head goes straight to filth. We are a happy and loving family. We don’t need ignorant people commenting on our pictures.”

She posted a second photo, writing in the caption, “I have an amazing daughter and a loving a brilliant man. Andrew is a kindhearted loving man and takes good care of his new growing family!”

Last month, Andrew and Amber announced that the baby they are expecting later this year will be a boy.

(Photos: Instagram)

86 Responses

  1. This is rediculous and immature to get pregnant to someone so quickly that you don’t know even if you say you do you don’t!!!!!!!!!! Grow up and love yourself before trying to love someone else I feel sorry for your daughter to have a mother like you I am sorry to say that but it rings of truth shame on you Amber shame Shame Shame

  2. So who is going to take care of this new baby? Is she going to start having Leah over more so she can make Leah take care of the new baby? Amber is not mother material. Since the very beginning she has had someone else care for her child. If there was no one available the child got put in her crib and the door was closed. I bet she is going to make Andrew and Leah do all the work while she lays in bed talking about how she is depressed, sick, or whatever excuse she can come up with. I remember Matt doing all the work for Leah when she was with them and now Andrew will do all the work for the baby. Now that Leah is older she is going to have her over way more and I guarantee the only reason is to have someone to care for her baby while she sleeps. I remember back in the day people use to bash Gary which I always thought was so unfair. Gary has been doing everything for Leah since the very beginning, but people for some reason did not see it. Everyone put up for Amber saying Gary was so horrible, but Gary was caring for their child and working. All he got for it was beat up because he was not doing enough in her mind. If her man is not doing every single thing for her she gets all mad and says they are the problem.

  3. This can’t surprise anyone. She let a criminal with no job that just got out of prison move in and allowed him to change her infant daughters diapers and dress her! Remember Chris?! She doesn’t have a motherly bone in her entire body

  4. Does she not find it odd that she had to post the same defensive things about Matt over and over like not even a year ago? That’s why people say what they do, Amber ? She hops from one asshole to the next and is completely oblivious to it until it’s way too late and the damage is done.

  5. I feel like there are some people that just don’t know how to make good decisions, and Amber is one of them.

    I do think since she’s pregnant with his kid, he and Leah do HAVE to meet. To Amber, it seems logical to get cozy in the bed since that is where she spends a lot of time. It doesn’t even cross her mind that it’s inappropriate to have a 9 year old girl in the bed with a man she barely knows. Then, when people point it out, she gets OVERLY defensive to cover up for the fact that she’s probably a little embarrassed she didn’t realize it was not appropriate. Or she could just really not care to put Leah in inappropriate situations…I hope it’s the former though.

  6. Wow really there not cuddling and he’s in her life obviously she’s in the room with them. Wow people get a fu**in life.

  7. Hey dumbass your followers are all ignorant to wanna see your daily life, so might as well turn the comments off honey. ??

    1. Well they’re certainly not following her because they admire her. They follow her because they enjoy watching a train wreck play out in real time!

  8. It really makes me wonder how many of these kids parents will still try to be involved when the shows are cancelled. Is Ryan really going to try to keep Benny is his life? Is Jenelle going to keep trying to see Jace? Will Amber bother with Leah once her baby comes? Will Jeremy keep seeing Addie? What about Briana’s kids, is she going to keep pretending to be their mother? Are Cate and Ty going to completely give up on trying to raise Nova and continue harping on a child that was never theirs? Will they even keep trying to see Carly? Hell, will Mac, Andrew, and David stay with their famous significant others?

    1. Amber doesn’t bother with Leah anyway. I just choked that she was too “down” all summer to see Leah more than twice, and yet..managed to go to California, have her hair endlessly styled in ever-uglier colors, meet a new love of her life while still “grieving” over the last loser leech, and get knocked up…BUT..no time for Leah. No wonder the poor kid was practically begging, “Can we go out and get ice cream maybe?” because she knows that about how much time her mother MIGHT make for her. That and her getting all pissy when Gary doesn’t instantly tell her to come on over when she FINALLY is wiling to see Leah…is just so Amber.

      1. And it’s only going to get worse when the new baby comes. Do you remember teen moms early seasons with poor Leah crying in her crib while Amber slept in all day. The new baby will be getting all of her limited energy and she won’t even remember who Leah is.

    2. In my opinion its more Ryan’s parents that want to see Bentley out of love for him, but with Ryan I think its more of a power trip with Maci. Don’t get me wrong I think he loves him but he loves himself more. Amber is going to be raising that baby from her bed like the family in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She’ll never see Leah and her excuse will be that she is just soooo tired from the new baby. Unless Leah can learn to change diapers and feed the baby in which case she will probably go for full custody. When Leah was a baby Amber was a mess and their house looked like something you see on an episode of cops when the police bust a crack house.

  9. Am I the only one who thought for a second that WAS a cleaned up Matt? And isn’t Amber the lucky one, meeting the latest love of her life while still too grief stricken over the last one to see her daughter for months? Nice she didn’t have to you know mess around with dating and such, just move the latest leech oh I mean lover on in and get knocked up,first things fire,then maybe drop by and see that kid, Lisa no Linda, no wait,LEAH! That’s it!

  10. As most of us agree, Leah is very lucky to have Gary and Cristina as her dad and Mom, as Amber focuses as ever on whatever man has latched on to her and her “fame and fortune.” The whole “Oh I didn’t want Leah to see me like this!” routine after she doesn’t see her daughter but twice all summer, then of course BITCHING when she finally calls Gary to announce a drop in and he’s not all open arms, so she’s bitching that he’s sooooo annoying…just made me want to smack her fat over-made up face…HARD! I give Cristina points for sitting there listening to her boo hoo about losing the love of her life without falling out of her chair laughing. Now the “Mom Of The year” is going to have another kid …who’s going to raise this one? This is another situation where Leah would probably be better off if Amber just stayed away completely rather than dropping in every month or two. (Oh hell, wait…Amber will want Leah around more, as a built in baby sitter.)

    1. That whole scene where she was talking about not wanting Leah to see any of her pain… I don’t know if you noticed but she was trying so hard to cry and nothing would come out I don’t understand Regardless of how down you are you still need to pay child support for your child and she acted like she was gonna do it next week like it would take her to point two seconds… Why haven’t you been doing it I mean honestly I found the whole thing infuriating

      1. Interesting that she can’t call/visit her daughter because she’s too depressed, yet her nails are looking fan-fucking-tastic.

    2. You’re right about all of that and I really like amber so it’s hard to admit that. But she wasn’t making much sense as far as not seeing Leah bc of depression but made time to play nice to start a new relationship and get pregnant. I was pretty disappointed in how that all played out.

  11. I just watched the new episode and when Amber is on the phone with Gary, she says,”I’m about to get mad at you.” What an egomaniac. Seriously, she hasn’t seen her daughter in so long she can’t remember. She’s much worse than I thought. Self righteous.

  12. He’s loving, brilliant, and kind hearted??? On what planet??…Not according to those multiple restraining orders!….Amber needs to come back down here to planet earth and realize that she’s made a mistake procreating with that psycho and protect herself and her children.

    1. And he was pretty creepy if you ask me. She is a pathetic excuse for a mother. Someone better tell her she has to get out of bed with a newborn. Perhaps she will drop it off to Gary and Christine to raise. Christine is a damn saint!

      1. Creepy as the ocean water is blue like her eyes. I wanted to like him, but yeah, creepy…Who meets the love of their life while at marriage boot camp with somebody else??

        1. It’s the perfect place for someone who is predatory. She went on that show to air her dirty laundry and weaknesses and personal information, most likely about why she’s damaged and what’s wrong with her relationships. And here’s this guy who was on set to learn ALL of it and use it to look like the hero. She’s dumber than a box of rocks.

  13. Can I just point out that on the newest episode of tm that Ryan Edwards was very obviously back on drugs already? Also when he left rehab early, that Mackenzie was so worried about putting on a show wedding and flying off for wedding dresses that she never took the time to keep an eye on the situation and try to make sure Ryan wasn’t using again. He was left w total freedom when he got back. But it was comical on the new episode to see them fighting so bad. She needs to open her eyes.

    Sorry I posted this as a reply to a comment earlier so I’m posting it again as a new reply. D’oh.

    1. She’s crazy. She kept telling him not to ruin their special day. Didn’t they already have that?

  14. She is repeating the same pattern that she had with Matt in the beginning. How “in love” she is and how wonderful “he” is. Posting “loving” photos of her new man with Leah. It’s just a matter of time before her different moods come out. I’m not sure if this new guy is in for the long haul with Amber or if they can both handle each other!

    1. And she always went on and on about how matt has a past but that he’s “changed”. It’s exactly like this new guy.

  15. Amber’s entire “happiness” and fulfillment revolves around a man. She is a weak person who relies on having a man to feed into her low self esteem. She needs to find herself, her confidence and fulfillment through time alone and by being a mother. Sadly, her daughter is very low on her priority list. Thank goodness that little girl has Gary and Kristina to fill the void that Amber left.

  16. Everyone seems to have such concern as to this being cuddling or not… Perhaps the Ashley was looking for a a m&m cle way to put it ?? My problem with ambers post is ” my little growing family” Leah is her daughter BUT this photo is not Leah’s family. Amber barley has her for one, and I’m sure would have lost her to Gary had she have gone to jail or not.
    I’m sure Leah’s father and stepmother will want her home way before winter break is over so she can get back into the swing of HER FAMILY routine.

  17. Does she ever leave that damn bed? She’s come a long way but I swear her and catelynn are always in bed. I wish I could sleep in past 7am! Unfortunately with 2 kids that’s not possible for me. I don’t see anything wrong with this picture though. If she doesn’t want to be hated on or judged she shouldn’t be on reality tv.

  18. Do these fools not realize that posting publicly on Instagram is indeed NOT mandatory? If you can’t handle “ignorant people commenting,” then don’t put it out there in the first place.

    1. RIGHT?! When some celebrities (and I use this term very loosely) post pictures that are bound to cause a reaction from people following them, the best thing would be…..to not post them! Did we pre-social media always have our photo album with us and showed it around to random people?! Ofc we didn’t! I mean, it’s not like she was forced to: take a photo, post it on social media with a caption and then she’s surprised people are commenting on it?! That is the whole POINT of social media, to get a reaction from people! That’s why I always think about what I post and where. (I don’t even have Facebook for that matter and in modern world that means I basically don’t exist and I’m fine with that) Not everyone needs to know where I am or what I’m doing. Don’t get me started with location notification app. Just WHY.

  19. Just because she’s pregnant by this guy doesn’t make the situation with her daughter okay… She has admittedly seen Leah only a handful of times, and yet when they spend time together it’s lounging in bed with her future baby daddy? Not to say they shouldn’t meet, that’s obviously going to happen, but Amber isn’t putting Leah first. Most women get to have family moments like the one she’s trying to fake bc they took the time to build one, she’s using Leah and it’s gross. Sorry you rushed and got pregnant but a responsible mother would still be giving Leah time to get to know this man, because for fucks sake Amber is still getting to know him too!! Look at the last one: Matt was a financial and emotional predator because Amber is an easy target. We already know this guys criminal background, and people are dumb and naive to think good, honest men want to date Amber the gel bird from Teen Mom OG. They don’t. Which is why people are in an uproar, who knows how this man will turn out. Considering her dating record it probably won’t be very good…..totally irresponsible as a mother to a preteen daughter.

    1. Amber is using Leah and that’s what pisses me off. She barely see her daughter and when she does, she needs to post about it on social media to fool people into thinking she actually gives a d@mn. She’s also too daft to realize that people are bothered by all the scumbag soulmates she brings around Leah. Kristina is the best thing to ever happen to that little girl.

      1. I loved the new episode, couldn’t be bothered to see her kid until the new boyfriend visited. Then she wanted Gary to drop everything and let her come by as soon as she beckoned. Put on a nice show for the new guy, didn’t she? She’s repulsive. And then to put her on the spot with Leah: are you okay? Like she’s gonna be honest? Fuck her. My ex does that shit, never sees my kids until he gets a girlfriend then wants to play dad to look the part so his flavor of the month won’t see him as a shitty deadbeat. She’s the exact same and it makes my blood boil.

    2. Can I just point out that on the newest episode of tm that Ryan Edwards was very obviously back on drugs already? Also when he left rehab early, that Mackenzie was so worried about putting on a show wedding and flying off for wedding dresses that she never took the time to keep an eye on the situation and try to make sure Ryan wasn’t using again. He was left w total freedom when he got back. But it was comical on the new episode to see them fighting so bad. She needs to open her eyes.

  20. Hate to say it, but those sheets are probably still warm from when middle-aged moocher Matt was lying on them. Clearly, we’re only talking a matter of months (not even a year) since she met this guy (with a stalking and arrest record) at a TV show about relationships, while she was appearing on it – WITH MATT.

    I still say thank goodness for Gary and Kristina in Leah’s life. Because goodness only knows how many other “Amber soulmates” Leah will be lying on beds and “happy family” chilling with between now and adulthood.

    No doubt, the only stable family life this child has — is at her dad’s house.

    1. Exactly!!! Gary has done an excellent job raising Leah!! Amber just has the title of mother.. she doesn’t put in the work

  21. I’m just gonna say it (and down vote as much as you want): Amber is the Jenelle of OG. (with the fact that she was ACTUALLY in jail compared to her) I think low key she hoped to get back together with Gary (just as Jenelle is always hoping with Nathan, don’t tell me she is not) when she came out but he was already with Kristina and expecting a baby with her. So she found the first two guys who looked at her nicely to fill the void. And the second one made her pregnant cuz she is somewhat stupid. She is just slower at getting all these baby daddies than her but I’m sure Andrew is not the last one.

  22. Let me first say that I am not a parent. In Amber’s defense, she is having a baby with the new guy so I would think the “happy family time” timeline has sped up considerably. Whether or not it’s appropriate for Amber to be having a new baby, or a baby with a man she barely knows, is moot. It’s already happening.

    I think it’s good that Amber is spending more time with Leah. It was pretty selfish of Amber to not spend time with Leah all summer. Amber and New Matt are going to bound together forever because of this baby so I think Leah should spend time with him. Plus, it’s important for Leah to feel a part of this new little family.

    Now, if Amber wasn’t in the room while Leah and New Matt were hanging out in(on) the bed, I would completely agree with the objectors. That would be unbelievably inappropriate and creepy.

    That’s my two cents.

    1. Exactly! I thought the exact same thing! She’s clearly in the room with him and Leah. I don’t see what’s so bad?

  23. This is the first photo I have seen of the new guy and oh my gosh he is the ‘new matt’. Overweight, old and unattractive. She sure knows how to pick them.

    1. Not to mention two restriction orders and all that. The only thing he isn’t compared to Matt (at least not yet) is a deadbeat. But he could very well be when she gives birth and they broke up.

  24. So ridiculous…. She finally gets rid of moocher Matt, which was so overdue! And then immediately hooks up with a new man. So instead of going on dates & getting to know each other in the usual ways, she has him fly to her house and stay for several days (or probably longer??) that’s just how she did it when she met Matt. Matt certainly came out of the relationship better than before he met Amber. Lots more money than he could EVER have made, luxury trips & tv appearances. All sorts of “celebrity stuff “ he enjoyed on Amber’s money. Apparently Matt is still enjoying her money, because she says she hasn’t returned any of it so far. She said she has “learned her lesson” , but I doubt it. Why would she repeat the same pattern w/Andrew, and even get pregnant by him after a couple of months??? you don’t know a person that fast! Everyone seems great in the first few weeks of dating. She can’t even take care of Leah regularly , so how will she manage a newborn ? Don’t forget all of her pets ,too – which need time & care. She’ll be screaming , cussing, going off the deep end in no time. Most of these teen moms can’t manage 1 day alone & single-without finding a new soulmate. There’s so many other things Amber could focus on, education , for one.

  25. I’m pretty sure that if this guy was any sort of a disgusting worm like Matt then Gary wouldn’t let Leah stay the night over there. Even if she introduced Leah to him too soon, he’s going to be around (hopefully) forever because Amber is going to have his son, Leah’s (half) blood brother. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this. And Amber going craze on everyone makes sense. She’s off her meds because she’s pregnant. I’m sure she’s a crazy psycho mess right now.
    P.s. Andrew is way too ugly and old looking for Amber. What’s her deal with crushing on gross ugly dudes. Gary? Matt? Andrew? She could do so much better.

  26. Amber, who is pregnant and off her meds, has allowed a male with a significant criminal history into her home and onto her bed with her nine-year-old daughter. Let’s count the lapses in judgement, shall we??

    Gary and his wife must be losing their minds over this whole situation. Amber’s visits need to be supervised.

  27. The picture doesn’t seem inappropriate. Also, I’ve heard different arguments about timelines for introducing partners to your kids. My boyfriend was raised by a single mom and she introduced men to him early. He said he preferred this growing up because if he didn’t like the guy or they just didn’t click, his Mom would stop seeing them. It gave him a sense of power and respect. I think different approaches work for different families so no judgement on that. However, Getting pregnant so quickly by a man you do not know, is definitely a poor decision. I truly wish the best for Amber though. I hope all his drug use/domestic abuse issues are in the past.

    1. Generally, I’ve heard 6 months is an appropriate time. One girl I knew was in a relationship every other month and moved in with three different men to have the relationship crumble a couple of weeks later. Another girl still married some guy even though her child didn’t like him and even asked to live with dad to get away from him. There are always exceptions though. Your boyfriend was fortunate his mother took his feelings into consideration. Some don’t and it has an enormous affect on their kids.


    2. I totally agree. Leah and Andrew are in bed With Amber obviously taking the photo. I imagine she only got out of the bed to capture the moment. So Leah and Andrew are not alone together. I honestly don’t see anything wrong in THIS particular instance.

  28. Amber is obviously desperate for stability, but has zero idea how to get it, by herself or with someone else. I was really hoping she would’ve taken a second after dumping Old Man River to do a little soul-searching to see why her happiness is completely dependent on whatever man she decides to cling to at the time. People who are that thirsty for acceptance are the easiest to manipulate. I don’t know this guy to make a judgement, but she’s exactly the kind of woman that a pedophile would go for. I hope he’s a good guy for her & Leah’s sake, I just wish she was a little more cautious when it came to trusting these random men before going straight to “building a family”. These girls never learn.

  29. Amber,is a depressed thirsty mess. Its good that Gary provides her an emotionally stable home. All of Ambers mood swings and unhinged emotions will give a kid PTSD.

  30. I just think it’s truly sad because Amber does seem like the type of person that needs a man to define her… I do think it’s an odd location to have a family gathering I mean I understand Watching the ball drop but wouldn’t you do that in the family room where it’s a little more upbeat with you know lights on

  31. At least Leah’s main influence comes from her Dad & his new wife. They seem like a really good, down to earth family. Leah is smart enough to know her mom is really messed up. Kids who grow up with messed up parents can still love them while while still understanding that their parent has big problems. At least Leah only has to be around her mother once in a while. The fact that she’s being raised by her father who is providing a normal & loving life for her is protecting her from all the negative influences that Amber forces upon her.

    1. Does anyone know the story about Gary’s wife being married when they started dating? Was it cheating or were they separated?
      She seems so wholesome I can’t figure it out.

  32. This pisses me off more than it should … Get the hell out of bed Amber. Try doing some kid appropriate activities instead of forcing everyone in to your odd lazy life of laying in beds and sitting on couches. Hopefully one day she or someone realizes that spending more than 75% of your life in bed is disgusting.

  33. Let’s not forget, this is the same woman who met a guy in the Walmart parking lot, brought him home and allowed him to change her infant daughter’s diaper. Nothing has changed, Leah is just older now.

  34. One does not “just move on” from a Matt Baier. Amber is trying to fill that gapping hole in her heart with new babies and boy friends. Really sad. Really sad.

  35. Chelsea introduced Cole and Aubree after 6 months of dating. I see nothing wrong with Amber’s timeline in allowing Andrew around Leah, just like I see no issue with Chelsea’s. 6 or more months of dating is long enough to meet the kids.

    1. The difference though is that Amber barely ever sees Leah to begin with so she’s basically only seen the new Matt a few times

    2. Amber introduced this guy to her daughter after a week of dating him… not 6 months. She’s like 4-5 months pregnant and has been dating this guy 6 months. It’s pathetic.

      I don’t think Chelsea would introduce a guy with this much of a criminal background.

  36. I think the headline is totally inappropriate and irresponsible, they are in no way shape or form “cuddling” people are sick for even making something out of this…. obviously amber moves too fast with guys and shouldn’t introduce her Leah to men so fast let alone be having a kid with him so fast..

    1. @Sarah: They are lying close together in bed, so ‘cuddling’, in my opinion, would be an appropriate way to describe it. Had I used “Lying in bed together” that would have created a picture that was worse. -The Ashley

      1. If proximity=cuddling, then I cuddle with everyone on public transportation way more than I should 😉

        Not that I am saying this picture is wrong, or right..I’m just not certain being in close proximity to someone automatically equals cuddling, lol.

    2. I don’t find this cuddling at all. They aren’t touching or hugging. They are sitting apart. The title is very misleading and inappropriate

  37. Agree with everyone that sees nothing wrong with the picture. Some people just love to overreact, I guess. What’s disturbing is that Leah is lounging around, eating and “holding court” in bed – just like a little Amber mini-me. THAT’S the bad influence here! 😀

  38. I think it’s a bigger deal that Leah is emotionally bonding with man after man.

    Amber doesn’t have Leah every day so it would be fairly easy to only see new dude when Leah is with Gary.

    It’s not good for her to get attached to so many guys. I think she should have waited before having them spend significant time together.

    But it’s not like they’re inappropriately cuddling or anything so that doesn’t seem like a big deal.

  39. Leah was forced go cuddle up to Matt not even a year ago. Leah is 9 years old, not 9 months old, stop bringing every Tom, Dick and Harry around her!

  40. I don’t think she can be without a guy, or at least that’s what she seems to think. If Amber would focus on Leah, I think she would realize that you don’t have to always be with someone to be happy.

  41. Maybe I’m blind but i don’t see anything wrong. It’s not like leah is on his lap or anything. Looks like they are all chilling in bed, watching tv, having a lazy night.

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