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Farrah opened up about the death of her daughter’s father…
So many reality TV shows, so little time!

As faithful Roundupers know, The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV happenings that weren’t covered by The Ashley this week!

Farrah Abraham Talks About “Daddy Derek.” In Touch Weekly: Farrah Abraham Says Sophia Is Bullied Over Dad Derek Underwood’s Death

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  1. It’s crazy to me to watch the show and see how far advanced Bentley, Leah, and sadly even Nova are, compared to Sophia. Sophia’s social/emotional development is severely delayed because all the adults in her life speak to her as if she’s a toddler. Sophia can’t even express a simple thought in words, but instead grunts and moans. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sophia’s school wanted her to receive special services for speech delay and social development and Farrah refused and pulled her out.

    1. The fact that she wears a flipper a lot to make up for her tooth gap(you can tell in nearly every single picture of her smiling, including this one on this story, which shows she’s *not wearing one) can affect her speech too Of course it’s minor compared to everything else, but those things make it damn hard to actually talk at all. Add that in to using a pacifier until you’re almost six, and I’ve no doubt that the physical structure of her mouth is suffering terribly.

    2. I agree 100% Teri. No doubt in my mind the reason she’s “homeschooled” now (yeah right) is because the school recommended special services. I guarantee Farrah refused to acknowledge that Sophia is so far behind developmentally and just got mad and pulled her out.

      1. 100 percent… And in all honesty I’ve thought this for a while I don’t think it helped either that they talked baby talk to her forever and treat her as if she is still an infant even the way she speaks she thinks it’s cute to use baby talk she’s too old for that… I guarantee it was called to Farrah’s attention and instead of dealing with it head on and doing the best they could for Sophia she pulled her from school

  2. Give me a break.

    A 10 year old story line about a dead kid. Wack job Farrah and her crocodile tears, or is she really that fragile.

    If I was that dead kids family, I would have the body exhumed, moved to another cemetery and not tell Farrah. Tell the daughter on her 18th birthday.

    1. Horrific to watch Sophia act the way she does; the kid should be taken into Foster Care..Deb threatening suicide on front of Sophia is emotional abuse and what does an 8 year old know about “David.” Sickening people…

      1. That kid can’t think straight. Sneers, grunts, squeals and demonic faces. I can’t recall her putting more than a few words together, she is probably home schooled because she is developmentally behind.

  3. Isn’t Cavegirl homeschooled now? So, what ‘other kids’ are bullying her? Does she get bullied on the social media accounts she’s too young to have anyway? She’ll get more bullying for her mom doing porn than anything else…

      1. I could also call her Bubblegirl. I mean, look at the facts here: it’s an allegory of the cave. Farrah is living in her own world (the cave) and she’s keeping her child in there with her, raising her with unrealistic believes and an attitude that just won’t work in the real world (outside the cave). What would you call a child that’s been kept in a cave?

    1. I put up too many comments about Kailyn. Now even if it’s not about Kailyn I immediately go to moderation. It seems to me this isn’t a place to speak your mind freely. ?‍♀️

  4. I am really shocked over how many people are saying kids are not that cruel. Have you been around them?!? They will tease you for anything. It all depends on how the information is portrayed to them and I doubt the adults are giving it to them sweetly. Sophia could be Miss Congeniality and the kids would still tease her because of who her mother is and what the other kids moms are saying

    1. Sophia could be getting shit for who her mom is, no doubt about that(and that’s not really fair to Sophia, but if her mother wasn’t such a see you next tuesday, that wouldn’t happen either), but kids really don’t bully other kids over a dead biological father that the kid never even knew. That kind of bullying would have zero impact, and bullies, especially children, aren’t exactly known for subtlety. They go for the throat, the areas that will have the biggest impact(or, areas they think will, appearance, social status, economic status, speech, mannerisms, etc.). A dead father a kid never even knew, and still knows little to nothing about, would have absolutely no impact at all.

      Yes kids can be jerks, just like adults can, but they’re not idiots, there’s a rhyme and reason to it(even if we don’t like said rhyme or reason..there is one).

  5. Yeah, I’m going to have to call BS on that Farrah story. My son is 8 and one of his best friend’s lost his dad in a car crash earlier this year. NONE of the kids have bullied him, they’ve all been there for him and protective of him.

    I highly doubt Sophia is being bullied at all. She’s probably doing the bullying.

    And wait, I thought she was doing online homeschool so she can go to fashion week.

  6. Farrah does Sophia no favours. She needs to stop poisoning Sophia’s little brain with animosity towards her family. Why? Because if anything should happen to Farrah, guess where Sophia will end up. Likely with one of Farrah’s parents. It won’t be with Daddy Derrick’s parents because they see her maybe once a year when Farrah brings the cameras to show off her posing at Derreck’s grave. No matter how much disdain (warranted or not) that Farrah has for her parents, she needs to keep that out of Sophia’s presence for Sophia’s benefit. No 8 year old needs to be bothered with this. And Farrah needs to stop isolating her kid. I don’t believe Sophia was bullied. I think Farrah fears that Sophia will want to hang out at other kids homes and maybe see how other families function and that will show Farrah in a bad light to her kid.
    The CDAN site just revealed a blind about Farrah saying that her businesses are tanking and she is hard up for money. Hope it is true and maybe she will need to stop acting like she is the best thing since hot chocolate.

  7. The only way the “loss of Derek” could ever have any impact on Sophia, is if Farrah forces it to. Farrah had long been broken up with him, even flat out lied to him about his being the father, before he passed away. He died believing that he was not going to be a father. Farrah didn’t “lose the love of her ex” either. She never HAD his “love” to begin with. He is the one that broke up with her after all, and her spite is what lead her to lie to him about not being the baby’s father.

    I swear every other week it’s a new story-of course, started by her, to keep herself relevant. Her “businesses”(and I use that term in the loosest way possible) aren’t doing well, and now she doesn’t have the TM franchise to fall back, gotta make something up to garner that attention.

    Sophia was never bullied about not having a father..not once. She may have been bullied about other things, but I can guarantee you that the vast majority of it was backlash as a direct result of the fact that she’s a snobbish little brat, and an absolute bully herself. Of course, that’s not really all or even most, of her own doing, she’s a product of her environment. The reason Sophia has trouble making friends is because her mom is raising her to be a little shithead to everyone around her. As sad as that is to say about a kid…it’s true. I do honestly hope that when Sophia reaches her teenage years, she comes to realize this, because otherwise, she is going to seriously struggle with life in general…and I can’t imagine anyone ever wanting a child to feel those kinds of struggles :/

    It’s beyond sad actually, it makes me angry that she is refusing to see the damage she’s doing and has done, to this little girl, damage that may one day be irreversible. How the hell is Sophia ever going to cope with life at all? Forget one day being successful, this girl is never going to have any friends at all at this rate. She’s not even a human being to Farrah, she’s an accessory.

    1. President of the peanut gallery I could upvote your comment a million times! Not only for your statements about bullying, but for bringing up the non-existent relation Farrah and Derek had prior to his death! I personally despise how Farrah acts like he was the love of her life when in her 16 & pregnant episode she wasn’t even dating him and didn’t want to talk to him! She just drags his memory on and on and not out of respect or for their daughters’ benefit….but for some twisted and sick way of getting attention!

  8. for the life of me cannot figure out why in Sophia’s world her dad is known as daddy Derek… No that is her dad that will always be her dad no matter what I also am very sorry that Farrah had to go through something like losing a boyfriend at such a young age but to act like they were forever and always going to be together is something that is very hard for me to believe almost as hard as it is for me to believe Sophia was being bullied because She lost a parent I have worked in a preschool for years and not once has it ever ever been brought up in any situation by any child. To go after another from losing a parent and Believe me when I say I’ve seen a lot

    1. He was not her bf when she had Sophia
      She broke up with him, didn’t tell him she was pregnant and when he did find out she denide he was the father, she hadn’t seen him or spoke to him now months before he died, she basically cut him off.

      Now she plays the pitty me card…

      1. Oh my gosh I didn’t even realize that she makes it sound like such a storybook romance that was made to stand the test of time

          1. I can’t imagine what his family goes through every time she spews these lies in the media over and over again, just to stay relevant. What a slap in the face to his family who really knew and loved him.

  9. Of all the things kids could tease Sophia about I am quite sure her father being dead isn’t one of them.
    How about her mothers porn tapes?
    How about her mothers vagina moulds?
    Her mother’s nonsensical ramblings?
    Having her entire childhood broadcast on national television?
    Grandma debs ridiculous outfits choices?
    The fact Sophia used a pacifier until she was like 5?

    Kids can be assholes, but not enough to tease someone because their father died.

  10. I can think of at least 100 reasons why Lil’ Demon Fang would be bullied, and Daddy Derrick ain’t one??

    1. I was just thinking this. I was like she is probably not bullied. She’s probably just awful to everyone and other kids make her pay for it.

      1. My thoughts exactly. I remember being that age when one of my classmates parents died over thanksgiving break. Not a single person ever said a negative thing about it to him. If anything, kids were probably pointing out that Farrah will never find Sophia a step-dad with how terrible she is as a human being. But again, I doubt Sophia was bullied at all, and was more likely served back what she dished out.

    2. I’ve been a teacher for over 10 years and i’ve seen kids bullied for a lot of things, but I’ve never seen a kid bullied because they don’t have a dad (especially if their dad died) Kids can’t be mean but they’re not that cruel. I’m sure she’s bullied because she has a horrible, embarrassing mother. PS- did anyone see how Sophia acted at that dinner with Grammy Debz on the most recent episode? It was weird behavior.

      1. I thought it was hilarious that Farrah acted shocked and upset that Sophia doesn’t want to spend time with Debz, when she’s been trying to turn that child against her for years now. She’s literally the biggest idiot.

        1. You’re totally right. Instead of saying “Sophia, why are you angry/frustrated?” Farrah says “you’re angry because you don’t like David.” She totally puts words into Sophia’s head and speaks for her.

          1. Who lets their 8 year old speak to their grandparent like that? I know my parents wouldn’t regardless of the issues they were having. Sophia is just Farrah’s puppet and something to hold over her parents.

            Farrah is just jealous that both her parents are getting married and she has yet to have a real relationship with someone who wants a lifetime commitment with her.

      2. I don’t get why people keep saying this. My father died before I started school and I got bullied BAD for it until 11th grade, from both students and teachers. I agree that Farrah gives them plenty of ammo aside from Derek being gone, but it absolutely can and DOES happen.

        1. Unless you fed it to them(unintentionally of course) as ammo to get them to stop bullying you about something else(and I’m not condoning that, btw, any of it), kids won’t just magically pull that out of the air and start teasing you about it. If kids knew it would bother you, then yeah, they may well use it as ammo against you. But they’d have to know it first.

          Sophia has never known Derek, and she still knows absolutely nothing of any substance about him. His death had no impact on her, it happened before she was born. She doesn’t even talk about him, nor has she ever. Farrah brings him up when it’s convenient for her relevance, but otherwise, he’s just some guy her her mom banged that she refers to as “daddy derek” who died before she was even born, to her. He is of no significance to Sophia, she’s rather indifferent about him(as she should be).

          1. Have we ever seen Sophia go to school? We have seen Bentley and Leah and Aubree and others be driven to school or picked up. We have seen when parents say that they are at school or refer to homework. I don’t recall ever seeing Sophia being picked up from school by anyone. Sophia is in almost every Farrah scene and I find it hard to believe that the entire shooting schedule is on weekends or evenings.

          2. It’s sad that you act like an expert on a subject you know nothing about. But if you absolutely must know, i’m sure they got it from the fact that it disgusted my first grade teacher at my catholic school. A few weeks into school I came home excited that i’d gotten a nickname from my teacher, only to tell my mother and grandmother it was “bastard” and watch their faces fall. Later on she complained to other parents that my mother was a single parent, and those parents went to my mother and raised an issue at the school. The school did nothing. It got much worse. I went to public high school and it followed me there.

            Please, there’s absolutely no way you know everything about other people’s experiences. Stop acting like you do.

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