You Can Now Buy ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Feet For $12.99…Or Something

“From now on, I’d like to be known as the ‘Barefoot Teen Mom.’ It just sounds better than ‘Backdoor Teen Mom,’ right?”

Calling all Teen Mom fans with a foot fetish! Farrah Abraham has put her feet on the market…sort of.

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ star, who is now an ambassador for the adult sexy-time site Many Vids, posted an ad to her social media accounts on Thursday to let foot-loving fans know that they can purchase a video in which Farrah is shown oiling up her hooves!

The cost is less than $13, and Farrah used the confusing yet entertaining title “Thank you for buying! My Feet Are For You” on Twitter.

In the description for the for-purchase video, Farrah promises buyers a toe-tappin’ good time!

“Watch as I oil up my pretty feet and toes for you. I remove my sexy gold heels and start playing with my feet. It feels so good. Do you like my perfect soles,” Farrah wrote. (It’s nice to see that she continues to write in her signature “Farrah Speak” even when it comes to all things sexy-time.)

A preview video meant to entice folks to purchase the full video shows Farrah oiling her feet up with some special “backdoor” lube. (The Ashley is not linking to the video because…ew…but if you’re into that sort of thing, you can see it advertised on Farrah’s Twitter account below. Be aware that the site is NSFW!)

If you’re a high-roller, you can purchase Farrah’s lips (well, at least a video featuring her doing naughty things with her mouth) for $19.99 on the same site.

Farrah’s work with Many Vids caused her some controversy last month when she posted an ad for one of her adult videos on the social media accounts she runs for her eight-year-old daughter Sophia. (The posts were taken down after an outcry from fans.)

Of course, that’s not the only hubub Farrah’s adult industry work has caused. In October, she claimed she was fired from ‘Teen Mom OG’ due to her sex industry work. (She later stated that she was fired only by the production company that produces ‘Teen Mom’ and not MTV or Viacom.)

It’s not known yet how many people have purchased Farrah’s foot video. However, her Many Vids profile is worth a read.

“Now more than ever that it is the right time to be an MV Ambassador for Sexual Positivity,” she wrote. “After being degraded and sex shamed, I feel that my experience as a keynote speaker for unplanned pregnancies and safe sex is my segue into this type of ambassadorship. I feel passionate about empowering men and women to have a healthy consensual sex life. I want to advocate to end sexual harassment, hate crimes, and intimidation through falsified press. Today I’m here to change that!”

(Photos: MTV, Twitter)


  1. Bring it on Farrah! She may be stuck-up and all that but she’s hot and I have a foot fetish and I wish you’d post it.

  2. No, not at all. I think alot us feel that way. Last week when they were at dinner and Sophia had an attitude, I didn’t buy the “Now I’m going to be a parent” routine from Farrah. Anyway, I saw the “Go to hell” look that Sophia gave her.

  3. There is a revealed blind on another site that says her businesses are tanking and she doesn’t have much money left.

    1. Her businesses have been tanking, she had to garner loans using one business as collateral to keep others running. They most definitely will not survive at this rate. Everyone saying how good of a “business person” she is, well, they’re all delusional. She is far, far from a “good business person”. She has no business sense at all.

      This is why she’s peddling “her” wares to every sick freak that likes such shit. It’s the ONLY way she can actually ensure some kind of income at all. It’s also the only way she can get herself invited to events, parties, take vacations, etc…Because the sex industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, no matter how screwed up it is(or how terribly done, for that matter). Even feeble minded neanderthals can make money in the sex industry.

  4. Why hasn’t anyone explained to Farrah what a hate crime is?
    Everyone is too afraid of trying to tell her that she’s wrong about something.

    Btw, Sophia is DOOMED!!!

  5. Who cares?? Who cares she has businesses who cares she never had another kid who cares she’s a single mom who cares? She is a Friggin disgusting vile piece of trash who is raising her daughter into a future serial killer.

  6. Can we just give her to Kim Jong Un? I don’t really care if it stops a nuclear war or not. Just want her out of the country and into one without internet…

    1. NO!!! Then he will definitely be pushing that nuclear button!! He already hates us. Imagine if we sent her to N Korea!!! I’m with you though. It would be nice if she would go away. Far, far, far away. Never to return again!

  7. “keynote speaker for unplanned pregnancies and safe sex ” Didn’t she take it the can raw dog? Well, that’s one way not to get preggo, #hero

  8. I know I woke up early today so it may just be sleep deprivation………..otherwise what the f*ck?! I’m too sober for this and I don’t even drink!

  9. Am I the only one who gets uncomfortable looking at Sofia in her scenes? She’s got a serial killer look in her eyes IMO and she is just parroting the hate about her Mom and David that she hears constantly. What child that age really would say they NEVER want to see their grandma again if she marries a certain person?

          1. Agreed! I was surprised she even used the word “segue”. She probably doesn’t even know what it means.

  10. No surprised, BUT as much as I detest Farrah, MTV isn’t going to be around forever and, even if I wouldn’t do it, it’s *smart* for her to find other avenues of income. Also, I think Farrah might be the *only* 16 & P girl not to have another kid in a 9 year (?) Time span… and, especially in her case, that’s an accomplishment.

    1. I give Farrah that. Even if I don’t agree with some of her career choices, she really does have hustle and ambition. She is the only TM girl not to have a second (or third) child. Well, unless you count TM3. Alex is the only one not to have another child. But, who really counts TM3, right?

      1. Ya, sure. Why is it such a bad thing that some of these moms have had more kids? Maci, Chelsea, Cate, heck even Leah and Kail (with Lincoln) were in serious relationships when their subsequent children were conceived. I don’t feel that having more kids is some mark of failure, and I truly think the only reason farrah hasn’t is because she can’t find anyone to want a kid with her.

        1. Agreed. I don’t see a problem with any of them having more children if they are actually prepared for them. These girls aren’t teenagers anymore. Of course they’re all going to be getting married and starting families now. That’s what people do in their 20’s. There’s no doubt in my mind that the only thing holding Farrah back from this, is that she can’t find anyone who wants to marry/have children with her. And that’s Farrah’s own fault. Who would want to be with someone who acts and treats people the way she does?

        2. I have a question for Kail The Bisexual Mermaid. Did you live in Arkansas in 2004 or around that time. My name is Jett and I was friends with a Kail or Kale then and if you’re her I’d love to reconnect with you.

      2. I’m sorry, hawking your bits online isn’t “hustle and ambition”. Going to school for nursing, working a trade for becoming an electrician, putting in years of work to be a general manager of Dave and Busters qualifies “hustle and ambition”

        1. As much as I can’t believe I’m defending Farrah more, she was the first girl to get a college degree. Even if it was her associates. Besides all the adult industry crap, she does run three stores in various markets. Now, how well they are actually doing is up for debate, but I would still say that is pretty ambitious.

          1. She did not get an associate degree. She did not go to college.
            Look up that ridiculous place she went to.

      3. I agree…she doesn’t say no to a dollar no matter what she has to do. But why can’t she find jobs with a little more dignity? I worry that she’ll try to have Sophia doing some of these antics as soon as she can. Family Services needs to keep an eye out for this.

    2. But the only reason she doesn’t have another kid yet is because she hasn’t been able to keep a boyfriend. It’s not like she made some big decision not to have more kids. She has openly talked about wanting to have more kids so Sophia will have siblings.

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