‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Confirms Her Boyfriend Andrew Glennon Has Moved In With Her

“I cleaned Matt’s stinky socks out of the drawers for you, babe!”

Amber Portwood‘s baby-daddy-to-be, Andrew Glennon, has officially left the bright lights of Hollywood to be with the woman he loves/impregnated!

The Teen Mom OG star recently confirmed on her Twitter account that her boyfriend Andrew has officially moved from his hometown of Malibu, California, and is now living with her in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Amber, who is currently pregnant with Andrew’s son, responded to a nay-sayer on Instagram who noted that Andrew was spending a lot of time in Indy and was wondering if he was a clone of Amber’s moochie ex-fiance, Matt Baier.

“Did he really go for a visit and never went back home just like Matt?” the fan asked.

“No? He had a whole life and career in LA,” Amber replied. “He couldn’t just up and leave his family. It was a big decision on his part to move to Indiana and it’s been a great decision.”

Andrew, Amber and Amber’s daughter Leah recently went on vacation to Florida so that Andrew could meet Amber’s beloved brother Shawn (aka “Bubby”) for the first time.

The Ashley was the first to tell you all about Andrew, whom Amber met while she was filming Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars in Los Angeles with Matt. Andrew comes from a “Hollywood family,” with many members in the entertainment industry. His father, James Glennon, was a well-respected and famous cinematographer and director of photography. He won an Emmy for his work on “Deadwood” and worked on more than 40 films over the course of his career before his death in 2006.

Based on Amber’s social media postings, it appears that she and Andrew are planning to name their son James, after Andrew’s father.

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  1. I am happy for Amber I’m sure he will travel for work or find work with MTV he doesn’t strike me as a mooch Amber might find it hard adjusting to a man who would travel for work but it will be a healthy relationship one I hope she will settle in to with ease .

  2. I am happy for Amber I’m sure he will travel for work or find work with MTV he doesn’t strike me as a mooch Amber might find it hard adjusting to a man who would travel for work but it will be a healthy relationship one I hope she will settle in to with ease .

  3. Not saying Kristina isn’t amazing and stepped up, but doesn’t anyone remember when her ex said their daughter wasn’t allowed on the show, she gave up custody of her to be able to keep filming? She is a great mum to Leah but to her own daughter…?

    1. I totally agree. It seems like that poor little girl is watching this show saying wow I wish my mom was there for me the way she is for her

  4. this is so sad why don’t she work on trying 2 get her daughter back instead of jumping from man 2 man .. I feel so sorry 4 these desperate ass girls who put more stock into having a man than they do their own children I just don’t get it ..

  5. Well of course he did! Why work when you can be a stay at home dad/reality TV star/full time couch potato?

  6. UGH!….Ambo got rid of a non violent moocher, and traded him in for a violent moocher. Just when you think she can’t downgrade anymore…she does.

  7. It’s not like he even had his own place in Malibu. He lived with his parents. And lighting techs on crap reality shows make $55k-60k at best… which isn’t enough to even get an apartment where he lived. It’s not like he left a booming career.

  8. Yes!! On a recent episode, Christina mentioned that she “is only the step mom.” Girl, step mom’s that step up, take on the role of a loving, nurturing mother, teaching life lessons, manners are not JUST step mom’s. She provides that little girl with a stable home and a good, loving family life. Christina may throw occasional shade ambers way but it’s deserved. No good mother in their right mind would miss an entire summer with their child because of a break up. Lost a ton of respect for Amber for that. What a mess. Leah is lucky to have Gary, Christina and her siblings. Amber, wake up. Be a Mom first. Even if you are depressed, you could have made way more of an effort. And Christina was right on when she said maybe Amber would find more of a purpose in life if she spent more time with Leah. Wait til her son is born. She has to step it up.

  9. Hey y’all, Javi just bought Briana a puppy. I’m not kidding!! Not enough room in the House Of Man Hate.

  10. So he doesn’t have a job, then? Great. He’s going to regret that when Amber throws him out and makes him take the baby because she can’t handle motherhood.

  11. ill bet before the baby is born she moves again. She will either want more space or a fresh start and it will be farther away from Leah.

    1. No she’ll move closer and closer to Gary until she’s almost on his doorstep. She’s gonna need someone to care for this kid too. Kinda like Macy gives her kids to Bently’s Mimi. They’re shameless.

  12. I have love for Amber because I feel like she’s been through a ton of shit and she deep down WANTS to be a good person. Although I’ve seen some major improvement in her throughout her storyline, she has a long ways to go before she’s a positive, functional or productive member of society. She severely disappoints me when it comes to Leah. Leah deserves her undivided attention and it’s sad that she already seems to understand that she is not and will never be at the top of her mother’s priority list. I give ALL props to Gary’s wife Christina(sp?) though. She’s the real MVP of this situation aside from Gary. Kudos to them both for being successful and one of the least dysfunctional relationships on the show and raising their kids like normal human beings. Leah will realize that Christina was her real ‘mom’ growing up whereas Amber is just the occasional pop-in ‘mother’. It takes so much more to be a step-mom than people realize or appreciate, not to mention when the bio mom is a deadbeat.

    1. I love Kristina but I always question her relationship with her daughter. I know the ex didn’t want her on the show so is she with them and not filmed or did she give up custody just to live with Gary because it couldn’t be a stability issue they seem like amazing parents.

      1. Gary and Kristina aren’t filmed everyday or for very long it seems, so it’s quite possible that they film on days/times Kristina’s daughter isn’t there or is in another room. There just isn’t enough there for me to think Kristina would just abandon her daughter across town, but be so loving to Leah and Emilee. Besides, it was mentioned last season on the show that Kristina’s daughter was in the hospital (Amber bought her a gift), so she isn’t completely out of the picture.

      2. Kristina has shared custody with her husband. And he refused to sign off on his daughter being on a reality show. That’s why her daughter isn’t filmed.

        Remember when we didnt see Bentley being filmed? It didnt mean that maci lost custody. She just didnt want him to be filmed so her wasn’t. It’s the exact same thing with Kristina.

    2. I think if we’re going to give anyone props for Leah’s upbringing, it should be Gary. He is not without his flaws, but he has been Leah’s mom and dad, since she was born. Yes now Kristina is part of the picture(though, she raises a host of her own red flags, they are certainly minor in comparison to most we see in this franchise), but Kristina still has a ways to go before she can take that role of “mom” from Gary. I still think he does the vast majority of both roes for Leah.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s wonderful that Leah has a female role model on her life, and I’m glad that Kristina(at least now) seems up to that challenge. I do hope they have forged and will continue to forge a bond, that isn’t easily severed, because it can be vitally important for kids to have as many positive role models as possible.

      I just think people sell Gary pretty damn short on all that he’s done. He’s not perfect, he’s had his own issues, but one thing has been clear since the day that sweet little girl was brought into this world…she is, and always has been, a priority to him. If he had to choose between Kristina and Leah (not that I believe he ever would), he would choose Leah. He has been there for her through thick and thin, even making attempts at trying to patch the torn relationship between her and Amber, despite having all the reason in the world not to, since the day she was born.

      That is one father that would do anything for his child, and I will always give him props for that.

      1. I agree with you President. I loathe when Amber phones Gary and demands to see Leah right there and when he hems and haws because he has to change everyone else’s schedule to accommodate Amber, Amber rolls her eyes and makes faces and acts like he is horrible. Gary has done everything for Leah and I don’t understand why Amber thinks it is ok to skip her visitation and child support and then demand that she can be there in 20 minutes. It is really bad for Leah to feel like her mom will be there when her mom feels like it. Leah seems to be pretty well adjusted regardless and Amber has Gary to thank for that.

  13. Poor Leah..Another child on the show who has to watch from tge sidelines whilst her mother welcomes a new baby but has no desire to raise the child she already has! It’s so so sad! At least Leah is in a loving home with two parents who are doing a good job in raising her. Amber is a selfish narcissist and a terrible mother!

  14. she whines non stop she doesn’t get to see her daughter yet all she has is excuses. Can’t see her for months she is fighting with matt, can’t see her because they broke up can’t see her because she went on an mtv show. One excuse after another and gets mad at Gary the 20 minutes she can see him is when she wants with the new creepy leach of a boyfriend sitting in the car another disgusting mtv mom

  15. In order for them to really be together, one of them would have to move. So I get why he would be the one to do it, but he left a good career that he will not be able to have in Indiana. I have a sneaking suspicion he won’t be getting a job and amber will be supporting him, per the usual.

    Side note: Everyone is saying he’s Matt 2.0 and something seems off…..of course that’s the case! Just look at his history. Amber is not going to attract decent normal guys until SHE changes. Would any of you wanna date an abusive former drug addict who went to prison and who can’t control her anger/emotions? No, no normal person would.

    1. Ah… the irony of using “former drug addict” negatively in the midst of an opioid epidemic…
      That’s some world class self righteousness

      1. Well, I’m assuming she’s not on drugs anymore. Yes, I’m so self righteous for pointing out she used drugs heavily…and dates people do.

        1. All of her history aside, she hasn’t worked on herself to a degree that she can be alone and at peace.

          So even if we could forget all of that – or let’s pretend It never happened- the person that she currently is is not capable of attracting butterflies.

          For one, she struggles with anxiety and depression to a degree that it has a negative impact on her life and relationships (she only saw her daughter TWICE during summer break). It doesn’t appear that she has more good days than bad days at this point – so yea. She has some work to do if she’s going to attract someone worthy of the person she can be.

          1. So, do you think she can raise, and take care of a baby ?
            I kinda call BS on ALL of her issues, she uses when needed. Anxiety is part of life, fight or flight
            She’s was not to depressed to start a relationship w/ new guy. Happy enough to boink him ……

  16. I loved Deadwood even though I have a creepy kinda Harvey Weisten story about the Mayor of Deadwood.
    That’s about all I have to say about this article everyone else covered all the bases.
    Ps I heard they are bringing Deadwood back.

  17. Amber had her chance to get her mind straight after breaking up with matt. I think we all would have liked to see her spend some time on herself and Leah. Fine if she ended up meeting this new guy but why not take it slow? Get to know him then start spending more time together. Just seems to be a set up for failure getting pregnant by some guy she barely knows. I will never understand why people don’t use protection. In the end it’s Leah who will suffer but she will grow up much closer to Gary and Kristina.

  18. I’m upset that there is no good way to combine their names on a license plate a la MAMBER. It sounds too similar to say ANBER, ANDER, or AMBREW. ???

    1. Ambrew is pretty good though. Especially since they’re both “recovering addicts” that still drink alcohol

  19. It’s fairly obvious that Amber is a “Jenelle 2.0” sorry case who feels she MUST have a man warming her mattress over anything else — including her own child. But I also remember reading somewhere that MTV actually pays these girls “bonuses” for each new pregnancy and each new live-in boyfriend they happen to drag in.

    And if it’s true, then of course this’ll be a total two-for-one bonanza for Amber.

    There’ll also be no reason now for her not to catch up on her eight months of neglected child support for Leah. Which, after allowing Matt to get away with stealing HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars from her while they were together—is unforgivable.

  20. First of all, I didn’t know his dad won an Emmy for Deadwood. I freakin’ loved that show! (I also saw he died in 2006 so RIP James, 64 is still too young)

    But that doesn’t mean his son isn’t a moocher! So sad tho, he had a great career but he left it for MTV money. I’m sure he knew EXACTLY what he was doing so he knocked her up on purpose. As I said before, being a deadbeat dad is the only thing she can’t know for sure with him (yet). We’ll see when they break up, I don’t see it lasting and if it miraculously does, still James Jr. will have a big problem having her as a mom.

  21. I hope this guy has or gets a job fast now he’s moved. Amber is really one of the ones I wanna see succeed because of Leah, so I really hope this all works out

  22. Omg this girl. But she’s a REAL woman and a damn good mother, right? Seriously, HOW could she possibly think any of this was a good idea? Thank everything for Kristina, whom I really like. Not quite sure what she sees in Gary, but good thing she sees something.

  23. Maybe he can split the rent with her so she can pay her child support! ? Andrew is the new Matt . . . Amber is the new Jenelle.

  24. “Oh uh, by the way kid, Mommy broke up with Matt *burp* this is your new daddy Andrew. He moved in and I’m pregnant.”

  25. I had just seen pictures of him online. He seemed normal. I knew he was trouble from your other posts though. But seeing him in the teen mom episode interacting with Amber he gives off weird vibes and all he did was drop Amber off at Gary’s. But seriously he doesn’t seem right in the head just from that one clip to me.

  26. Dammit, Amber! Who the hell leaves Malibu for Not Malibu?? Who the hell in The Business leaves L.A. for Indiana?? How is he planning to SUPPORT YOU, Amber?? Only someone with an s-load of problems acts as he does!! Be afraid, be very afraid!

    Gary, keep Leah the hell away from him!

    1. Yeah I really don’t get it. So he is in the movie business and moved to some dinky town in Indiana…? …! I’m so lost. So what exactly is the plan here aside from forming permanent couch indentations?

      1. My question is what type of person gives up their life long career for someone they just met, whom they know to be incredibly troubled….

  27. He couldn’t just leave his life and career in LA, but….that’s exactly what he did…within a couple of months of meeting Amber. He is absolutely Matt 2.0.

    Amber is just as bad as Jenelle. At least Leah gets to live in a stable two-parent household.

    1. I dunno, California has more jobs/opportunities but is more competitive. Since Andrew’s family is already in the entertainment industry. He probably has a slight edge, but let’s be honest. He was filming reality tv. It isn’t like he was on high profile film or television sets.

      Indianapolis isn’t Podunk, Indiana. There will be job market for cinematographers and he might have an edge there from his experience in LA, his family and Teen Mom 2 connections.

      That’s IF he stays working…

      1. I agree. Homeboy held a boom Mic on a z list reality tv show. I’m sure he can find a job at a news station, sporting event, local commercials type stuff.

  28. How romantic…*eyeroll*

    Out of all of the Teen Moms, Amber & Jenelle are battling for 1st place for dead beat mom! She drives cars worth 60k+, yet can’t pay child support for 8 months? She sees her daughter when it’s convenient for her! She is pathetic & her behavior is inexcusable. Props to Gary & Kristina for providing Leah a loving & stable home.

    1. And what really pisses me off is that she uses her mental illness as a crutch when she doesn’t see her daughter. She says she’s too depressed to see Leah but at the same time she wasn’t too depressed to have her new guy, Andrew come out to Indiana to meet her? Ok, then. Makes total sense, Amber.

      1. I think she was trying to look like she always saw Leah when daddy Munster was visiting. She had seen her twice all summer but this creepo was visiting (after he “missed his flight” home), I’m sure she was all like ” I gotta see boo boo” and “I see boo boo every week”. I’m sure she tried to look like she wasn’t a total tonsil of a parent.

    2. You forgot that on the rare occasions when she remembers she has a daughter and wants to see her for ten minutes or so right then and there, she gets pissed that Gary has well-justified reservations. She only scores better than Jenelle because she doesn’t even pretend to want custody of Leah though that might change when she figures that Leah can get up in the morning and feed the baby.

      1. I’m still sold on Jenelle being the worst. Amber might be a lazy on-again-off-again parent, but at least she hasn’t made a baby with every man she’s met in the past eight years, date/marry men who abuse their children, and have enough mug shots to make a new calendar every year for the next five years.

  29. Seriously who leaves Malibu and a job in the industry to move to Indiana with her??!! Seriously. I had some hope for her once she dumped Matt but seriously this WILL NOT end well. We all know this. We all see the instant replay she seems to be doing. Gary hold tight to Leah! She doesn’t deserve to live her mothers circus. Kristine I know you’re trying to respect boundaries but you’re more than just a stepmother. Leah really needs you.

  30. How many opportunities are there in Indiana in his field? Guess he found his big break! I am sure he has been there since day one. Ambien is so predictable.

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