‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: Jumping From the Sky & Meeting Amber’s New Guy

Now Bentley has footage from this show of both of his parents getting high…

MTV blessed us with a new episode of Teen Mom OG right out of the gates in 2018… but don’t worry, the whole “new year, new me” idea doesn’t apply to anyone on this show. We’re still in for plenty of messy drama from this OG group of baby mamas.

Speaking of messy — this week’s episode kicks off in LA with Farrah, who is hanging out on the beach in a straight-from-the-swapmeet body con skirt (naturally) while Sophia takes surfing lessons. She’s standing on the beach, looking like some sort of broke-down Little Mermaid, bright red wig hair glistening in the sun, watching as Sophia tries to ride the waves.

Raise your hand if you have no idea how to appropriately dress for the beach…

Producer Kristen (who, for the record, is not the same hapless Producer Kristen that is forced to wrangle Jenelle) asks Farrah why she isn’t joining Sophia in the water and Farrah reminds her that she doesn’t “do things like this” — “this” referring to anything other than Farrah talking crap about/to people and being a general nuisance to society.

Besides, y’all remember that scene in “The Wizard of Oz” right? We all know what happens when someone like Farrah gets wet…

I’m melting…I’m meeeeelting!

“Me get wet? Not unless it’s being filmed for another sexy time movie, peasant!”

Producer Kristen changes the subject to Farrah and Sophia’s upcoming trip to Omaha. (This is not the trip Farrah made for her mom Debra’s wedding. This was to celebrate Farrah’s grandma’s birthday, by the way.)

Farrah does not wanna talk about Deb, however. She snaps at Producer Kristen for asking if she’s nervous to go see Mommy Dearest.

“Kristen, I don’t look at my life all upside down and s**t on it, OK?” Farrah growls. “I’m gonna have a good day today!”


She then marches down to the shore (careful not to get a drop of water on her exposed hooves) and films Sophia’s surfing adventure. Producer Kristen (who, unlike many of the other producers, has not put in years crapping in Farrah’s porch Port-a-Potty and does not know how to react yet) just stands there confused.

Can someone get her a therapy horse, please?

Meanwhile in Omaha, a sparkly-romper-wearing Deb is Facetiming David to tell (well, actually warn) him that Farrah is coming into town to celebrate her grandmother’s 80th birthday. It’s been over a year since Farrah and Sophia have graced Grandmama with their presence so Debra is excited.

“I’ll do my best to keep Farrah from ripping your face off, but, you know, no promises…”

Next we see Maci take a break from hustlin’ leather pocket tees to call her trusty friend Keelie and talk about global warming and the state of the economy. Hahaha, just kidding; of course she’s calling Keelie to bag on Ryan, as per usual.

Poor Keelie just listens as Maci rambles on about how Ryan has yet to take a drug test so he still isn’t able to see Bentley. Maci, always the martyr, climbs back on her cross and delivers her typical line.

“I’ve done more than I could possibly do!” she proclaims.

“You know the drill, Keelie. One TTM T-shirt for every five minutes you listen to me bitch on the phone!”

Maci says that Bentley hasn’t even really noticed that he hasn’t seen his dad in a long time. He is, however, wondering when he’ll be able to see his grandparents Jen and Larry.

Maci says it’s hurting Bentley and Jen and Larry not to see each other, and the situation is also impacting her. (Hey, who is gonna babysit all of Maci’s youngins when she needs to go out and tie one on for the night!?)

While Maci is at home (lounging on her ‘Teen Mom OG’ pillow, we might add), Taylor goes to get a haircut and make some plans for Maci’s upcoming birthday. He tells his barber, CT, that he’s thinking about taking Maci skydiving and CT isn’t a fan of the idea, telling Taylor “that’s some white people s**t.”

OK…I can’t be the only one who thinks Taylor’s barber looks like Poussey from ‘Orange is the New Black” right?

Despite CT’s doubt, Taylor feels confident in his “white people s**t” plan.

We next head over to Indiana, where dogs are prowling all over Amber’s house. Producer David is sitting on Amber’s blanket-covered couch, getting the latest info on her and Matt.

“If you look closely, you can still see the greasy outline of Matt on this couch!”

Amber tells him that she’s had a change of heart about going to visit Matt in Las Vegas. She has decided to “wash her hands” (well, that’s something new for Amber!) of Matt and all of the money he took from her. (I mean, most teen moms are able to “wash their hands” of thousands of dollars, ya know?)

Instead of focusing on Matt, Amber has decided to focus on other things…like her daughter. Hahaha just kidding. She’s actually focusing on the new man in her life. Yes, folks, Ambie has already moved on to her next slam-piece, whom she met while filming Marriage Boot Camp with Matt.

“Would I be able to get some sort of flow chart to keep all of Amber’s gentlemen callers straight?”

Amber tells David her new prospect is coming to visit her and David tries his best to look surprised at this news. Amber says she wants to get to know him off camera before she lets him move into her home, steal her money, make her look like a fool and give us all a wicked case of the cringe-sweats.

Producer David is doing his best to keep his composure. He very carefully ask Amber if she feels “ready to date already,” given that Matt’s sweat stains are still fresh on her couch.

“You’re coming off an insane breakup!” he reminds her.

Despite being fresh on the market, Amber tells David she’s ready to date and that she’s learned her lesson after dating Matt. She makes sure to tell the producer that when New Matt hit her up on social media after filming the show, he “wasn’t being weird” or “trying to f**k me.” I mean, he did, most likely, but he wasn’t even trying!

“Can you imagine if you got pregnant by this guy right after meeting him!?”

“I learned my lesson on that, for real,” Amber says of rushing a man into her home without even knowing him.

I mean, at least she and the new man didn’t jump into anything, like living together or having a baby together right after meeting…oh, wait…

Finally we check in with Catelynn and Tyler who are in a giant mansion-of-a-rental-house in North Carolina. In an extra-loud voiceover, Catelynn tells us that she and Ty are going to finally get to see Carly. It’s been two years since they’ve seen her, so everyone is nervous.

Dawn the adoption counselor and Carly’s brother’s birth mom Beth are planning to join them for the visit. They’re all excited for the reunion but Cate and Tyler decide this time will be harder to say goodbye because of the uncertainty of when they’ll see Carly again. BrandonandTeresa have been none-too-happy that Ty and Cate continue to disregard their wishes, so it’s unknown if and when they’ll allow another visit.

Dawn tells them not to focus on the negative and not to let anything spoil their trip. (In other words, try to keep your entitled attitude and spoiled brat behavior to a minimum or you won’t even get as much as a Christmas card from Carly next year.)

“Seriously, keep your big trap shut or you’re gonna eff this up.”

As Nova drowns her plastic therapy horses in a glass of water, Cate says she feels like BrandonandTeresa aren’t reciprocating the understanding that she and Tyler have for their situation.

Cate is angry that Teresa didn’t want to go to the beach with them, and instead wants to keep her family separate.

What the hell has Nova been learning at the horse stable?

Meanwhile, Farrah and Sophia are still in LA. Before heading off to terrorize her family in Omaha, Farrah meets up with her “friend” Frenchy — as in Frenchy from VH1’s Rock of Love 2. She brings Sophia along (to some sort of warehouse-like restaurant) to meet her new pal, and Sophia looks downright confused and sort of frightened.

“This is gonna be the start of a really good chapter of my tell-all book someday.”

Of course, it’s kind of to be expected, given that Frenchy is dressed in a skintight, bright pink cut-out dress (suitable for street walking, spinning around the pole or random luncheons to be featured on ‘Teen Mom OG.’) Her raspy voice is startling, and you can almost smell the Virginia Slims smoke smell through your TV!

“What’s that smell? Oh yeah, it’s ciggie smoke and desperation!”

Sophia isn’t exactly welcoming of the latest person to be cast as her mom’s friend, but Frenchy decides it’s only because she’s “scared of the pink.”

Yeah, we’re not touching that one…

Frenchy is scaring Sophia and fellow restaurant patrons and offering travel tips to Farrah for her Italy trip. Farrah explains that it’s so nice now that Sophia doesn’t have to attend that pesky school anymore, so she is free to stomp all over the world with Farrah & Co.

Ok….I give up. Give me a stick and I’ll kill it…

Next, the conversation turns to Farrah’s distaste for David. Farrah reveals that she’s invited both Debra and her dad Michael and his fiancé-to-be, Amy, on the Italy trip. She does not plan to let Deb know that her ex-husband is coming, however. David will not be invited to stomp grapes and shovel pasta with Farrah and her crew, though, because according to Farrah he is “weird.”

The conversation carries on as she and Sophia arrive in Omaha… only this time, it’s Sophia talking about David. Sophia comments that David better not come to the party.

The robot has been well-programmed…

As Sophia and Farrah arrive at the party, the producers reveal that Farrah’s family has refused to allow the birthday festivities to be filmed. Farrah and Sophia go inside, leaving Producer Kristen and Producer Jordan hovering awkwardly outside.

(Well, at least if Farrah and David get into some sort of physical fight, they can probably smash their cameras up against the restaurant windows to capture that Kodak moment!)

Sophia again says that she hopes David isn’t at the party. Farrah responds with, “we don’t associate with weirdos.”

Umm… should we replay the previous lunch scene, or nah? Just sayin’…

Next we check in with Ryan and Mackenzie, who are taking their engagement photos. Ry and Mac must be, as Farrah says, “looking at their life upside down” because they are taking their engagement pics…after their wedding.

Ryan tells Mackenzie he’s not excited about taking pictures so instead of getting ready he decides to put stickers on a toy truck.

Hey, at least he’s not driving this truck while being high! high!

Mackenzie’s patience is wearing thin and when Ryan finally gets up to throw himself into the shower, she follows him and warns him not to “do this right here” as she shoots the cameraman a look.

We’ve seen this look before, kids. ‘Member that time she shut off the cameras in the car so the ‘Teen Mom’ World wouldn’t see her beloved weaving down the freeway while in a Xanax-induced snooze-fest?

After Ryan debates whether or not his feet stink, the happy couple heads to the dock to take their romantical photos.

If this isn’t Ryan and Mackenzie’s Christmas card photo, I think they’ve really missed the mark…

Later, the photographer captures the couple as they fake-smile, stroll on a doc and smash their faces together in an awkward kiss. Ryan says the photo shoot process is “complex” because it requires him to wear a shirt and keep his eyes open.

“OK kids, smile like your MTV money just hit your direct deposit!”

Back in Omaha, after her grandma’s party, Farrah decides to “allow” Deb to go to dinner with her and Sophia. (For the occasion, Deb has added a few extra braids and feathers in her hair. It is not yet known if she went to a Ke$ha concert immediately after the dinner.) Deb immediately busts out the weird baby voice when she speaks to Sophia. Things are going fine until Deb brings up her upcoming wedding.

As Deb shows Farrah pictures of her wedding dress, Sophia literally growls across the table and punches herself in the leg (as you do). She gets this far-off stare in her eyes and it’s mildly disturbing.

Pretty sure we’re witnessing some sort of transfer of Farrah-isms right here…

Finally, when it’s bordering looking like footage from one of those Dateline documentaries, Farrah takes Sophia to the bathroom to talk it out. Sophia tells her mom she wants everyone to know she is mad that Deb is marrying David, and that she doesn’t want to see her grandma again if she gets married to David. (We’re assuming that statement earned Sophia a treat for performing as she was taught.)

We must give Farrah props, though, for taking hold of the situation and attempting to get to the bottom of what’s bothering her daughter. It’s not often that there is a display of decent parenting on this show.

Farrah and Sophia rejoin Deb and Farrah lets her know Sophia doesn’t want to go to her wedding. Deb tells Sophia she’s sorry that she feels that way, but her response is evidently not good enough for Farrah. She then tells Deb she isn’t listening to Sophia.

“What do you want me to do?” Debra asks her daughter.

Wait..so Debra should let an eight-year-old decide who she is and isn’t allowed to marry?

“Sophia has SPOKEN!!”

Farrah isn’t here for it and says she wishes her mom wouldn’t date someone so “narrow-minded and horrible.” #PotMeetKettle

Farrah is basically telling her mom to call off the wedding. She then shoves a tortilla chip into her mouth as she proclaims that she and Sophia will not be attending if Deb decides to go against Sophia’s wishes and have her wedding.

On the other side of town, Taylor and Maci go out to lunch for Maci’s birthday. (Um…where are their three youngins? Did they saddle some poor production assistant with babysitting tasks so they could go have a boozy lunch for two?)

“Crap…did we leave enough Lunchables out to last the babies the rest of the day?

Taylor tells Maci about the skydiving surprise and she agrees to do it, though she probably wishes she could be pushing Ryan out of a plane rather than jumping out of one herself.

They go home and tell Bentley, who is worried about where he will stay while his mom is barreling toward the ground. They tell him he will be at school, since it’s the middle of the week during the day. (Good thing Maci and Taylor don’t have jobs or anything to go to during that time!)

The next morning, Taylor and Maci head over to the sky-diving facility. They are both suited up in their TTM gear (naturally), and Maci says that she wishes she hadn’t agreed to do this “white people s**t.”

Maci fears that she will pee herself, given that she’s basically been a baby factory for the last few years and her bladder has weakened.

The best birthday gifts are always the one that make you face your mortality and wet yourself!

They get suited up (careful to keep the TTM logo exposed, naturally) and head up to the airplane. (The editors got fancy and did slow-mo for the part where they’re walking to the plane for extra “dramastics.”)

“I think I just felt a tinkle…”

They jump out of the plane, and float toward the ground and everyone is celebrating their survival and/or Maci’s ability to hold in her pee long enough so that she didn’t whiz on her sky diving instructor.

In Indiana, Amber has wasted no time in bringing her new man onto her TV show. (So much for getting to know him off-camera first, eh, Amb?) She introduces the new man, Andrew, to Producer Jordan and Producer Kiki.

Andrew, an enormous bewhiskered man who wears red capri pants, tells the producers he missed his flight home on purpose. (Is anyone else having déjà vu here? We’re pretty sure this is the first of two or three conversations leading to, “Guess who’s moving in?”)

Kiki’s face is saying what all of us are thinking: What the hell’s up with those pants, Andrew?

Andrew says that, while filming ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ he conveniently showed up wherever Amber happened to be. (Nope…nothing creepy about that, right?) He said he was eager to get to know her bank account number.

Andy is quite the wordsmith. He regales the producers with tales of his (family’s) home in Malibu, California, stating that Amber’s eyes are the same color as the ocean in Malibu. Amber melts, given that the nicest thing Matt ever said to her is “I didn’t charge anything on your credit card today.”

“You are sooo getting me pregnant tonight, baby cakes.”

Andrew tells Kiki that, unlike First Matt, he does not have any kids.

Well, I mean, except for the one he’s about to shoot into Amber within the next 24-48 hours, obviously…

Amber, being a “real woman” from Indiana, lets Andrew know that she’s going to be paying for a background check to be done on him. This will be done after she allows him to impregnate her, of course.

Amber says she was depressed until Andrew got there and that the two of them are “just flowing” without a plan. (Amber will not be flowing for long, if you know what I mean! OK…no more pregnancy/menstrual flow jokes, I promise!)

Amber is having a great time shacking up with her new suitor, but she does feel bad that she hasn’t seen her daughter Leah in “a while.” She decides that today is the day she’s going to be a mom, so she calls up Gary to instruct him to have Leah ready for her to see her.

“The cameras are here so I’m ready to play mom. Have my kid ready NOW!”

“Oh my God, you’re alive?” Gary asks when she calls. (How long exactly is “a while?” It sounds like Gary hasn’t heard the screechy Voice ‘o’ Amber in months!)

Gary is annoyed at the last minute visit request but decides to allow it.

Gary tells Kristina he’s trying to take Amber’s feelings into consideration given her recent break-up, although he and Kristina agree she should maybe make an appearance in Leah’s life on occasion. Hey, if all else fails, maybe they can record the new season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ so Leah can see her mom!

Gary says Amber owes him over $9,000 in child support but he isn’t really sweating that issue too much because he knows Amber is a “come and go” type of mom… (heavy on the go.) Gary says he can only do his part and chalks it up to some people wanting to be parents and others not so much. We know we’ll hear about this one at the reunion!

When you know your baby mama is back on her bulls**t, and you can feel the trouble brewing in your DadBod…


Since Andrew is still in town, Amber has him drop her off at Gary’s house… driving her Range Rover, of course. Gary, who was obviously peeking out the window during Amber’s arrival, comes in with the shade.

“Did you get a chauffer…or is that your new ‘friend?'” he asks.

You will never convince me that Gary is not the true MVP of ‘Teen Mom OG.’

Gary asks if Amber having a new “friend” is the reason she ditched out on her daughter for a while, but Amber claims she was too depressed to see Leah. Apparently, she was too depressed to chat on the phone with her, too.

Gary doesn’t want to hear it, but tells Ambie that the next time she calls him out of the blue and demands to see Leah within 30 minutes, she can make like Farrah and suck it.

They scoot Leah out of the room and Gary and Kristina sit down with Amber as she talks to them about her new man. Amber is pumped that Andrew is full of smarts, given that he’s college-educated and “not a druggie.”

“He’s a real quality catch— he doesn’t even have any warrants…yet!”

Gary warns her to take it slow and not forget about Leah. Amber tells Gary not to make her feel more guilty than she already does and explains that she hadn’t been coming around because she was depressed… again, until Andrew came around to fill that spot in her heart (among other things).

“I just wasn’t feeling very well…you know, like back in the day?” she asks Gary.

Gary shudders just thinking of anything that happened with Amber “back in the day.” (His upper back probably starts to hurt just thinking about when she kicked him down the stairs!)

“I hope this new guy is ready to dodge TVs!”

Amber also tells them Matt is still trying to work things out with her, even going as far as to threaten suicide if she won’t take him back and sending her pictures of pills. Hey, at least he’s not sending dick pics, right?

In North Carolina, Cate and Tyler are driving to the park for their visit with Carly and talking about how nervous they are.

“I’m ready to say a bunch of insensitive and entitled things. Let’s roll.”

They arrive at the park, and, although we can’t see footage of the visit, we do see a series of snapshots showing Carly (with her face obscured) and her interaction with everyone.

After the (un-filmed) visit, they all pile into the car for a nearly silent ride, other than Cate commenting on how tall Carly has gotten.

Back at Cate and Tyler’s rental house, Tyler tells the producers that Cate was very emotional the night following their visit with Carly, adding that he had a feeling the trip would hit her hard. Later on the porch, Cate says it was tough seeing Nova and Carly together and that she could tell Carly had missed her and Tyler.

Tyler has a great solution to the problem: he suggests that he and Catelynn just start “poppin’ ‘em out” to give Nova a bunch of replacement siblings!

“What can I say? I’m horny!”

Later on, Tyler talks about how nothing ever changes when they say goodbye to Carly and that it’s always difficult. It’s also hard knowing they won’t see Carly for at least another year.

That’s it for this episode of ‘Teen Mom OG!” Until next week!

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. What part of “adoption” did these two morons not understand. You are NOT that child’s parents, you never were and you never will be. Why cant you let this poor little girl live hr life in peace and stability instead of insisting on barging in and trying to mark what you think is your territory? These people are HER PARENTS, not your babysitter. I may sound harsh but I speak from experience. I gave a child up for adoption and had NO contact with her until she was 21 years old. I did not expect “visitation rights”. I wanted her to be happy and stable and hard as it was I backed away. She didnt need some stranger showing up off and on claiming to be her “other mother” .

  2. I know there are other more important things to worry about, it’s just that I’ve been wanting to comment on that silly nickname for a long time.

  3. Amber please stop calling your daughter Boo Boo. She’s eight years old. I don’t know about y’all, but I feel like shaking her every time she says that, and I’m not strong enough to do anything like that.

    1. I think Ambr means it literally wen she calls her daughter a boo boo – A boo boo she made several years ago.

  4. Mac never dated a sober Ryan. He has been hi the entire relationship.
    Well shr can stick with him or get a…JOB yikes
    Yes Mac your choices are to deal with Ryan or get an actual job or hurry up & get that trap baby started….good luck,

    1. Great point. She stated how much more difficult things have been since he’s home from rehab lol. I’d almost feel bad for her, but I don’t because I absolutely believe she knew what she was getting into and did it because she wants to be a star. Also, where dafuq did that little boy of hers come from? He couldn’t have been more than three(?) so she was out on da prowl or in da club(Briana) with a newborn?

  5. Debra literally looks like something from a horror film. When she came out in that glittery romper I just… why. Why. Why.

    LOL at Ryan playing with his toy truck and not getting ready. I cannot believe Mac has chosen this life… even for a million dollars I would not be Ryan’s wife. Is the TM OG money REALLY worth it? I’d say no.

  6. Did I seriously just read that Farrah exhibited “decent parenting?!”

    An 8 year old does not spew that kind of hate on her own, she’s only saying those things because her awful mother Farrah is like a broken record about her hate and disdain for David and her mother. If Farrah had a shred of decency or good parenting then she would keep her hate-filled rants about Deb and David away from her child. There’s no reason why Sophia should hate her Grandmother and David. The bathroom scene is so awful, and Farrah seems proud when they return to the table and she explains that Sophia doesn’t want to go to the wedding. Farrah is using her daughter has some kind of conduit for her own feelings. It’s so disgusting. For the love of God, please retract that statement The Ashley.
    If this is how Farrah is teaching her daughter to behave, then I can only imagine how Sophia will act towards others as she gets older. Disgusting!

    The comment about needing a “pie chart” to keep track of Amber’s men is way off. She was with that loser Matt for 3 years and now she has a boyfriend. Big whoop. I must say though, the comment about Matt’s sweaty outline on the couch is lololol!

    1. Fair enough, HOWEVER I think Dr. David is super creepy and I wouldn’t want to be around him either. Especially as he told Deb he liked Farrah’s hair how it was done in one of her pornos (ew).
      Farrah is ridiculous but I think her feelings about Dr. David are pretty accurate.

      1. But those comments and concerns should be kept between adults. Sophia doesn’t need to be privy to that. If Sophia ever needs help and can’t find Farrah or Michael, then this makes her fearful of David and Deb. Kids can make their own decisions when they are old enough. David may be creepy but Sophia doesn’t need to hear it from Farrah. And it didnt’ need to be a topic of conversation when he wasn’t even at the lunch. Part of Farrah’s problem is that she is jealous of both her parents having relationships when she has none right now.

        1. Exactly. There was a man that my mother was creeped out by who was a distant relative of my stepdad who would come to family events (He was elderly and overly friendly with kids because he never had any of his own, he wasn’t rapey or anything, it just made my mom uncomfortable because she didn’t know him well at the time). She never once said a word about it to me or ever made a scene, and instead just found excuses to call me over to her or suggest I go play with my cousins if he was near me. I didn’t know until I was much older that she didn’t like him back then, because it was not something you speak about in front of your child unless they are actually in some sort of danger.

      2. I disagree, she hates David because he had the balls to stand up to her and tell her she’s fucked up. Farrah cannot take a lick of criticism but she expects everyone else to accept her insults as facts and do something about them.

  7. Did anyone else notice the proud look on Sophia’s face when she knew she was hurting Deb’s feelings? She was clearly enjoying herself. Also, Nova playing with her therapy horses is priceless!

  8. Catelynn is extremely obese…She is disgusting she smokes weed, looks like she never bathes, is over 100 pounds over weight, smokes and drinks, eats her scabs and nails, shes 25 and looks like shes 45….She is lazy point blank how does Tyler sleep with that yuck!

    1. A little too much crapping on catelyn, but she does need to lose weight so she can be healthy. Other than that everything else isn’t that bad. I’m sure once she loses weight she will look younger. But she doesn’t look 45. I can tell she will look a lot like her mom. How does catelyn sleep with a man that looks 19 and has no muscle? Love isn’t all about looks

        1. That stuff is probably linked with her mental health. She might not be able to stop that until she is actually cured or way better in her depression

    2. Could you be any more nasty in your comment? Sounds like you might be projecting the things you hate about yourself onto Cate. Actually, you sound worse than Farrah. Congrats.

      1. umm I have a college degree, I’m normal weight actually on the low side, I don’t use drugs, I take baths, I eat food not scabs and nails, I also change my clothes….Yeah I’m real jealous of Catelynn you got me there ;]

      2. Correction if I gain 200 pounds, pop out a child that I hand over to my drug addict & abusive mother, smoke weed while driving with my mom, never change my clothes, Whenever I get sick of my child I head to rehab and never complete it, chose vacation over the child I gave away, fine with not having a job or a college degree, and sitting my ass on the couch all day. If I did all this I would be exactly like Catelynn…

  9. Sophia will be even worse than Farrah, because she’s grown up rich and in the spotlight, that is one creepy kid, karma’s a bitch Farrah :)/ I personally feel bad for Amber. It seems like she’s a decent person when she’s on her meds, it’s just ashamed how co-dependent she is. That was such bull-ish she was talking when she was saying she couldn’t be around Leah all summer other than once or twice because she was depressed. That makes no sense, Like Kristina said, a phone call every other day or *gasp* everyday is literally the least you can do. As far as Maci goes, she needs to be off the show, she’s boring and is just using to hawk random t-shirts (did they “design” them? wtf). I legit think Ryan is slow. Why did he stick his face in that shoe that long? And what was he doing play with that toy truck? Catelynn and Tyler are lost causes. They seem like nice people, but they will be absolutely broke 1 minute after the show goes off the air. They have no education and no skills to speak of, for God’s sake Butch knows how to support himself in the real world better than these two.

  10. I’m also going to add that on the new episode of teen mom care At looked so much better in that fashion show. Farrah looks awesome with clothes on and being covered. She shows way too much skin and it is not flattering. I only wish she had learned to not mess with her looks because she would have looked so great with no plastic surgery and casual clothes. Her personality still would have been shit but at least she would look like an average girl

    1. I used to think she was so gorgeous before the surgeries. I remember being a teenager and wishing I had her skin, hair, and figure. Boy did she ruin a good thing.

      1. The funny thing is she doesn’t even realise how bad she looks. She looks somewhat okay now. Give about 10 to 20 years and she will look so old. I don’t know why women don’t get the memo that when you have plastic surgery on your face you tend to look 20 years older than you are

  11. Why does Maci get flack for criticizing Ryan, but Chelsea never gets any flack for talking about Adam. Chelsea also gave up her job and was supported (spoiled) by her dad for a long time, but there’s hardly any criticism on her on the internet.

  12. It seems people have the idea that you give a child, they have new parents and that’s, that. I saw a lot of pain in Cayte’s eyes in the pictures, as they got back into their vehicle leaving, and during the conversation with the producer.

    It’s a tough situation for all involved. As a mother I see a mother who is obviously grief stricken. B&T are the parents and I am sure loving, wonderful, parents, but that doesn’t make the grief of a birth mother any less. She carried and gave birth to that sweet child. There is a bond there that no adoptive parents, nor Tyler, or anyone else can understand. I have carried and birthed 5 and almost chose adoption. THANK GOD I didn’t or I would have definitely been a Cate.

    I understand where B&T are coming from as adoptive parents 100%, but I also understand Cate’s love for a daughter she carried 9 months and gave birth to. No one is wrong. You have two families that love this child and sometimes love and sacrifice is painful, and can even cause hurt and resentment.

    In this case there is no right and wrong, it’s an imperfect situation because we live in an imperfect world. I think Carly is truly blessed to have adoptive parents, and the parents that gave her life who ALL love her so much.

    Also, it’s not unreasonable to suggest Carly would have some kind of a bond with C&T. There is nothing wrong with her loving B&T and loving C&T at the same time. She is getting older and I am sure looks at them and her little sister and can see herself. It’s natural to have a desire to understand who you are from a biological standpoint even at this age.

    1. Yes, but Carly may also grow up to resent Cate and Ty for speaking the way they do about Brandon and Theresa on national television. As someone who was legally adopted by a step parent, who still sees her biological father a handful of times a year, I can honestly say that it irritates me whenever my bio dad speaks negatively about my step father. Did he do the right thing and terminate his rights so that my step dad could do more for me? Absolutely. My parents were 19 & 21 when I was born. Sure, he did the right thing and allowed me to be raised by a very active and present father, but whenever he opens his mouth about how he would have done certain things differently, and I could have been a completely different person (Like Tyler, my bio dad is under the impression that I would have been a much happier child if he has raised me, is also under the delusion that he is entitled to a better relationship with me than my step father because he is my biological parent, and tries to force me to have a relationship with his other daughter who is much younger than myself and that I hardly know) , I straight up tell him that at the end of the day, my step dad was the one who helped me with my homework at night, attended every play, concert, and sporting event that I was involved in, he taught me how to throw a baseball, identify trees by their leaves for a seventh grade science project, and taught me how to balance a check book, drive, change a tired and file taxes. It’s infuriating to hear the negative opinions of your biological parents about the people who actually raised you. It’s not about love, I definitely appreciate my bio dads love , it’s about growing up and realizing what really mattered. That extravagant gift you got from you bio parent for Christmas when you were five, or the lifetime of love and lessons provided by the person/people who actually raised you. Carly knows she’s loved. However, she is going to grow up one day and see this show, and realize that he bio parents had little to no respect for the people who were raising her and looking out for her best interests, and spoke negatively about them for the world to see. In all fairness, Cate and Ty were never given time to heal after giving her up because MTV wanted to milk this story line as hard as they could, which was super unhealthy for them. But it hurts everyone involved that they be made to talk about it constantly, and end up bad mouthing their child’s parents using a public platform.

      1. And think about how it’s going to effect Nova/Carly in the long run. Nova is being raised to think that Carly is her sister and that she needs to have a relationship with her. That’s going to put Carly in an absurdly awkward position when she gets older and Nova who is much younger is trying to contact her constantly because Ty and Cate will encourage her to. I’m 24 years old. My bio dad’s other daughter is 14. He presses me to have a relationship with her even though I was not raised with her/ saw her very few times since she was born. He also presses her to text/call me randomly, which is hard because it honestly feels as though a random 14 year old has my number and we never have anything to talk about. I haven’t seen her in about 6 years, and she texted me a few months back to tell me that she’s gay. I was supportive and told her I was happy for her, and her girlfriend, and tried making small talk about it asking how they met and who all knows and whatnot, but I know it came off weird because I honestly don’t know what to say to this kid whenever she contacts me because I don’t even know her. I personally had to tell my bio dad to stop having her contact me because I don’t view her as a sibling and forcing a relationship between a 24 year old and a 14 year old who are actual stangers is ridiculous, which made me feel horrible and and guilty, even though it’s not my fault.

        1. Wow. That’s so crazy. So interesting to hear your point of view!
          It would be very awkward getting those phone calls and texts and you’re right I think Nova will be encouraged to do the same to Carly and it’ll be such a mess 🙁

          1. The hardest part is that as an adult, you still want to try to be cordial with you bio parent(s), but they still see you as an object to be had, or try forcing you into a family that you don’t know at all because you’re over 18 now, and are made to feel absurdly guilty if you don’t want to do the same. I can deal with my bio dad, but I don’t want to be part of his family, and he doesn’t accept that.

          2. Oh my and if they have more children, if Tyler gets his BOY like he always wanted, imagine how he will try to make his son have a sibling relationship with Carly and even try to replace him with her actual brother she lives with. This show needs to stop, this is getting out of hand and gives wrong view of adoption to viewers.

        2. Carly is going to be made to feel guilty by Cate and Tyler for having these same feelings. All because they will be forcing a fantasy relationship with her on their own children. Honestly, I do hope Brandon and Theresa cut contact soon, for Carly’s sake.

  13. I 100% disagree with you.

    I had a shitty negligent mother (like amber). I call my step mom “mom” because she’s the only mother I’ve ever known. My step mom gets the mother’s day love, cards, and flowers. It’s easy to pop a kid out of your vagina, but it’s the person who loves, nurtures, teaches lessons, etc. that makes up a “REAL mom”. My mom had always been there for me, and i don’t give 2 shits about the woman who carried me for 9 months (because that’s literally the only thing she’s done).

    1. Hmm…

      I wrote this to respond to a comment below where someone said adopting is just “borrowing” a child and that biological parents are all that matters.

      (See the comment way below with 70+ thumbs down votes)

  14. Birth parents who were promised open adoptions and expect the adoptive parents to live up to their promises before they literally gave them their child aren’t entitled. Don’t speak about things you know nothing about.

    1. Unfortunately this is an a traditional open adoption. Adoptive parents don’t usually have to deal with the birth parents being in national TV. I think when Brandon and Teresa agreed to be on 16 and pregnant they thought it was a one time thing. They didn’t see it going on to Teen Mom for the next several years. Cate and Tyler continuously talk about B&T on television. I think B&T just want their privacy at this point.

    2. Nope. Open adoptions do not mean guaranteed visits indefinitely regardless of what the adoptive parents want. C & T have been given far more access than most bio parents in an open adoption. They’ve had 7 annual visits plus the wedding. Nova wore Carly’s baby clothes because Theresa gave them to Catelynn. Carly participated in C & T’s wedding. They have countless pictures. Brandon and Theresa are not forever beholden to the bio parents, especially when they’ve been publicly bashed and had their wishes for privacy repeatedly ignored. They skipped one annual visit after they were bashed by Tyler on TV and Butch approached Carly at the wedding. B & T have more than lived up to their end. And it bears repeateding, B & T are the parents. If they do not feel that these visits are in their daughter’s best interest, they have every right to stop.

      1. THIS. I am very close to cutting all ties with my biological father and his family due to how entitled he feels to make remarks about my REAL parents, how hard he tries to force me to have a relationship with his other daughter whom I don’t actually know, and how he brags about me and my accomplishments to people as if he didn’t terminate his rights to me when I was five, and has anything to do with any of my success, or my life in general. It has nothing to do with love, it’s all about the total lack of respect for your child’s REAL parents, and your lack of respect for your child’s own wishes.

    3. Obviously you dont know what your talking about.
      An open adoption is not guaranteed visits. It typically means letters & pictures about updates. They clearly stated that they where never promised visits.
      The self entitled snots have been asked many times not to post pictures of Carly on social media but Tyler said “I will not be stifled” & they kept doing it anyway so why should they keep sending Tyler pics & arrange visits if they wont respect them or their wishes?

  15. Does anyone happen to know when the Food City floozy/sexting stuff happened with Ryan in the scheme of filming this season?

    1. I think that was over the summer. Soooo yeah, right around when the happy couple was planning their second wedding.

  16. Cate, how can you be so sure she missed you?! Just because she isn’t featured on the show (thank God for her sane parents), don’t act like you are big buddies here, you only see her what, once a year, she hardly knows you (apart from being her bio ‘parents’) and is certainly more attached to Brandon&Theresa who are RAISING her. So no, I don’t believe she missed you. You need to stop making it look like B&T are some vile people who kidnapped your daughter until she is free and comes back to you when she is 18. That’s EXACTLY what their fans are putting in their heads, Tyler seems the most full of entitlement to her. And if he makes Cate pregnant this year while recovering from depression, he is one big buffoon who only think about himself and the boy he needs to have no matter what happens to his wife.

    A photo shoot for an engagement while the wedding already happened is just weird but I guess they needed a story line. Taylor giving Maci skydiving as a present is nice tho (But I’m an adrenaline junkie anyway)

    Farrah is horrible and is raising a mini her in Sophia. Why should she have any say in who her grandma will marry?! (I don’t like him either but it’s her life so whatever) Don’t put words in your kid’s mouth, speak for yourself!

    Amber, “taking it slow”, sure. Seeing your daughter only when it is convenient for you (and prob filmed), you were too depressed before but you weren’t too depressed to find a man, meet him, invite him to your house and have a baby with him asap?! Gary’s reaction speaks volumes.

  17. One other thought with Tyler and Cate: for all their endless talk about how they were going to make something of their lives to make Carly “proud” of them, they did nothing more than i think they finally graduated from high school. They tarted some community college and within a few weeks, decided they wanted to be “counselors” but wer e “taking the wrong courses” so they dropped out. Sorry, but no matter what you plan to major in or become some day, first year courses are all core courses needed when you think you are going to be a brain surgeon or a “counselor.” Since then, all we’ve heard are Tyler’s grandiose plans to become a “filmmaker” or an “author,” oh and they were going to be..shade of West Virginia Leah..”Motivational speakers!” In other words, they had no plans to ever work for a living.

    I see the name bottom line with them that I see with most of these now men and women who were teen parents: SSDD, only with tons of money. Cate and Tyler had nothing going for them at 16, now they have nothing going for them but being paid to sit around, smoke pot, and complain. They are another pair that would be better off without Teen Mom, since the show has encouraged them to endlessly talk about and focus on Carly, since they basically had no other story line.

  18. Also – CLEARLY Amber didn’t make good on that “background check” – she learned her lesson you guysss

    1. Just like Jenelle. Also she’s CHAAAAAAAAAANGED!! (Amber’s not even sober anymore, she only switched from drugs to alcohol)

      1. Oh man I’ve noticed that. Taking tequila shots. Seems all Andrew does is drink tequila. As an ex pill addict I’d love to just sit and have a beer or margarita but I know it would be very easy to get addicted to that or let that turn me back to pills. It’s a very thin line for me and I believe it is for anyone else too. I hate seeing amber drink like that. She said she was going thru stuff ‘like old times’ (speaking to Gary) and he said ‘depression?’ I just wonder if she was semi confessing to dabbling back in drugs but when he suggested she meant depression she went w it. Ha idk. I just hate seeing her drink and hope she doesn’t slide back into Pre Prison days.

  19. Ryan was totally high at lunch w Mack in this week’s episode…

    Thank God Leah has Gary & Kristina (who by the way is finally starting to find her voice on this show and I like it)

    also – Sophia could use some therapy – none of which is her fault, total product of her environment the past 8 years

  20. “She can make like Farrah and suck it.”

  21. What parent gets to bail on all of her parenting responsibilities because she is ” depressed ” ? If that were the case most children would be parentless. And now that she has a new man in her life she is able to be in Leah’s life again ? That gives Leah the message that mommy is only o k when she has a man in her life. Not a great thing for a little girl to grow up thinking. Thank goodness for Gary and Cristina

    1. And uses her depression as an excuse to not be responsible. She was so fast she couldn’t see her daughter, but had no problem finding a new boyfriend/baby daddy. It Takes a lot to look like the worst mother on Teen Mom but Amber is winning right now.

  22. It seems like all of Farrah’s friends are in the porn industry. They are probably paid to film with her. Farrah does not her daughter around her own grandmother but has no problem subjecting her to the likes of Frenchy. What a warped mind that child is going to have.

  23. Would love to have been a fly on the wall when B&T heard Tyler say on the previous season that “Carly called me Daddy” for the first time when it aired!!!! He is beyond delusional, he lies to make himself feel and sound so important to Carly. When in reality she is probably so happy in her everyday life that she is ok without ever seeing Tyler. I feel very badly for Catelynn..hopefully someday she will have the strength to let loose on Tyler and tell him off for how he goaded her into choosing adoption with his passive aggressive threat to leave her if she kept the baby when she already had zero family support.. Her depression is so severe I hope she has peace in her life someday on her own terms.
    Side note _ that picture of Ryan holding the shoe up to his nose made me laugh out way too loud at work!!! love it!!

    1. I know this sounds terrible but I think Tyler is the reason why Cate’s depression got really bad at the end of 2017. He obv doesn’t know how to help her, says ignorant comments about her weight and how what all he wants is a little boy but never about what she wants and needs. If she divorced him, got her mental health in check she might even have a chance to find a better man. I don’t think he loves her anymore, I really don’t. But she has such low self-esteem that she will never let him go.

  24. Farrah is the worst, just an absolutely wretched, miserable person. Poor, poor Sophia (whose book I am anxiously awaiting). And where do they keep finding these “friends” for her? I thought Paola was odd, but they topped themselves with Frenchy.

  25. Ugh even last nights episode w Ryan. Droopy eyes drug addict still high. I don’t like Mackenzie but you can see in her eyes when she looks at him that she knows he’s high. This guy spending supposedly $10,000 a week on heroin but last week he’s asking Mack if she brought change back from shopping. Girl, is Teen Mom fame this important to you? Ryan treats this girl like crap.

    1. In all fairness, she’s very obviously just with him for the MTV paycheck, and doesn’t actually care about his well-being the way she does about their “we’re so happy” act for the media. Let him treat her like crap, at least then she’d be working for that money.

  26. My heart really hurts for catelynn…not so much Tyler as I think he’s making a rod for his own back. But catelynn is (as publically stated) struggling with her mental health and I think the issues surrounding Carly are a huge huge part of that. As a 16 year old, giving up her first child must have been so hard, and it’s only now that the real ramifications of that are becoming apparent. She must always wonder what if, and she had no way of knowing what her life would be like now. As a mother, I can really feel the hurt in her heart, but she should rest easy knowing that her biological child is being brought up by brilliant parents that she chose…she did the best she could have possibly done at that time in her life. Rest the contact for now, maybe communicate through pictures or email or whatever but I think catelynn needs to grieve for what might have been and heal her soul.

    Tyler needs to really step up and help stop her suffering by shutting his damn mouth. B&T are that child’s parents now, no matter what biology says, and I bet they’re doing a wonderful job. If he ever wants any sort of relationship with his biological child then he needs to check himself, not only for catelynn but for everyone else involved.

    Amber is becoming a real piece of shit mom. There might be more to it than we see on camera but you can’t blame a bad edit for the truth. I always knew Gary was the better parent out of the two of them (although he himself has made questionable choices in the past, but not related to parenting) and he’s proving just how good of a dad he is constantly. Thank god he has custody of Leah and she has a normal female role model in kristina.

  27. Sophia is a scary child, but it’s her crazy family that has made her so. She is growing up with no knowledge of respecting others. Comparing her to Leah and Bentley, she is emotionally stunted. She is brought into adult conversations and situations when she shouldn’t be. Deb talked to Sophia like she was a three year old child, asking her if she was going to walk “down the whole runway.” Why would any designer want the likes of Farrah representing their brand?! Maybe Fredricks of Hollywood, if they’re still in business…lol

    I think if not for the show Catelynn and Tyler would have been much better off about the adoption. Tyler’s ego is huge and he feels entitled and in turn thinks the rules don’t apply to him. I don’t blame Brandon and Teresa for scaling back contact. Unfortunately Catelynn is left to truly suffer.

    Gary has really stepped up. I’ve always liked Amber but there’s been no real excuse for not spending time with Leah. It’s going to be worse when the new baby comes.

    Love your recaps!

    1. Exactly. Sophia is completely stunted in maturity. She has no idea how to behave like a normal child, because she is never allowed to be a normal child. She’s Farrah’s accessory. And now that she’s been pulled from school, she will have absolutely no idea how to interact with other human beings in an appropriate manor. Between the adult situations, lack of interaction with other children, the baby talk, the fighting, and the manipulating, Sophia will never be a functional member of society. Farrah ruined that child.

      1. Look at Bentley and Leah. They’re both very polite, social, mindful of their actions, and thoughtful in their attempts to compliment/thank/appreciate their parents in general. Sophia…well…isn’t any of those things in the slightest. Maci/Taylor and Gary/Kristina have done a wonderful job raising those kids right. Farrah…well…did absolutely nothing to benefit her own daughter ever.

        1. I know we don’t see everything when they are filming, but does Sophia have any contemporaries (kids her age whether cousins or friends) that she can learn normal child socialization? I am afraid that now that she is pulled out of school that, if there were any before, there aren’t any now. If kids have nobody their age (even one friend is enough), then they will not do well in the future as they won’t know how to interact properly. Farrah can’t be dragging her around for the next 20 years.

  28. This is just jaw-droppingly ridiculous. They “HIJACKED” Carly? Wow! And oh yeah, kid obviously aren’t for Brandon and Teresa because they are over being dissed endlessly by a couple now rich brats who CHOSE not to keep “their’ child? Sorry, all these teen moms prove lots of people who aren’t fit to ever have a child still manage to “grow” them. I’m surprised B&T have not closed this adoption, period, and think that would be healthier all around.

  29. All the adoption comments are bugging. Yes B&T are Carly’s adoptive parents. They are NOT her BIOLOGICAL parents and never will be. When you adopt children, whether or not it is open, you have to accept the fact that you are being given a gift of a HUMAN BEING and that you will never be the only set of parents that child has. Many kids grow up never caring about their adoptive parents, but many do. Teresa didn’t grow Carly or birth her. I feel like she has always been threatened by the connection Carly and Cate have and that’s why she has fought a relationship (albeit Tyler’s attitude hasn’t helped). She doesn’t want to watch her borrowed child interact with her real mom. It’s threatening. But unless you are adopting an orphaned child, you have to get over the fact that there are other parents and you DO owe them something. They GAVE YOU A PERSON. And if you’re not okay with that, then maybe kids aren’t for you. Just because you can’t have children yourself doesn’t mean that you can hijack someone else’s and then dangle the child over their heads for eternity.

    1. This is just jaw-droppingly ridiculous. They “HIJACKED” Carly? Wow! And oh yeah, kid obviously aren’t for Brandon and Teresa because they are over being dissed endlessly by a couple now rich brats who CHOSE not to keep “their’ child? Sorry, all these teen moms prove lots of people who aren’t fit to ever have a child still manage to “grow” them. I’m surprised
      B&AT have not closed this adoption, period.

    2. Just curious, what would you consider a parent?
      One of the best, bravest, most selfless things C & T could have done was given Carly up for a potentially more stable and better life. I applaud those that chose adoption and help families. But as far as a “parent” goes, my mother left when I was young, I was raised by my Dad, he was the one working 12 hr shifts to put food on our table, he was the one who taught me about sex, puberty (my period), and good music. My mother later stated she didn’t know if my dad was my dad… I asked my dad about it later (I was about 16). I’ll never forget the look in his eyes and he asked if that even mattered. I was his daughter and he was my dad no matter what any said or DNA read.

      I know that was long, but when people try to say crap like T didn’t give birth to Carly so she is somehow less than Cate… Honestly, T maybe didn’t give birth to her, but I can damn sure bet you B&T were there for the colic, the health check ups, the shots, being the ones to have to explain the interactions with birth parents and cameras. Props to T & B for being as understanding as they have been

    3. Holy sh!t, did you really just call an adopted child a “borrowed” child. Get the hell out of here, and maybe go do some research about adoption. B&T ARE Carly’s parents, regardless of whose uterus she grew in.

    4. I feel like that old lady in the commercial shouting “That’s not how this works! That’s not how any of this works!”.

      You have a seriously skewed view of adoption. Hijacked!? Borrowed?! You seem to be projecting but seriously – that’s not how this works.

    5. “Borrowed child”?! Um no. Carly is Theresa’s REAL child. Legally and emotionally. Why on earth would Theresa feel threatened by Catelynn, a woman Carly barely knows? B & T have very valid reservations about bringing their daughter around C & T. They continuously disregard their wishes, publicly insult them, drive while smoking pot, etc. B & T have received death threats and kidnapping threats because of Tyler’s nasty attitude. But still, Carly’s parents give C & T way more access to Carly than most other bio parents get. They missed ONE visit after the Butch incident. Those two are practically saints.

    6. Lol on so many levels @this massive pile of steaming dog shit. DNA does not make you a parent! Let me explain it another way for you: biological relationships do not dictate emotional ones. So by your logic any parent that ditches their kid to be raised by a step-parent is somehow still more important because they contributed bodily fluids? Uh no sweetheart, they’re not. Secondly: you say adoptive parents should be so glad they were given a “gift” that they should just accept it? Well let’s turn that one around shall we: if you’re a biological parent and feel it’s okay to give up such a precious gift to another person you must not have really wanted it then, did you? Does wording it that way help you see the fallacy in your thoughts? Stop acting like children are something to physically claim, they are human beings and nobody “hijacked” Carly. In case you forgot to watch: her biological parents signed the papers and watched her drive away. Catelynn is obviously tormented by her decision, and I do feel that she felt pressured and stuck. But you can’t change Carlys whole life because of that….unfortunate yes, but Catelynn is now an adult and has to deal with the adult decision she made.

    7. I’m adopted and you’re an idiot. I’m not a borrowed or hijacked child. My REAL parents are the ones who adopted me, not the ones who gave birth to me. Also, I have a lot of adopted friends (we tend to seek each other out) and all of them feel the same as me. Giving birth does not give you ultimate control. If you place your biologic child with another family, that family becomes their family. Stop speaking for people you don’t understand!

      How did anyone upvote this moron?

  30. I agree with everyone who says it would be healthier for Cate and Tyler to not see Carly again until she’s much older. They need distance to repair themselves and their relationship with each over and Nova, and Brandon and Teresa need space to parent Carly without Cate and Tyler’s emotions complicating everything.

    Also, Cate needs fitted for a bra. By a professional. Stat.

    1. While it would be a very un-Teen Mom move, she should look into breast reduction surgery. Poor girl is way over-boobed: if she ever plans to ride that horse, she’d be a lot more comfortable with a lot less boobage. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

      1. She might be doing what I plan on doing in regards to breast reduction surgery. I’m waiting until I’m done having children to get it done so that pregnancy doesn’t effect the results of the surgery (mine is medically necessary as I’m a 38E cup on a 5″1′ 130lb body). She might also be waiting until she loses weight, so that they can take more tissue off. If it’s medically necessary, insurance will cover it, if not it’s considered cosmetic and insurance won’t cover it.

        1. Jeez! Those boobs must be making your 5’1″ body fall forward. With your measurements your insurance will be picking up the tab. (Half my family had reductions and they all say it was the best decision of their lives. Best of luck!)

        2. Breast reduction can be a huge life improvement, but I can almost guarantee you that you’re wearing the wrong size bra. I am the same height and weight as you, and I cannot imagine a scenario or body type where you could possibly have a band size over 34. You likely need to go down a couple of band sizes and up a couple of cup sizes. Please look for a boutique in your area that can size you and fit you into a well fitting bra. If you need to wait on surgery the bra will make a huge difference in the meantime. I’m pregnant ATM, but was a 30G a couple of months ago so I understand big boob issues!

          1. I was fitted, my best friends mom is the regional manager for VS, and measured me herself haha At this point I literally only wear sports bras because I’m NOT dropping $50 for each bra that isn’t even going to last a year with these boobs. I measured a 36DD at 17 years old. I’m 24 now. Clothes don’t fit me correctly, bra shopping is a nightmare, my back is in constant pain, exercise is terrible, etc. I’m waiting until I’m done having kids so that everything stays the way the surgeons left it and I don’t have to worry about them growing with pregnancy after surgery.

  31. On tonight’s show, I find myself despising Amber more and more as THE most self-centered worthless POS “mother” ever. Sorry, but she seems to think Leah exists solely to love HER, then remembers “Oh yeah sure, I just love her sooooo much!” All the while tossing back shots, and obviously working on that “NEXT baby, coming right up!” a with Malibu Matt. he’s not only not learned anything, she’s going backwards, at least she dind’ tget kocked up with Masachusetts Matt.

  32. “Despite CT’s doubt, Ryan feels confident in his “white people s**t” plan.“

    Should that not be Taylor, not Ryan?

    1. I caught that too. But it’s probably not the first time someone called Taylor by Ryan’s name on accident ?

  33. God Ambers hair always looks so unflattering in those slick backed updos.
    All these people suck haha

    1. It’s hard to recreate her timeline, but..given how little time she knew him before being knocked by him, I’d say odds are she was knocking back shots while pregnant, and that’s before you get to the whole issue of her being an addict, and drinking. What a perfect pair of losers, her obviously going off birth control and probably too intent on “pleasing her man” to ask him to pop on a condom, him just as bad as her, only I’m sure seeing a nice way to keep his new “job,” “Teen Mom Star.” And ahh..Mister Smart He Went To College And Successful” was what, thirty something..and still living at home with Mommy and Daddy? Oookay….I’m SURE he was just totally smitten with Amber at first sight, true love ya know. She sure can pick them! (And who else gagged at the “Oh her eyes are as blue as the ocean off Malibu”? The only thing worse was watching the instant simpler on Amber’s face, SAME look as she got on one of the recent reunions when Matt phoned it in and told her how pretty she looked.)

      1. Yeah Andrew is thinking about how her last boyfriend got to leave w $100,000 so why not give it a shot. Matt didn’t even go to jail so this sounds like a real cushy place to be. Live in ambers house, driver ambers cars, hold ambers license so he’s in control and spend ambers money.

      2. It’s not hard to recreate the timeline–the VMAs were on August 27, 2017. Amber announced her baby’s gender on December 8,2017. Gender is usually determined at the 16-20 week ultrasound. She was pregnant at the VMAs, and it surely looked like she was drinking. Not saying she knew she was pregnant.

        1. But I am saying that she knew she was off birth control, having unprotected sex (?), and taking tequila shots.

    2. Maci drank while pregnant also…..It’s popular in the teen mom franchise to drink or do drugs while pregnant…

    1. It was weird that the bio mother of that boy was there on the show w Cate and Tyler. The trash they all prob speak on Brandon and Teresa when alone.

  34. Out of all the people on this show, the one I truly believe to be suffering from severe depression is Catelynn. I know she has to be struggling with the fact that she gave Carly up and there is nothing she can do about it anymore. None of them had any idea that Teen Mom would become what it is today, that they would be able to live a good life away from the troubled parents they wanted to protect their own children from. The whole “there is no way we could have raised her at 16” speech sounds more like them trying to convince themselves they made the right choice. But I am positive that she wishes that she had just kept her, toughed out those first couple of years, and they would be a family today without having to only see her ever so often. And Tyler does not make it easier, because he is so entitled, he can’t see past himself. I feel bad for Catelynn and I hope one day she can make peace with her decision and overcome her depression.

    Which brings me to… Amber. I never thought I would say this, but she is a horrible mother. She really had me fooled that she was trying and she had changed and she was on her way to become the mom Leah deserves. But knowing that she only saw Leah a couple of times over the summer because she was “so depressed” and “didn’t want her to see me like this” is despicable. None of that stopped her from finding a man. If she had still not met Andrew, would she still have not seen Leah as well?! AND she didn’t pay her child support, but let Matt leave with THOUSANDS of dollars, as she has so often stated. AND THEN has the balls to get mad at Gary for being bothered that she FINALLY comes around and since she is ready to be a mom, he needs to be ready too and give her what she wants because “you’re about to piss me off”?! Fuck her. Amber underestimates Leah and Leah’s intelligence and ability to comprehend. She will learn soon enough.

    1. Except as I recall, Tyler pretty much told Catelynn if she kept the baby, he was out of there. But she is delusional with all that “I can tell she misses us!” crap. Oh and still bitching about Carly’s REAL parents on camera..not smart.

      1. I think Tyler wants to leave Cate anyway, but doesn’t because she probably would seriously hurt herself if he does. Cate loves Tyler more than Tyler loves Cate, if he even does at all. And, yes, talking about Brandon and Theresa is wrong. I never said it wasn’t. Like I said, Cate is struggling because she gave up Carly and nothing is ever going to change that.

        1. For all their talk about how they have overcome being children of addicts, they seem to have opted for a highly co-dependent relationship

      2. I think that these visits with Carly are hurting Catelynn and Carly. While I commend C&T for giving Carly up for adoption for a better life, they would do better to step out of her life at least until she is 18. Maybe get pictures from Brandon and Theresa. I am not sure if Carly has a full understanding of who C&T are and it seems obvious that it is a factor in Catelynn’s depression. I think C&T obsess over the visitation for difference reasons. It is reminder to Catelynn of what could have been. And Tyler sees it as a control thing and how he can win whatever he thinks he is winning. I can understand how hard this is for C&T but maybe they need to step back and live their lives for now.

        1. That’s why I wish that they were never put on this show. We’ve followed them for nine years after they gave up their daughter. They have been forced to harp on the adoption since it happened and never really had time to heal. It’s actually hurting them to be involved with MTV’s show. And honestly, watching their 16&P episode would have convinced me that adoption was the best option had I been pregnant when their episode aired (I was 15 when the show premiered). But watching them on Teen Mom would convince me otherwise, because unlike most bio parents, they never had time to heal and move on with there lives, and it makes adoption look like a a horrific thing. They’re actually hurting the chances that teens would choose adoption with how badly it seems to hurt them after almost a decade because they were never given the time to heal.

          1. I agree with the perception of adoption from this show. C&T didn’t attempt to strive for their dreams. No plans were made and now they have money from MTV. I can’t see this being a positive spin on adoption as an option and adoption should be seen as a positive for those who consider it. Such a disservice. In 8-9 years since Carly was adopted, what have C&T accomplished?

    2. It’s hard to say. If Tyler and Catelynn hadn’t chosen adoption, MTV might not have chosen them to be on Teen Mom. However, there were only six girls, so it’s not like they had a whole bunch of options.

    1. Ooh, that’s a tough one. Could go either way, but I’m betting on Mack and Ryan, because she’s ride or die. Or a variation of it, she might actually kill him if he tries to leave her, and he’d rather roll with it than put energy into changing anything.

      1. I agree….Mack is the type of girl that will cut off her nose to spite her face when it comes to her relationship with Ryan. Shes going to hang on for at least 3 years before she matures and gets rid of him…..Ambo on the other hand….im giving her and the new random 3 months after the baby is born.

  35. I think I’ve missed something. An episode or two ago, Leah was talking about how it was fun when her and Amber could go out and do stuff like go to a park or get ice cream or something. Why is it that all the visitation is at Gary’s? I don’t remember. What it on the show and I forgot or was it something that we found out about just online and I never saw it?

    1. I think it’s bc of Matt relapsing that causes change in the visits and she just plain didn’t make any effort. You see that even here she doesn’t clear the day for Leah, she has that guy drop her off so they can immediately meet back up together. When Leah was talking about getting ice cream that was Only the third time she’d seen amber all summer. I think meeting at Gary’s is more convenient for her life. And I hate being that way bc I like amber but it’s the truth.

      1. Thanks – I figured it was something like that. Good for Gary for looking out for Leah like that.

        I think I saw something around New Year that Amber, Andy, and Leah were hanging out on NYE – probably because Gary and Kristina needed a babysitter and Amber took a page from Jenelle’s “Let’s play family” playbook.

    2. Amber has (every other?) weekend and Wednesday nights, and I believe she was supposed to have a weeks-long visit with Leah over the summer, but of course she declined all that this past summer.

      She didn’t want Andrew to meet Leah yet (more likely Gary didn’t), so she goes to Gary’s house for a 5 second visit instead of taking Leah out alone while Andrew sits at home alone. Amber couldn’t POSSIBLY inconvenience Andrew by leaving him alone in her home while she spends actual quality time with her daughter.

      1. And she has him drive her there! And then she is shocked I tell you shocked that he ends up meeting them all then apologizes to him. Wonder how many weeks she knew him before she put him on her bank Accra and credit cards while stiffing Gary and Christina?

  36. Maci probably sticks her 2 youngest in daycare, and Bentley is in school. That is how she has so much time to herself.
    Personally, if you have no job and your child is in daycare full time, what was the point in having the child?!

    1. This!!! I’m so sick of people not mentioning the fact that Maci & her husband have no jobs (aside from hawking t-shirts) & have sent their kids to daycare since they were infants. I have a feeling their kids get in the way of day drinking & that’s just no fun!

      Also, I can’t stand how she punished Rhine’s parents for his mistakes. They have been a constant in Bentley’s life since the day he was born & have always had Maci’s back until recently. If they aren’t stroking Maci’s ego, she isn’t having it. I understand not having him around Ryan unsupervised, but I can tell you his parents have nothing but Bentley’s best interest at heart.

      Downvote, but I have been in an eerily similar situation with my children’s father. He is an addict & alcoholic. He has wonderful parents like Jen & Larry. No one is at fault for Ryans addiction except for him, because he is actively using. Restricting his time with them is hurting him. She needs to have strict boundaries with them & if they don’t abide by them, then she should restrict contact. He has a strong emotional bond with his paternal grandparents & this could be detrimental to his development.

      1. Except Jen and Larry knew Ryan was on drugs and covered for him. Bentley was around Ryan while he was high on multiple occasions because Jen and Larry basically condoned it. That’s not ok. And there is that other stuff about Larry flying into a rage at Bentley’s game. Jen seems nice, but is clearly a pushover and will let Ryan get away with murder. Larry has shown a nasty temper on a few occasions. They aren’t some poor sweet grandparents. I do think Bentley should continue to have a relationship with them, but I can certainly see how some of the trust Maci had in them is gone.

  37. Anyone else expect to witness Sophia s head start to spiñ during that ridiculous restaurant scene? Or for her to start growling demonic words in Latin? I understand that Tyler and Caitlin will always wonder “what if” about keeping Carly. But the fact is they gave up their parental rights , they need to understand that all rights belong to Carly s PARENTS and be grateful to get any time or information on Carly according to Brandon and Teresa s parenting plan. They have been asked and then told not to discuss personal details about Carly or her parents on TV and they completely ignore their wishes. Even calling them “B and T” is not keeping their side of the bargain. They get filmed for months at a time, it’s not new, get with the program. I really think that when Butch went against their wishes and spoke to Carly at the wedding, that is what led to two years between Carly visits. And Ryan was “flyin high again”..no eye contact, suddenly grabbing a truck and decorating it when you are supposed to showering , pretty much ignoring Mack…oh yeah he was f@cked up. And Amber, I usually sympathize with, but I was embarrassed for that crack she made about a background check….either she didn’t get one or her standards remain extremely low. Grow up Annie and pay attention to your daughter. One of these days you are gonna ask and Leah is not gonna have time for you!

  38. Amber seriously is ridiculous. If I were Gary, I would’ve laughed at her and told her to go screw herself when she made that phone call. You don’t see your daughter or even bother to call her for all this time just because your “depressed” that you finally used the few brain cells you have to kick out your con artist boyfriend that stole over $100k from you? Girl, bye.

    1. Thank GOD no mother was ever sad or depressed…since you cant be around your kid when you are.

      It looks like yeah mommy broke up with Matt & she is just to busy trying to find & get to know her new boyfriend to see you. Mommy has a new boyfriend so she can see you now.
      Excellent message to send your young daughter. You will be sad & depressed until you have a man.

  39. Cate and Ty should take many steps back from Brandon and Teresa. The emotional toll is high, honestly they need to quit talking about Carly/Teresa/Brandon completely on tv. Quit pressuring B&T, bashing them on tv and antagonizing them.

    They should be grateful B&T allow visits, it would be better if C&T just asked for photos and stood back – watching her grow up without interfering. Then let Carly decide what she wants to do when becomes old enough to decide for herself.

    I wonder if Maci has a part time nanny, it wouldn’t be that far fetched or a bad idea. I thought her roasting Ryan’s texts were hilarious. I completely believe Ryan texts like a gorilla with a phone would.

    Farrah and Amber’s storylines are just trainwrecks. Glad Gary and Kristina are there and are responsible adults.

  40. I did feel bad for Catelynn when she left Carly…you can tell she’s very irritated and frustrated with the situation, and it’s finally taking its toll on her. I think that she knows her place when it comes to Carly (unlike Tyler), but just wishes that they could have more of a relationship…..That being said, she can thank Tyler for the lack of the relationship with Carly. Tyler does not know his place, and has been very disrespectful when it comes to Brandon and Theresa. He needs to know that he’s lucky he got THAT visit out of them…they could cut him off completely. I do hope that one day Catelynn and Tyler will have the relationship they want with Carly, but until she’s 18, they need to realize that this is how it is, and accept it.

    1. I agree. I think Brandon and Theresa have pulled back on the communication a lot and have put off visits simply because they don’t want Carly being too close to Tyler and Catelynn. I can definitely see how that would be frustrating for Tyler and Catelynn since it’s completely out of their control but those are the people they chose to be their daughter’s parents whether they like it or not. Tyler definitely needs to watch his mouth which he obviously doesn’t do at all. I understand that he’s frustrated but at the same time, he needs to have a little self control over what he says on camera because the people he’s talking smack about are the ones that decide whether he gets to see his daughter or not.

    2. Brandon & Teresa have asked Tyler to stop posting pictures & information about Carly on social media ..THEY ARE CARLYS PARENTS
      But entitled Tyler made a huge speech about how he wont be stifled.
      So why should they send pics & schedule visits for Tyler is he refuses to respect them?

  41. Am I the only one who thought Farrah was feeding that demon child her lines in the bathroom? “You’re mad at grandma for getting married to David, right?”
    Cait and Tyler make me so sad. What’s done is done. I truly hope they find peace soon.

    1. My thoughts exactly! I’m sure Farrah was mouthing the words to Sophia for her to repeat because she knew the mic would pick it up.

  42. Best comments under the pics ever, so funny. Tyler really is screwing things up this time. First time seeing Carly in years and all he does is bash their parents on tv.
    Ryan is def high, high. Amber throwing a mini fit over not seeing Leah this exact second was annoying. And good job at finding the only semi good pic of Maci after jumping out of the plane. Yikes all that air is bad for pictures. And Sophia is a stinking little brat. Good grief Farrah, I thought she pulled Sophia in the bathroom to teach her some respect. Nope, too much to ask for. Who gives their child that mich power over adult choices. Ugh.

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