‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Wins Court Battle With Ex Adam Lind For Daughter Aubree: Get Exclusive Details From Inside the Courtroom!

“Thanks, Judge!”

Chelsea Houska emerged from court victorious earlier this week, ending a months-long battle with her baby daddy Adam Lind— and The Ashley has all the details of what went down inside the courtroom!

The Ashley previously told you that the Teen Mom 2 starlet filed a motion in court to make changes to the amount and type of visitation Adam has with their eight-year-old daughter Aubree, and to petition to have Aubree’s last name changed from “Lind” to “Lind-DeBoer.” The Ashley can reveal that Chelsea was victorious and was given everything she asked the judge for. 

Chelsea was awarded the name change and the change in visitation, ensuring that Adam’s only interaction with Aubree will take place at a court-approved, supervised visitation center. Previously, Aubree had been going to Adam’s parents’ house for visits, and they were legally required to supervise his time with Aubree. Now, Aubree’s visits to her grandparents house will be once a month, and Adam is not allowed to be present during the visits.

“Adam’s parents were not happy about the changes made,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “They are very upset.”

The Ashley can reveal that Adam, who has been battling substance abuse and legal issues, made a rare appearance in the courtroom and, although he was not thrilled, he agreed to all of Chelsea’s terms before the hearing even started, which means no one had to testify.

The Ashley can confirm that the hearing was filmed for an upcoming episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“This was the first time Chelsea and members of the production crew have seen Adam in a long time, and they were shocked by his appearance,” another source tells The Ashley. “He has lost a lot of weight, and appeared pale with dark circles under his eyes. He did not look like he’s in a good place.”

Although Adam has refused to film for ‘Teen Mom 2’ for several seasons, a behind-the-scenes source tells her that Adam’s contract with MTV is still valid, so he can technically still be filmed and not be blurred out, even if he didn’t want to film additional scenes.

The Ashley can also reveal that Adam gave the judge an idea of what his life is like currently.

“He told the judge that he currently has no job and hasn’t worked anywhere in a year,” the first source said. “He also confirmed that he has no vehicle.”

Adam did not say anything to Chelsea during the hearing and left immediately after it ended.

The Instagram account @TM2DeadBeat, was the first to report about Aubree’s name change and Adam’s change in visitation.

Stay tuned– The Ashley will have more details soon!

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)


  1. I think it’s sad, Adam really needs help. I wish somebody would get him into rehab and keep him there! MTV should tell him if you get back into rehab and agree to random drug tests we would consider filming you again. (just so he can earn some money) As it stand right now I think the current custody arrangement is good. I don’t think Adams parents were doing a very good job of supervising in Aubreys behalf while she was at their house and Adam was there. This is for the best and will keep her safe.

  2. Chelsea did everything she could to protect her child, as always. Adam certainly appears to be in a very bad place. I hope that he can recover, as I would hope it for anyone. Maybe this is “hitting bottom” for him and he can attempt to change and regain his life.

  3. Aubree should have her fathers last name, the same Father that does things with her on Fathers Day & that takes her to Father Daughter dances.
    Adam hasnt been a Father to her in years

  4. Adam will have hell to pay when Aubree is old enough to watch the reruns, and finds out what he used to call her. When she finds out he called her a bastard, he is in big trouble.

  5. Hopefully Adam can get himself together, if not for the sake of himself, for the sake of his two daughters.

    No doubt, Aubree and Paislee are lucky to have moms Chelsea and Taylor offering them decent childhoods. But these girls also need to see their biological dad in BETTER shape than this.

    Here’s hoping….

  6. I think Aubrey enjoys visits with her grandparents even when Adam was just sleeping. I hope Chelsea continues to invite them to school activities and sports even though their son isn’t a father. It would only take a quick text to invite them, then their choice if they wanted to be part of her life.

    1. Adam’s parents can look up events on the school calendar and inform themselves, just like Adam could have. It isn’t Chelsea’s responsibility to keep these hostile people informed, really. And yes, I say hostile, because ffs, they let their loyalty to their son override what is best for their own granddaughter time and time again! Chelsea could have had them cut off completely by showing the court all the times they violated the court order by letting Adam take Aubree off with Meth head Skeletor. She didn’t do that because she knows Aubree loves her grandparents.

      Not really angry specifically at you, just I am so tired of the posts where “Chelsea should text Adam/his parents and invite them to…”
      They can get off their asses and call the school, look the shit up themselves if they care so much. Just like Rhyne and Bintlee. These people should be responsible ffs.

      1. Im in a weird place about that very thing. My ex doesn’t show any interest in our son’s life other than his court appointed one day a week visit. Doesn’t ask how school is going, any activities he should know about, etc. Our son graduates 5th grade this year and Im debating whether I should tell him. I feel like why should I? He has a mouth to ask, he can ask for a school calendar. But then everyone looks at me as the bad guy if I don’t.

        1. I say tell him. Not for him or you, but for his son. When your son is older and sees his dad for what he is, you’ll know you did everything you could to foster a healthy relationship. A casual mention when your son is picked up on his visitation day, and let him take the lead from there.

      2. They never mentioned Adams parents but a few time Chelsea went above & beyond telling Adam & reminding him of events especial 2 or 3 Father Daughter dances that he didnt go to.
        He only showed to 1 event at school, MTV filmed it so he was there only to get that MTV money

  7. All the better for Aubree. Adam’s parents should be upset with themselves and their son. He’s a douche who has never done right by his daughter. Aubree has a nice home with a loving mother and now a loving father with Cole, she deserves it. Let her be safe and happy.

  8. I agree completely. Right now his words mean nothing and no one believes or trusts him. The only way he can change that and start building trust with Chelsea again is his intentions and actions and they must be pure and be in the best interests of Aubrey. The bravest thing a person can do is work on themselves.

  9. This is all for the good. Adams skeletor friend (Justin) on the show just got busted for Meth while a House was being searched for a suspected murderer. I mean, there’s no way in hell she should be around people like that. And btw, skeletor was driving Aubree with Adam in the passenger seat in one episode.

  10. This is all for the good. Adams skeletor friend (Justin) on the show just got busted for Meth while a House was being searched for a suspected murderer. I mean, there’s no way in hell she should be around people like that. And btw, skeletor was driving Aubree with Adam in the passenger seat in one episode.

  11. If their they didnt raise such an entitled loser, Adams parents wouldn’t have anything to be upset about. I’m 1000% sure if Adam had been doing what he’s supposed to be doing from the very beginning, Chelsea would have no problem with Aubree spending time with her dad. Sucks so bad for Aubree that her dad is such a POS.

    I know that he doesn’t care about Aubree, but I am surprised (kinda) that he didn’t put up a fight in regards to Chelsea’s demands. He always seemed like the type of guy that was very spiteful, and who’s main goal was to make Chelsea’s life as difficult as possible….Maybe he thinks less visitation means less child support?

    1. That’s the shit my ex does, tries to make things as difficult as possible to hurt me. He took me to court for 50/50 not because he wanted our son but because he wanted to retaliate because I was awarded a (small) increase in child support. He makes everything as difficult as he can. Adam probably also didn’t put up a fight because he’s in the height of his drug use. He has no job or money to fight this so he caved.

    2. He doesn’t have the MTV paychecks to fight any longer. Nor does he have​ a leg to stand on. He failed his drug tests.

  12. I’m glad she got what she asked for. It’s obvious Aubree loves her father but she’s getting to the age when she knows what is happening. She knows that Cole is there for her while her bio dad isn’t. She should never have to be around anyone that is on drugs. I do feel bad for the grandparents. If they were following the orders, it’s sad to go from every week to once a month. I would be devastated to be cut off like that. Also, getting the name change for Aubree, will help her to also feel a part of the family. They will all have Deboer as a part of their last name.

  13. Adam’s parents are “not happy” about the changes? Hmmm…let’s guess who they’re blaming them on. Then let’s think about whose fault it TRULY is. Maybe if your son wasn’t a trainwreck, this wouldn’t be happening. But of course, it will be Chelsea who gets bashed for this.

  14. Tbh, Aubree doesn’t need this guy in her life anymore. She has a lovely stepfather who she shares a name with now. (Well, hyphenated but still) I will totally understand if she will cut all contact with him when she is 18. He is a loser and he needs help. Rehab among other things.

  15. I’m surprised he actually showed up to be honest.
    Could we see that as a positive sign or do you all think his parents made him come with them?
    How does Adam get by without a job?

    1. Definitely NOT a positive sign. I’m sure it had more to do with his parents or maybe his parole officer. As for how he gets by – I’m guessing dealing drugs, or maybe working under the table here and there. I doubt he has any Teen Mom money left.

    2. I’m sure he showed up because he knew it would be on tv. That’s all he’s ever worried about…how he looks on mtv.

    1. If he did he’d have no financial ties to Aubrey, the daughter he didnt want to claim as his own & who he called a mistake.
      I’m not into cutting out the biological father of any child, however Adam has only brought instability and ignored Aubrey on access. Cole has stepped up and can give Aubrey all she needs in life (with Chelsea).

  16. My hearts goes out to Everyone involved. Addiction whether it is alcohol, drugs, or both is a awful disease and it effects Everyone because it is a family disease. Adam is responsible for his addiction and needs to take responsibility for it if he ever wants to recover and if he ever wants to be part of his daughters lives. Adam needs to be an open book about his life, he needs to be honest, be accountable for his actions, and take full responsibility for his life. Adam can live a life in recovery if he works a recovery program and takes it one day at a time.

  17. Not trying to be rude but does anyone think he will die of an overdose or he might kill himself. Serious question.

    1. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t happened yet where he severely hurts himself or someone else nothing with him seems to ever sink in at this point I just think it’s unbelievably sad

        1. WOW!! I’ll have to look this up… never heard about it. I can’t begin to imagine Chelsea’s fears when she would send Aubree over for visitation.

      1. overdose is always a possibility with addicts. Especially when mixed with alcohol which Adam also is addicted to. His parents seem to be in denial. The best thing that could happen to Adam is for his parents to get educated on his disease and give him some tough love. Hopefully it will not be too late

    2. No doubt in my mind he’ll be dead by 30. I don’t see him killing himself, but an overdose or a car crash wouldn’t surprise me. He is beyond reckless.

    3. Nope. I predict an overdose or murder/suicide. I see him killing one of his “girlfriends” in a rage and then killing himself to avoid an arrest.

    4. No. My son’s father has been LOTS worse than Adumb. He’s been a heroin addict for decades. He’s still alive, never held a job, never paid one cent in child support, and disappeared from my son’s life when he was 13 MONTHS old (he’s now almost 21.)

  18. I’m surprised that Adam wouldn’t sign on for another season. He must be running out of money since he hasn’t worked in awhile.

    1. They wouldn’t win here though. I remember there being something said about them allowing Adam access to Aubrey in ways that went against the visitation agreement. That alone would sink their case.

    2. They can see Aubree. They’re just not the supervisors, so they’re seeing her once a month instead of twice a month. They were not good at supervising, which was part of the problem.

      Also, grandparents have very few rights in the U.S.

    3. @morgane

      She is letting the grandparents see Aubree… they lost ONE weekend with her, and rightfully so. They were supposed to be supervisors when Adam had Aubree, and they let Adam get away without following court ordered rules. These are her grandparents NOT her parents. If they have a problem with the visitation now, they should be trying to help Adam get sober. The only person they have to blame, is Adam. End of story

    4. Good thing we don’t have that in the Netherlands. Most parents have a good reason to keep their kids away from certain people I think.

    5. It’s their own fault – they broke the rules time after time and lied about it. Rules that they agreed to IN COURT. And they only lost one weekend per month, they are still seeing her for an entire weekend each month. If they had followed the rules and not put Aubree in danger, maybe they wouldn’t have had the schedule changed. Sorry not sorry.

    6. This was supposed to be a reply to something and not to the article! I completely agree with wat Chelsea did, but someone said in the comments that grandparents don’t have rights :p

  19. I’m glad aubree is going to be safe I never understood why she was allowed to go to the grandparents house and they could be in charge of visitation with Adam they have condoned his behavior for so long what would stop them for doing so with aubree present He didn’t seem to be there while she was there regardless so why keep sending her over there so regularly

  20. And it goes to show that Chelsea respects Adumb’s parents in Aubree’s life. Grandparents don’t have rights. Chelsea didn’t have to give them a weekend. She did though, because Aubree loves them and family is extremely important to Chelsea.

  21. This is great news for Chelsea and Aubree. I feel sort of bad for the grandparents, but they can blame their son for what happened. I don’t think they were the best about enforcing the supervision piece. And, one visit a month with the grandparents is sufficient. Aubree deserves stability and Adam just isn’t in a place to give t to her, so I’m glad he didn’t try to fight it.

    1. Right? There’s clearly something wrong there. I’d have beat my kid senseless if he acted the way Adam did in her 16&P episode. I’d kick his ass, and disown him, and that’d be the end of it. For real? Where were they when he was obviously emotionally abusive of Chelsea, called Aubree a mistake and wanted to sign away his rights, and completely brushed off his responsibility as a father, not even paying child support? I’d be completely embarrassed to be his parent.

  22. I’m extremely happy for Chelsea and Aubree! My situation literally mirrors hers: Baby daddy is and always has been an ass, but I tried loving him when our daughter was age 1-2 years. I even accepted his crappy proposal, while he still dogged me out and cheated on me among other things. Our daughter will be 5 soon and he’s not active at all. However, he hates that my fiancé gets to be around her. Needless to say, I get married in April to the man I love and have always deserved. He’s always treated my daughter like his own even though he has no kids of his own…. yet lol. We will be working on it as soon as the ceremony ends! Anywho, we are contemplating the last name change for my daughter as well. Her dad’s parents aren’t even involved with her and haven’t seen her since she was a year old.

    Anyway, congrats again to the DeBoer family!

  23. I’m glad he didn’t try to fight it. It would have been a losing battle for him. Part of me feels bad for the grandparents, but it’s not like they saw much of her anyway. This was for Aubree’s benefit that she not be exposed his Adam while he is either abusing drugs or in recovery. No child needs to see that. I stand by the fact that he doesn’t deserve to be in Aubree’s life at all after everything he’s said and done, but it goes to show that Chelsea is an adult and recognizes that Aubree does in fact love her father and it might hurt her even worse to just rip him away from her all at once.

    1. And it goes to show that Chelsea respects Adumb’s parents in Aubree’s life. Grandparents don’t have rights. Chelsea didn’t have to give them a weekend. She did though, because Aubree loves them and family is extremely important to Chelsea.

      1. I think that’s why she filed. She didn’t trust them not to let Adam do as he pleased with her when he is supposed to have supervised visits.

      2. Actually Chelsea found out the grandparents allowed Adam to take Aubree driving around when Chelsea asked them not to & he didnt even have a license, they sound like enablers (like Ryans parents)

    2. Definitely agree about ripping him out of her life. A lot of people said that’s what she should have done but it isn’t that simple. I’ve seen comments calling her a shitty mom for not just breaking ties but I think she was building her case against him for something like this.
      Her grandparents just enable their sons shitty behavior. Remember how they let Adam see Aubree after they were told not to?

    1. Adam literally wanted to sign away his rights to Aubree in Chelsea’s 16&P episode – at that point, I would have let him or at the very least, changed the kid’s name to Houska. She was days, maybe weeks old, she wouldn’t have known any different.

      For the record, I hope to God Aubree NEVER sees that episode. It’s clear she loves Adam (or at least did at one point – she seems pretty enamored by Cole right now <3) and it would kill her to know her dad said that.

      1. Chelsea was a very naive girl at the time, always getting back with Adam despite his cheating and his horrible behaviour towards her and her daughter (the things he said about Aubree I mean, not that he hurt her or anything). I would not be surprised if she was all “oh, but if I go through with it now, Adam will always be angry with me and maybe we can still be a family very soon”. That’s what I think at least. I wished she had gone through with that too.

      2. That’s part of the reason I’m glad 16&P is over. Because too many of the dads were complete pieces of shit and said terrible things about their children, and shrugged off all responsibility for them. Like, say some of them turn their lives around and become good and present fathers who love their kids in the future, and the kid loves them, but then sees that? They’d feel awful. Adam’s treatment of Chelsea and the things he said about Aubree come to mind first above all others when I think about how the kids will react to seeing these episodes when they are old enough. Bentley’s going to be extremely hurt by Ryan. Aubree won’t want anything to do with Adam, Leah’s gonna disown Amber, Sophia is never going to forgive Farrah, Isaac is going to be upset with both of his parents, the twins are going to resent Leah, and Jace is going to HATE Jenelle and always wonder why he never mattered to Andrew. These episodes are going to break these kids hearts some day.

        1. I hope that Jace sees Jenelles episodes one day and never speaks to her again. She uses him like a pawn, just trying to piss Barb off.

        2. At least Jace will see the truth about Meme being his mum because Jenelle signed him over NOT that Babs stole him from Jenelle (as Jenelle tells Jace & her soulmates).

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