EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom’ Kail Lowry Reveals Why She Backed Out Right Before Having More Plastic Surgery With Dr. Miami

“I changed my mind!”

Kail Lowry was due to get sucked and tucked by resident Teen Mom plastic surgeon Dr. Miami on Monday, but the Teen Mom 2 star tells The Ashley she backed out right before going under the knife!

“I had anxiety for a while about it and when I got [to Miami] I realized surgery is a quick fix but the results I’m looking for are attainable through hard work and effort, so that’s what I want to do,” Kail told The Ashley exclusively.

Dr. Miami, who is known for recording his patients’ plastic surgeries for his Snapchat account, had been promoting that he would be carving up a ‘Teen Mom’ star on Monday, but the day came and went and no ‘Teen Mom’ star appeared on his account. On Tuesday, Kail revealed on Twitter that she was supposed to be the girl getting the plastic surgery, but she she had second thoughts and backed out.

“I won’t lie to y’all, I came to Miami for lipo & a boob job,” Kail tweeted. “But hours before my surgery I decided I don’t want to go through with it.”

Kail, who went under Dr. Miami’s knife (and on his Snapchat) in January 2016 for a Brazilian Butt Lift and tummy tuck, told The Ashley in November that she regretted getting her plastic surgery so publicly and would never do it again on-camera.

Because Kail was unwilling to have her future plastic surgeries by Dr. Miami put on his Snapchat, she would have had to pay for the procedures. On Twitter, Kail revealed what she plans to do with the money she was going to spend on her surgeries.

“When I get home I’ll use the money I was [going to] spend on surgery for a nutritionist & get back into working out,” she tweeted.

Kail told The Ashley she is confident she can get back into shape without going under the knife.

“I’m not against plastic surgery in any way but this time I don’t want to go through the recovery and I don’t have a reason why I can’t do it myself when I’ve done it organically before,” she said.

Dr. Miami’s operating table won’t be empty for long, though. Kail’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star (and nemesis) Briana DeJesus has confirmed that she’s due to get more plastic surgery from Dr. Miami in two weeks. The doc told Radar Online that he is planning to give Bri a new belly, butt and boobs!

“Um…can I get Kail’s surgery too?”

“She wants to correct some of the baby damage that was caused by her latest pregnancy,” Dr. Miami told Radar. “Her butt got too big during her last pregnancy so we are going to narrow out her booty and shape this time around.”

Briana said that her desire to get more plastic surgery (and broadcast it) was one of the reasons Javi Marroquin broke up with her.

(Photos: MTV)


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  1. I think Kail and Javi are going to reconcile. The whole Brianna thing was a fluke. Just like her thing with Chris. They were sworn enemies and then suddenly hes on her podcast and proud of her? You can tell she’s not over him by the way she talks to him. They know how to play for viewers, im sure when the money, oops I mean time, is right they’ll be back together in hopes of staging an awesome comeback ?

  2. Can I just say that pregnancy did wonders for my body (probably the breastfeeding hasn’t hurt)… I’ve haven’t looked this good in over ten years and I feel so positively about myself! Jerks like this “doctor” and that asinine baby damage comment undeservedly make women feel ashamed of their bodies and not appreciate the amazing things their bodies are capable of!

    1. That’s really great Raeleigh, good for you. Unfortunately that is not the case for everyone who has a baby. I only had one and it absolutely wrecked my body. But we are all different. Some people seem untouched by pregnancy, a few look better than ever, and some regret not having made the most of their body before pregnancy. I happen to be part of the latter group.

      1. I’m sorry… honestly I’m surprised how it turned out, I was certain it would wreak havoc on me. But my point was really that during and after pregnancy can be some of the hardest times on a woman’s self-esteem and make us very vulnerable… why did he feel the need to mom-shame with such a negative term as “baby damage”? I mean, really, didn’t we go through enough already?! And our bodies just did something amazing! More women need to focus on that.

      2. Or maybe Raeleigh isn’t as bothered by those changes as you are. Some people are also more sensitive to their perceived flaws. (I’ve never had a child myself, but I already know I would beat myself up and obsess…regardless of how I actually looked.)

    2. I too found that stupid, misogynist comment about “damage” done to her body after having a baby completely offensive, what kind of doctor would say something like that, oh yeah a butcher that live streams operations to get publicity and has patients who come out looking like caricatures of themselves.

  3. Am I seeing this right, did Kail make the right decision for once in her life?! She’s 25 now and a mother of three so it was about time!

  4. Holy Jesus God Dr Miami! I just checked out his Insta. All of his subjects go in with perfectly decent natural looking bodies and come out looking like mannequins whose tits point skyward. Ewwww.

  5. Maybe brianna should put that money towards getting a place of her own..how all those people fit in that apartment is beyond me…

  6. Haha bullshit!
    I’m sure Dr Miami couldn’t take her wouldn’t take her … sorry wish these girls had some common sense but I’m not buying all of a sudden Kail has a conscience; much too coincidental!

    1. Her conscience told her not doing it might help her manipulate Javi into trying again after his opinion of Snapchat surgeries. She may have realized this was a chance to show him she could respect his opinion for once.

  7. To me, Kail has always been one of the moms that could be successful in life, she seems focused, is a good mom (the two older boys are precious) and she stuck it out and got her bachelor’s; however, her interpersonal skills are atrocious. I think it’s been said that she’s bipolar and possibly something else as well, so I take that into account as well as her having two lunatics as parents (her mom is probably in the back of Food City sucking down parliaments as we speak and her father is down south locking up the fridge). If she gets her emotional issues under control and stop finding new baby daddies every couple of years I think she and the boys might be ok after the mtv money dries up. Great decision about not going through with the Dr. Miami nonsense.

  8. Finally, a smart decision. Seems odd to go all the way there though and then back out. Anything for a trip.
    Also if she was getting lipo and a boob job like… yeah you can work hard and get a fit body, but you can’t just workout with the result being a boob job. Doesn’t exactly work that way. But whatever.

  9. What a coincidence that she backed out of getting the surgeries done 2 weeks after Javi and Briana broke up because he didn’t want Briana to have surgery lol…on another note…Briana’s getting that lopsided abomination she calls an ass done AGAIN??…by the same guy??…I hope it’s for a reduction/reversal, because her butt is lopsided. She certainly got what she paid for last time she saw Dr. Miami.

    1. I literally could not stop staring at it in awe during the scene where she was walking into the hospital to deliver Stella. It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life. Like, how do you function with that attached to your body, or think it looks even remotely attractive?

  10. I doubt she want to do the work herself, she probably just doesn’t want her oatmeal butt to come out even worse.

  11. love the comment under bri.shed totally say that..also,how long til another pregnancy messes this on up?hope her butt gets fixed..

  12. I think she made the right decision she has three young boys counting on her to be there however didn’t she already state all these things before why travel that far to come to the same conclusion she had already come to months before I’ve said this before I still believe it’s true he made them both look hideous I will not go under the knife with the same doctor

  13. Uh I’m sure she wasn’t spending money on surgery anyways. Dr Miami does it for free as long as he can air the surgery. Wtf is she talking about. Moral high road all the sudden? Now she’s trying to make it appear she’s better then Brianna by not having it done. Uh ok.

    1. She’s so petty that you know this is just so she can have a dig at Brianna, as if she has anything to walk the moral high ground about

    2. Um if you read the article, she said she wasn’t going to have it livestreamed, so he was going to make her pay for it. He was still going to do it but not for free. He’s a slimeball anyway, an embarrassment to the medical profession. And he does a terrible job. Good for Kail for backing out.

      1. Good on Kail indeed. Can’t believe I just said that ;). It’s so disturbing that reality shows have normalized the practice of having multiple elective surgeries before age 30.

        And thanks, Doc Miami: the whole “post-baby-body” concept was already messing with our heads–but, wow–“baby damage” takes things to a whole new level of twisted. No wonder Kylie Jenner thinks her pregnant body is too repugnant to be seen in public.

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