Is ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Pregnant Again? Fans React After Watching Next Week’s Episode Preview (Exclusive)

Teen Mom OG fans were left confused after watching Monday’s episode. In the preview for next week’s offering, Catelynn Lowell is seen telling her husband Tyler Baltierra that their daughter Nova is going to be a big sister. (She even bought a shirt for Nova to wear to announce the news.)

“Yes she is!” Catelynn tells Tyler excitedly as she hands him an “aced” pregnancy test. (Those are MTV’s poorly chosen words, not The Ashley‘s by the way.)

Viewers found this confusing, of course, because Catelynn and Tyler have yet to mention a pregnancy and Cate is currently in treatment in Arizona.

So what gives? The Ashley went to her sources to find out what happened.

Nova is seen wearing a “I’m Going To Be A Big Sister” shirt in the preview for next week’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode…

“It is actually really sad,” one of The Ashley’s sources tells her. “Catelynn got pregnant and surprised Tyler and Nova and then had a miscarriage not long after. That happened right before she went to treatment [in November] when she tweeted about thinking about killing herself.

“The crew and production staff heard she was about six weeks pregnant when it happened,” the source added, “but no one is 100 percent sure.”

Catelynn went to treatment soon after suffering the miscarriage, where she stayed for six weeks.

Sadly, Catelynn had to do her voiceovers for the season’s episodes after her miscarriage.

“They don’t do voiceovers until the episode is all done and being edited usually, so Catelynn had to talk about trying to get pregnant and then getting pregnant even after she had the miscarriage. We felt badly for her,” the source said. “[The miscarriage] is definitely going to be a big topic on the show. That’s why last week they made sure her voiceover was something like, ‘I’m not telling Tyler I took my birth control out.'”

As The Ashley previously reported, an MTV film crew followed Catelynn into treatment in November, as well as earlier this month, to film at least some of her stay for the show.

Catelynn is not the only ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast member to deal with miscarriage recently. Her co-star Maci Bookout just revealed on-camera that she had a miscarriage in 2017.

(Photo: MTV)



  2. Here she goes AGAIN tryna get away…
    Like damn why put yourself in rehab just to get out and go back a couple weeks and leave your responsibilities(your kid)
    That’s why she should stay her ass there till she’s fine if she cared so much about getting better?

  3. Oh my god! Who on earth would sleep with Ty? He looks like a girl and not just ANY girl. He looks exactly like his mother. Gross!

  4. So i guess tyler found out about the cdan nights article. He is going in on enty lawyer. And enty is not having it. I really think he is cheating on her. Probably with a dude.

    1. No kidding. It doesn’t even say his name so why is he freaking out. I’m mean it’s obviously about him, but chill out..if it’s not true then wait for it to be revealed then get a lawyer…

  5. So sorry for Cate. Doing the voiceover must have been excruciatingly painful for her. I think her main problem is Tyler. He’s been pressuring her to have another baby when he knows that she still has issues to work on. The fact that he still makes fun of her weight while flaunting his recent weight loss doesn’t help her either. Let’s not forget, Tyler is the one who started all of the problems with Brandon and Teresa. In the beginning, I really liked him. Now I think he’s a total fame junkie, and a real asshole.

  6. As a mother I can understand her hurt and anguish. She gave up her firstborn for adoption, she miscarried the third. But just because someone has experienced painful/tragic events does not make their poor choices inexcusable, especially considering the timeframe here. She’s been on this show for how long? By now there should have been some kind of positive progess. Cate has let herself go far beyond what’s normal for young mothers, yes I’m sure that’s due in part to depression, but then she decides to “fix herself” with a new baby? That’s irresponsible and selfish!! She pulled an Amber, and Cate doesn’t get a free pass because she made the more viewer friendly choice when she was 16. So yes, I empathize. But she is still making horrible choices and not taking Nova into consideration first.

  7. Omg on CDaN they are insinuating that Tyler has been cheating on catelynn for over a year. If it’s not w a guy I bet it’s w catelynns friend that is on the show w her, wtf.

    1. You beat me to it i was just coming on here to write the same thing. It kind of makes a lot of sense and doesnt surprise me at all. U need tp dump tyler caitlin. Hes a selfish douche nozzle. U can do so much better. Learn to love yourself while your in rehab. This relationship is unhealthy and codependant. Time to move on.

      1. Hi Jane! so many people bash catelynn and truly have no idea what happens when the cameras aren’t there. She is pretty and really does have a great personality and will absolutely find someone else that loves her. So sad. Between this and her miscarriage Who knows what’s going on in her head. He prob also pushes her to keep going back to rehab which frees up his time to screw people he meets on grinder….

        1. Hi barbara! Totally agree, caitlin seems like a very nice person, shes pretty and has great potential. Like u said nobody knows what goes on when the cameras are off. Its sad to watch him talk down to her. I really would like to see her with someone who really appreciates her. I have my opinions about them. That being said i think she would be much happier with someone else. But not for a while she really needs to focus on her, her daughter and her mental health.

      2. What show are you watching? From what I see, Tyler is doing everything and Caitlyn sits on the couch. She keeps leaving him to take care of their child alone. You all are like, “leave him you can do better,” well she would lose custody of her daughter because he is the one that takes care of her. All I see is him supporting her over and over while she abandons them. Tyler had a rough childhood too, but he is not always running from his responsibilities. She complains while Tyler does all the work. She should be grateful for him. A lot of men would have left her. If I were him I would be tired of doing everything on my own. On top of all of that he is much more attractive than she is and she has also gained a whole lot of weight. From what I see he is an incredibly supportive husband.

        1. @ashley YESSSS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING BUT PPL WANNA FEEL SORRY FOR HER..just don’t make sense why have more kids when she can’t take care of the one she has or her themselves ?

  8. So sorry Cate. I know your life and environment is toxic but it is not your fault. I hope you can make a fresh start.

  9. If you have crippling depression should you really be breeding? Mental disorders are genetic. Maybe adoption would be a better option, or a puppy.

  10. It’s sad, yes but maybe if they actually had purpose, they’d be better. They have no clue how hard the real world is! If you have no reason to get out of bed, why would you? You know you’re getting a fat paycheck for NO REASON AT ALL, other than getting knocked up at 16. I can’t wait until the money runs out! I know it’s bad to wish that upon someone, but I really can’t wait to see these girls squirm!

  11. I hope she heals and comes out for the better as miscarriage is hard. I think part of her problem is she lost her identity ever since 16&preg it’s been Cate and ty so much so they’ve morphed into one person. Google image search Cate and every picture will be of them together or even of just Tyler. I think she clung to Tyler as a safety net from her hard life and just never let go and Tyler is an opportunist and controlling so he let her to get what he wants as well. Both have mental health issues which they ignore. I think both but especially Cate would benefit from a more productive life working even part time away from Tyler I think would help a great deal. I think Cate is likable but she needs to deal with her issues head on and seek intensive therapy available to her without cameras without Tyler and without mtv footing an outrageous bill. I hope she finds what she needs to live a better and healthier life. Best of luck.

    1. Totally agree: it’s hard to feel good about yourself when you are basically…nothing, “Famous”..(not even that really) for making bad life decisions and sitting around feeling endlessly sorry for yourself and examining your own navel as money rolls in. Go to school, whether it’s college, or tech school, find some interest, follow it through and become something. Brain surgeon, dog groomer, something in between. My father always said you need a reason to get out of bed every morning, and these two..and most of these no-longer-teen moms and dads…just don’t have one. They have zero accomplishments and it shows. The sad thing is, of course, they have one thing so many people their age, especially ones who had children when very young, do not have, which is a ton of money that would allow them to obtain any education and training they want where most people like them are stuck in dead-end jobs and struggling just to get by, with no opportunity to ever improve their lives.

  12. She’s suicidal, she still smokes (tobacco and…)and should not even be considering another baby until these issues are resolved. She is such a disappointment – no direction, no education. She was going to do so much – that was her intention after giving up Carly. Nothing good has been accomplished. The child she has is spoiled and in desperate need of disipline. The clothing business is a joke – so few outfits – and they claim to be so BUSY. OY.

  13. Depression is a horrible condition and I truly hope Cate can get the help she needs.

    But what I’m also seeing is Tyler somehow believing he can give Brandon and Teresa the middle finger for not letting “him and Cate” call the shots regarding Carly — by continuing to pop out babies that they CAN’T take away from him.

    Totally immature, silly, and just a little bit nuts on Ty’s part, I know.

    But so was the comment I remember him making in a past episode when Cate was pregnant with Nova. After railing and complaining about Brandon and Teresa not agreeing to do things his way he snapped, “Yeah, just wait until THIS baby is born!”

    1. Right? They act as if Carly was stolen from them at the hospital. Or that B&T are playing keep-away with her for fun. Them having more children has absolutely nothing to do with Carly, Brandon or Theresa, yet they keep making it about them. They’re trying to replace Carly, and have an unhealthy view of her. She is NOT their daughter. Biologically, yes I know she is. But Legally, they went through an entire adoption process, which included CHOOSING B&T themselves, and handing their daughter over to them. Carly is too young to understand who they are, or what adoption really is (she probably has a vague understanding), but they keep pushing to have a relationship with her that isn’t healthy for Carly at this point. Let her get older, and understand why she is in the situation she is in. No eight year old can fully comprehend Cate and Ty’s choice, or the reasoning behind them.

      1. I was also miffed when Ty said after their visit with Carly how great it is that Carly and Nova played together like sisters. Sorry but young kids do like to play together until they have a reason not to. He implied that the kids need to be together. Um no. Not with a demanding biological father around.

        1. I have absolutely no desire to know or spend time with my bio sister. They’re 5-6 years apart. Chances are that Carly won’t want to/won’t feel comfortable playing with a much younger child who she doesn’t actually know in the coming years. She’ll be 10 next year, if they get a visit, it will probably go much differently than the previous ones. Carly isn’t a baby who will run to whoever’s holding their arms out anymore, she’s growing up and becoming her own person. Blood doesn’t make a difference if you aren’t raised as family.

          1. I worry more for Nova….Carly is removed from the situation. If she doesn’t desire a relationship with Nova, she gets to go back home to a family where Nova isn’t a topic of concersation. But being “rejected” for Nova is going to be insanely detrimental. I don’t think these two twits consider what they’re doing to Nova by bringing up Carly like a full fledged sibling and showing so much negative emotion in front of her. They are setting Nova up for a lifetime of hurt…..

          2. That’s what my Bio Dad did to his other daughter. She’s 10 years younger than me, and he raised her to believe I’m her big sister and desperately want a relationship with her, I don’t. I feel bad that she may be hurting over this, but I didn’t pick my Bio Dad. I didn’t pick who raised me. I didn’t choose for him to knock someone else up. And in his eyes, I don’t deserve a choice in having a relationship with her because “we’re blood!”. I’ve cut them both off.

          3. You’ve talked about this many times before. I think the decision to know your bio dad’s other daughter, or not, is COMPLETELY up to you. You shouldn’t be forced into any type of relationship with her if you don’t want it.

  14. That happened to me and it’s the saddest thing I’ve ever been through. My daughter was around Nova’s age and she was SO EXCITED and after my miscarriage, she just kept asking about it over and over. It was brutal. I feel her pain. No worse pain.

  15. I agree with you 100%. I have had multiple miscarriages but I also suffer from depression and BPD so last year, when we thought about trying again, myself and my husband realised that there was NO WAY we could even consider having a baby until I got my mental health right because if you’re not feeling good before, how the hell do you expect to feel good during and after the pregnancy. Hint: you can’t.

    This is why I have limited sympathy for T&C. Yes, miscarriage is a horrible thing that I wouldn’t wish on anybody. However, 1 in 3 pregnancy’s end in miscarriage so it is not an uncommon thing and shouldn’t be used as a get-out-of-jail free card and to hoof it back to rehab. I’ve said it when commenting about Cate and Amber before ad nauseum; the only person responsible for helping you out of depression is YOU. Not your husband, and certainly not an innocent child you had just because you could. I am so sick of them using stuff that happens to everyone else as excuses for them to sit on their asses and do nothing. They need a heavy dose of reality. I would love to see how they would cope if these things happened to them and they had to still go to work and function like the rest of us.

  16. It makes sense not to tell viewers and fans why she constantly goes back to treatment. This is so sad. I feel sorry for her. But she can get through it with help. Tyler needs to help a lot.

    1. Tyler needs help too. Last week he was talking about going to treatment but he couldn’t be Cait couldn’t handle the business or Nova alone. (This was before she even knew she was pregnant)

  17. F*CK YOU TYLER, JUST F*CK YOU! Now we know the reason why she wanted to kill herself and why she is in rehab for the second time. Yeah, she took her birth control out without thinking about how it will make her feel but still, I blame him for pressuring her into this. I will be thrilled if she leaves him after this last rehab stint. Miscarriage was the last drop in the ocean for her I’m sure. (What if he even was like Javi to Kail once and blamed her for it?! I’m sorry but I don’t think this guy is being sympathetic AT ALL)

    And again, this show’s ridiculous and isn’t promoting safe sex as they claim. When the smartest cast member is Farrah (and then they fire her like they are saying “You are the only one who is not getting knocked up so you’re gone!” I know they haven’t said that but it’s funny to think about it like that), you’ve got a problem.

  18. Bazinga!!! This should be fun 🙂

    On a side note: To The Ashley, Holly, and Chelsea I have to say wow! Lots of good scoops, long and hilarious recaps, and lots of posts in general! Bravo on lots of good content and saving my eyeballs from melting. Thank you 😀

    1. Oh poop I meant to post this on another tab. I really hope Cate gets some help at rehab, this is pretty heavy stuff. I hope mtv can take a step back so she can get a proper recovery and get back to life and her family.

      The other stuff is still valid though about the site kudos though.

  19. That is very sad, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. However, I really wish they would reconsider the baby thing. Cate can barely manage her life with one kid. She has so many issues, as does Tyler. Some people are just not meant to have a lot of babies, it’s just not in the cards and that’s ok. They are always trying to fill the void that Carly left when they gave her up but that’s just not the way it works. They should focus on Nova and themselves, get to a better place emotionally so they can actually live normal lives. Cate just can’t handle pregnancy and raising children. Her physical and mental health should come first.

    1. It’s called having a storyline so they can keep getting the MTV paycheck. None of these people are polarizing nor interesting. Their stupidity is what keeps me watching (or just waiting for Ashley’s recap)!

  20. I’ve had 5 miscarriages. After the first one I felt terribly depressed and isolated myself completely. I was slightly depressed only a short while after the 2nd then 3-5 i felt nothing and just thought “well miscarriage is just something that happens”. I can totally empathize with her for feeling out of sorts. I bet she feels guilty, or like something she did contributed towards the miscarriage.

  21. So sad…I just hope that she doesn’t blame herself, and I also hope Tyler doesn’t blame her. He already put so much pressure on her to get pregnant when she wasn’t mentally well….and now this. She must be at her rock bottom. Hopefully she can heal from this and hopefully this rehab stint will have a positive outcome for her…

    1. Miscarriages are much more likely when a person is morbidly obsese. That probably had something to do with it. I am not saying that to be mean, I am just saying it because it is a fact.

  22. Aww, this is so sad. These two should just enjoy Nova and put off having more children until they are both mentally healthier. Nova is such a beautiful little girl and she is at such a fun age. Enjoy her!

  23. Harsh, but also truthful. I say that as someone who miscarried, despite having made a point of getting my own health and marriage squared away before trying to get pregnant, in order to give my child the best possible start in life. Cate is a smoker, is morbidly obese and eats total crap, her marriage seems a mess, she can’t be bothered with her present child, she’s had gestational diabetes and PPD, and yet, she’s all “I’M GONNA GET PREGNANT AND SURPRISE TYLER!” Sorry, babies are a responsibility, NOT a “cure” for all the issues you just avoid dealing with.

    1. thank you they had no business getting pregnant. She didn’t even stop smoking. I say this a mom who six miscarriages, a still born and 5 years of intertilty treatments and ivf. there wasn’t one thing I would have done that I wasn’t suppos to while pregnant. I’m over them and the poor me victims. funny cait is getting flack for going back this season ending with another stay in rehab that she is getting shit for an now she had a miscarriage and how classy test in a public bathroom. Disgusting grow up fix yourself and don’t have kids till you can grow up and take care of the one they have. Now the scene from last season with tylers mom makes sense. Tyler dropping hints to his mom about cait who was still smoking both pot and cigarettes that she was pregnant. So the mom said cait are you pregnant and she didn’t even turn around she was by the sink and said no but tyler sat facing him mom shaking his head yes. It didn’t come out last season because she surely would have caught a lot more flack because at that time she was smoking both.

  24. Catelynn has zero coping skills. How is she going to be able to stop smoking or lose a significant amount of weight for a pregnancy? She is unable to get out of bed or take a shower most days. Why in the world would these two think it’s a great idea to have more children when Catelynn is such a terrible mess, physically and emotionally?

    These are all issues she has been battling well before she miscarried. This adds another layer of misery for her to try to get out of, when we all have been witness to her inability to even be well enough to parent Nova. She has left Nova in the care of the very people she blames for her childhood trauma, so she can “get a break”.
    There comes a time when you have to get up and be an adult, even with pain, and bringing children into a family who is stuck in toxic relationships with people who hurt them and won’t help themselves because they have the means via MTV to be lazy slobs who sit around wallowing in their pity instead of going to therapy appointments and taking care of themselves physically is getting pretty sick to watch over and over. A baby is the worst thing that could happen to them. They barely can bring themselves to parent Nova.

    A miscarriage is the worst. I feel empathy for Cate and Tyler for the pain it caused. I do.
    What was their plan for another baby in the condition Cate is in? A high risk pregnancy where she would sit around doing nothing healthy and probably have gestational diabetes again like last time. Her obesity automatically makes her high risk, with a prior gestational diabetes pregnancy. Her number one priority if she actually wants more children should be to lose about 75 pounds and make therapy a daily thing for a while, until she feels she has real coping skills in place for her life. This should be where she lives, not in a luxury rehab mental care facility where chefs, masseuses, and other things not available to her as easily at home are at the ready for every need she has.

    This may sound cold and harsh, but after three trips to this place, it doesn’t appear to be the right fit for what she needs. You can’t push a rope.

    1. by growing up? Many of us had horrible abusive upbringings including beatings with belts, rape horrible things. But we have to go we have to keep going you cannot quit life. Most of us there wasn’t any such thing as treatment you just had to push thru it and move on. We certainly didn’t have lushish treatment centers to run and hide to She doesn’t care to change she doens’t care to try and I’m sick of her using depression for the reasons for her action grow uo

    1. Me too. I commented on it to and people said they were too self centered to not post it on social media, along w what a crappy person catelynn is. Very sad. I knew something bad had happened for her to keep going back to rehab and others balled her for doing it. What person wouldn’t take advantage of mtv paying for it all.

  25. I feel for them. Not sure why they would tell Nova when she really wasn’t past the safe stage yet. Sadly Cate didn’t have everything health wise on her side example..smoking both legal & illegal substances and her dr even told her to monitor her weight due to diabetes & other health concerns 🙁

    1. Shes had 2 ly ather uncomplicated pregnancies im sure she felt secure. I eel awful for her. I miscarried 3 days after i announced and the congrats were still rolling in. Learned my lesson

      1. My first two pregnancies were rather uncomplicated. I had this feeling with my third that something bad would happen. I couldn’t be that lucky to have three good pregnancies but we still told our kids. Sure enough, it ended up being an ectopic. Then, my fourth pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage. We had waited to tell them that time, but it was still before we found out everything was okay. I went to my first appt at 10 weeks to find out my baby had no heartbeat and stopped growing at 7 weeks.

        Nova is young enough that she probably doesn’t fully understand. My kids were more aware. One of them was having a bad day and said that she wanted to keep the baby. It broke me.

      2. Cate’s pregnancies weren’t uncomplicated though. She gained way too much weight while pregnancy with Carly (16&P unseen moments, a doctor told her at a prenatal check-up), and then had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with Nova, and wasn’t properly monitoring it. She has health issues that don’t make it uncommon for miscarriages to occur, she is over-weight, a smoker, she doesn’t make sure she’s eating food that will give her body what it needs, she’s also stressed out, and dealing with depression. I feel extremely bad for her, I’ve had a miscarriage before. It’s completely heart-wrenching. But her miscarrying doesn’t surprise me, if not for the above mentioned reasons, but because she had literally just taken her BC out and her body might not have been completely ready.

      1. I had 5 late term miscarriage and lost at daughter at birth. All of them showing back then wearing maternity cloths its beyond horrible

      2. Yes very true. My first pregnancy was fraternal twin girls. Twin A is a vibrant and healthy 5 year old. Twin B however passed away at birth. And I didn’t announce my pregnancy until I was at the “safe” stage of 24 weeks. There is no such thing as “safe stage.” I was 38 weeks and still managed to have a stillbirth. My next pregnancy I will not be making any kinds of announcements and I don’t want any baby shower, gender reveal, etc. I’d rather send out a birth announcement after all is said and done. After announcing and celebrating the arrival of 2 babies, only to end up having half the dream fulfilled, I feel unsafe sharing/celebrating anything like that anymore.

    2. Nova just turned 3, so out of all the terrible decisions these people make telling her probably wasn’t the worst. She wouldn’t really have understood exactly what being a big sister means.

  26. This does make me feel very bad for her and I am viewing her multiple rehab visits in a less harsher light. That’s devastating for someone who isn’t suffering from depression, so I’m sure this led her in a downward spiral. BUT, this was not a good time for her to try to get pregnant. Both Cate and Tyler are suffering from mental health issues, lack ambition, and are borderline neglectful or Nova. And, we just watched the doctor tell Cate that her BMI was too high and she needs to stop smoking. Both of those things put her in the high risk pregnancy category. Miscarriages can happen to anyone, but Catelynn was told that she was not healthy enough to try to get pregnant at this time. I’m sad for her, but she needs to stop treating babies like band-aids to fix whatever is broken.

  27. sorry for their loss. Hopefully she focuses on her mental health so she can properly cope when they do expand their family.

  28. I’m sorry she had a miscarriage, because that would be tough on anyone. But if she got her birth control taken out secretly and didn’t tell her husband, I actually think that’s a disgusting breach of trust.
    I have aboslutely no respect for this girl.

    1. To be fair, on the show, Tyler told Catelynn not to tell him. She had an earlier appointment to get her IUD out and mentioned it to him. He admonished her and told her to surprise him. So, she was just going along with what he wanted.

    2. Tyler specifically asked her to not tell him that she got her birth control out so he could be surprised by the pregnancy….. He was fully on board with them conceiving and seemed to desire another child more than her. This was all discussed in this current season..

      1. Thanks for the comments, ladies. I haven’t watched the current season. We are behind in Australia.
        Glad he gave permission for her to get it out without telling him.
        Also, this still doesn’t change the lack of respect I have for her. She has done absolutely zero with her life since she gave up Carly for adoption. Tyler too. They had these huge dreams for themselves and were promising to get an education and do better for themselves and for Carly- and they have done nothing except laze around, doing weed and passing off their second child to other people to look after.

    3. She wanted to surprise him, what is wrong with that? They are 2 married adults who have been throwing around the idea of having another one. I don’t get what your issue is?? I mean it’s not like that are just dating and she’s trying to secretly trap him. Like idk what you are trying to get at? The negativity is unnecessary.

      1. I mean…creating a whole new human life isn’t something I wouldn’t discuss with my Fiance beforehand. Not just because he should have a goddamn say in the matter being that marriage is a partnership, but because it would be his child as well, that he would also have to support and care for. This isn’t just something your spring on someone without talking to them about it first (unless it was unplanned), but Tyler wanted to be surprised, so she did that for him. If there was never any mention of wanting to be surprised, I’d be completely disgusted with her for doing this behind his back. But she didn’t. It’s what they both wanted.

  29. I really hope she isn’t she is a deadbeat mom. Who goes to rehab to escape her responsibilities. She says her mom was terrible mom yet leaves Nova with her consistently. No wonder her and Amber get along so well….

    1. She basically blamed April for Carly’s adoption and now April practically raises Nova. It’s ridiculous and really sad for Nova.

      1. And a lot of that blame towards her mom came from April being a mean drug addict. It seems that April has turned her life around and yes they have her watch nova too much, but I think she is safe w April.

    2. Yeah, a lot of moms do that nowadays, go to rehab to escape their kids. After all, rehab is just lying in a hammock all day next to the pool.
      If you would have any idea what rehab is like and the state you are in when you need it, you would know taking care of any child with one hand tied behind your back and a horrible headache is easier than rehab.

      1. Catelynn doesn’t even finish rehab when she goes and Nova is at Aprils most the week. Catelynn is lazy and unmotivated period…Brandon and Teresa need to save NOVA!!!!

  30. Well, this gives us some insight as to what may have spiraled her into such a deep depression to the point where she had to admit herself into inpatient treatment, TWICE. I have never and will never judge someone for attempting to better their lives. Catelynn also had a terrible childhood. This is terrible and I truly feel for her. I hope she gets the coping skills and education she needs to continue ongoing outpatient treatment when she returns home.

    1. Did you ever had one? Do you even know what a PPD or PPP is?
      I do, I had three of them. Married for over 10 years, two kids, happy, healthy, never did drugs, no mental issues anymore, we are fine, thank you.

    2. The fact is that most women have post pardum depression after a birth. Some only have it for a month and sombre have it for the rest of their lives. Most women that have PPD don’t even realize that they’re depressed until it’s over. And a huge percentage ignore it because there’s so much taboo for admitting that you’re depressed.

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