Kylie Jenner Confirms Birth of Her Daughter: Watch Her Sweet Tribute Video to Her Baby

“You guys were right!”

UPDATE! Kylie has apparently revealed the name of her baby girl! Scroll to the bottom of the article to see her name reveal post!

Life of Kylie star Kylie Jenner has finally confirmed her pregnancy, three days after giving birth to her first child.

In a series of social media posts, the reality star revealed that she did, indeed, give birth to a baby girl on February 1, as the media speculated. She also apologized to her fans for keeping them “in the dark” throughout the course of her pregnancy. (News that Kylie was pregnant broke months ago, but Kylie and the rest of her famous family refused to confirm the reports.)

“My pregnancy was one I chose to not do in front of the world,” Kylie wrote. “I knew for myself I needed to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress free and healthy way I knew how. There was no gotcha moment, no paid reveal I had planned…

“My beautiful and healthy baby girl arrived February 1 and I just couldn’t wait to share this blessing,” Kylie continued. “I’ve never felt love and happiness like this. I could burst!”

While Kylie never mentioned her baby’s father, Travis Scott, in her message, she did post a touching video entitled, “To Our Daughter.” She captioned it “Here’s a glimpse of the last 9 months.”

The video starts out on the day that Kylie’s mom, Kris Jenner, gave birth to her. Various friends of Kylie discuss Kylie’s relationship with Travis and describing how they found out Kylie was pregnant. The video also included private moments from Kylie’s pregnancy that were not broadcast to the world.

“She was born to be a mom,” Kylie’s friends say about her in the video.

We also get to see the moment that Kylie gets to meet her sister Kim Kardashian‘s daughter, Chicago, and the day that Kylie gave birth. (Viewers can hear audio of her in labor, but don’t see any footage.)

Kylie and Travis’ daughter was born at 4:43 p.m. on February 1 and weighed in at 8 lbs., 9 oz.

Watch the adorable video below:

On Tuesday, Kylie revealed the name of the baby on her Instagram account. The photo, which shows the baby’s fist holding on to one of Kylie’s fingers, was captioned “Stormi.”

stormi ??

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  1. I’m sure that it hasn’t been easy for Kylie. I mean, she’s been in front of the cameras since she was nine or ten years old. If she wanted privacy throughout her pregnancy, that was her business. Anyway, best of luck to her. I just can’t stand Kris or Kim.

  2. It’s good to see some honesty in these comments, unlike some other blogs that delete or bully people with a different opinion to the owner/poster.

  3. To our baby aaaaaand the rest of the world that I expect to sit through 11,5 minutes of this production.

  4. It’s weird to me that so many people rag on this girl or her family so much. Like saying the worst things. Many Hollywood actresses get rich and famous bc they also FUC$ to get movie roles and fame. This girl layed low bc she knew that people would be saying awful things about her weight gain or if her face broke out or a million other things about her pregnancy body. I mean, her sister Kim was open about using a surrogate and still got hate, but if she would of denied it she would have gotten the same hate. People praised Beyoncé even though she still refused to admit she used a surrogate w her first baby. And yes Kylie will post pics after she gets back in shape from having a baby. Big deal. Why let it make you so angry, why would you let this person or This family ruin your day so bad when literally she has done nothing wrong.. and drum roll for the nastiness to begin…

    1. Rumors are butterfly (or something related) but that’s early speculation based on things in her video and matching butterfly tattoos with the baby daddy.

  5. Oh please. Did you see that thin/normal upper lip? You know that’s driving her crazy. No way her priorities change. In a few weeks she’ll be all about the lip implants, waist trainers, hair extensions, obsessed with “bouncing back.”

    1. Uh most moms do aspire to get back into their pre baby body, I doubt she’s any different. She’s still a person.

  6. Everything these people do is for the publicity of it. They get that from Kris. I’ve heard that she’s been like that for most of her life. A social climber who will use anyone to get what she wants. Robert Kardashian, Bruce Jenner, and so on.

  7. I am glad everyone is healthy and happy.

    I just hope this does not lead to a bunch of 19-20 year old girls thinking babies are so cute and wanting to have them because Kylie did. Kylie Jenner is the exception she has money and people to help her. Most people (not all) at 19-20 can’t have a full time career and take care of a baby alone.

    1. It will lead to that. Teens are stupid enough to do the tide pod challenge. And remember the Kylie Jenner lip challenge? They will definitely be stupid enough to get pregnant to emulate Kylie Jenner.

  8. Out of 6 kardashians, 5 had babies with people they were dating for short periods, and weren’t married to. Sorry that’s a fail. Obviously marriage doesn’t guarantee you stay together, but at least it means you’re thinking long term, planning to raise a child, and not just in the honeymoon phase. Damn.

  9. I have to laugh the crazy amount of down votes for those who dare to suggest the family, who’s claim to fame/launch of reality show was focused on a sex tape, have exploited every dating/engagement/wedding/and birth as a ratings boost or tabloid gossip to keep thier names “trending” MIGHT have just used Kylie, the current Kash Kow, to further thier fame, status, interest, etc

    Look, I’ll buy Kylie made a beautiful heartfelt video to her baby. And, if you’re human, especially a mom, the beauty of a new life coming into this world is very breath taking, emotional, beautiful, and life altering. I think those that are giving the KarTrashians the benefit of the doubt are coming from a great place and reflecting on the gratefulness they themselves have for thier own babies or the babies they hope to have.

    While I hope all is well with baby and mom, don’t be a fool to pretend that this entire senerio of 3 sisters having a new baby around the same time didn’t play well into the claws of Pimp Mama Kristen to promote the 11th season of her family being famous for a $ex tape.

  10. Get real..She didn’t tell anyone because she knew she would get More publicity if she Didn’t tell anyone. Period. #Famewhores

  11. When I was scrolling through the newsfeed and saw Travis Scott had canceled his pre game show, it was a tip off that it was going down today.

    It’s really sweet that he was there and didn’t be a douche by announcing it during his show.

  12. Jesus, it’s like these women can’t win with people. They put it all out there, they’re “famewhores”, then this girl chooses to keep it quiet and personal and suddenly she’s doing it for fame too? Do you not see how that makes NO SENSE? It’s either one or the other!

    I don’t care about the Kardashian’s on a good day but dear god, the hypocrisy of people gets under my skin. They’re damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. She’s a young woman who kept her pregnancy to herself because she wanted to make it personal. She could have made MILLIONS from it. She obviously didn’t care about people seeing her “fat” as you all put it, or else why would she show this video?

    I thought this seemed sweet and genuine. Good for her for choosing to keep it special.

    1. She could “keep it special” by sharing it with her child when she is older instead of posting it for all of the world to see.

      1. Yeah, and then she’d be accused of using a surrogate or something because we never saw bump pictures. I’m not a huge Kardashian fan, but Hana is right here. No matter how Kylie handled her pregnancy, SOMEONE was gonna be sour about it.

        She had to satiate the media, because that’s her job. I think she did a good job of maintaining her privacy given the circumstances.

  13. Everything is a scheme with this family. I feel like her going silent was to set it up so she looked more maternal and not the lip injected dud she really is

  14. I’ve got to be honest I’ve never watched an episode of keeping up with the Kardashian’s however I love love love the way she handled this pregnancy bravo to her and her decisions Welcome to the world to her little one Even from the clips on this video you can tell she will be surrounded by love

    1. Me either, and this video was extremely cute and emotional.
      I feel like this was a great decision and wish them all the best.

      1. It’s also frequently accurate. I’m currently pregnant, and definitely fat because of it. I wouldn’t call myself ugly, but the pregnancy acne really isn’t helping anything. We don’t all need to pretend that pregnancy somehow makes you beautiful, for most women that simply isn’t the case.

  15. I’m glad it was private but the cynic in me thinks the real reason she kept the pregnancy private was because she didn’t want the world to see her “fat.” I bet Mama Kris hated to not make money off the past 9 months.

  16. I absolutely cannot stand this family, but I have so much more respect for her for keeping this part of her life private, and not exploiting her pregnancy. Glad her daughter was born healthy, and I sincerely wish her nothing but the best.

  17. I cant even be sarcastic here. I have so much respect for how she did this. She didn’t turn it into a media circus. She kept it private and did what was best for her and her child. Good for her! ❤️

  18. I will not lie, a couple of tears were shed as I watched this video. So much for my evil dark calloused heart.

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