‘Real Housewife’ Dina Manzo Urges New Mom Kylie Jenner to Warn Fans Against Teen Pregnancy

“On the bright side, there will probably be no shortage of girls to pick from for the next season of ’16 and Pregnant!'”

Teen pregnancy: It’s not for everybody!

That’s the message that Dina Manzo, star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is hoping that Kylie Jenner will express to her millions of young fans.

As The Ashley previously reported, Kylie announced on Sunday that she had given birth to a baby girl on February 1. The announcement was the first time that the Life of Kylie star had publicly acknowledged that she was pregnant, despite the media speculating about it for months.

In a tweet, Dina advised Kylie (who was 19 when she got pregnant and is now 20) to caution her fans against having a baby so young. She reminded the new mom that she may be making teen pregnancy look glamorous.

“Congrats Kylie on your baby girl…but maybe think about putting out a ‘don’t try this at home’ kinda thing for your very young fans that look up to you,” Dina tweeted. “Having a baby at 20 is not all silk PJ’s & flower walls~Most kids don’t have the $ and support you’re fortunate enough to have.”

Dina’s tweet has been retweeted over 1,900 times since she posted it on Sunday, and many fans were singing Dina’s praises for being real about teen pregnancy.

“Perfectly said Dina! She should absolutely use her celebrity as a learning lesson for girls her age,” one fan tweeted. “They’re not going to have nannies and full time help.”

“I have to agree with you 100%. I am 20 years old and I am in no place to have a baby,” another person replied. “I don’t have millions of dollars so I’m putting myself thru college to better myself to get a job to make a living for me and my future kids. It’s not as easy as she may portray. She gets to skip that step and skip college because she was born into fame and wealth. It’s just a lot of responsibility I don’t think others will see, they look up to her and want to be like her, however her choices aren’t the best for ppl who aren’t in her financial situation.”

“Unfortunately there are young girls watching Kylie even though the parents are positive role models at home,” someone else tweeted. “They see the hoopla that comes with her & her family’s fame. They see the fame from Teen Mom. So it’s good to hear them say this isn’t easy at young age.”

Others criticized Dina for being negative and disrespectful to Kylie.

You just couldn’t leave it at congratulations @dinamanzo? At 20, she’s the CEO of a multi-million dollar brand. But I guess you missed that in judging this young woman because she’s a celebrity,” one person replied.

Click here to watch the video Kylie made to announce her daughter’s birth.

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  1. I can guarantee when I was 20 I was no where near ready for a baby. I’m 31 now and still barely ready. People need to realize they are babies for a year and then it’s an actual person you are nurturing. A person who needs to grow and be a productive part of society. Not a bum sitting on a couch all day.

  2. My parents had me when they were 20 years old. While I managed to do okay for myself (put myself through a competitive college, got a job, have a good spouse, nice home, etc.), it was EXTREMELY difficult growing up with young parents who were ill-equipped (financially, emotionally, & behaviorally). I would never wish my childhood on any other person. Frankly, if I could get my parents to go back in time & not be young parents, even if that means me not being here, I would. They are the reason I strongly believed in birth control and tried to educate my friends as a teenager, if they were sexually active. They are also part of the reason I will most likely not have children because as a child of young parents you often end up “parenting” your parents, and that burned me out on the idea of parenting a bit. Many young parents will say “Oh, they are so little, they don’t realize there is a problem with such and such..” True, some children will not notice, but some will notice, like me, that something is wrong and it will effect them later on.

    1. Wow. That’s very deep. But you are not the norm. 90% of the time people will continue what they’re taught. (For example: If your parents are alcoholics you have a 90% chance of becoming an alcoholic.)

      It’s amazing that you grew too be apart of the smaller 10% and made a life for yourself. That’s awesome!

  3. I really don’t care either way bc I’m more of a Teen Mom commenter..but this chick being in the spot light for calling out a 20 yr old is weird. Big deal that some girl named Kylie has millions of dollars.. I want, if anything, to see someone say something about Scott Disick and the very young Sophia Richie. I mean, that looks a lot worse then This. The stuff I read about them, and what he does to her is sad, I don’t think Kylie is like Janelle or whoever, she doesn’t seem to do confrontation and also doesn’t seem to call people out. I feel like this woman saying that stuff is picking on a person who can’t defend herself properly. We usually see girls from teen mom running their mouths at people and start arguments and get called out. Sometimes certain people being bullied or talked shit too bothers me, especially if they don’t start anything and won’t defend against it. Meh.

  4. I was 20 when my oldest son was born and it was fine. I was engaged and we had some family support and we worked hard to get everything he needed. But its not for everyone an I can see a lot of15 or 16 year olds wanting to be like her.

  5. I do agree with you 100% but sadly we know that’s not always the case. These kids aren’t her responsibility but she knows how these young girls obsess over her. So if she’s willing to take these little girls money for merch and lip kits, she should care about the wellbeing of these kids, ya know? Yes that’s a lot to put on somebody’s shoulder but again, she doesn’t have to be in the public eye and producing product for the masses
    I totally get what Dina was trying to say, she wasn’t bashing Kylie in any way

  6. I’m sorry but that is the job for a parent to guide your kids to avoid teen pregnancy. No person should be that influential on your child’s life especially someone famous!

    1. I agree with you but unfortunately many parents don’t want to have that conversation with their children (it’s embarrassing or their children would NEVER have sex. A lot of parents are in denial and then accidents happen. Also, for some reason, young teens listen and relate to celebrities more than listen to what their old parents have to say.

      1. If parents fail to talk to their kids, that is not on Kylie. I get what you’re saying, but expecting Kylie to pick up the slack for parents by using her life as a cautionary tale is a bit much.

  7. Dina told the truth and I think she said it nicely, but I wonder did she give this speech to her niece Ashley who also had a child out of wedlock at a young age. I know her niece is older than Kylie, but she was still young. She’s also still living with Jacqueline and Chris and I’m not sure if she even works.

  8. Where is the lie? Dina is right many times over. “Well she can afford to have as many as she wants.” This is the sentiment I’m hearing from some of Kylie’s very naive fans. Money does not make a person a good parent. Just like someone who is not packing bank like Kylie isn’t a bad one. Parenting always has been and always will be one of the most challenging tasks that a person can take on… rewarding of course, but difficult.

    No matter who a person has by their side and that’s in their bank account, no parent can escape the reality of adjusting to parenthood. Kylie is newly 20 years old. It will be difficult for her mentally more than anything. People who wait to have kids, hell, even the ones who plan them still have a hard time adjusting to the new life and new demands. I can remember when Kim K was pregnant with North at 32 and a full blown millionaire. In her infamous cry face, she said, “it’s so hard. I think I’m doing the right thing but then I second guess myself. It’s a lot to handle.”

  9. I absolutely agree with Dina. I had my daughter at 17, and spent the first six years of her life working my ass off to rectify it. Constantly broke, going to university, working three different jobs, car always breaking down, having to take her to class with me because I couldn’t afford her childcare… the list of stresses went on and on. It finally paid off when I graduated and landed a good job, but I would not advise anybody to willingly endure that sort of hardship. Have fun and make a life for yourself before having children. In 99.9% of cases, you have not done these things by the age of 20.

    1. Good job for you momma for working your butt off! I was 22 when I had my daughter, she’s 5 years old now. Although I had recently graduated from undergrad and had my bachelors, it was still hard as hell bringing her here. I was still super young and my then fiancé, who is now my husband, was just finishing up his dentistry degree. I waited until she was a year old to start my masters degree, which I successfully completed when she was 3 years old. But it was extremely difficult! All of my classmates my age without kids were able to pull all night study sessions together and write papers together. Meanwhile, I no longer had the luxury of much needed all nighters and group work because I had to be home with my daughter at those times.

      Are we very secure financially now? Yes. But even now, there are times when I question myself on calls that are made regarding my girl.

      1. Thanks OkieDokie. Good on you for all your hard work! These are the real struggles of young parents – not brand new cars and huge farmhouses and even having $120,000 for a deadbeat boyfriend to run off with in the first place.

        If MTV really wanted to work at minimising teen pregnancy rates, they would show the stories of the everyday young parents and give a real insight into just how hard it is, day and night, 24/7. They have created a monster.

  10. “At 20, she’s the CEO of a multi-million dollar brand.“

    All this reply does is illustrate how deluded and naive Kylie’s fans are. They really think Kylie is a brilliant 80s power bitch sitting in an office making money moves? HAHAHAHA. She’s the face of a brand. That’s it. She has a team. They do all the work. Not her. Trust and believe, Pimp Momma Kris is not dumb enough to let Kylie be the actual CEO of a multimillion dollar brand. Pimp Momma Kris knows that Kylie’s only marketable skill is having trap babies with rappers.

  11. Well, tbh, 16&pregnant glamorized teenage pregnancy already and there were girls applying deliberately to get on it. (Some of them like Mackenzie McKee were on the show) so I don’t think it will change…..the only problem could be her fans who were too young back then when the show was on.

    On another note, here in my country I saw teen girls buying condoms so I’m sure some teens get freaked out by that kind of story which it should be!

  12. Kylie is not a teen if she wants a baby she’s well off enough to have a kid. It’s not her place to warn about teen pregnancy when she wasn’t a teen. Parents need to be educated their own teens about avoiding teen pregnancy not reality stars.

    1. Being “well off” doesn’t equal “fit parenting.” I don’t care how much money a person has or how good of a spouse/significant other they had their kid with, raising a child is one of the most difficult things a person is tasked with. Will she have to worry about anything financially regarding her baby? Nope! And I think that’s great. However, rearing a child, teaching them right from wrong, being the sole person that develops that child’s personality from now until they’re an adult is a heavy, heavy job that is not for the faint of heart; nor is it for someone so young.

      Even with all her millions, her baby is still going to cry late at night and early mornings just like us “regular” and not “well off” people’s kids. It’s still going to need ample attention from her, wanting to suck her nipple raw when they’re about to crack, crying sessions from feeling overwhelmed those first 6-12 months, a new level of exhaustion, etc. all of that! As a mom of a 5 year old, all the work doesn’t stop after that point either. It goes until they’re grown, parenting is serious and sometimes difficult emotionally and physically. No amount of money can make that disappear.

      Also, I had my daughter at 22 when I was still learning so mini about myself. It was twice as hard because of my age. Despite the fact that I come from a wealthy family, with a husband as a pretty successful dentist with his own practice, it’s still hard. Our financial stability has nothing to do with being good or bad parents.

      1. Kylie is not going to raise that baby. A revolving door of nannies is going to raise that baby. “You is smart. You is kind. You is important.”

    2. Let me clarify money makes being a parent much easier let’s not kid ourselves her sister Kim hired a live in nurse so she wouldn’t have to get up at night with her baby. I can see Kylie hiring a team for her baby as well. Even if Kylie does send out a PSA it’ll be overshadowed by pictures and clothing lines and a facade of perfection on social media. It’ll work about as well as 16 and pregnant did. Like I said it’s the parents jobs to educate their children that social media postings and millionaire reality stars having babies isn’t real life and the consequences are real and ugly and difficult.

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