‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Announces Her Fourth Book “A Letter of Love”: Get Details

“I have a lot to say!”

Make some room on your Teen Mom book shelf because yet another Teen Mom 2 star-authored book is coming our way soon!

Kail Lowry announced on Wednesday that her fourth book– called A Letter of Love— is now available for pre-order. According to an interview Kail did with Radar Online, the new book is for her three sons Isaac, Lincoln and Lux. She first announced the book in November 2017 on Twitter, but at the time it was going to be called A Letter to Lux.

“The book was an apology letter to Lux for basically the mess he was born into and how bad I feel,” Kail told Radar Online. “But now it’s to all three of them.”

(As The Ashley has previously reported, Kail and Lux’s father, Chris Lopez, have been involved in plenty of drama since Kail became pregnant with Lux.)

“I feel bad and I’m nervous about how a lot of my decisions will impact them or affect them,” she told the site in January. So I’m apologizing to all of them and I want them to know how much I love them and I’m working now to pick up the pieces.”

Kail revealed more about the new book in a post on Instagram.

“I’m so so so excited for this one,” Kail wrote. “Any & all moms will be able to relate to this. From the hardest of times to the happiest of days, it’s in here. Single moms, working moms, married, everyone.”

Her other books include two autobiographies- Pride Over Pity in 2014 and Hustle & Heart in 2016, as well as the children’s book Love Is Bubblegum in 2015.

Interestingly, Kail has ditched the publishing company Post Hill Press, which published her previous three books (as well as most of the other ‘Teen Mom’ stars’ books). She is now working with the publishing company 13th & Joan, which was due to publish the joint tell-all she was working on with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin last year before it got squashed.

Anyway, Kail has announced that she will be embarking on a book tour to promote A Letter of Love. The first signing will take place at the Los Angeles Book Festival on April 21.

While most of the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise have released books, Kail is now second to only Farrah Abraham for most titles to her name. To date, Farrah has published five books: an autobiography, a children’s book and three sexy-time novels.

To pre-order Kail’s new book, click here.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

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  1. To the people trying to get Janelle fired from teen mom over her gun picture I think that’s a little far fetched. Anyone knows that the picture has nothing to do w the shooting and was non related as to when it was posted. There was plenty of times she should of been called out but this is really reaching. It’s totally weird when people put gun pics on social media like that, but it’s not cause to have her fired. Anyone could have missed the breaking news with in a few hours of that school shooting happening. Some people own guns some people do not. Agree to disagree about that. I understand people are looking for more ways to hate janelle but maybe a petition should have been started when the kaiser episodes were on. The boy that shot those kids was mentally ill and if he didn’t have guns he would have had bombs or something else if he decided to murder that day. Getting Janelle fired isn’t going to make what happened that day any better. It’s scary to think that when you’re not liked, people can start a petition to have you fired. Janelle isn’t going on a killing spree and everyone knows that.

    1. She’s like a chameleon anyway whatever her boyfriend/husband of the moment likes so does she so sad that she never really took the time to figure out who she was before letting a guy tell her what to be

  2. Sigh…… She sucks, she knew exactly what she was doing when she got pregnant. Its simple either close ur legs or wrap it up. Im pretty sure popping out a kid is just about a paycheck to most of these girls. In other news there is a petition to fire jenelle from the show. She apparently posted some really stupid insensitive photo of her holding a gun and talking about gun rights right after the shooting in florida occured. Im pretty sure they arent smart enough to watch the news. So im pretty sure they didnt even know it happened but once they were informed david went off as usual. They need to fire them. Its scary to think about what will happen to those kids once the cameras are gone. Sadly david will probably wind up shooting her and burying her on the land because his meal ticket is gone. Ummmm should convicted felons have fire arms??? Especially ones with severe anger and emotional issues??? Just a thought

  3. It is an insulting statement and completely disingenuous to claim this book is some sort of letter to her sons. Maybe her brain dead circle of companions believe her BS and other f-ups who maybe identified with her side show life, but normally adjusted people just don’t buy it.

    May be she should address all the tattoos and plastic surgery she has had ? Start intensive therapy and maybe then wouldn’t need to concoct these alternative realities.

  4. Writing books probably won’t benefit her kids as much as being an OVERALL better person and role model for them will.

    Just my 2.5 cents.

  5. So instead of working on her relationship with her sons, or writing a private letter to give to them one day, she’s writing a book that their classmates, teachers, and future employers will be able to read. What, when each kid learns to read is she just going to hand them a book and act as if that solves everything? And avoid actually TALKING to them?

    1. I had a similar reaction when I read the part that says FARRAH has a children’s book. About what? I don’t want to know.

  6. She feels bad for her kids, so she is writing a book to the public apologizing to them? I don’t think that will make the situation any better, Kail. How about you change your actions to privately “make up” for the mess you put your kids in.

  7. Farrah is an author? The editor that managed to decipher and translate ‘farrah talk’ deserves an award or atleast a promotion and hefty pay raise! Would’ve taken me years to do the same. I cannot even understand a word she says at the best of times lol

    1. Christie….you are spot on! But could you imagine farrah’s tantrum when she realised it wasnt her words verbatim (shudder) lol

      Barbara…i think our avatars are related ;p

  8. Funny how the joint book with Javi was suddenly squashed. They prob threatened to sue each other for the tell als lol. Wouldn’t take advice from her if she was the last person on earth, not because I’m perfect but because she is a moron 🙂 The only teen mom book I attempted was Ashley Salazar’s book and it was so horribly written, it was the ramblings of an extremely immature girl. I will NEVER try reading any teen mom book again.

  9. She should take some of the money and use it for tattoo removal. With her body covered from head to toe, I can’t even imagine what it will look like in 20 years as she ages.

  10. Maybe instead of writing a bloody book you could just stop making idiotic decisions like, I don’t know, randomly having a baby with an imbecile you knew for a few months and who upped and left before the kid was born, when you had two other kids at home? Or wait, wasn’t he “planned”? Or was it that you wanted to have a kid with a “friend” because of your “fertility issues”? Which story is it today?

    Go away Kail. Nobody cares anymore. Stop capitalizing on your poor kids and concentrate on working to make money for all the therapy they will need in a few years because of your pathetic life decisions.

  11. I would just think if she truly felt sorrowful she wouldn’t necessarily share or be willing to pour out her heart to the world but would however share her feelings with her children privately it just seems like a strange thing to then try to profit off of honesty if she’s worried about how her actions impact her kids writing this specific book is also going to have an impact on their future as well

  12. Can nothing be private? What a load of crap coming out of her mouth. She’s just doing it for money, if it was really an apology to her sons. Then she would write it to them and not exploit it for everyone to read.

    Not everyone wants their business out for everyone to know, see and read. And her kids don’t get that choice is what is really angering. Many celebrities shield their children from over exposure and the ones who were thrust under the microscope of fame have regretted it or it negatively affected them.

    1. Haha. For the on the go mom, raising three boys and dealing with three baby daddies. Do you treat people badly when you don’t get your way? Why this book is just for you. Pre order 18 years of jumbled holidays and learn how to puppet all those men in your life. If you liked my other books, such as, a little teenie tiny amount of heart and a shit ton of manipulation..then you’ll love this.

      Haha jk. I’m having a bad day…?

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