‘Teen Mom’ Cast Reacts to David Eason’s Homophobic Twitter Comments

“Um…babe? Were you on Twitter this morning?”

David Eason caused quite a stir when he posted a series of homophobic tweets to his Twitter account on Monday, causing Teen Mom 2 fans to express their outrage (and even start a petition to have David and his wife Jenelle Evans kicked off the show).

Fans weren’t the only people upset by David’s tweets (in which he compared gay and transgender people to dogs and called them “abominations,” among other things). In the hours after the tweets went viral, members of the Teen Mom casts took to social media to express their anger about what David said.

“I’m absolutely disturbed by the comments David made regarding gay & transgender parents,” Kail Lowry tweeted. “People are removed from shows for comments like that.”

Randy Houska, the father of ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea Houska, also used Twitter to respond to one of David’s comments, in which David stated that he’d “rather be totally radical than to walk around acting like I’m perfect.”

“Being an intolerant, homophobic racist is not being ‘radical,'” Randy tweeted to David. “It is being stupid. In the meantime, I suggest you all report @davideportcity to @Twitter for the racist, homophobic hateful garbage he is posting.”

It should be noted that Kail and Randy have been at odds with Jenelle and David for a while now. However, David’s comments were enough to make cast members who haven’t battled with the Easons in the past speak out.

Leah Messer retweeted Kail’s statement, then added her own in a separate tweet.

“They need HELP! Something needs to happen! This is all disturbing to say they least, but not surprising!” she wrote.

“This is not the example we should be setting for our youth,” former Teen Mom OG star Simon Saran wrote. “I have many trustworthy and hardworking individuals that are gay and lesbians. They are outstanding individuals. I’m proud to have them on my team. This is actually embarrassing to see someone say this.”

“What a f**king idiot that’s all I’m saying lmao,” Jeremy Calvert wrote right after the news of David’s tweets went viral.

Lindsey Nicholson, who starred on 16 and Pregnant, also used Twitter to voice her anger.

“Disgusting. Who the hell is he to judge?!” she wrote. “Some of the nicest people I know are gay. How could someone be married to a guy like that.”

Farrah Abraham, who was fired from ‘Teen Mom OG’ for a variety of things, including her continued participation in the adult industry, retweeted a fan’s comments that stated it was unfair to get rid of Farrah but keep David on the show.

“If they fired @F1abraham they should fire David and Jenelle! Homophobia is not acceptable! #FireJenelle,” Farrah retweeted.

The Ashley hears that members of the crew and production team who work on the show were also upset by what David wrote, and the show’s top producers are definitely aware of the situation.

The Ashley has reached out to the network for comment, but has yet to hear back.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Excuse me?! Libs are allowed to use very volugur insults aimed at the President, the republicans, anybody who voted or supports Trump….. they are allowed to use vile, disgusting insults….but when somebody else voices their opinion… they go crazy and demand David be fired?!!! That is one sided and hypocritical. With those standards, most of Hollywood and dem officials should be fired!!! U can dish it out but sure as hell can’t take it.

    1. How entitled do you have to be to think you can insult a huge portion of your customer base and not face any consequences? In case you weren’t sure how businesses work, they do not keep employees or contractors that insult their customers and cost them money. Their viewers are more valuable than David and he just insulted a large percentage of them with his nonsensical rant. David has demonstrated a clear inability to control his temper on numerous occasions.

      We have the right to criticize our government and elected politicians. We do not have the right to direct hate speech to citizens. And if our employers are unhappy with what we say or do, they have the right to fire us. MTV isn’t running a charity and don’t owe David a d@mn thing. They certainly aren’t obligated to have David represent their company.

  2. What if David has planned this, to get them fired? He could isolate Jenelle and the kids even more when MTV is gone.

    1. I think he likes the money too much. His thing is. I’m on t.v. I can get away with anything. I think he is wanting to be the guy everyone hates. Keeps him relevant on the show. But he may have gone too far.

  3. Related, wasn’t Derrick Dillard (married to Jill Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting) fired for making similar homophobic comments on Twitter not too long ago? He was fired by TLC, so maybe MTV will take that into account? I think I read that Jill won’t be on the upcoming season of the newer show Counting On..,so maybe Jenelle will have a similar fate…

  4. Thanks for saying that. I bet David would say that people like myself need special schools. Anyway, the man is super ignorant. Those things are awful to say. If he had gone to school with me, he would have probably teased me about my leg braces, my chair, and bothered all of my friends.

    1. I bet you are right. In my high school kids made fun of a hall monitor that had braces on both legs. He walked with a swivel so they called him “Swivel Hips”.
      One day in class a girl called him that. I turned to her and told her that he was my father. Her face went white and she looked like she was going to puke. The teacher gave me a puzzled look, he knew he wasn’t my dad. I then told her that he wasn’t my dad but he was indeed a father of 4. That he played on my dad’s wheelchair basketball team and he had polio.
      I know after that, she never called him names or made fun of him again. Of course, that wouldn’t have worked on David.
      I’m sorry if you were made fun of in school.

  5. Looks like Jenelle is pulling the old “we have (insert marginalized group) friends” defense. Just saw this from TMZ:

    “David didn’t understand how offensive people would get or how Twitter even works. Now that he realizes his voice is very strong within media/tabloids he has deactivated his account. He agrees he will keep his comments to himself from now on. David doesn’t hate people from the LGBT community. My old manager was gay and used to be one of me and Davids close friends. We attended Farrah’s birthday in Miami with a lot of LGBT people there and he didn’t act in any type of way. We went had a good time and left. We are sorry for the comments that were made.”

    Total bs. David didn’t know how Twitter worked??? He claimed LGBTQ people were an abomination, but it’s ok because he had a gay friend once? They are gross.

    1. “Total bs. David didn’t know how Twitter worked??? He claimed LGBTQ people were an abomination, but it’s ok because he had a gay friend once? They are gross.”

      Yep. Sounds like she got a bit of guidance from a PR rep. It’s worded in a way that is very un-Jenelle, yet still has a bit of her grammar in it. She’s probably very afraid she will be pulled from the show. ‘The Land’ must be shakin’ today!

      This cannot be tolerated. Her emotional/physical abuse of her kids should have been grounds for immediate removal, but wasn’t. Obviously MTV feels that Jenelle and her horrific life bring in viewers and ratings. Everyone loves a train-wreck.

      Advertisers need to be contacted and boycotted, that’s the way to get actual action, and it would greatly help if the other girls stuck together and threatened to stop filming. That is how Farrah was briefly removed a few seasons back.

      I’m more than willing to pen letters to the companies that advertise on the show if anyone would be interested in backing this. If they are inundated with emails, calls, and snail mail they will generally buckle. When advertisers start walking away is when networks actually take action.

      1. Aren’t you tickled pink that sponsors did indeed pull their commercials from TM2. That has a lot to do with us contacting them. Now, we need to keep it up.

    2. I wonder if he brought his knife to deal with those pesky birthday balloons…

      BTY- Jenelle also just admitted to smoking weed (well THC) while pregnant for “severe nausea”
      She’s making excuses for her horrible behavior once again.

      1. @sweetteacher regarding her claims about getting high from morning sickness – that is SUCH BS. There are several different highly effective oral medications that take care of morning sickness. You don’t need to go smoke pot. She is so full of it.

        1. I was aggravated by that too. She said she tested positive but Ensley did not. That math didn’t add up to me, bc baby was in her belly and would test positive also. Right?

          1. Ensley did test positive for THC.
            CPS opened up a case against them. Unfortunately, the state of California gave them marijuana cards and made them retroactive to cover the time Janelle was pregnant.
            This happened during the period of time that Janelle was seeking custody of Jace. It’s the reason she used mediation instead of going to court. She knew it would be used against her and the judge wouldn’t give her any time with Jace. That’s why that one producer was confused about how the decision was made in one day when it was supposed to be a three-day hearing. She didn’t know a mediator was used instead of a judge.
            Janelle said if MTV aired any of this info she would quit. It later came out through Barb and the few crew members who were aware of the situation.

        2. I know! I’m pregnant with severe morning sickness right now and literally no option has been to smoke weed. I don’t know any doctor that would recommend that over FDA approved drugs. She’s full of crap.

          1. A lot of people I know won’t even take the prescribed nausea pills during pregnancy. I just don’t understand risking any side effects.

        3. I am NOT in any way trying to support jenelle because she smokes weed to get high and self medicate her many mental issues..

          That being said – there are actually MANY doctors who recommend (not smoking) but marijuana extracts and vaping during pregnancy over traditional medication like Zofran which has shown a high rate of birth defects.

          I am a chronic pain patient and am going through Ivf. My doctors have been very clear that I can not stop taking the morphine I am on during pregnancy – but have asked me to increase thc/cbd oil usage to see if I can lower the dosage. Pain is very dangerous in pregnancy – unregulated binging on opiates is too – but controlled dosages of an opioid when the patient is ACTUALLY a legitimate patient (I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and suffer dozens of dislocations of my joints per day) – it can be done safely.

          The doctors have advised that marijuana, (again not smoked, because smoking impacts the fetus period) – but marijuana can have beneficial outcomes from women with Hyperemesis Gravidarum- is very safe compared to high doses of Zofran which are less affective and can absolutely affect the fetus.

          Regardless – None of that is relivent to jenelle because jenelle smokes to get high because she F’n doesn’t care if she’s pregnant – all she cares about is HER.

          Its horrible that a doctor convered her ass retroactively to save her, because ensley and her other kids deserve so much better.

    3. Man this irritates the crap out of me. So he didn’t verbally attack a gay person at a party so his written attacks on Twitter aren’t a big deal? BS. That man needs to be banned from TV.

    4. That’s cute and all Jenelle, but he literally stated that he would not allow his kids to associate with gay or transgender people. How is that not being hateful towards a group of people? Fucking wow, I hate them so much. They take zero accountability for any of their shitty actions and choices, enough is enough MTV.

  6. Kind of blown away by a few of these comments. So let me school you. No one cares that he personally holds these ignorant opinions. Being homophobic is not illegal. The issue is that because he is on MTV he has been given a platform and a certain amount of influence because of it. If he is spewing hate speech all over the place then he needs to have this platform removed from him. His words contribute to a hateful culture that contributes to the LGBTQ community being denied jobs and housing. It contributes to people being bullied, beaten, and murdered. His thoughtless words are dangerous – actually dangerous to innocent human lives. This is why MTV needs to fire him. They should not give hate mongers a stage to spread their hate all over.

    1. Very well said!

      And think about this. What if he had said something similar regarding a particular race or people with disabilities? Does that excuse him spouting it all over social media because it’s his opinion? It’s hateful, plain and simple.

  7. “They aren’t allowed”

    Haha, I wonder if David knows that he has zero control if his kids are gay or trans. If choosing your those beliefs over your kids is your thing, you shouldn’t be reproducing. Go back to the Stone Age, you troglodyte piece of ****

  8. If your form of parenting is to take your nasty, drugged up, sod shoveling fist and punch a defenseless three-year-old in the head and call him a whiny little bitch, then clearly you’d be the very last person on this Earth or anywhere else I’d choose to tell me ANYTHING about it.

    And the mere fact that Jenelle would let this child abusing, bigoted oaf anywhere near her kids, will ALWAYS say everything there is to say for me — about Jenelle.

    No doubt, I’ve met people (even a few with drug issues)who cared more for their pets, than she seems to care for the well-being and welfare of these poor children.


  9. Even though I think what David said was disgusting and not okay, I don’t understand why people are so much more upset about this than when David showed obvious verbal and physical aggression towards Kaiser. Tell me if I’m wrong but I think child abuse is significantly more serious than saying hateful things on twitter.

    1. My comment above is a copy and paste of heathers comment. Word for word. She has 80 likes on this comment and no dislikes. I just wanted to see what happened if it came from me. I agreed w Heather and still got dislikes. I just wanted to see if it was my opinion or just me as a person that is not liked.

  10. the only ones I care about in this situation are those children because I can only imagine the fighting that’s going on about this and they are front and center to witnessing it. Someone save them all!

  11. I hope this is the final straw, and that they get kicked off the gravy train for this and actually have to work for a living, try getting jobs with your track records assholes. High key hoping this completely cripples them, and they get the kids taken away as a result. No child should grow up in an abusive, homophobic, racist household. #FireJenelle

  12. For anyone interested in voicing your opinion to MTV’s parent company, Viacom:

    Go to Viacom.com…on the bottom of the page, click “Contact,” and a new window will pop up asking for contact information. I chose “viewer services” as the Select a Topic option, and “MTV/MTV2/MTVU/TR3S” as the Category.

    There is also a phone number to contact Viacom: 212-258-6000. Hope this helps anyone interested in speaking out against this hatred!

    1. I forgot Viacom also owns all the Nick Jr etc channels.
      First they screw up our kids with really bad shows with that horrible laughing edited in and when they are older, they give them all the bad examples at MTV.
      Has viacom ever thought about adding something valuable to society?
      Im boycotting all their channels.

  13. David is such a scum bag…..and I’m just waiting for Jenelles defense sticking up for him like she always does. And for once I agree with Farrah….if they fired her over her morals and attitude they should do the same with David.

  14. Do you guys think writing Viacom and mtv is going to affect David? If you guys truly believe he is a threat then why not talk to the police. Report him to the fbi. I’m not even in the least taking up for him but he doesn’t effect my life. I would like to have a New re cap on the actual teen mom show, though. Which we haven’t seen one on here in weeks.

    1. Just curious what you have done to help those kids, as you are always very eager to put your two cents in? Some people are at least attempting to take a stand to say we do not support these vile and abusive humans being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to promote hate.

      1. Haha everyone here has their own opinions. Do you think when teen mom finally gets cancelled or they fire jenelle that any of this will stop? It won’t. If it was about the kids then the petitions would have been started when the abuse was seen on the show.

        1. I really pity you, and the empty life you must lead. Positive change is reachable and achievable without all your boomer cruelty/negativity (and if you aren’t a boomer then you’re even worse off). You don’t believe that people can’t affect change? Take your anger somewhere else Barbara.

          1. Neither of my comments are hateful. At all. I agreed w several other people on here openly with comment and still get thumbs down when the people I agreed with have no thumbs down. Makes no sense. All I want is a new teen mom recap.

        2. With all due respect to your opinion, your comment indicated that you feel the kids would be more helped if people contacted the police or FBI than signed a petition. My question to you, which went unanswered, was what have you done to promote meaningful change in those kids’ lives, besides complain about the lack of recaps?

          1. And I haven’t done anything to help. I have my own life to worry about. I was trying to look at the bigger picture when mtv is gone, how this will still happen in their house. I haven’t indicted that I’ve done a thing to help. And sorry my two cents didn’t agree fully with your words but I have done nothing wrong.

        3. Ma’am, I am not angry, nor do I mind that you have a different opinion. I simply asked a question, as you appeared concerned for the kids but didn’t seem to think a petition would make a difference. Some people are content to sit on the sidelines and make comment after comment, while awaiting the next recap. Others are empowered to take action. We are all different, and that is okay. That is the entire point of this dialogue; differences should be embraced, and not bashed as The Eason’s have continued to get away with for far too long.

          1. Thanks for talking to me in a soft tone and referring to me as ma’am. It’s incredibly rude. Yes I am a woman, but I am not weak. The petition to have them fired will not effect what goes on in the house. I’m not against the petition I was suggesting a second step that could be made also. I was suggesting ideas that may help. We are both commenting on a gossip website, nothing more to it. For whatever reason you are singling me out and trying to bully me bc you think I’m stupid. Don’t take the route of ‘David’ by saying you didn’t know what you were doing when you replied with ‘you’re always eager to put in your two cents’.

        4. Unfortunately, you appear to be taking it out on me that many others (not me, as I do, in fact, agree with some of your posts) are downvoting you. I referred to you as ma’am because I was raised to be respectful of my elders, and I have not said one negative word to you. Where did I say you were stupid, or even wrong??? I asked a question, and you answered. You are entitled to express yourself, as am I, or anyone else here. My two cents are as follows: I have never bullied you or anyone else, and I truly think this is a case of misunderstanding the intent behind the words. I come in peace, Barbara. I am not the enemy.

          1. Hey listen. I’m not even tripping on this anymore. I did some namaste yoga and I’m feeling pretty good right now and relaxed. And seriously feel no negative way towards you or anyone else. On to another day for both of us. ?

    2. I think they are actually gonna get fired this time. So yeah i do think writing to them would make a differnce to me. They have ruined teen mom for me. I want them gone

    3. Being a homophobic POS unfortunately isn’t against the law so calling the police is useless. Requesting that Viacom fire him IS useful because it gives one less hate filled, ignorant, homophobe a platform to spew their BS.

  15. We’ve watched jenelle abandon her son, get high, shoot heroin, get arrested multiple times, assault people, treat her mother like garbage, get investigated for her baby being born with drugs in her system, now she’s posting gun pics and David we’ve seen him show abusive behavior, he’s pulled a knife at a work event, and now he’s posting anti gay rhetoric…..

    How can Farrah be fired for being involved in something non violent and having zero to do with mtv while at the same time mtv seems to encourage and condone anything jenelle has done?!

    How far will they have to go before they do face real consequences?

    1. I was confused also about her firing after last nights show. They showed her w her legs open getting a vag rejuv but then say they fire her bc of porn? That’s not the reason, and they were too scared to be honest. That entire Dr office scene made me feel uncomfortable but mtv is worried about her porn all the sudden?

    2. I don’t know why Farrah was fired but it wasn’t for porno. MTV is morally bankrupt. They don’t care if she does porn as long as she brings the drama

    3. To be fair I think she was mostly fired because she treated the staff like absolute shiz for years and years and they refused to put up with it anymore.

    4. It’s all about ratings. Sad but true! If we all stop watching then maybe they will actually do something. I doubt they will get rid of Jenelle but maybe and hopefully David.

  16. I truly feel for those poor kids, especially baby Kaiser. David’s views on the LGBTQ community and raising kids are terrifying. He’s made numerous angry remarks about Jace being raised to be a woman (because Barb is a single mom) and acting like a girl. And we all saw the “crying like a little bitch” comment to Kaiser. Thank god for Barb and the mom of UBT’s son, Kaden. Seems like both woman are determined to keep their kids as far away from the swamp as possible. Jenelle and David are toxic.

    1. Is it bad that I feel like Simon isn’t actually the massive douche he is on TV? I feel like this dude just up and trolled the entire damn franchise because Farrah gave him easy access to a public platform. Not saying he’s a grade-A guy by any means, but I’m beginning to think he’s not actually a bad guy, just the ultimate troll.

  17. And surprise, surprise, David is spewing hate again. At this point I am not surprised anymore. Just disgusted how someone can talk like that about someone who did them NOTHING wrong and they bash them for simply existing. Jenelle will never change being married to someone like him. I bet she even agrees with him. (Also because it’s common for her to always mirror whatever her current soulmate says, she has no personality of her own).

    Sadly, I doubt they will be fired. Yes, TLC fired Derick for his sh*t but MTV is worse now.

  18. Idgaf either way. If his words bug you that much don’t read them or entertain them. Ignore them and don’t watch.

    1. I agree to a certain extent. I don’t think people should be this affected by what a stupid idiot like him says on twitter. They’re just words. But on the other hand, David and Jenelle have done a lot of horrible things over the years and I don’t think it’s right that MTV pays them this enormous amount of money for them to basically just sit on their asses and disrespect people. By keeping them on the show, they are glorifying this behavior and it’s not right.

      1. Exactly. Everyone has their right to their own opinions, HOWEVER you shouldn’t abuse the platform you were given to mock and berate people. If you wanna be an abusive, homophobic, racist, that’s on you, but don’t spread hate around. Nobody is forcing him to have sex with men, change his gender or skin color, so why insult people who’ve done nothing to you and aren’t trying to force their own way of life on you? His comments pretty much came out of the blue.

    2. Nope. In an age when people are still denied jobs, housing, are bullied and murdered it is NOT something you can just shrug off and give a “live and let live” attitude toward. No. This hate he spews perpetuates a culture that causes actual harm to an already very disenfranchised group. Actions have consequences. He needs to be fired.

  19. I don’t like jenelle or David, but I think it’s unfair that jenelle is copping it for what he says, he is a grown adult, and his views and actions don’t reflect on what she thinks. For all we know she could be appalled at what he’s written too. Just cos they are married, doesn’t make him her responsibility or have to answer for his actions.
    Now David, he is entitled to his opinions, sure, do majority of the population share his views? No. Did he go about it the wrong way? Yes.
    But who is anyone to tell someone, there thoughts, beliefs and views are wrong just because they aren’t the same as yours?
    And before you all attack me, this is coming from a bisexual female who has a lesbian sister, and a lesbian sister in law. I obviously do not share his views, but I’m not going to hate on him, because of what he thinks.im better than That
    It doesn’t affect me, if he wants to hate gay people, well that’s his misfortune cos there are a lot of awesome people who are gay that he unfortunately has cut himself from ever having the pleasure of knowing.
    By attacking him for his views, solves nothing. If anything it fuels his hatred. People like that, who have nothing nice to say about anything that affects you, are not worth your time.

    1. Yes I agree. I don’t let what he says bother me, he always acts like that. What I did notice is Kail Lawry had all her moron followers taunting him over and over. Saying ‘let’s finish him off’ and weird stuff like that. Like doing what they can to try to make her happy is weird. Now she really thinks she’s hot stuff. Amanda, good for you for speaking up when your opinion didn’t match everyone else’s.

    2. So just because you are bi and have a lesbian sister you are the spokesperson for all LGBTQ people? Girl, sit down. As a gay person this shit pisses me off and I know I’m not the only one. Who hell are you to tell an entire community what they should or shouldn’t be affected by?

      1. Amanda said nothing negative. You say her opinions doesn’t matter bc she’s bi but your opinion matters bc you’re gay. That makes no sense to me. I understand if you don’t agree w David, but Amanda is just trying to say don’t let it ruin your day. Don’t take your hate for him out on her.

        1. I didn’t say her opinions don’t matter because she’s bi. I said she she doesn’t speak for the LGBT community and she doesn’t have a right to tell the rest of us what we should or shouldn’t be affected by. If it truly doesn’t affect her, why is she even speaking on it? Instead of condemning the homophobe she’s condemning the LGBT community and our allies for reacting to homophobia. That is internalized homophobia at it’s finest! You can both take your homophobia apologia elsewhere.

      2. I was not speaking for anyone buy myself, I was stating that I was bi, and have family members who are also gay, so I obviously do not share his opinion, I was making it clear that his comments were directed towards something that is personal to me and my family.

    3. I see all these nasty disgusting comments from people about David and Jenelle.
      Well guess what, saying that sorta stuff,makes everyone who comments that crap- just as bad as him, it’s hypocritical and gives whoever they are trying to defend- a. Bad name. theres right way and a wrong way to handle things

  20. Even though I think what David said was disgusting and not okay, I don’t understand why people are so much more upset about this than when David showed obvious verbal and physical aggression towards Kaiser. Tell me if I’m wrong but I think child abuse is significantly more serious than saying hateful things on twitter.

    1. I completely agree. Look, I’m gay myself and I am appalled by what he said but the abuse towards those kids is so much worse. MTV should’ve kicked those assholes off the show after they saw that man drag that little boy by his arm. That was definitely worse than his twitter rant.

      1. I think that’s the key. MTV saw it and did nothing. People have been outraged over the abuse. CPS has been called on Jenelle numerous times by growers. Still, nothing was done. Perhaps, people feel they can do more about this because they can’t really do anything about the way they treat the kids. Especially since other people have lost their jobs over statements like this.

        Unfortunately, it doesn’t help the kids in this situation.

        1. What really sucks is- the kids are the ones who affected by David and Janelle’s abuse & nothing happens even with video proof. Yet Amber is the one who ended up in prison (not saying her other actions were any better).

  21. David is a loose cannon that drums up the drama, so they won’t get rid of him for this. Jenelle will probably try to come up with some excuse and pen an “apology” on his behalf. There is so much wrong with this guy. I also believe that this situation is destined to become a “Dateline” episode, he’s shown how vile he in in front of the camera, imagine what he’s like when the cameras leave. It’s clear that a warm body in her bed validates Jenelle’s existence and the children and their health and safety are an afterthought, so hopefully the assorted grandparents are keeping their eyes and ears open and documenting all of this so they can try to get the kids off “The Land.”

  22. Wow it’s saying a lot that Jeremy would speak out against that. Not to say that everyone from the south is anti gay, but culturally it is acceptable to shy away from talking about these issues- let alone Condemn someone for being hateful. Good for him!

    1. I’m not sure how Jeremy’s response should be taken. He didn’t say David’s beliefs or words were wrong he just said he was ‘a fucking idiot’. I interpreted it to mean he was an idiot for saying that publically knowing what kind of response it would get rather than keeping his thoughts to himself.

  23. First time in my life I signed a petition about a TV Show…But THIS needs repercussions !!
    I hope his comments follow him throughout his entire life.

  24. So…probably not…but my first thought with all of this was that David was trying to get him and JE kicked off the show. Not that I doubt that what he said was his true feelings. But I wonder if he wanted them off the show and she didn’t listen to his orders to quit. So he did this to force mtvs hand. Idk. The whole situation to me seems like it was done with intent. Not just like “oops I didn’t know this could affect my tv contract”

    1. They should suspend or fire Jenelle and Lurch off the show BUT keep Barb on. They will drive them CRAZY that Barb will be getting an income from MTV and they wont. Suitable punishment.

      1. That would be perfect fro her too considering she was screwed out of her retirement by Walmart! Give Barb Jenelles slot, we’ve literally been waiting for this moment for almost a decade! She raises that boy!

  25. Wouldn’t it be amazing if these two buffoons were fired from the show, and Barbara was brought on in her place?! Jenelle would go crazy!

    Also, Babs needs to get custody of poor Jace and Eisley too. We all know those two shouldn’t be around them and don’t stand a chance on having an actual normal childhood…

    1. Barbara needs her own show! Not just because I love Barb, but because it would really piss David and Jenelle off lol.

  26. These comments are definitely grounds to remove David permanently from Teen Mom 2. That said, I have a hard time really advocating for that because he will force Jenelle to stop filming too, then who is going to watch out for those kids isolated out on the “land” with these two mentally disturbed violent psychopaths? They are actually scary. I feel like both of them could murder someone and then laugh about it later because they are terrible TERRIBLE human beings without even a hint of compassion or empathy for anyone.

  27. If they aren’t going to get rid of Jenelle then David at least has to go. Even if he apologises everyone will know it’s just for show, there’s no coming back from this. hes already made everyone uncomfortable and scared for themselves and their children with his knife wielding and now crew members and Kail have his homophobic abuse to worry about. This creature doesn’t need to be on our the screens at all. On another nicer note have you guys seen that Vee & Jo and Kail are doing YouTube videos now

  28. I have a feeling MTV will write up some apology for David to post as though it were written by him. Or he’ll claim he was hacked. MTV covered up Ensley being born with THC in her system and the subsequent CPS investigation. Why would this be any different?

  29. I could be way off base, but I have a feeling that David & Jenelle are going to turn this into a “freedom of speech” issue. Dustin has probably already sent MTV a warning that they will sue for breach of contract if they are fired for practicing their right to free speech.

    I am still writing to all of MTV’s sponsors tonight, though, and telling them that I will be boycotting their products if they continue to support a network that approves of disparaging remarks & actions against the LGBTQ community.

    1. If that contract doesn’t have a morals clause, then I’m very disappointed in MTV’s lawyers. The Land Creatures can try to sue, but MTV (or whoever the contract is with) can come back and point out the morals clause and that will be just about enough of that.

    2. Many talent agreements have a morals claws. So MTV may be able to use that. But because Janelle and David are so controversial they may think keeping them may be good for ratings.

    3. Freedom of Speech only means that the government can’t jail you for your voice. You can be fired for it. You can suffer consequences for it. There is no Freedom of Speech basis here. He has no grounds as MTV is not the government

    4. Three points
      First, the constitution really only protects you from laws baring things – getting fired for saying or doing things that your employer things is wrong happens all the time.

      Second, a challenge for freedom of speech or freedom of religion didn’t work for Counting On and there is an assumption that the stars have very conservative opinions, I doubt it will come close to working for David and Janelle

      Third, we know they have certain morality clauses in their contracts because that was what they used to get Farrah booted – it could be something as broad as “behavior that they consider having a negative impact on the MTV brand”, they signed it, they’re screwed.

  30. Ava, it’s hate speech, which should never be overrated. If he stated he didn’t approve, that would be one thing, but he called them “abominations”. I may not agree with his disapproval (my best friend is gay), but I respect his right to state it without name calling and hate speech.

    Chris Rock wants “more white kids to be murdered and their mothers to cry on tv”. Thats hate speech as well. I don’t care if he’s a racist dirt bag, but hate speech is intolerable.

  31. MTV doesn’t care and does NOTHING when Jenelle’s children are clearly being neglected and emotionally abused (and maybe physically too). But suddenly now they consider acting when this moron spouts hate on his Twitter. This trash couple should have been fired long ago. Stop funding Jenelle’s trash bag lifestyle!!!!

  32. This is the same man that told his recovering heroin user wife that he’d rather be with someone that did coke or meth because heroin user are trash. And I’m pretty sure his wife hooked up with a female friend years ago. This guy is a moron. His idiot wife is gonna side with him and fight anyone that challenges her Prince charming. Mtv isn’t going to fire him or wifey. I’m not surprised by his behavior. He’s a lunatic.

  33. First-time poster. David is disgusting. He doesn’t deserve anything but a cold, lonely existence. I think that statement says it all. I know this isn’t related but The Ashley, you NEED to do recaps on Being Gary and the “trailer trash that hit the lotto” wedding of Ryan and Mackenzie! It was such an awkward, drunk mess it hurt! I will seriously pay you.

    1. Oh that wedding was so bad. Mac still pretending to be the happy in love couple whole Ryan bitchess her out the entire time.

  34. What’s the big deal? So what if he doesn’t like gays or trans. Personally I don’t like trans. When did it become a law that we all have to like and agree on the same things? It’s his twitter account. He can say whatever he wants and if you don’t like it then block or mute him and move on. There’s too many butthurt people in this world.

        1. If he had simply tweeted that he doesn’t support the LGBTQ community and left it at that, then I doubt the backlash would’ve been so strong.
          Comparing them to dogs and spreading lies as facts, changes things. He is wandering into hate speech.
          Obviously, you can’t see the difference.

    1. I don’t think the issue is him not agreeing with a gay lifestyle. Nobody would have had much of an issue had he said something a little more tame and intelligent about it like “I don’t agree with same sex/trans lifestyles.” And just left it at that, but no. He decided to degrade, trash talk and name call everyone involved in that lifestyle. He made defamatory generalized statements about an entire group of people. That’s the main issue

      1. Why even say it?

        Many people are outraged by the sheer gall of his hypocrisy.

        1. His wife has photos circulating of her getting it on with BFF Tori.

        2. He has been arrested for domestic abuse yet has the nerve to dehumanize people who don’t share his sexual orientation. Called a little child a “whiny bitch.” But because he is heterosexual, to him that means he a better parent. Which makes NO SENSE.

        3. He is misogynist AF. He told one poster he would rape their mother. Routinely calls women ‘bitches, hoes, etc.’

        The real main issue is he an unstable abuser who has no right to call anyone out. Not only did he say vile comments about the LBGT community but also insults women in particular. He’s fucking crazy, insensitive and shouldn’t own any guns.

    2. Literally…goddamn literally you are stupid AF.

      Were it a law that we all like and agree on the same things— you wouldn’t have the right to type the crap you type.

      You have the right to express your shitty opinions; you don’t have the right to be shielded from criticism of your shitty opinions.

      1. First of all you can’t even use the word “literally” correctly and secondly read your sentence. “Were it a law….” If anyone is stupid as fuck then it’s you. Go back to school.

    3. Im pretty sure ur butt hurts because david just beat ur ass. and i wish could feel bad for u but i dont.. i feel bad that u have kids that havr to wake up and have u 2 uneducated criminals as parents. #urgoingtobeburriedonthelandprettysoon

      1. Jane I’m glad you’ve never been hit in a relationship and apparently never seen it done to someone you love.

        1. No i havent,and i never thought i would not care so hard about someone getting beat. I dont care about her i care about her kids. She probably likes getting her ass beat. Some woman are very stupid

  35. I wonder what is going on in the Eason home right now. I wonder if and how the MTV execs are going to handle this.

    Any other person would be fired, they fired some girl on Geordie show for a lie. I bet Blue Apron is feeling mighty relieved they dropped Jenelle. David is a classless, ignorant, racist piece of shit. He shouldn’t be around kids at all.

  36. i would love to see them have to face reality instead of being a reality star..does she really think her ‘businesses’ will go anywhere once shes a ‘nobody’?

    1. I thought the same thing, but then I realized producers/crew stay silent about abuse they see anyway. Those poor kids.

  37. I wish some high profile people and celebrities would start making posts. MTV and sponsors of the show need to be frightened of repercussions if they aren’t fired. At the very least, no more David clips. If that happened then David would NOT allow Janelle to stay on and she would quit.

    1. You have to hit the advertisers. The network won’t care as long as people watch. The advertisers DO care.

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